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Mom took my cherry

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Mom took my cherry

A little about myself first. I was 13 years old, brown hair and brown eyes, 5’ 7" and 130#. My step dad is in the military and was on deployment at this time. My mom is 5’ 4" 110# small but pretty breasts and a perfect ass.

My mom use to go out all the time while my step dad (who I call dad) was deployed. One night when she came home I was on the computer when she got back from the bar. She was definitely drunk. Moms always a nice person no matter what state she is in. Any how, she got a beer from the refrigerator and asked me if I wanted something. I jokingly told her I wanted a rum and coke. She actually mixed me one up. She told me that it was ok so long as I drank at home. So we sat there drinking and messing on the computer. Mom was sitting next to me and got up to go to the bedroom. When she came back she was wearing just her nightly. (this is normal and I grew use to it. I have never actually been attracted to my mom ) when she sat down, this time it was on my lap. I was messeging my dad over seas and me and mom talked to him. Then something happened. Dad had thought I had left the computer and mom started typing and the conversation started getting dirty. Well mom started to move around on me a bit. I think she forgot I was there and thought it was dad instead. They talked for a bit then she slid her self so my now hard cock was riding

Up the crack of her ass. As she moved around more and more I got harder and harder. I was so surprised at what was going on I couldn’t say a word or move. Mom then told dad that she was gonna put me back on . while dad and I talked he asked me about me and my female friends. Mom told me to act as if she wasn’t there so I could talk to dad. Next thing I know, mom was kneeling next to me and her hands were in my boxers. I tried typing normally but it was a little difficult. Next thing I know, mom has my cock in her mouth going up and down the full length ( not hard to do at my age its not more than 5 ¾" long at most). As she sucked me I was finding really hard to talk to dad. He was trying to explain the birds and the bees just as I couldn’t take it any more. I shot load after load in moms mouth. I was shaking so bad that I couldn’t type anymore. Mom just looked up with a devilish smile. She stood up and took over on the computer and their conversation got back to before with the sex talk. Mom asked me to stay where I was . so I did. As they got hot and heavy into it. Mom got back on my lap. My dick was so hard again I thought it was going to rip the skin right off. Mom started her rubbing it again with her ass. Then she stood up and placed it in her hands, next thing I know I feel this warm wet sensation as I realized she was sliding it in her. Mom went all the way down as her and dad did their thing. Mom began fucking me to dads words. It was not very long and mom was going to cum. So was i. She took a few more long rides up and down its length and then I shot a second load of cum in my mom. When she felt the first squirt, she slammed down on it to get it as deep as possible as I sent the rest of my seed deep with in her whom. Then we ended the talk with dad and went to her room where this continued a few more times and I had cum in my mom 2 more times. That is my first experience with sex. My mom took my cherry and I couldn’t complain. I was a horny 13 year old and I really loved it. Oh. And cause of that night my mom told me 4 weeks later that I had gotten her pregnant. She went and got an abortion but it wouldn’t be the last time she did that.

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