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My Mother, A true story part one

Slim Summerville on Incest Stories

I will start when it seemed like my life ended. 12 yrs. old and my parents they are getting a divorce.
I am an only child with one to talk to,no one in our little town ever did this,no one I ever knew did this,I was so alone.

For the first 6 mos. after my dad left things went as well as could be.We stayed in our house I went to school every day and so on....Then one night at the supper table my mother told she had sold the house and we were going to move. I can remember her words " it will be fun going to a new apt."
The new wonderful apt. was a one bedroom flat on the third floor,small kitchen,eat in living room and bath.Boy some fun!!!Mom said we would have to share the bedroom and we but single beds on each wall.                                                                       I don't know when it started but mom was drinking when she thought I was asleep. The next thing she had quit her office job and started working in a bar it the next town over,about 6 miles.She would get picked up about 4 pm and return after midnight.I guess she was drinking pretty heavy because she would make a racket when she came in.She would go to the bathroom leave the door open with the light on and even get undressed that way.Some nights she would walk out nude and flop on her bed.I tried not to look but a 13 yr.old boy just had to.I would stare a her breasts and I would get hard.No,I did not have a giant penis I was lucky to have 4 or 5 inches at most.I did know how to take it out for exercise.

My mother was the first woman I had ever seen without clothes,I thought she was beautiful.She was 5 ft. 7 ins.tall and was about 120 lbs.her breast were still quite firm and her ass, as well.She was 18 when I was born so now at 31 she was in great shape.I never got a close look between her legs.I could see she had hair there but what else I was unsure.

One night her boss was with her when she came home ,he looked like he was half carrying her she was very drunk. She closed the door and fell in to the bathroom. I was realy scared I got up and went in I turned the light on she said " get out and leave me alone JOE ". JOE was her bosses name,so I tried to close the door but she was in the way. Slowly she started removing her clothes,I had not yet returned to my bed,she didn't seem to know I was there. I got a real good look at her pussy and started to get hard.She walked right by me and laid on the bed with her legs spread.It looked to me like she was split in half,but what did I know.Thru her hair I could see the lips of her pussy I stood there and looked for a very long time.Something told me to get closer and I did sliding up on the bed between her legs as I leaned forward to touch her lips she spread even further,I was amazed.My hand was shaking as I touched her the lips seemed to part and then I knew that was the magic hole that everyone talked about.I was so nervous,shakey and panicing, I put my mouth on it,she didn't move it tasted like more so I rubbed it with my tongue still no movement from mom. My prick had become very hard she was realy wet from me licking her.I moved up on her until I was at her opening,I slid my prick inside her it was so hot.I moved a couple of times and exploded in side her.I slid out and off her and went to my bed .What had I done would my mother send me away,all kinds of crazy things went thru my head as I fell asleep.....


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