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My Daughter and ME

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It started so inocently, My daughter Miranda and I had always cuddled on the sofa since she was a little girl, just watching TV or a movie. The first time I realized that something was different was one night when everyone was watching TV, Miranda ( now 15 and very attractive blonde 5' 8" and 136 lbs 34 c breast and an ass to die for ) and I as ussual cuddling on the sofa, her mother Tammy and our other daughter Brittany on our chase lounge doing the same thing, Miranda said she was cold as it was a winters night and asked if she could grab a blanket from her room. I said if she wanted too then go, she gave me a smile and headed for her room. When Miranda came back I noticed she had changed into lose fitting shorts and a halter top, I said I thought you where cold? she said I am Daddy but once we are under the blanket she had that she did not want to get too hot to enjoy the show we where watching, it seemed like a reasonable answer so I shruged my shoulders and she spread the blanket over me and then climbed in beside me. I felt Miranda's body snuggle very tightly into me and it sent a shiver threw me, I felt her perfect ass wiggle into my crotch and it took all my will power not to get an instant hard on threw my sweet pants. When she was finnished wiggling her ass into me she turned her head and smiled, then said are you confy Daddy? Yes Baby I am as I smiled back, we got back to watching our program but I could feel the heat that was coming from her and also the heat that was building in my cock, I was doing ok, no errection for about a half hour of this till Miranda started to move her ass against my cock, it was a slow movement and I thought she was just trying to get more comfortable but she just kept moving her ass against my rapidly hardening cock! As Miranda kept up her wiggling I looked over her shoulder and she turned her head and smiled at me, then my eyes looked over at my wife and younger daughter and they did not seem to notice anything except the show on TV. I knew Miranda could feel what she was doing to me, she seemed to enjoy the feeling of my now raging hard cock pressed against her ass, then there was a comercial break, my wife asked me and Miranda if we wanted anything? I said I could use a beer and Miranda wanted some water, Brittiny said she need to go to the washroom and suddenly Miranda and I where alone. Miranda what are you doing I said as my wife and daughter left the room, she turn around to face me, smilling and whispered " I am letting you know I want to become your lover Daddy I love the feeling of this hard cock against my ass" her hand reached down and rapped around me. We can not baby it's wrong I said as her finger went under my sweets and started to carress my ragging hard cock. " It is not wrong Daddy and I will become your lover so just get used to that fact, I know your cock already has got used to the idea " and then we heard her mother and sister come back in the room, Miranda quickly rolled over to face the TV but she pushed her ass very tightly against my hard cock and she grabed my hand and guided it to her as I was to find out braless tits, her nipples where so hard as I started to feel her up, I heard a very soft moan come from her as my fingers started to tease her nipples, I was out of control, I do not know why I started to feel her up, it was like I was on automatic esspecially when my wife and younger daughter where only a few feet away from us! I was losing control as her words to me started to sink in, Miranda wanted to be my lover, her words went threw my brain over and over again, then my hand left her nipples and started down her stomach, Miranda lifted her leg on to mine so I could have access to her pussy, my hand slipped under her shorts, I was surprised that she was not wearing panties, I do not know why I was surprised but I was, I hestitated going farther down, I knew if I crossed this line I was not going to go back, Miranda must have known I was thinking about not fingering her now wet and waiting pussy so her hand slid down her body and push my fingers to her swollen pussy lips, she was so wet and hot and yes I knew that I was going to cross the line, I was going to cheat on my wife of 18 years and my 15 year old daughter was going to become the other woman, my lover !

