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This is a true story about me and my mother in law which is still continuing. I have managed to make her write it in her own words. Read it and mail me your comments (names have been changed for her comfort).

I am Sudha, aged 48yrs, married for 24 yrs with a 23 yr old daughter. Have heard some of friends saying that I have a good figure 36-28-36 and even my daughter has said it so many times. My daughter introduced me to the stories in Desipapa and I must say that I am amazed with the kind of stories that people write. I had thought that the sexual feelings that I had/have were abnormal and had been frightened and had never shared it with anyone, but after reading the stories, I am delighted to know that what I felt and feel is normal. I have to thank my daughter and my son-in-law for my present condition though I am a little bit sorry for my daughter. Now let me recount my story.

I am from a small town of Cochin, Kerala and studied in English medium so my English is fair. Though I wanted to study further, my parents  got married me at at the age of 18yrs since my parents were not very well off. Like all females, I was taught about sex in the school and what little we girls chatted and came to know. My husband was a simple and straightforwared person who was more into scientific research. Though he was loving and took care of me, he was obsessed with his research and spent most of the time in office. Sex which was once in three to four days, receded to once a month after I conceived in the first year of marriage and gave birth to mydaughter Madhu. Slowly my husband lost interest in sex also. Since my marriage, pregnancy happened fast, I also was not exposed to the pleasures of sex. With my husband, he would enter without much preliminaries and spurt his semen in my vagina very fast and it would be over in just 5 or 10 minutes. I must have hardly achieved orgasm 4 or 5 times with my husband. But at that time, I had no complaints since I was a simple housewife happy with my daughter and my husband with the love an care  that I got from him. Ofcourse when we moved to Mumbai and I interacted with a lot of Mumbaiya ladies, I realized a lot more about what all is involved in SEX! Initially though it was shocking, I also left it to fate that I had missed out on the various things that people did in the name of sex. Yes, I am ofcourse talking about  giving mouth, cunnilingus, anal sex etc. To cut the story short, my daughter grew up and we married her off to a very good looking boy from Pune. I did not bother about telling Madhu about sex since I assumed that girls of her age would know about it. I only told her to take precautions for pregnancy.

I was happy with my son in law since he was good looking, 6 feet tall with a athletic body, a smile which would make a lot of females swoon and ofcourse a good job. To top it all, he had pleasant manners and respect for his elders. All my friends complimented me on getting such a good son in law. After her marriage, once Madhu moved to Pune, I used to remain touch with her on phone. After a year or so, I sensed something wrong with the way Madhu used to speak and also Mahesh (my son in law) spoke. I assumed that it would be the usual husband wife quarrels. But soon I heard from some friends about Mahesh’s heavy drinking. I spoke to Madhu about it over phone and she confirmed it and broke down on the phone. I rushed to Pune to find out the reason. Initially, Madhu refused to tell me the real reason for Mahesh drinking. Even Mahesh, when I was there, would not drink. But I got to know that he would be drinking in his room. Mahesh was totally different from the man who had married my daughter. He seemed to be morose, short tempered and seemed to have withdrawn into a shell. When I quizzed him on his behaviour, he said “Ask Madhu”. Madhu initially told me some story regarding his behaviour. But I was not convinced and when I probed further and put pressure, she broke down and slowly told me the real story. It seemed that Mahesh was after her every night for sex and in the first night, it had pained Madhu a lot and she was now not wanting to have sex. The word sex frightened her. She told how difficult it was for her body to adjust to Mahesh’s organ.Poor thing, she was so shy that she did not know how to talk to her mother about all this. But slowly I got her to tell everything. She said how they had gone to the doctor and what the doctor had advised. How after some time, Mahesh had tried sex again with her with the same result. Madhu was now terrified with sex and also found it repulsive. I was shocked and in a fix. How could somebody find sex repulsive even if it was not enjoyable. During discussions, Madhu asked me in an angry tone, Amma, how can a small hole accommodate a 10 inch long and 5 inch wide male thing. Poor girl, she was too shy to call a penis by its name. I was shocked and startled!!! 10 inches long and 5 inches broad!!!! What was she talking about? I asked her again thinking that I had heard something wrong. She said, why amma, cant you hear properly. Tell me amma, our hole is so small, then how can we accommodate a male organ which is 10 inches long and 5 inches broad with out pain. Amma for me it was terrible pain and I could not bear it and I was bleeding horribly. I thought could it be possible since I had always assumed because my husband’s penis was about 4 inches and 2 &1/2 inches broad, all males would have approximately the same size penis. Not that I had thought too much about this. I asked Madhu, but did you not enjoy it? Madhu looked shocked and asked me, amma how can you say such a thing. I will never in my life allow it to happen again. After hearing all this I realized what was the problem. Poor Mahesh was not getting sex for the past one year! No wonder he had started drinking. What can a man do if he does not get sexual release from his wife. And Madhu seemed not all interested in sex due to her medical condition of her vagina which she said that the doctor had said. I realized that Mahesh would have to be a lot patient with Madhu, then only some kind of lovemaking may happen between them. But did they have the time?. Luckily, my husband got an assignment to Russia for two years and it was decided that I would stay with my daughter in pune till that time.

