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My Brother and me

davidj on Incest Stories

This night we were both home alone - my brother had again asked me if I would let him fuck me and I had said no again.

He masturbated in front of me and I had seen him doing it before and had done it to my bf lots of times so it didnt bother me.

I went to bed and left him too play with his cock all he wanted.

After about 15 minutes I heard him outside my door, I pretended to be asleep and he came in and he was stark naked and had his cock hard and in his hand.

As it was summer I had no bedclothes over me and I always sleep nude. He could see me in the late night glow as it doesnt get dark till much later in summer here.

He came over next to me and got down close to look at my pubic area - I shave nearly all the hair off so he had a good view. I thought I would tease him and I still pretended to be asleep and spread my legs so he could get a really good look at my vagina.

He got down so close I could feel his breath on my labia lips and my thighs.

He put his finger gently on my lips and spread them wide soo he could see inside me. Actually it was quite erotic and I moaned alittle and spread them even wider, I was actually beginning to enjoy his game, and was getting aroused.

Then he started to masturbate ahgain and I could see what he was planning to do, when his time came he was going to cum on me.

I let him go for a while then I decided what the hell let him fuck me - I was ready for a good fuck by now and I thought he would be as good as any I have had before.

I sort of pretended to half wake up and used my boy friends name and said - Tony go on fuck me. He thought I was with Tony and not him and he thought I would think it was Tony fucking me and I opened my legs lifted my knees up and let him fuck me.

Actually I was quite pleasantly suprised as he went into me he felt different to Tony, and I thought hell he is good, I should have let him do me before.

I was getting quite excited as he continued to fuck me and I was really getting in the mood and he was now really giving me agreat fuck, far better than Tony ever did.

I then opened my eyes and said Mike you are magnificent - he didnt change his stroke and said I didnt think you were asleep - Sis you are great - the best fuck I have ever had. How long do you want me to keep it going- I can last quite a while you know.

I was now ready for a good sex session and I said keep it going as long as you like I am really enjoying this.

Mike changed his position once or twice to make it feel different for me - I had no idea his ability was this good. Then he said how about getting on top. Tony was never keen for me to be on top unless I really got insistent so I took the opportunity to enjoy the change.

Once I was there I made the most of it and Mike suggested a couple more changes like Doggy and reverse cowboy.

After this Mike and I were going to be regular bed mates. His cock was making my cunt sing with pleasure and never have I been brought to the edge of an orgasm and then slowed down as often as Mike could do it. Then I said Mike I want to cum - he said ok lets do it together and he got back on top of me and began to fuck me really hard and fast and the sweat was running down between my tits and off his face and dripping ont me.

Then he said I am ready how about you and I answered with a gigantic YYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS as my clit explosed in a spasm of delight and I could hear him grunt as he pumped load after load of his cum into me. He kept it going inside me for about two more minutes and the mess began to laak out and run down between the cheeks of my ass.

Then he did something I wuld never have believed - he pulled his cock out of my sodden cunt and put his mouth over my cunt and licked and sucked the cuma nd juice out of me. I could hear him slurping it out of me. and I only lasted a minute and I came again. Violently this time and I bucked and bounced about almost uncontrollably. He couldnt keep his mouth on me and it wasnt until I calmed down he finished cleaning me up. 

I was by now ghasping for air - and my heart was racing with the exertyion of the strongest orgasm I could ever remember.

He sat up and said - Sis you are magnificent. See what you have been missing.

He kised me on the forhead and I could smell the scent of my cunt on him, I am glad he didnt want to open mouth kiss me. See you tomorrow he said and left to shower himself.

I lay there - I was so satisfied I just wanted to let my body recover slowly and relive and enjoy the sensation he had given me.

After that I let him fuck me or give me oral any time he asked which was maybe a couple of times a week. I still kept seeing Tony and letting him fuck me but I saved my best for Mike. I even began to suck him off and swallow his cum. Tony was not keen on me sucking him but Mike adored it.

Why I had not let him start to fuck me a year earlier when he first asked I dont know - probably because of the incest thing - but now I am making up for lost time.

Any how I will never forget that first night with Mike and how close I went to never knowing how good my brother was- I envied the girls he also fucked and he never seemed to run out of girl friends - and I know why.

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