My Finger slowly slid inside her, I know she wanted this and now so did I, her pussy was so warm and wet, I wanted to finger fuck her so bad but I also need to be carefull not to get her off in case she started to really moan and give away our secret so I with drew my finger and slowly brought them up to my lips, looking over at Tammy to make sure she was not looking at us I moved my finger to my lips and tasted Miranda for the first time. Miranda turned her head and watched as I tasted her on my finger and smiled the sexiest smile I had ever seen. Miranda knew now that she was going to become my lover and she shifted her ass away from my rock hard cock so her hand had room to take some of my precome and bring it to her mouth, as her fingers slipped into her mouth I saw her suck my precome off them, what a site my daughter tasting me for the first time and right in front of her mother!!!!! Then the night was over, the shows we had been watching well Tammy and Britany had been watching where over and Tammy declared that we should go to bed, well I did not want to go to bed, I wanted to fuck Miranda all night long but I knew that was not going to happen tonight as it would have been difficult to explain why I was not in our bed and also I had no condoms in the house so I said I would be up in a few minutes. Tammy walked over to Miranda and me still under our blanket and kissed Miranda good night and then took Brittany to her room. Just when Tammy left the room Miranda turned around and we kissed, a long passionate kiss, her tongue deep inside my mouth, her hand went right to my hard cock and my hand went right to her wet pussy, I slipped two fingers into her and her fingers rapped around my shaft. We kissed and fondled each other for a few more minutes then we broke or kiss, Miranda was the first to speak, " I can not wait to have you inside me Daddy, I can not wait to become your lover, don't go to work tommorow daddy and I will not go to school, once Mom leaves for work and Britt is gone to school we can be together like I want, you can make me a woman Daddy, I can become your lover, please Daddy? " Yes Baby but I need to go to the store in the morning, I have no condoms Miranda and I do not want to make you pregnant, Miranda said she understood but I had better be quick and then she smiled. Miranda got off the sofa and I saw her rock hard nipples threw her top and the wet patch on her shorts. Miranda grabed her blanket and then leaned down and gave my mouth another tongue lashing kiss then as she about to go she whispered in my ear " Daddy you won"t change your mind I won't let you, I am going to become your lover no matter what tommorow and you really do not have to go to the store to get condoms Daddy, I want to be with you without protection, if I get pregnant, I get pregnant! Daddy I want to have your baby inside me soon! Your going to make me pregnant I know you are and I know you want to make me pregnant too Daddy" and with that she turned and walk to her room. I just sat there for a few minutes trying to figure out what had just happened and what is going to happen, not 4 hours before I had no idea that I would want to cheat on my wife, esspecially not with my 15 year old daughter, know I was going to cheat on Tammy and Miranda just told me she wanted us to have a child together! She wanted to get pregnant! I think I was in shock, I just could not get the idea out of my mind that my daughter wants to get pregnant with my child, the implacations where just too much for me to handle then, I staggered to bed in a daze, thank god Tammy was asleep when I got to bed, I do not think I could have explained away how I was feeling.