One day I spoke to Mahesh about him being patient with madhu. He said, amma till that time, tell me what should I do? To be honest, do I visit a prostitute or do I have an affair. He seemed totally broken and started crying. I took him in my arms and consoled him, patting him on his back and he regained composure. I told him to be patient and that I would convince Madhu and make things right. He smiled and said, I hope so amma. In the meanwhile, Madhu had started working.  I was used to getting up early and going for a walk and by the time, I used to come back, Madhu and Mahesh would already have gone for work. One day, after coming back from my walk, I was going to take bath when I found that the geyser in my bathroom was not working. Assuming that nobody would be there, I went to madhu and Mahesh room thinking that I would use their bathroom. I removed my dress in my room, walked naked to their room and into their bathroom., I opened the bathroom door and walked in and I got the shock of my life!!! I saw my son in law in all his naked glory. His eyes were closed and his hand was around the biggest and monstrous looking penis that I had ever seen. I had never imagined that any man could have such a huge organ. Ofcourse I had been told by madhu about it, but I assumed that madhu would be exaggerating due to the pain, but today I realized that she had been telling the truth. Obviously, Mahesh was masturbating and had not realized my coming in. His gigantic prick was covered with lather and he was moving his hand over it in a fast piston like movement. I could make out the dark red glans of the phallus. The phallus itself was about 4 inches. Huge, red, round with a large hole at the top, it looked like a mushroom head atop a huge hill. The entire length of the penis seemed to be atleast 6 to 7 inches and the veins were protruding hard against the entire walls all around the penis. The the penis stood erect from the base of his groin pointing upward and it was supported by two healthy looking balls. There was a decent looking bush of hair around the base. But it was ultimately the penis which caught my eye and I stood standstill, dumbstruck, shell shocked. My opening the door, must have led to a little draught of  air since Mahesh suddenly opened his eye and he too was shocked to see me. Soon he recovered and said what  the hell. Mahesh recovered first and looked at me. My eyes were transfixed on his penis. Then I also recovered fast. I realized that Mahesh was looking me over. His eyes roamed onto my breasts, my stomach and my vagina. Suddenly I became conscious of my nakedness and hurridly ran out of the bathroom into my room and flopped on my bed. I was breathing hard. I found it hard to believe what I had seen and what had happened. To me it seemed to be the most magnificient piece of male anatomy. Suddenly, I started feeling all the things that I had heard my mumbaiya females talking about. I felt my vagina getting wet, my breasts becoming hard and nipples puckering. I rubbed my nipples and a wave of unfathomable excitement seemed to seep thru my body. I moved my hand over my body slowly, over my breasts, my stomach and slowly touched my core. I was surprised to find my self totally wet. My clitoris seemed to be erect and touching it seemed to give me sensations which I had never felt before. Soon I was caressing my clitoris faster and wave of excitement was taking over my body when suddenly the door opened and Mahesh walked in with a towel around his waist and he said “Sorry amma, and he stopped in mid sentence when he saw me doing what I was doing. He said sorry again and went out of the room. I was embarrassed and suddenly became red thinking what is my son in law going to think. I hurridly had my bath and went downstairs where I found Mahesh getting ready to leave for his office. He was finding it difficult looking at my face and he said I had some other work so was leaving late. I was also finding it difficult to look at his face and this continued for some days with both of us avoiding to look at each others eye. One day I slowly smiled and he smiled back. But during these days I found myself thinking more and more about Mahesh’s prick. My body seemed to be racked with a new found sexual feeling and I started masturbating atleast three to four times a day. I would caress my whole body thinking about Mahesh and in the end would stimulate my clitoris and insert my finger into my vagina and soon I started getting big orgasms, orgasms which I had never imagined was possible. I started fantasizing of Mahesh making love to me. Whenever possible I would try to look at his organ and found the bulge in his pants always sticking out. Soon he caught me looking and he became embarrassed. Then once when I was dressing, he came into my room without knocking and he stood