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Moms new little girl

b_ray1964 on Incest Stories

Ok I don’t really know how to start this, but I guess the only way is to jump right in.

When I was 13 my mom and dad got a divorce and it was not a smooth one, if there is such a thing. My father took of and basically left my mom and me with nothing. I never saw him again and I never wanted to. The problem was that it made my mom in to a man hater. I think that if at that time she could, she would have wiped the planet clean of all men.

 Being a young male it did not go well for me. Shortly after my dad left I was told we where moving back to my mothers home town. It was a little out of the way town in North Carolina. That was not to bad but then she told me that she no longer wanted a son because I would just grow up to be a man. I was a little confused. Then she said she was throwing away every thing of mine and I would only dress as a girl and she would teach me to act like a girl. Now at 13 I was not the manliest of guys to start with. I am 5’ tall, weigh in at 95 pounds, green eyes and shoulder length red hair. I look nothing like my mother she is 5’ 9” about 135 pounds with long black hair down to here waist. She is 38C-28-36 and flat out beautiful. I know it is wrong but I have had many fantasies about things I would love to do to her.

 I really did not know what to say, I must admit that dressing like a girl did excite me a little but at the same time I did not think I was gay. My mom let me know that I had no choice in this. The next day we went shopping. We got an entire new wardrobe for me. Including panties training braw makeup you name it we got it. When we got home my mom took me to the bath room and told me to take off my pants and shirt. I was a little nerves but I did what she said. She started a bath then turned back to see me standing there in just my underwear. I could not help it but my dick was getting hard thinking about being naked in front of my mom. Off with the underwear she said. It is ok I have seen you naked many times. Yes I said but it has been a long time ago and things have changed. It is ok baby you are my little girl now and it is ok for girls to se each other naked. With that I slipped off my underwear and stood there with my dick hard a rock. I saw my mom looking at my now fully erect cock pointing straight up 5” long. Get in the tub baby she said never taking here eyes off my cock. Mom started washing me with some really nice smelling bath gel; it felt so good having her hands on me. As she was washing me she told me that from now on I would be her little girl, when I wrote my name it would be Bobbie not Bobby. She said that when we moved to North Carolina she would introduce me to every one as her daughter Bobbie. As she washed between my legs she sent shocks all over my body. Her hand on my dick was out of this world. As she washed my dick she said that this was my clit that I no longer had a dick. All of this was spinning around in my head and all I could do was say yes mother. Mom finished up washing me and had me lean back and she washed my hair this also felt so nice. She just kept talking about how happy she was to have a little girl and all of the things we could do together.  After my bath she showed me how to shave my entire body she said that a little girl should be nice and smooth. I did not have many pubes to start with but she shaved me clean. The whole time my dick was hard, drops of precum dripping all over. Mom just kept looking at my cock and from time to time I caught her licking her lips. Bobbie you big clit is leaking all over mommy’s hand she said and she leaned over and licked the precum from the hand holding my cock. Her tongue just slid over the head of my swollen dick and I about shot a load right then and there.

 When I was done with the bathe she showed me how to wrap my hair up and put my towel around me. We went in to her room because my room was no place for a little girl. She said that when the movers came tomorrow she would have them just throw out all that nasty old boy stuff. I really did not care at this point. My mom had never showed me this much attention in my life, and I was loving every minuet of it. She sat me down at her vanity and dried and brushed my hair than pulled it back in to a short pony tail. I think you should let you hair grow out Bobbie, you have such pretty hair. I agreed and said that I would like that. When she was done with my hair she got out a pair of new pink panties and a night gown for me. When she was done dressing me she told me to sit on the bed while she got ready for bed. As she undressed my dick started getting hard again it never really did get soft in the first place. It seemed like it had been hard for hours. When she took her top off my mouth just dropped open. He big tanned boobs had long hard brown nipples. All I could think of was how much I would love to suck on them. She did not try to hide them at all. I guess as she said it is ok for girls to see each other naked. When she pulled off her panties I was shocked to see that her pussy was shaven clean just like mine.

 When she turned and looked at me I know she could see that my dick was hard as a rock, I mean shit it was sticking out the top of my panties. She walked over to me naked and kneeled in front of me. Baby I can see that you get exited by looking at mommy’s body. That is ok. Some times girls like to look at other girls. There have been times in the past when mommy has been with other girls. Would you like to touch my breasts? I should not believe this. It was like a dream come true. I reached over and started rubbing her tits and playing with her nipples when she pulled my head over and said for me to suck on them. Oh this was just too good. Her tits where so firm, I just kissed and licked all over them. She pusher me back up on the bed, pushed up my gown and pulled my hard cock out of my panties. She took my dick in her hand and let her tongue run around the head before putting it in to her hot wet mouth. Slowly she took all of my 5 inch rock hard cock in to her mouth then she licks her tongue across my balls. I almost could not breathe. She moved her head faster and faster and my hips started bucking I know I was going to com and shouted “mommy I am cumming” just as I let lose a huge load of hot cum down her throat. I shot load after load in to her and she took every drop. She sucked me until I started to get soft then she pulled up my panties and pulled down my gown. She slid up to me and kissed me deep on the mouth, I opened my mouth and I felt her tongue and tasted my cum. She told me to clime under the covers while she put on her night gown. Then she slid in next to me gave me a good night kiss. She told me that it was ok for girls to make other girls feel good and that she would teach me every thing about it. Then she told me again how much she loved having a little girl and turned out the lights.

 I just lay there thinking about the days events and I decided that I really did like being mommies little girl. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.


Ok this it my first try. I am no weightier and I know it but is the story good enough to keep weighting?

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