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My Daughter, My Lover

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I walked in and there was my daughter Krystal stretched out on the bed laying on her stomach doing her homework. She had on a very short nightie that showed off her long, beautiful legs and a little bit of the swell of her sweet little ass.

"Hi Daddy!" She grinned up at me.

My daughter is so incredibly beautiful! She has her mother's green eyes, beautiful chestnut hair, and a smile that lights up a room. I could also see pretty much all of her full, luscious breasts with the neckline of that nightie.

"Hi Honey!" I put my hand on her shoulder and leaned down to kiss her. "Sorry I'm so late. Work was hell."

As I talked I slid my hand down her back to give her beautiful butt a playful squeeze.

"That's okay."

"You need some help with that?"

"No, I'm doing fine. But I could use a little study break." She rolled over and sat up against the pillows. She spread her legs and lifted the front of her little nightie. Then she started rubbing her sweet, swollen cunt. "Would you mind eating your little girl's pussy, Daddy?"

I grinned and crawled onto the bed. "That's just the thought that kept me going all day!"

As I started to lick my daughter's hot, musky pussy I thought about how much I loved her. All fathers and daughters should have a relationship as good as ours. Not all fathers and daughters will or should become lovers of course but that's what works for us. I thought back to the time two years ago when Krystal had seduced me and made me her lover.

I raised my daughter alone after her mother died giving birth to her. Being a single father was tough but I loved my daughter so much. She was such a smart, beautiful girl. Hell, she was my best friend for the last fourteen years. Now she was becoming a beautiful young woman.

Like all children Krystal slept in my bed once in a while when she was scared or upset about something but that hadn't happened in five or six years. When she shook me and asked if she could sleep with me I was still half asleep and I didn't think anything of it.

"Sure, Baby."

She crawled into bed and I hugged her and kissed her on the forehead like always. Then I fell fast asleep again.

When I woke up and saw the gorgeous dark haired girl riding my cock I thought I was dreaming. I think I thought I was dreaming. Anyway, I definitely couldn't see her face. All I could see was her bouncing hair and the outline of her incredible body.

I reached out and stroked her fantastic thighs as she pumped up and down on me then I reached up and squeezed her perfect breasts. She was moaning and gasping a little but she was really very quiet. Then when I touched her breasts she gasped "Daddy!"

I froze in horror with my hands still firmly clamped on my daughter's incredible breasts.

"Krystal???" I yelped in terror.

"Daddy! Oh, Daddy!" She shouted.

My daughter was coming while she rode my dick and I realized I was coming too. I grabbed Krystal's waist and thrust up into her, cumming harder than I had in years. Of course a part of me was horrified and disgusted by my actions but it felt so fucking good! I rammed my dick all the way up into my daughter and felt her amazing cunt squeezing me and pulsating in a way I'd never experienced with any other woman.

I shot my load inside her then fell back on the bed and lay there gasping. Krystal lay down with her head on my chest and my dick still partly inside her and slipped her arms around my neck. I wanted to put my arms around her too and rest with her for a while. To feel her breath on my neck and her heart beating against mine-

Was I insane??

I shoved Krystal roughly off me and stumbled to my feet. I tripped on my tangled boxers and found my pants.

"Daddy? Where are you going?"

I ignored her. I realized I was crying as I pulled my pants on and almost zipped my still hard dick. My keys were in the pocket and I practically ran out to the car.

I drove around for hours. I don't remember much about it. I couldn't even go anywhere because I wasn't wearing a shirt but that was okay. I wanted to be alone. I had just fucked my daughter for Christ’s sake!! Finally my parental responsibility made me turn around and go home. If I was feeling this awful I couldn't imagine what Krystal must be feeling.

I went into the house and up to her room. The door was closed and I heard music. I wanted to run but I had to think of my daughter so I knocked.

"Come in."

She sounded so cheerful!

I walked in and she was on her bed, calmly reading a book, apparently in no distress whatsoever.

"Hi Daddy." She smiled brightly at me.

"Hi, Baby..." The nickname I'd always used suddenly seemed terribly sexual. "We need to talk about what happened."

She turned off the music. "Yeah...I guess we do."

She scooted over and I sat down next to her on the bed. I was in her bed. I felt filthy. I should have thought to get a shirt!

"I know we were both half asleep and it was just an accident but what happened was wrong-"

"Don't say that." She frowned.

"Yes, B-H-honey. It was wrong. We-"

"No, Daddy!"

She threw her arms around me and looked up at me with big tear filled eyes. I felt trapped. Whatever had happened she was my daughter and I couldn't very well refuse to hug her even if I was obscenely aware of her breasts pressing against my chest.

"It was special! It was my first time and it was with the man I love most in the world! Even if you didn't like it and even if it never happens again, please, please don't call it wrong, Daddy!"

I was completely at a loss.

"I...H-h-honey..." I rubbed her back. "Fathers and daughters can't do that kind of thing! You know that!"

"Why not?" She asked with a childish innocence. "You always taught me not to believe something just because other people say it's true. You taught me to think for myself, Daddy. We love each other, don't we? We make each other happy, don't we? Didn't it feel good?"

I sputtered. How could this be happening??

"I know we weren't careful enough and that's all my fault. But now you can take me to get pills." She giggled. "Believe me, I don't want any kids who are also my brothers and sisters. I like being an only child."

I sputtered some more. I couldn't get around her logic. Why the hell did she have to be so smart??

"I-you-you-you're only fourteen, Krystal..."

"Oh you're right, Daddy." She purred seductively. "I'm much too young for sex with boys. But you're my father. You love me and you'd never hurt me or take advantage of me. Right?"

"O-of course not."

"Then if we're careful and we love each other and want to make each other feel good then there's no problem, right?"

"No!" I burst out. "You-you...Krystaaaal!!!" I ended in an imploring whine. I had no idea what to say.

She moved back and started unzipping my pants. She smiled sweetly and sympathetically up at me. "I think I've won this argument, Daddy. Now I want to taste this big, hot cock. We both know I can't get pregnant from that."

Those words coming out of my fourteen year old daughter's mouth floored me. I didn't stop her as she pulled my swelling cock out of my pants and started licking and sucking it. It was obvious she'd never done this before but it was my first blowjob in over fourteen years and it felt fucking incredible.

By the time I exploded in my daughter's sweet mouth I had come to a realization. She was the one being much more mature about our relationship. I was the one who was childish and afraid. I loved Krystal with all my heart and we both wanted this. So I should just relax and let it happen.

That day our relationship began to change to something between father-daughter and husband-wife. There were some bumps along the way but that's to be expected in any relationship.

Two days later we moved all Krystal's stuff into our room and we've slept there together ever since. The day after that I took her to the doctor and got her the pills which she takes religiously. Now we're happier than we've ever been and more in love than ever.

My daughter screamed out in orgasm and her sweet juices flowed into my mouth.

"Daddy! Oh I love you, Daddy!!"
"I love you too, Baby. I'll always love you." I whispered as I lapped up her luscious juices.

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