still looking me over. This time he took time looking at me before saying sorry and going out. I was only in my blouse and petticoat. My stomach and my cleavage was amply visible and I saw the lustful look in his eyes. A shiver ran thru me and I found myself getting excited. Soon he started finding excuses to come to my room whenever he thought that I would be either getting dressed or undressing. Soon I also started looking forward to his coming and would wait in a state of undress. Slowly the distance between us as mother in law and son in law disappeared and he started making double meaning jokes whenever we were alone. Soon he would accidentally brush against my buttocks, sometimes against my breasts, sometimes he would rub his crotch against my bums. I was going crazy with all this attention and started feeling like a young woman trying to get a man’s attention. I started taking care about myself, my body and makeup. I started wearing good clothes and he stared paying compliments. Even madhu started saying amma what has happened to you. I looked at Mahesh and he smiled knowingly. Once when we went out for purchases, madhu and I went to a lingere shop to buy some bra and panties. I was looking at all the sexy and skimpy things when Mahesh came close to me and with his eyes pointed at a black frilly skimpy bikini kind of bra and panty. I realized that he was wanting me to buy it. I smiled shyly not knowing what to say. Next day, when Mahesh came early in the afternoon from his office, he brought a cover and without saying anything he kept it on my bed and left for his room. I slowly opened it and found the black bikini set that I had seen yesterday. My heart was beating fast, my body shivering, my nipples hard and my vagina got wet. Slowly I undressed and wore the bikini. I looked at the mirror and gaped at the picture. The bra was tight and made my breast seem upright and thrusting hard out. The breasts seemed as if fighting against the material to fling out. The panty was small, see thru and hardly covered my vagina. My pubic hair was visible out of the panty and could also be seen thru the material. I found my self looking sexy and felt sexy. I applied a little make up, applied scent in my armpits, vagina and slowly with heart pounding hard went to Mahesh’s room. I did not know what I was going to say or do, but I just went. I think Mahesh was expecting me and his mouth gaped open and his eyes almost popped out of his face as he looked at me. When he recovered and looked me over, he said, his voice hoarse with want and eyes full of lust, amma you are looking beautiful. I asked only beautiful? He said no, you look very sexy too. I did not know what to do or say. But I think that I could not help noticing was the bulge in his pant seemed to be getting bigger and bigger. I was drawn to him magically, went near him and looked in his eyes. I slowly undressed him. First came of his shirt, then I tugged at his pants. Soon he was only in his white underwear. I shuddered when I saw the bulge straining against his briefs. It looked massive and as if about the tear the fabric and burst out. I slowly peeled off his briefs and an angry, hard and massive organ jumped out at me so suddenly that I stepped back in fright. I looked at his penis in awe and wonder, then looked him over. Mahesh was a total contrast to my husband. He was tall, had broad shoulders, had a hairy barrel chest. His chest was matted with curly hair and from the curly hair peeked out his nipples from what was seemingly two pink areoles. He had a flat stomach which tapered down to a neat groin. His organ seemed to be reaching his belly button and was so hard that it was taut against his stomach. He had dark black pubic hair and he had two massive looking balls under his prick. His atheletic legs completed the image of a sexy man.  I still do not now who moved first, but we were pecking at each other’s lips and suddenly all the hell broke loose. His kiss started becoming intense as his lips crushed mine in a frenzy and his  mouth forced open mine. He thrust his toungue into my mouth trying to find mine. He hands went around my body drawing me in a vice like grip against his body. He thrust his crotch against mine and I felt his huge cock pulsating against my stomach. I was soon swimming in a wave of excitement and ecstasy as his hands crushed my buttocks, plucking hard at them, one hand caressing my breasts, sometimes clutching my head, sometimes my back. Soon we were kissing passionately as I thrust my lips and tongue inside his mouth. I had never felt like this before. I had not known that kissing was so enjoyable. We soon had to break free, gasping for air. We looked at each other, all shyness gone. I cried, Oh Mahesh I have been waiting for this. I slowly moved my hand over his penis and he groaned. He grasped