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Mom was fine

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 Dad left when I was 15, leaving Mom and I in pretty good shape, a nice house, a good car, and enough money to go on with our life. I never could understand why he left. Mom was 34, blonde , beautiful, successful at her job. they never fought or argued, he just left.

Mom always was considerate of me, paying attention to my concerns in school, listening to any problems I had as I went through the days. She would always ask me how my day was when I came in and genuinely listened as I told her about it.Listening is something that takes practice, really listening When I turned 16 I told her how shy I was around girls, which came as no surprise to her. She said I should 'just be myself', that girls would see things in me that would make it easier to talk to them, and she was right. I met a girl at school and even asked her out on a date, which Mom heartily approved of. unfortunately it turned out to be a disaster. Sheri was not as easy to talk with as I had hoped and nothing I did seemed to please her. She didn't like the movie we went to, she didn't like the lpace we went to eat, she didn't like this or that. And to top it off, my car stalled in her driveway after the evening was over and I had to call my Mom to come and pick me up. A bad date and then to be picked up by my mother. I was humiliated.

The worst of it though was that Mom had been out for the evening,. She was dressed in a reddress that clung toher body and was made up to accentuate how pretty she was. Her dress was sort of short, displaying her long legs to their best. Her breasts were half exposed as the dress was cut very low. Just looking at her made me half hard.Shetold me she really shouldn't be driving because she had been drinking. 'Great, so now Mom is drunk, too.' A really bad evening since I rarely saw Mom drink , just a glass of wine now and then, or maybe a cold beer on a hot day. I slid in behind the wheel and headed home, telling her all about the night. She listened sympathetically and reached over and patted my leg. 'It will all be okay' she said. But a very strange thing happened then. I turned a corner and she was caught off guard and swayed toward me just as I turned, just as she was reaching to pat my leg. Her hand landed on my crotch, her palm fully on my cock.

She was embarrassed and apologized.'Sorry , William, I shouldn't have touched you there, it's just that your turned and..' I  assured it was alright, but it embarrassed me too. What must she think, me with a hard on and her the only female around?

when we got home a few minutes later she told me again how embarrassed she was, only this time as she was talking she reached out and put her hand on my cock again. I didn't know what to say.'William it's been 8 months since Dad left. I was out looking to meet somebady, anybody even if just for the night when you called. Now we're home and I still need...' She didn't finish because she had taken my hand and placed it on her right tit. i had never touched a girl's tits and now my Mom had put my hand on one and a damned nice one , too. She was a 34D and wasn't wearing a bra. My face turned red as could be, but I didn't move my hand away.'I was just thinking', she said,'of how thias night might have turned out . And it stikll could if you wanted it to, too.'

I nodded my head, afraid to talk because I was sure it would break the moment and she would make me stop.. instead she took my other hand and put it on her crotch and looked at me. Just looked, questions in her eyes.

'Oh yes.' Now I was sure how the evening would turn out, all my thoughts about how good looking she was, how much I thought about girls, how much I fantasized about touching them and seeing them naked were welling up in my mind.

'You must never tell anybody....'

'Don't worry. I won't.' Those were my last words for a while as she kissed me. Now I have to tell you, I love the look of my Mom wearing bright red lipstick and as her face came closer to mine , our lips finally meeting I thought to myself how utterly perfect her mouth was.My lips parted as she slid her tongue into my mouth, sucking mine hungily into hers. I felt her hands rubbing up and down my cock through my pants. She broke off the kiss to say 'Let's get these clothes out of the way.'

Naked  we resumed our kissing and I thought that was pretty good, but she took it up a notch when she sunk to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. Just the thought of it and I was spurting in her mouth in only seconds. 'That will never do William. if I'm going to fuck you (oh my God Yes was all I could think) you have to hold off a bit.' She took my cock in her mouth agina and started sucking it gently, licking up and down the shaft between taking it deep in her mouth. I was hard again in no thime. She wrapped her hand around the shaft and pumped it , just like I did myself at night, and just Like I when I did, I was cumming again in only another minute. 'Now we have the two easy ones out of the way we can get down to some serious action.' I had never imagined hearing my own mother talking like that but there it was. Again she sucked me hard  but now she told me lick her pussy. My attention turned from my own pleasure to hers.

She had shaved. Smooth as could bne she was ow wet and her cunt was slightly swollen. 'Eat me , William. Let me lay down and then get your mouth on me.' I didn't need to be told twice. Her juices were all over my chin. She thrust her cunt against my mouth and I thrust my tongue into her, alternately licking her pussy and sucking on her clit.I was hard as a steel rod when she told me to put in her.

 We changed positions , she on her hands and knees and me behind her witgh my cock leading the way.

'Do it. Now. Hard.'

And I did. My first feel of a woman's breast, my first blowjob and now my first fuck. And with mom. She backed up against my cock as it slid into her , all 7" in one thrust. I started pumping into her, she started meeting me thrust for thrust. maons and groans from her gave way to the most foul things coming from her mouth.'Fuck me Fuck me hard. Drive your cock into my cunt. You love your Mom's cunt don't you? Fuck me.' More that I take in, but a constant  stream of her telling me how she loved my cock, how she had wanted to fuck me for months, mre about how good it felt having a big dick in her cunt. And then one last groan growing to a scream as she came at the same time I pumped my third load into for the evening.

I don't worry about dating anymore. I doubt if any school girl could give me as much as my Mom. I doubt if any of them can fuck like her.And frankly i'm not worried about finding out. I can fuck my Mom anytime I want, afternoons after school, in the evening before we go to sleep, in the morning when we wake up. I no longer wonder why Dad left, I'm just glad that he did. If he was still here I'm sure I wouldn't be fucking my Mom , the finest woman in my life.

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