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My First Time With My Sister Meghan

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I was so excited.   My sister was coming to visit me in my new house for the first time.   She just graduated from high school last week and seeing her and all her hot high school friends made me really horny.   I have been fantasizing about her for a couple of years now.   Some of the most amazing orgasms I have had have been while I have thought about how to seduce her.   One time when I was home visiting, I went into the bathroom to pee and decided to look through her hamper for a pair of her panties.   I found only one pair, however, there was a big crusty spot in the crotch.   She must have masturbated with them on because they definitely smelled like pussy.   I got so hard smelling them.   I had to relieve myself and sat on the toilet and jerked off while licking the inside of them.   I couldn’t believe what a turn on it was to finally find out what my sister’s pussy smelled and tasted like.   Even if I never got to try the real thing, I would still know exactly what it would be like.   It is that memory that makes me realize I had to try this weekend.  


She got off the plane and had a huge smile of her face.   She looked so cute in her tight little shorts and belly shirt.   When she gave me a hug, I made sure to think about what her breasts felt like against me.   At 18, they are so firm and they pressed right into me and pushed against my chest.   Oh, the things I want to do to her body.   I drove us back to my place so she could see my house for the 1 st time.   A little while after we got there, my girlfriend got there too.   She was also visiting for the weekend.   We were all going to a concert on Monday night together.


We spent the day going to a ball game and eating lunch.   The whole time, I just kept staring at my sister and thinking about what her face looks like when she is cumming.   I realized that I had to get her and my girlfriend drunk if I wanted any chance of this happening.   We decided to go home and hang out for the night.   I said we should stop to get some beer and hard alcohol.   As soon as we walked in the door, I made everyone a drink – however, the girl’s was a lot stronger than mine.   We kept drinking and started playing card games.   This got the girls really drunk and with my mind not working like it should be, the thought of having sex with my sister while my girlfriend was in the same house actually seemed like a good idea.


Meghan, my sister, said she had to pee and got up to go to the bathroom.   While she was out of the room, my girlfriend decided to lay of the floor, pull her shorts to one side and rub her finger up and down her slit.   She loves to masturbate for me.   In fact, she probably masturbates more when we are together, then she does on her own.   I love to watch and just laid back to enjoy the show.   It was about this time that I heard my sister peeing.   Just the thought of her little 18 year-old pussy spurting piss made me hard.   I just had to find out how good she would be.


Eventually, everyone was pretty drunk and decided to go to bed.   My girlfriend went upstairs and I said I would be up right after I got Meghan situated.   Meghan went into the bathroom to change and I grabbed a couple of blankets and a pillow out of the closet for her.   When she came out of the bathroom, I could see how drunk she was.   I could also see how hot she was!   She had changed into a sheer white teddy and a matching silk thong.   I only knew it was a thong, because when she went to pick up the pillow, I could see her firm, tight ass.


I gave her the stuff and said that if she needed anything to just come upstairs and get me.   As she laid on the couch, her nightie fell loose and I could see one of her nipples.   It wasn’t hard, but I knew I could change that.   By the time I got upstairs, my girlfriend was already passed out nothing was waking her up.   I lay there in bed and fantasized about Meghan, thinking maybe I could at least have a dream about her.   Not long after I had closed my eyes, I heard a knock at the door.   I got up to see what Meghan wanted and when I opened the door, the sight of her blond hair, blue eyes, school girl face and skimpy white outfit, made me want to fuck her right there on the floor outside my bedroom while my girlfriend was only 10 feet away.   She said she couldn’t get the cable to work, that it was stuck on the DVD or something.  

When I got downstairs, I saw that she had poured herself another drink.   I put the TV back to cable and asked if she would mind if I made a drink and joined her.   I said I wasn’t really that tired and since my girlfriend had passed out cold, I didn’t think she would have any problem with it.   She said, “No.   Not all at.   Why don’t you fill me up too.”   and handed me her glass.    We both sat on the couch and talked while she flicked through the channels.   She finally stopped on an HBO Real Sex episode.


“Do you want to play a game?”   I asked her.