me roughly and almost tore open my bra and ripped down my panties. My breasts popped out hard, thankful to be free and the way Mahesh looked at me, it seemed that he had never seen a spectacle like this. He said hoarsly, amma you are so sexy and I cannot bear it anymore. So saying he threw me on the bed and fell on top of me. He started kissing me hard and passionately and I kissed back with equal fervour. My breasts were by now mounds of flesh generating sensations in my body that I had never imagined, my nipples felt as if they were going to burst and my vagina was so wet that I feared that I would be dripping. I thrust my breasts at Mahesh, trying to get more and suddenly, he reared up, spread my legs and adjusted his penis against my opening. He said amma, I cannot bear it any longer. I also had by now saying that monne, come enter me. Mahesh eyes became lustful and he pushed hard against my vagina. To my surprise he was not able to enter it. He said amma, your cunt is too tight, I will have to try harder and without waiting for a reply, he thrust so hard that I almost fainted at the pain. It felt as if some massive thing was tearing into my guts and forcing the walls to open. I screamed hard and loud thinking that I was dying, my eyes were filled with tears as I sobbed at the pain. My hands gripped his back hard and my nails raked mahesh’s back in a bid to contain the pain, but to no avail. Mahesh was lost to my pleas for stopping and he was thrusting hard trying to enter completely. I was aghast when I realized that his penis was still not completely in, but I was feeling his penis in my STOMACH!!! Mahesh withdrew again completely and pile drived again with full force and with a whoosh he seemed to be completely in. He stopped with himself in completely, looked at me as I was sobbing. I was crying out loud, Mahesh you are so big, I cannot take you in completely, you are tearing me apart. Please stop it , please go away. He slowly cupped my face and slowly started kissing me. The slow kissing started having its effect and I started moaning with the pleasure of his kisses. His hands started kneading my breasts, pinching my nipples, circling my areoles and crushing my boobs. After I had relaxed, he started moving slowly inside my cunt. I learnet that word. Soon the pain was replaced with a pleasure that I never imagined possible and soon he was thrusting hard and fast against me and my body reared up to meet his thrusts. His penis was tearing me apart, burning my vaginal walls. My cunt lips felt as if they were on fire and my stomach was bearing the brunt of his brutal thrustings. My cajoling Mahesh to be gentle was having no effect and he was ramming his prick into me as if it was the last day on earth. His face was contorted with fury, escatsy and lust. I was frightened looking at his face, but soon I found that my excitement was increasing and I found my self loving the brutality and frenzied fucking that was being thrust on my  body. Maybe it was all the years of not having been fucked properly. I was feeling like a woman born again as erotic and heartstoping sensations erupted in all parts of my body. I felt a storm rising from my core spreading to all part of my body. My body felt as if it was going to burst into thouand pieces and I heard myself crying and sobbing aloud “Mahesh, I cannot bear it, pl harder, fuck me harder. My legs were now entwined behind his buttocks as I urged him on,my nails raking his bare back unable to bear the pleasure ripping thru my being and suddenly the wave cascaded all over my being as I climaxed into one of the biggest orgasms that I ever had. I cried and cried and moaned with pleasure and as I subsided, Mahesh seemed to grimace, groan and he cried out amma, I am cumming, oh fuck, I am coming and his fingers clutched at my waist. He suddenly withdrew from my vagina and his semen spurted onto my body. Hot gushes of semen came in torrents on my face, my breasts and majorly on my stomach. Mahesh was pumping his penis and the torrent seemed to continue as if there was a never ending supply in his balls. Some semen fell in my mouth and I inadvertently licked at it. I somehow found it to be tasty. It was a little sour, limey and sticky. Mahesh then collapsed in my arms as we both were breathing hard and fighting for breath. I wrapped my arms around Mahesh, drew him to my bosom and we lay there like that for a long time. After some time, he looked up into my eyes and said lovinly, amma how much I wanted you. I was touched at his remark. He could have said that he enjoyed the fuck or whatever, but as a man he said that he wanted me. I was thrilled and my heart sang with a joy that I had never felt before. I looked at him lovingly and said Mahesh I love you and with a start I realized that I meant it. I realized that I meant it as a