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My Daughter, My Son, and His Friend (Part 2)

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Part 2 of My Sister, My friend, and ME!


***As you may or may not know part 1 ended with my friend Joe, my sister, and me having a masturbation session. The twist at the end of the story was that my mother had been watching all of us have this masturbation session, but we did not know she was watching. This second part of the story takes place in my mother’s point of view before this all had happened. Now not knowing what she thought exactly I have a pretty good guess… (Once again please note this is my mother point of view.)***



When I first got married at the age of 23, my husband and I always wanted to have kids. At first we struggled to even have one, but as time continued on we had two children, Jessica and Jim. Jim was four years older than Jessica and as he grew older he really took on some of his father’s characteristics… more on that in a second. I could tell you that Jessica was purely mine. From early ages she’d always enter beauty pageants and won first place almost all the time. Things were perfect, we were “that family” that you’d see on TV that never really had any problems.


It was around the time that Jim started playing Pee Wee football that “different” feelings for my children came to my mind. The incident that stuck out the most was when he came home with a heat rash. Now I’m not the type of mother to walk around the house nude or with very little clothing, so when Jim asked me to check out the rash on his leg I had no problem doing it, since I was “a proper” mother.


We went to my bedroom and he pulled down his pants to his boxers. I had some cream to treat the rash and I began to rub it on his leg, the fact that he was only 13 at time was no big deal, for a mother to do what I was doing. I thought to myself in a devilish way that my son was never touched by a women near his crotch, so I intended to try not to get him aroused to much because his father just had “the talk” with him a few weeks earlier. I finished with his right leg and began rubbing the cream on the left. I purposely moved my fore arm across his mid section to see if he was getting hard, to my surprise and satisfaction, he was… I after I was done I told him to stand and he did, then out of now where a rock hard cock came through the center cut of the boxers. Now for being only 13 years old I’d have to say it was at least six inches, and very thick. I caught myself in a daze and with out knowing I grabbed his cock and told him to “put it away!”


Later that night my husband and I were having sex and has he was banging my wet hot pussy, and sucking on my tits all I could thing about was my son Jim. I was so in the moment about my son that I accidentally screamed his name in mere orgasm. My husband David shot his load right in my mouth, and that looked at my kind of funny after that. We ended up having a talk after sex, and I couldn’t lie to my husband about how I felt about our son. To my surprise my husband told me that he once had masturbated to a photo of our daughter Jessica and that it was no surprise I felt about Jim in the same matter. We both agreed to keep these thoughts to our self and never bring our children in as a part of sex in our lives.


The years went by; Jim and Jessica were exact copies of us. Jessica was now going for Miss Teen of Florida and Jim had a full ride scholarship to play football for a big college. When I merely thought that all my thoughts about incest with my children were gone… I was wrong.


It was a Friday night and Jessica was going to be with her boyfriend for the rest of the night and Jim was going to have one of his buddies over to have a few drinks and watch some movies. My husband and I decided that we would have a few glasses of wine and head to bed. I was asleep for about 3 hours when the wine kicked in and I had to use the restroom. We had a bathroom in our bedroom but I wanted to check on my son to see if he needed or anything since I was up. To my dismay he and his friend Joe were watching a porno on our new plasma big screen TV. I won’t lie and say that it wasn’t hot because it was. I noticed that Jim and his friend were sitting on opposite sides of the living room and that they were masturbating. I also noticed head lights were pulling in the drive way and my daughter was on here way in. I really began to get wet because she was going to catch my son and his friend masturbating on the couch. The door opened and the boys pulled their pants up as quickly as possible. I really don’t think my daughter would have noticed but since the porn was flashing on the TV, she kind of figured them out.


My daughter came in drunk as hell, it turns out she went to her friend’s house for a party and that her boyfriend and she were in a fight, so she decided to come home. After a few words with the boys my daughter sat down. The hottest moment in my life was about to happen… My two children and a friend all sat down to watch porn together and masturbate. Chills ran down my spin and I had to tell my husband. So I snuck back into our bedroom and awoke him. I told him what was happening in our living room. He told me that we promised to not get involved in our children’s sex lives… even if it was with each other. I began explaining to him that Jessica was drunk and naked sitting on the couch and that Jim had a hard on like you wouldn’t believe.


My husband was still in dismay of what was going on, so I did the one thing where I could tell if he really wanted in on the action. I reached down and grabbed his crouch where a good 7 in boner was coming out of. He knew that I knew he wanted in on the action.


We both got up and went to watch the sex orgy that was going on in the living room. My son and his friend were both about to finish, so they stood up and cummed all over my daughter’s tits… This really made me wet and I could feel the boner of my husband pushing on my ass.


***The final part of this story is going to come out soon! Email me at for more of your thoughts. The last part of the story contains a family sex orgy. It is the final chapter of the story!***







This one has good potential, but I think you needed to reread the original. In that one, it was the daughter who was 4 years older, and instead of coming in drunk from a date and catching them she had come in from work earlier and they made a "date" for

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