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My Baby Girl and her Friend

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I’m sitting on the couch in front of the TV when I hear the front door open.  “Daddy,” comes my baby girl’s voice.  I turn off the TV and sit up as my little Samantha comes in.  She’s dressed in her school uniform; plaid skirt that comes just above her knees, white blouse, blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail.  She’s hugging some of her books to her chest as she leads a second uniformed girl in with her.  “This is Rebecca,” she says to the redhead behind her.  “She came over to play.”

            “Hello, Rebecca,” I say, standing.  Rebecca’s a little taller than Samantha, but a she’s not as full.  Even though Samantha’s in the 8th grade, her chest is really developing.  Even with her loose blouse that she never tucks in, you can tell her pert little breasts are on their way to being very nice.  Rebecca, though, looks still pretty flat-chested.

            “Sam,” Rebecca says, half as a whisper.  “Can I use the bathroom?”

            “Yeah, it’s in there,” she said, pointing to the door just inside the hallway.  Rebecca rushes off quietly, leaving me with my little girl.  She turns and looks up at me with her pretty smile and asks, “What’re you watching?”

            I turn the TV back on and the porno I was watching returns to the screen.  A big man has his dick in a girl’s ass while another eats her out.  Samantha inhales, her smile growing.  I sit back down on the catch and Samantha joins me.  “So,” she asks after a moment, “do you like her?”

            “I do,” I say, playing with Samantha’s haircut.

            “Can we?”

            “Of course,” I laugh.

            Samantha squeals and leaps up and goes running into the kitchen.  I sit back and turn off the movie, switching to the regular channels.  A second later, Rebecca comes out of the bathroom, her skirt swishing around her legs.  I look at the white stockings she’s wearing before smiling at her.  “Want to watch something?”

            “I’m fine,” Rebecca says with an awkward smile.  She sits down on the far side of the couch from me.  I sit back, content.  I have to cross my legs to keep my growing anticipation from being obvious.

            I turn it on some cartoons and Rebecca seems fine with it.  A moment later, Samantha comes in with two glasses of orange juice.  As she enters, she winks at me, then looks to the glasses.  I smile, knowing that they’re both laced with a little something we like to add in situations like this.

            Rebecca must be thirsty because she drinks the orange juice quickly.  Samantha notices and laughs to me.  Before the next commercial, both girls are already starting to fidget.  By the time the show comes back on, Rebecca’s rolling her legs against each other.  I recognize the reaction.  She’s looking around, unable to tell why she’s feeling this way.  Hell, she’s young enough, she might not even know what she’s feeling.

            Samantha, though, is perfectly comfortable.  She widens her legs a bit and starts to breath hard as she rubs her skirt in between her thighs.  A moment later, she turns to me and asks, “Can you put the movie back on?”

            I smile and look at Rebecca.  She’s flushed, she’s so turned on.  I hit the remote and the porn comes on.  Rebecca looks absolutely stunned, but Samantha just starts rubbing herself more.  A moment and or two and she gets up from the center of the couch and gets on her knees in front of me.  Rebecca is still, watching, mesmerized.  My little girl undoes my belt and pulls open my pants to reveal my throbbing dick.  She strokes it a few times before she kisses the tip.  Her saliva drips down the shaft and she goes to work.  Letting her tongue proceed her lips, she takes the entire tip into her mouth, then a bit of the shaft, then a bit more.  She’s only able to get about halfway down before I can start to feel her throat.  She starts to bob up and down on me, her ponytail going wild.  I lean back and moan, relaxing.

            After several moments, she turns and looks at Rebecca.  “Wanna try?” she asks girlishly.  Rebecca shakes her head frantically, but Samantha just shrugs and goes back to sucking.  I watch Rebecca out of the corner of my eye.  The sounds of suction and slippery flesh-on-flesh rubbing is driving her made.

            Samantha pulls off a second time, letting her lips cause a ‘pop’ when she does.  She looks at Rebecca, again offering my dick to her.  Rebecca looks on the verge of accepting.  But Samantha doesn’t wait.  She stands up and turns her back to me.  Watching the movie as much as much as anything, she pulls her skirt up to reveal the garter belt she wears instead of stockings and no underwear.  Rebecca’s floored by the sight, but not by what happens next.

            Samantha slides backwards onto my dick.  At first it looks like I’ll split her in half as she moans with delight.  But she slowly sits down on my lap, my dick reaching up into her.  She cries out before she starts to rise up.  She lowers again, then starts to repeat.  Over and over, she goes up and down, sliding on me.

            I reach up to my little girl’s pony tail and wrap it up in may hand, pulling her head back.  She starts to rub her tiny, pink little clit as she bobs up and down.  She moans and cries.  I look at Rebecca and she looks at the action like a starving child staring at a cake.

            Finally, Samantha moans loudly and slumps off of me.  She lands on the floor, on her hands and knees, and turns to me.  She reaches up with her tiny little mouth and starts to suck my dick dry of her juices.  She keeps playing with herself, slipping her fingers occasionally inside.  She finally pops her lips off my dick and looks at Rebecca.  She offers her friend her fingers and asks, “Want to taste it?”