woman who loves a man and not as a mother loving her son. I was feeling  womanish all over, was feeling sensations that I had never felt before. Mahesh said, amma, I too have fallen in love with you. I told him, Mahesh then you should not call me amma anymore. I am Sudha to you. Mahesh said Sudha will you be my lover forever and I replied yes, yes Mahesh, I am all yours. I have never know such pleasure and love ever before. I am all yours. Mahesh said then you will do whatever I want and wish you to do. I replied whatever, I am yours, body, soul and mind. You can do whatever you want with me. He said then suck me. I was startled. I had never done this before and I said so. He said, do not worry even I have not done this before. I was a virgin till my marriage and the only person to whom I have had sex is Madhu. My daughter’s name brought me back to reality and I started crying thinking about what would happen if madhu found out. I now realized the pain she must have gone thru when Mahesh fucked her. Poor girl. Me after so many years and a child birth had a horrible time taking his entire penis inside, so what must have gone thru her. With a start I also realized that whatever time, madhu was never going to enjoy sex with Mahesh. I told Mahesh about this and he replied, yes, even I  had realized this and that is why I was so sad and despondent and why I started drinking since I realized that divorce was the only way out if madhu did not enjoy sex. But then Mahesh smiled and said that is now not needed. I have found my lover, my soulmate. My penis has a mate. So saying he got up and asked me madhu, suck me. I too was convinced with my love for him and wanted to please him in whatever he said. I had also fallen for his huge cock realizing that I would need it every day. I looked at him and his penis lovingly, slowly started caressing it. It had become a little limp but was still 7 inches. It was covered with semen and sperms were still stuck to the glans. I started licking it from the base, sometimes nibbling at the sides. Slowly I sucked the glans.The phallus stood big, red like a mushroom. I never felt any thing against what I was doing and that I realized was because of the love and lust for Mahesh that I had started feeling. My toungue traced lines under the phallus at the base, licked the semen sticking there, savouring its taste, licked the phallus slowly like a child licking icecream. I would lick it, suck it and then suddenly engulf the whole thing pulling it completely in my mouth till I gagged. Then I would suck hard at the whole prick as if to pluck it from it base. My hands started moving up and down the whole length of the prick when I was sucking the phallus. I had never done this before, but somehow I started doing it as if it was the most natural thing in the world. I must have been doing a decent job about it since Mahesh started moaning loud and groaning with pleasure. He started talking lewed things like, yes, you bitch, suck harder, lick it, when I looked at his face, his eyes were closed and his face caught in a grimace and his hands were clutching at my head, one hand catching my hair egging me on. Soon he was pumping hard into my mouth and I also started sucking at his penis violently and careesing his entire leghth with both my hands. Both my hands were required due to the huge length and breath of the monsterous organ. Suddenly he groaned and I could feel the tension gather in his balls and buttocks. I realized that he was about to come and started sucking hard. He thrust hard into my mouth and I gagged, i could hardly breathe as his entire penis was filling my mouth totally. My mouth was a big O totally covering his breadth and I could feel his length in my throat. I soon found that this kindof sucking was called deep throating. I was thrown from side to side due to the violence of his thrust and suddenly he erupted vast fluids of semen. He wailed aloud and soon I was drinking his cum.It seemed to be never ending and atlast he withdrew and taking me in his arms he kissed me lovingly. He also tasted his own semen and when he withdrew he had semen on his lips. By now my body was tense with anticipation and I heard my self saying, Mahesh pl make love to me. Mahesh told me, my darling between us from now onwards there has to be no shame on sex. Whatever we both feel we should say so, is that okay with you. I said yes, I will tell you whatever I feel and you may alsodo the same. I will do whatever you want, only thing is that I do not know much about sex. Mahesh grinned and said don’t worrly we will rectify that. I asked how. He said will give you books and movies on sex. Pornography. You can read or watch it when madhu is not there and ofcourse practice it on me. I said I will look forward to it.

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