“O.K.   What did you have in mind?   Oh, I know.   Do you think we could play truth or dare, or would it be too weird since we are sister and brother?”


“No.   We can play that.   I would be fun.   Besides, it is up to us on whether it is weird or not.   We get to make up the questions and dares.   Just keep them in the boundaries.   She went first and I asked her where she bought her outfit.   She said Victoria’s Secret.   In fact, she had seen it on one of her friends and thought it looked hot so she wanted to get it too.


I said dare, of course!   She dared me to leave the door open next time I had to pee.   Meghan thought it would be embarrassing and funny to see me with stage fright.   Little did she realize that if I couldn’t pee it was because I would be hard for her.   Later in the game, she pick dare and I decided to get a little bolder.   I dared her to take her panties off and just sit there with her nightie coving her little pussy.


“I can’t do that.   You’ll be able to see it.”   she said.


“Not if you pull your nightie down.   Besides, you wanted to embarrass me, now I get to do the same to you.”


I kept catching glimpes of her pussy while we played a different game, a drinking game.   This only made her more drunk and excited.   A couple of times, I saw her pussy.   Her lips were a little swollen which meant she was enjoying herself.   She shaved, but not too much.   There was still some hair, blond and thin.   I could see a drop or two of her juices at the part of her slit where her lips begin to split and the hair begins.   God, I just wanted to eat her pussy so bad.   She said she had to pee and got up.   I was so drunk and horny that I decided this was it.   I waited until I knew she was in the bathroom and sitting on the toilet.   That is when I got up and walked right in on her.


“What are you doing?”   she asked.  


“I have to pee too.”   I said.   “But I am in here already.   Hold on, you can go after I do,”   she said back.   I knew I couldn’t wait and just walked up to stand in front of her.   “You said I had to leave the door open next time I peed.   It is open.   Please just let me pee, I can’t wait.   I’ll go between your legs.   You can go too.”


Then I started to pee right between my sister’s legs.   Meghan moaned a little and started to pee.   I moved my dick a little so my pee hit her clit.   This made her moan again and she leaned back.   I kept peeing on her clit and reached out to grab her tits.   Ohhhh, they are so firm and her nipples tightened up between my fingers.   “Let’s go back out to the couch and lay down,”   I said.


Once we were on the couch, we started kissing passionately.   My tongue was in her mouth in a second playing with hers.   I grabbed her tits with one hand and rubbed her pussy with my other.   Then she reached down and started to rub my dick.   I stood up and pulled off all my clothes.   I didn’t want to waste any time getting to it.   She took off her clothes and we both laid next to each other naked with my hard dick rubbing against her tight stomach.   She moaned kind of loudly as she felt the precum smear across her stomach.   I leaned in and kissed her as I moved so she was on her back and I got on top of her.


The deeper and harder I kissed her, the more her slender hips ground against my crotch.   I started moving my hips forwards and back so that my dick rubbed her clit.   However, as I did this, I was really hoping that it would find that tight, dripping pussy.   As I felt my head slip into her wet folds, I knew this was going to be amazing.   We both pushed at the same time and my cock began to slide into her warm, smooth, velvety 18 year-old pussy.


We fucked like this for a while and I could feel my balls tightening.   She said she was going to cum and I said I wanted her to keep her eyes open, look and me and kiss me while she came.   Just then her eyes got real big and I felt her pussy spasm around my cock.   This pushed me to the edge.   I told her I was going to cum.


“Oh, god.   Give me your cum big brother.   I am so fucking horny.   I don’t care if you get me pregnant.   Just drop that warm load of cum in my hot teenage pussy!”


That is when I let it go.   Shot after shot of my cum sank deep inside my little sister’s pussy.   When I finally came down off my high.   She kissed me and said that she hoped we could do it again.   As I fell asleep that night in my bed, I was rock hard thinking about what else we could do together.   The next morning at breakfast, my girlfriend was making pancakes and Meghan took the opportunity to show me her thighs and pussy.   My cum was caked and crusted to her pubic hair and streaks of cum had dried to her thighs.   Obviously it had dripped out of her spent pussy during the night.   I knew I would have to find a way to do this again as soon as possible.


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