I just stared at the ceiling all night, no sleep at all but I was wide awake as the alarm clock blasted into life at 7 30 in the morning, Tammy rolled over and hit the off button and then gave me a kiss on the cheek, as she got out of bed I looked long and hard at her back side as she walk to our bathroom, I knew that Miranda and I would be lovers in a few hours, I did want to be her lover and I wanted her to be mine, there was no going back, I needed to be with her but have a baby with her I was not so sure about that. I decided I would go to the drug store and get some condoms, I could not make her pregnant, it would ruin all our lives I decided. As I got dressed I told Tammy that I was going to work early as there was some thing I needed to take care of. I walked down the hall way and as I passed Miranda's room she heard me and called me to come and see her, as I opened the door to her room I saw that she was in bed covered in the blanket that she used to cover us up the night before, she said close the door and when I did she removed the blanket. Miranda had on a half bra and thong panties, her nipples where so hard and the patch over her pussy was already damp with her cunt juice." I have been waiting for us to be together all night Daddy I need you so bad, I am going to tell mom that I am a little sick so come home in an hour and we can be together, now come over here and give me a good bye kiss " and I did, a wonderfully hot and sensual kiss and also a quick suck on her beutiful tits, I was hooked and in heaven. It was time to hit the store, I did not tell Miranda I was going to get condoms, I was just going to tell her after we where alone. As I entered the house about an hour later I wondered if Tammy had decided to stay home and take care of Miranda but she had not, Thank God, I called out to Miranda and she said she was waiting in my room, as I came into my room Miranda was on my bed, naked, she was magnificent, her breast heaving as she was fingering her pussy, her fingers gluiding over her lips and then would sink deep into her pussy, there was just a small patch of hair above her lips, I just watch her pleassure herself for a minute, then she told me to come to her. I walked slowly to the bed and as I reached the foot of the bed Miranda got to her knees and brought my mouth to hers, her tongue slipped past my lips and for the second time today we kissed with a passion I had never known even with Tammy. We broke our kiss and Miranda in a very sexy and low voice said " I can finally be yours Daddy, I have wanted to be yours for so long, I have wanted to become your lover for years now Daddy and it's finally going to happen, make love to me Daddy, make me pregnant today Daddy! " Miranda I said I want to make love to you all day but my love I can not make you pregnant, it would be wrong, being your lover is wrong but I want to be your lover but I bought condoms and I am going to wear them ok? " Daddy its not wrong it will never be wrong, I was born for you, I was meant to be with you like a woman and man where supposed to be with each other, I have planned this day for over a year, I am so furtile today Daddy, I am ovulating and I want our first day together to be the day you make me pregnant, I will never use protection with you never!!!!!!!!! " Miranda then took me in her arms and pulled me on to the bed, as I fell onto my back she stradled me, her tits hanging from her chest, nipples as hard as rocks and she lower her mouth to mine saying fuck me daddy fuck me!!!!! Her hands where all over my body as we kissed, she was so bueatifull I could feel her tits against my shirt and I want to feel her nipples on my skin, I wanted to feel my bare cock inside her, I was giving in to her, I wanted to make her pregnant, I wanted the baby she was going to give me!!!! Miranda broke our kiss and started to ripe my cloths off, my shirt then her hand went to my jeans, I raised my butt off the bed so she could push my jeans off over my ankles, Miranda stared now at my hard cock only inches away from her mouth, she took my cock into her hands and moaned as it slipped between her lips, I was in heaven as I watched my daughter slowly suck my cock deep into her mouth, her tongue dancing around the head of my now raging hard on, she took me in and then almost out of her mouth, almost like her pussy would do, then she stoped, I was going insane with pleasure, Miranda let my cock slip from her mouth and she said " You want me to get pregnant don't you Daddy? You want me to have your baby as much as I want don't you Daddy? " her hand now slidding up and down my shaft. " I want you to fuck me now Daddy, put your seed deep inside me, I want to feel you explode inside me, promise me you will Daddy, promise me you will come deep inside me all day, promise me you will give me your baby today " YES!!!! I promise Miranda, I am going to make you pregnant today my love, then she staddled my cock, I felt her pussy lips glide over the head of my cock, she was so wet and the heat coming from her was like a boiler producing steam, I felt her hand giude my cock into her pussy and with one quick movement of her hips I was burried in my daughter. Miranda gave a gasp as I thrust into her, "OH Daddy your cock belongs in me, I am finally yours now, I am your woman, mmm you feel so good inside my pussy " I started to thrust into to her, trying to get my cock as deep and as close to her furtile womb as I could, I reached with my hands and cuped her tits, sqeezing them and pinching her rock hard nipples, Miranda was moaning now and her pussy was grabbing my cock like a vise, she was so tight, I grabed Miranda and pulled her onto her back, I wanted to fuck her missionary as I was told once its the best position for making a baby. Miranda quickly found my cock with her fingers and guilded my cock back into her warm and waiting pussy, as I sank into Miranda again I said "You ready my love to have your man come in you, give you his seed?" " Oh Yes Daddy, fill me with your seed, make me pregnant, give me your baby, pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssseeee Daddy" Miranda climaxed around my cock, she started to spasm like crazy, she seemed to be in another world as I sank my cock deep inside her, Ohh Miranda I love you, I want you to get pregnant so bad, I want our baby!!!! I started to really fuck her hard and Miranda was pushing back into me with every thrust, I could feel myself on the edge, my cock started that famillar feeling just before I come and I was coming in my daughters pussy, I was going to do my best to give her a baby OHHHHHHH Miranda my love I am coming in you, then I thrust my cock as deep as I could in her and let myself come. " Daddy I can feel you coming in me OHHHHHHH YES go deep Daddy fill me with your baby makers , I am getting pregnant ohh Daddy I love you so much, fill me Daddy fill your woman ohhh yes " I came so hard, squirt after squirt of my seed ozzed from my cock into Miranda's womb, her pussy milking all of my come, pushing it closer to her egg, I collapsed into Miranda's arms and just held her as I shrank out of her pussy. We started to lightly kiss and then I looked at her, she was the woman I loved and wanted, I knew there was no going back, I might have made her pregnant, we did not know but I knew someday she was going to have my baby and that was that. We made love five time that first day, I came in her all five times, and then every chance we got we made love again, three months later Miranda walk in after school, I watched her come in, my lover, Miranda took me in her arms, she had a very big smile on her face as she told me that she was late and had gone to see a doctor, " My Love I am three month pregnant, your going to be a father!! Miranda thinks she got pregnant the first time I shot my seed in to her and who was I to argue with the mother of my child and the woman I love!



Just wasn't realistic. Teenage girls don't talk like that.

"OHHHHHHH YES go deep Daddy fill me with your baby makers , I am getting pregnant ohh Daddy I love you so much, fill me Daddy fill your woman ohhh yes"

Absolutely ridiculous.


Structured badly, and weak premise. I really didnt catch the girl wanting to have sex with her father so much as wanting to be pregnant with their child and sex just happened to be the most convienant way. I'll give ya 2 for originality, but you really

Scorpio Queen

I agree with John, Andrea and Golfadikt2. You should get a beta reader to help you find and fix your errors. There were just too many errors for this story to be enjoyable. Also, you rushed the story entirely, the seduction was rather lacking and poor. An


dang!!! sure enjoy the story and would like to hear more about it and pls do write more about it since it blow my mind away and wonder what happen next and hope that story contiune :D and hope u will contiune write and can't wait to hear part 2 and more a


There were a lot of problems with this. switching from past-tense to present-tense then back again, spelling, the constant focus on impregnating her - though a very hot thought, not quite useful if you keep using it. Sorry if this was a bit brutal... th

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