            Rebecca, who looks she’s about to pass out, she’s so wound up, pants for a second.  She looks at me, then Samantha.  Slowly, hesitantly, she slides off the couch on her hands and knees and leans forward.  She opens her mouth and Samantha slides her fingers inside her mouth.  Rebecca seems to whimper at the taste for a moment, then starts to suck on my baby girl’s fingers.  Samantha smiles and starts to push her fingers in deeper until she’s up to her knuckles.  After several moments, she draws her fingers out, slips them inside herself a few times before returning them to Rebecca’s mouth.  This time, Rebecca leans forward, greedily swallowing Samantha’s fingers.  My little girl, as her friend sucks her fingers, starts to suck me again.  Again, I lean back and admire the two little girls sucking away.

            Samantha popped off of me and pulled her fingers from Rebecca’s lips, even as Rebecca leaned forward.  Samantha smiled, glancing at the movie, then she sat up.  She shimmed across the living room floor on her knees.  Rebecca started to stand, but Samantha put her hand on her back, keeping her on her hands and knees.  She came around and reached under Rebecca’s skirt, pulling her bee-print underwear down.  Rebecca gasped, but before she could protest, my little girl had her fingers inside her friend.

            On her hands and knees, Rebecca started to gasp and whimper.  She cried out as Samantha ran her fingers in and out, over and over.  She leaned down, lapping at the girl’s precious little mound, making Rebecca cry out almost immediately.

            As Rebecca sat with her pretty little face buried in the carpet, her hips in the air, her skirt falling down from her legs to expose her thigh-high stockings, my little girl stood again and came over to me.  She pulled her skirt up again and straddled me.  I sat back and let my little girl start to bounce up and down on me.  I reach up and start to undo her little white blouse, revealing her light blue bra.  I undo the snaps as she keeps reach up and down on me and toss the bra to the floor.  Rebecca stares at her breasts, then looks down at her own shirt.  She looks at me and smile.  Nervously, she undoes her own shirt, letting it slide off.  She’s got a tight little bra that once she lets go, two beautiful breasts pop out.  They’re not as big as my little girl’s, but they’re bigger than I expected.

            My little cums again on me and slides off.  She drops to her knees and angles my dick towards Rebecca.  “Give it a try,” she offers.  Rebecca stares at my dick and looks at me.  I smile as friendly as I can.  Nervously again, she crawls towards my dick on her hands and knees.  She opens her mouth and closes her eyes like she’s getting ready to eat a spoonful of nasty vegetables.

            Once she kisses the tip of my dick and tastes my little girl’s juices, she starts to lick my dick.  My little girl watches for a moment, then she starts to lick as well.  I smile as these two beautiful little girls slather my dick with attention, lapping up the juices.

            Finally, my little girl sits up.  She crawls on her knees into the middle of the floor and kneels down.  She puts her face in the carpet, her hips open to me.  I look down at Rebecca as she sucks the tip of my dick.  I take her sweet red hair and gently guide her off.  Leaving her by the couch, I get down on my knees behind my little girl.  I position myself and push in.

            Her head thrusts up and she cries out.  I start to slapping my hips against hers as I push into her again and again.  I look over my shoulder at Rebecca and she’s mesmerized.  I slow down and start guiding Samantha back and before long, I’m standing still while she’s pounding herself against me.  Sliding back again and again, her body shoves against mine, making her cry out each time.

            A little bit and my little girl pulls off.  Her knees are weak from coming so much.  She goes over to Rebecca and kisses her straight on.  Rebecca’s stunned, but quickly gets into it.  The two girls rub breasts as they kiss.  My dick keeps getting harder as I watch.

            Samantha pulls away and lies back.  She smiles at me and opens her mouth.  I smile and lean forward over her, positioning my dick over her lips.  With Rebecca in front of me, I slide inside my baby girl’s mouth.  I reach her throat and gently push in.  I drive myself all the way to the base, her lips kissing my body.  I draw out again slowly, and push in again, this time a hair faster.

            As I continue, moving a bit quicker each time, I take Rebecca’s hair and pull her towards me.  I gently push her face to my daughter’s chest and she gets it.  She starts sucking and kissing my daughter’s nipples as I move back and forth, sliding in and out of my baby girl’s throat.  The soft gurgling sounds of joy make me move that much faster.

            I start to buck, to really take off, and I pull out.  I grab the back of Rebecca’s head, startling her, and pull her face in front of me.  She squeals fearfully as I jerk my dick repeatedly, spraying cum onto her face.  She tries to turn away but I cover her chin and lips with creamy white cum.

            Panting a bit, Samantha sits up as I slump back.  She leans close to Rebecca, their breasts pushing against each other again.  She kisses her friend, spreading cum over her lips.  She slides her tongue inside and spreads cum into Rebecca’s mouth.  I see both girls swallow and that’s enough.  They both start going.  Samantha licks cum off Rebecca’s face and Rebecca sucks it from her tongue.  They kiss, saturated in my release.

            Sighing with delight, Samantha sits back, her breasts jiggling as she does.  I watch Rebecca stare at her chest and smile.  The thin redhead looks at us both, still blushing, still unsure how to respond.  “Do you guys do this all the time?” she asks.  I laugh and my little girl giggles.  “Can I,” she ventures nervously, “Can I come over again?”



So hot! I definitely want to read the sequeal where Rebecca comes over again and gets her cherry popped and Samantha gets her tight ass fucked...called it "tight places". I would like you to describe daddy's cock...length, thickness and shape of head. Awesome story!

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