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My Little Niece

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I had just gotten home from school. It was Friday and I had a whole weekend to study before finals. Not that I was to worried about the exams, it's just that I really wanted to do good so that I could be accepted forthe 'Elite' program at my high school next year. Plus my parents were leaving for a small weekend vacation, so I would have the house to me and my naked self.

I was so happy that school was almost over and that I would be going into grade 10 in a few months. Not to mention that last week was my birthday and I had reveived a Wii and some games. Which I had been playing constantly.

My usual routing when I get home(if no one is home) is to go down to my basement, watch some porno and masterbate. Then wash up and have a snack or watch T.V. I usually get pretty horny during a whole day since in all of my classes I was situated right next to one of the class whores. They also hit on me; they would sometimes drop their pen right infront of me while I was standing, and on their way down they would brush my whole leg with their arm or if positioned right their ass. Then coming back up they'd feel if I had gotten hard. Most of the time I did.

But today was different. I quickly unlocked the door to my house and threw my back pack on my couch. then just as I was about to run downstairs I heard a voice "Hey, is that you Mike?" it was my older brother Carl

"Yeah, hey Carl when did you get in?" I replied

"Just this morning, I barely made it to the house in time to catch mom on her way to work so she could let us in"


"Yeah, Mandy is here with me"

Mandy was my neice who was only 8. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and the cutest smile. I won't lie, I have stood behind her once or twice rubbing her with my cock. Then running into the bathroom to masterbate.

"Cool!" I shouted back

Carl came walking down the stairs that led from the upstairs living room.

"Hey, since Mom and Dad aren't home, could you do me a favour?"

"I suppose" I said. I was hoping that it wouldn't occupy my whole weekend.

"Well I need to leave for a business trip. And I can't bring Mandy with me. Could you look after her until Sunday?"

"Sunday? but that's all weekend. I have some stuff that I have to do"

"Yeah I know" Carl said "but I'll pay you $250, plus $150 for food and stuff to do"

"Well" I started, I could see the desperation in Carl's face "I guess I could, it'll be fun"

"Oh thank you lil' bro"

"Yeah yeah, when you gotta leave"

"Right now actually, good thing you didn't go out after school!"

"Oh" I was quite startled

"Yeah, so I left her suitcase in the basement, and Mandy is upstairs. Actually, MANDY COME DOWN HERE SWEETIE"

Mandy came running down the stairs. She looked so cute. She was wearing a skirt and a loose fitting t-shirt. With knee lace socks, and a bright hair clip.

"Hi Mike!" She ran up and hugged me tightly, making my cock jump to life in my pants. "this is going to be a real fun weekend!"

"Yep for sure" I replied while trying to hide the fact that I had a boner.

"Ok mike" Carl butted in "I gotta go, love you sweetie"

Carl kissed Mandy good-bye and hurried out the door.

"Want to go watch some TV" I said

"OK!" cheered Mandy

I chased her up the stairs and sat down while she went to go get herself a glass of juice.

I got up to take the disc out of the DVD player. We had just finished watching The Matrix together. I should get you ready for bed. So we went downstairs to get her suitcase.

"I guess you can sleep upstairs on mom and dads bed" I told her

"But that's all the way upstairs! It's so far away from you. You have a big bed, can I sleep down her with you?"

Wow, was I shocked. true I had a big queen bed, but sleeping in the same bed would drive me nuts! And drive my nuts nuts if you know what I mean. "Well............yeah I guess that would be ok. Well go have a shower and get washed up"

She ran off into the bathroom and started to have a shower. I walked over to my desk and turned on my laptop. I had been so thankful that my friend had given me his old laptop. It was perfect for surfing the internet for porn. I could do it in my bed, and the best part was that my parents would never find out. I started to look at some of my fave pictures while petting my cock through my jeans. I laid my laptop down and went to grab some clean underwear. Running to the upstairs shower I started to clean myself off while slowly jacking it. After about five minutes I had climaxed and cum splattered all over the shower wall. I grabbed the shower head and cleaned it off. then turning off the water I dred off and went downstairs. I came down the stairs only to see one of the worst, and greatest things of my life. Mandy had turned on my computeer and was flipping through all of my porn!


