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My Loving Mother

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I am a small 16 year old kid. My mom is in her mid 40's and is descently attractive. She has very big tits and is in great shape. I have fantisized about her for the last year or so, but she has no idea I am attracted to her. The following story is 100% true. Every word and action actually did happen.

Well I turned 16 several months ago and my mom has been teaching me how to drive. We have grown closer because of this and, also, my dad just got a new job and travels a lot, so we spend a descent amount of time together.

It all started one Sunday a couple of weeks ago. We are big Steeler fans, so we were watching the game. It was just me and my mom. I was already sitting down on the couch when she came and sat next to me, rubbing up against me a little. I got pretty turned on. She had on these really tight jeans and a sexy black top that showed a lot of cleavage. After the game, she put her hand on my leg and asked me how school was going. I said, "pretty good, but my grades are kinda low right now." She said, "Aw. You better get those up." I don't remember what she said next because I was fixed on her hand moving up and down my thigh. I had on thin basketball shorts, so I could feel her hand and started to get hard. Within minutes, she noticed. "Jake! Are you getting excited because I am touching you?!?" I put my head down in embarassment and mumbled "Sorry mom." What happened next shocked me.

Suddenly, my mom stradled my lap and looked me in the eyes and said, "Good." I was stunned and just sat there staring at her. She said, "Don't be scared. I know you want me." I just nodded and put my hands on her ass. She said, "Ooh thats it" and leaned in to make out with me. Her sexy lips pressed onto mine and her tongue slid into my mouth. She was holding the back off my head and pulled as close as she possibly could; her huge tits squeezed against my chest. She started moaning a little and shifting around as we kissed. The thought of making out with my mom was amazing. She kept pressing harder and harder on my lips and her tongue was going crazy. She suddenly stopped got up. She grabbed my hand and lead me to her room. When we got there, she pushed me against her bed and started to make out with me again, and then started kissing my neck. She said, "How much do you want me?" with a smile. I said "Mom, I want you so much. Please fuck me." She smiled again and kissed me. She pulled off my shorts and boxers and started rubbing my throbbing cock. I couldn't believe it. It was the best feeling ever. I was leaning against the bed and she was squating down close to my dick. Then, it happened. She put it in her mouth. My own mother was now sucking my cock. She kept saying "You like that." with a smile. Now, I could see her sexy black thong sticking out of her jeans. I wanted her so bad. I smacked her ass and she shouted, "Fuck yeah." My whole cock was in her mouth and her tongue was wrapped around it. Then, she deep throated it. She gagged on it, but kept doing it. After a couple minutes a blew a huge load in her mouth. She drank it all and licked up the rest. She asked, "Do you wanna see my tits?" My eyes got huge and I said "Yeah!" and she pulled down her top. I felt them and then sucked on them. I kissed her nipples and licked them. She then slid off her pants and I got a look at her beautiful shaved pussy. She got really close to me and whispered in my ear, "Fuck me."

After she said that, I threw her on the bed and fucked her. She screamed at first and started to breath heavily. I shoved my cock in and out as hard as I possibly could. My cock when all the way in and then I would pull it almost all the way out. After about 10 minutes, she started to scream really loud and moaned. I felt her cum and it was amazing. Then I knew it was ok for me to cum, so I exploded all inside her.

After this i laid down on the bed beside her. She crawled on top of me and said "Thanks sexy." And kissed me. It was the best day of my life.

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