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My Big Brother

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My Dad is gone from home a lot of the time traveling with his job and when he is away Mom is gone somewhere a lot of the time, and sometimes she doesn't come home all night. My brother has been home for about a week waiting on a call for a job. I'm 5'5" tall weigh 114# with small 32b tits. Mom put me on birth control pills as soon as I started having periods. I guess because she got knocked up before she got married she figured I would to.

The first time I got fucked it was by a man that I had baby set. He took me home but on the way we stopped and he screwed me in the back seat of his car. It didn't last long and didn't hurt as I found out later his cock was pretty small. After that I started fucking about every guy I went out with but none ever got me off so I would have to go home and masterbate to orgasm.

Well anyway one night I had been out and just like always my date just pumped about 5 times and shot his load. Mom was out and when I came in it was late but I noticed a light on in my brothers room. The door wasn't completely shut and I looked in. WOW there he lay on his back watching a porn video and pumping his cock pretty hard. I had seen several dicks but never one that big. I stood and watched until he shot several huge streams of white cum in the air. It must have ween over a foot up. My pussy was already horny and wet but as I watched him jack off I put my hand in my panties and fingered my pussy.

I went to my room and went to bed and as usual I got myself off with my fingers thinking about by brothers huge cock. I went to sleep with his dick on my mind.

The next morning I got up to find Mom and my brother drinking coffee and talking. We exchanged some small talk about what I did the night before and my brother made the comment that some guy was really lucky to have me for a date. I thought yeah right!

That night Mom went out early and so did my brother but I didn't have a date that night. I went to bed about 10:00 P.M. and fingered myself then went to sleep. Later something woke me and it was my brother who had come home. I lay there thinking about that huge cock of his and how horny my little pussy was. The longer I thought the hornier I got. I got up took off my panties and just left my thin white nite on and went to his door. I knocked and said, "Can I come in?" She said "Sure come on in". He was in bed and I could see a bulge in the sheet that covered him. I sat  down on the bed looked down at the bulge reached out and put my hand on it. "I see you didn't have any luck at getting laid tonight either." He jerked and grabbed my hand and moved it saying, "What the fuck are you doing?" I said "I'm feeling my big brother's cock what does it look like?" He said "Damn your my sister you shouldn't be feeling me." I said "Can I see it?"  "NO you can't." "Look brother it isn't like I've never seen a cock before I have jacked them off sucked them off and had them get off in my cunt so what is so special about yours that I can't see it?"

We just looked at each other for a few minutes then he slowly pulled the cover back and there was the most beautiful cock I had ever seen even thought it was about half soft now. "WOW brother you sure have a nice one." and reached out land took hold of it and started moving my hand up and down. He said "Ok you have seen mine let me see yours." He didn't have to ask twice I jerked my nitie off over my head and threw it on the floor. "Hey sis you have a nice set of tits yourself" and reached out and started to rub the nipples between his fingers. I know there was a sound came out of my mouth but I don't know what it was. His cock was getting hard and as it did it was getting back to the size that I had seen the night before.

I couldn't resist I lowered my heand and kissed the head of his cock. There was a drop of pre cum on the head and I licked it off. I started licking the head and down the shaft to his balls. He said "Oh gawd that feel nice, go ahead and suck on it" I took the head into my mouth and it filled it up. I ran my tongut aroung the head and started slowly jacking him. He pushed his ass up trying to get more of his cock in my mouth and it went all the way to the back of my mouth. "Shit little sis you sure know how to suck a cock, just don't stop". I kept sucking and jacking running my tongue around the head. It was a wonderful feeling to have my brothers cock in my mouth.

I increased the pace and she was starting to fuck my face. He grabbed my head and started pounding this huge had cock into my mouth. I felt his balls get tight and the head of his cock get bigger and I knew he was about to cum. I took my mouth off long enough to tell him he could cum in my mouth then started sucking again. "Oh Oh OH sissss i'm going to ccccummmmmmmmmm". I felt the first jet hit the back of my mouth followed by several more. I tried to swallow all of it but there was so much that some leaked out the side of my mouth. I took my mouth off and looked at his beautiful cock still leaking a little cum out of the head.

He said, "That was great sis the best blow job I ever had, can I return the favor and eat your pussy?" I was so horny at that point all I wanted was to shove that cock as far up into my pussy as I could. I told him that I wanted to get fucked and he could eat me later. When I said that his cock got hard again. I raised one leg and got on top of him. I put the huge head and the opening of my little fuck hole and started to lower my self down. As the head penetrated my I threw my head back and screamed Ooooohhhhhhhh. He reached up and started penching my nipples and he shoved his ass up and drove more of his cock in me. "Oh big brother I've never had one that big in me, it feels sooo fucking good just keep driving it in? I bounced up and down a couple of times then drove the whole length of his cock up into my small wet cunt. I thought I was going to  pass out it felt so good. I started bouncing up and down on his dick driving it all the way in every time. Every time it went in I screamed "Oh Oh". I had never felt anything so wonderful in my life.

He lifted me up and rolled me over on my back and pulled my legs up and put them behind his sholders and started to fuck me like a jack hammer. "OH fuck me my lovely brother drive that big peace of meat in my hard" He said "Gawd sis you have a tight pussy and it is red hot I could fuck you all night". " Just keep fucking me brother and don't ever stop" "Fuck Me Fuck ME fuck that pussy of mine!" "Faster Faster Harder fuck me harder I'm about to cum" He was driving his dick deeper than any man had ever been and about to bring me to my first orgasm with a cock and not my finger. "Oh shit sis I'm gona cum should I jerk it?" "NO NO shoot all your cum in me fill me with your seed"

He lowered his head and put his lips on mine stuck his tongue in my mouth and that drove me over the edge and I had my first orgasm with a mans cock. I felt him shoot and he drove his cock in me as deep as he could go. He pulled his mouth off and with each thrust he would grunt and shoot another jet of cum in me. I saw stars and thought  I was going to faint as my orgasm sweep over and through my young body.

When he had drained his balls in my cunt he rolled off me. I was so weak I couldn't move. "Big Brother that was without a doubt the best fuck I ever had bar none". "You were great sis, I have never fucked a pussy that was that tight." With Mom and Dad being gone so much we can do this lots more. And we did almost every night either I  would go to his room or he would come to mine and he would fuck me blind.

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I loved the story, but I HATED the "oh brother this and the sis that" shit. I have never heard a brother and sister talk like that, and in the heat of passion, I doubt I would hear it there. Add to that the spelling and grammar mistakes, it got a little difficult to read, however, the fact that I often fantasized about the little sister I didn't have, I made it work for me. The story was stimulating and believable. Please write more.

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