"Oh Mike!" She sputtered "I'm sorry, I just wanted to play a game. I'm so sorry, please don't tell daddy, please!"

"It's ok I wont, just turn off the computer and crawl into bed."

Since I was only wearing a pair of boxers I hadn't felt my hard on. I looked down and suddenly noticed it. Trying to dsiguise it for when I crawled into bed. I quickly crawled in and turned off my bed side lamp. I could feel the warmth coming from Mandy and that wasn't helping the state that my penis was in. "Night mandy"

"G'night Mike"

And with that I flicked off the lamp. A few seconds later Mandy spoke up "Mike, what were those people doing in those pictures. It looked like they were having lots of fun."

"Well they" How could I explain this to her? I would have to just tell her "they were having sex. Do you know what sex is?"

"That's where the man puts his key into a girls lock, right?"

"Yeah, you can look at it that way."

"Can you show me how to do it?"

"Wel, I, I don't, well I don't know I could get in lots of trouble"

"I won't tell. I swear! I'll even give you my necklace just so you kmow I'm serious."

So many emotiong were going through my head. Should I do it? Should I not? My brain was saying no, but my penis and my heart were saying yes. I had to give in.

"Ok Mandy come here." I flicked on the lights, and pulled my pants off. "This is my 'key'. What I want you to do is put it into your mouth and suck it like a lollipop. Ok?"

"Ok!" she quickly rolled over to me and licked the tip. A feeling of pure bliss ran through my body. "Oh jesus this is good" I whispered.

"Put it into your mouth."

She did and it was unbelievable. Her mouth was small, which was good because I wasn't that big. I took her head and started to bob it up and own, while with my other hand I placed her hand onto the base and started jerking my cock. She eventually figured out what I wanted her to do. After about 30 seconds I felt ready to come. "Mandy, something is going to come out of my mouth. don't be afraid it wont hurt you. try to swallow some, but you don't have to."

and after 2 more strokes I came. The hardest I have ever came. She started to gag and took her mouth off and cum started to drip from her mouth. Still jerking me I removed her cum covered hand and put it into her mouth. "Mmmm Mike it's soooooo tasty!"

"Yeah? Well that's nice then."

As she was licking her fingers off I started to caress her white skin. It was so smooth and creamy. It wasn't long before I had another hard-on. "Now Mandy, we're going to have sex"

I started to take off her shirt to reveile to small, pink, erect nipples. I started sucking on them and she started to moan softly. Then I moved down and took off her pajama bottoms, then her panties. I started to suck on her whole fagina, Swiping my toungue over her crease as she moaned louder. Then I took her clit in my nouth. and she started to scream in pleasure. She went into a ball and started screaming. she was having her first orgasm. My mouth then got hit by a liquid and I knew she was squirter. I had found numerous 'squrting' porno sites and have always wanted to witness a real one. And now I had. "Oh Mike, was that sex? I t was wonderful!"

"No that's not true sex yet. We'veonly done oral sex. But now I'm going to stick my key into your lock. It will hurt for a few seconds. But don't worry it'll feel really good right after."

And with that I moved so I was laying ontop of her and guided my penis at the entrance of her 'lock'. I slowly began to push it in as she started moaning and screaming in pain and pleasure. "Oh Mike, it hurts, but it feels good oh oh"

It was long before I had reached her hymen. Then I thrusted forward with all my might as she let out a screach and started screaming. "Shhhh, shhhh. It's ok the painful part is over. Get ready for the good part!"

She stopped screaming and started moaning as I pumped in and out of her. Her pussy walls were so tight, yet they felt like heaven. It was becoming easier as she was extremely wet, and there was a little blood working in there too. then she started screaming and shaking and I knew she was climaxing again. Her pussy clamped down on my like a vice grip. And that was all I needed. I started moaning too as I shot my load deep into her.

I then collapsed to her side and she soon fell asleep. I looked down and saw the the sheets were soaked. Oh well, tomorrow I would get to show her the magic of a girl having sex on a vibrating washing machine.

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