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My Mom and Me Part 2: The Whole Family

L. Train on Incest Stories

The rest of the day continued without any action, except for me overhearing my mom telling my dad about everything.

The next day I could hardly wait to get home from school. My mind was racing and the hours seemed to never pass. But finally, the last bell rang, and I could hardly contain myself as I saw my mom's car coming.

"Hey, Mom."
"Hi Dereck."
"So what do you think about what I asked earlier, about Mariah?" I asked, barely keep my voice from shaking.
"Well," she said slowly, "I suppose it would be alright. But ease her into it. You and Joe and I will sit down with her today and talk to her about everything. Dad is going to try and come home early from work.
"Alright," I said, grinning from ear to ear.

Mariah was already there when we got home. She had gotten a ride from a friend.

"Mariah, I wanna have a talk with you," said my mom, "Come here into my room."

Mariah and my mom went in, and Mom signaled for me and Joe to come in too. We looked at eachother and smiled.

"Mariah... what do you know about sex?"
"Well," she looked around, obviously embarrassed about talking about this in front of us, "I know how you do it and stuff..."
"How do you know? Did one of your schoolmates tell you?"
"Yeah, Krissy did."Â Krissy was her best friend.
"Have you ever seen it?" I cut in.
"Well... yes, Krissy found a video of it in her parents' room."
"Well, how would you like to try it out? Do the things you saw in the video?" My mother asked.
"Oh, I guess I'd like that..."
"Because I think you should with one of your brothers."
"Okay!" she smiled.
"Well, first thing, all of you take of your clothes."

We did as we were told. My cock instantly jumped at the sight of her young pussy. Being 13, she had only a little pubic hair around it. I looked at my brother Joe's cock. It was the first time I'd seen it, besides when I walked in on him and my mom, but I didn't get a good look then. His was about the same length as mine, 6 inches, but it was thicker. His pubes were all over and trimmed. I shaved mine into a wide landing strip.

"Well, since Dereck isn't quite as big, he should be Mariah's first," Said Mom. Joe sighed because of course, he wanted to do it. My mom handed me a condom.

"We have to use protection with her. She can get pregnant, but I can't; I've already gone throught menopause early."

I mounted Mariah and looked deeply into her eyes. I guided my cock with my hand, very slowly, into her.

"Erm!" She winced in pain and I stopped.
"Keep going," said my mom, "Mariah, just hang on. It will feel better in a moment."

So I continued in, finally getting all of my dick into her. I slowly began to move back and forth. I didn't to hurt her. After a few more pumps she began to look better and even seem to enoy it. Unfortunately, I still couldn't last a very long time and came within a couple minutes.

"Alright, Mariah, how was that?" My mom asked.
"It started to feel good at the end."
"Alright, Joe, your turn."

Joe took a condom, slipped it on, and without delay he stuck his prick right on in.

"Oo!" Mariah yelled and squirmed, half in pain, half in pleasure.

His bare ass bobbed up and down and eventually all of Mariah's pain went away and turned into pleasure.

Soon she was screaming in orgasm.

"Oh, God, Joe!"
"Aw, yeah, take my fucking cock, sis!" He humped away violently.

During all this my mom had undressed and started rubbing my cock. We both watched them intently as Joe and Mariah both came, almost at the exact same time.

"Good, Mariah. Now, take your brother's cock and suck on it like in the video you saw."

She instantly knew what to do. She took off the condom and tossed it aside, then took his whole cock into her mouth. I don't know how it fit. Her head started bobbing up and down.

"Aw, fuck, guys! She's amazing! What a cock-sucker!" Joe said.

"Well, I can see you guys are on your way, now time for our fun." With this my mom sunk her lips down onto my cock. Joe and I were both lying on our backs right next to eachother. We look at eachother and smiled as both the women in our family sucked us off. Mariah's and my mom's heads were bobbing in unison.

"Aw, fuck yeah!... I'm cumming!" I yelled as my mom gobbled it all up. At that time Joe also came and my sister got her first taste of cum.

"How do you like the taste?" asked my mom.
"It's good!" said Mariah with a smile.
"Alright, boys, your turns to pleasure us!"

My mom and Mariah layed on their backs and spread their legs. I started licking my mother's sweet pussy and Joe got my sister's.

I licked in circles, switching off clockwise and counter-clockwise. Within minutes I had my mother cumming.

"Oh, FUCK, Dereck! UHH!" she screamed and her hips bucked up, smashing my face even further down into her pussy.

It didn't take my sister long to come either, as it was her first time being eaten out.

"Okay," my mom said with a smile on her face. "Now I want to see you two boys suck eachother off."

Without any delay, Joe was down on his back. I got on top of him, placing my cock right near his mouth. I lowered my face and took his cock into my mouth.

We were both moaning with our cocks in the other's mouth. Within minutes we came, and I got my first taste of cum. It was salty and a little sour, but in a way it was very good. I quickly swallowed it up and Joe did the same.

I got off of him and we both sat up, waiting for the next instruction. Just then, my dad walked in.

"I'm not too late, am I?"
"No, not at all," smiled Mom.

He quickly stripped down. His dick was huge. If must have been 9 or 10 inches long, and it curved down a little bit. It must have been over 2 inches in diameter. His pubic hair was untamed and everywhere.

"Would you like to do your part in welcoming you daugther into woman-hood? She has already fucked her brothers. Now it's your turn."
"Alright, alright!" He said with a huge grin.

He quickly mounted her and began to fuck her. Mariah was squealing in pleasure.

"Oh Daddy! O God!" she screamed as his 9 inch cock was somehow swallowed by her 13 year old pussy. They were going at it for around 15 minutes, long after Mariah came twice.

"Well," said my mom, "I guess we are done for now. I see no point in dressing. Let's just eat some dinner. I'll start making it, and you four finish up."

The 3 of us kids looked at eachother and doved onto our father's cock, licking and sucking as hard and fast as we could.

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