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My Mother-in-Law, Part III - The Anal Experience

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"That was close, mum" I said to my mother-in-law,Zima as we got into my car.

"You said it,Mike. I didn't expect that old fool to come back earlier. But I am glad that didn't stop you just now. That was some quickie you gave me just now. I can still feel the sensation in my cunt".

As we got on the road, I said to Zima " Well, I hope you will enjoy having your ass fucked later, mum. I can't wait to give you more some more sensations". I put my hand on her thigh and pulled up her skirt all the way up. with no panty on, I was able to feel her up all the way to her cunt.

As she pulled my hand away and place it on the steering wheel, Zima said, "You be a good boy and concentrate on the road. Let me do some work". She then unzipped my pants and took out my hard dick out. She started to stroke it, giving me a hard squeeze from time to time.

"Ooohhh, mum. Better take it easy. You may just make me cum in your hand."

"Well, I am sure my son-in-law here will have no problem getting hard again soon. Now let me taste  you". With that, Zima positioned herself to get close to my 7inch hard rock prick. She grabbed my dick hard in her hand and started to suck my dick slowly. This is the best drive I've had in my life. Never have I imagined getting a blowjob from my own mother-in-law while driving!

Zima started to suck harder and faster. I just can't hold it anymore.." Aaahhhh Mum, I am going to cum".....Zima just continued to suck harder and faster. Unable to hold it any longer, I shot my load into her mouth. Zima swallowed all she could with more cum dripping out from her mouth. She sat up and looked at me with a smile.

She took a tissue from the dashboard and wiped her mouth clean. Holding my dick, she wiped it clean and helped push it back into my boxers and zipped up my pants.

"Oh, mum...that was just fucking good. You are a real slut, mum and I love it."

"Anything for my only son-in-law, Mike. Now tell me, before you have my have my ass fucked, have you fucked my daughter in hers? "

"Mum, your daughter wouldn't let me near he asshole. The closest I ever got was my finger fucking her hole".

"You poor thing" Zima said as she gave my prick a hard squeeze."Since you did not get to fuck her ass, I only want you to remember one thing before fucking mine"

"What is it, mum? I asked as we stopped in front of the motel.

" Don't be gentle with me. I want to feel my ass torn by that solid dick of yours". I looked at Zima with a smile and said " your wish is my command, mum".

I went to the office and got us a room at the far end of the building. I opened the door and we both went in.

As I closed the door, I grabbed Zima and started kissing her hard in the mouth. Grabbing her ass, I squueezed as hard as I could. After more than five minutes of kissing her, I pushed her onto the bed.

"You want to play rough, mum. I will show you how rough I can be".. I grabbed her skirt and pulled it off her, exposing her beautiful shaven cunt and legs. I look at her with a lust that I have not felt before. I pulled off my shirt and pulled down my pants, my hard 7inch prick facing her.

Zima tried to get up and was about to grab my cock when I pushed her back onto the bed.

"Don't do anything until I tell you to, slut!" I got on the bed and pulled off her blouse. Grabbing her breasts, I squeezed them hard and pulled apart her bra tearing them off. Her breasts exposed, I sucked on one breasts as hard as I could while squeezing the other hard.

"Oooohhhh....Mike. That feels soooo goooood. Suck it hard, son. Bite my tits, pleaseeee." I gave her tits a good bite as she wanted it.

Holding both her hands and pressing them on the bed, I moved up with my ass resting on her breasts. With both my knees resting near her ears I said " Open your mouth, mum... I want you to suck me hard..."

Releasing her hands, I pushed my dick into her mouth. I grabbed her hair and said " Suck my dick, mum, Show me what a slut you can be" As she sucked me as hard as she could with me on top of her, I started fucking her mouth as fast as I could. Midway through, I stopped for a second and pushed my dick all the way up to her throat. She almost choked taking me all the way in. I had just given my mother-in-law her very first deepthroat. 

"Aaaahhhh....mum. You are a fucking whore, mum." Panting hard, Zima replied " I am your whore, son.....just do whatever you want Mike"

Releasing my hard cock from her mouth, I went down to her thighs and pushed open her legs wide. Spreading her legs , I can see her juice dripping down her cunt. I went down and started to lick her cunt. 

"Ooohhhhhh," Zima was only able to moan these words repeatedly. I began to lose control and began to eat her pussy faster and harder. Zima was so weak that she just moaned, not saying word.

I started to lose my patience and got up. With us in a missionary position, I spread her legs and pushed my hard prick into her with one hard push. Fucking her hard, I controlled myself enough not to cum in her.

Zima was lost in ecstasy " Oooohhhhh, Mike.....fuck me hard, son....fuck me....fuck meeee..." was all she could utter.  After about five minutes of fucking her cunt, I pulled out my dick and said to her " Get on your hands and knees, mum."

Zima got up and positioned herself doggy style. With her ass facing me, she grabed a pillow and buried her face into it. I pulled apart her as cheeks and started to finger fuck her asshole. Zima moaned loudly into the pillow. Taking my finger out, I pushed it into her cunt and covered it with her juice.

Taking the finger I pushed it back into her asshole. WIth her hole wet enough, I positioned my hard cock at her entrance and said to her " Say goodbye to your virgin hole, mum."

With that, I pushed my cock slowly into her asshole. I am anal fucking my mother-in-law!

Zima moaned loud " Oooohhhhh, Mike....yesssss....fuck my ass, son......fuck me hard.....I love the pain....fuck me....."  I pushed my cock all the way in. Her ass was so tight that I almost came with just one full push. I controlled myself as hard as I could, giving her more quick thrusts.

"Aaaahhhh..mum..I can't hold any longer....I am going to cum..." unable to hold any longer, I unloaded my cum into her ass.

"Ooooohhhhh....Mike... I can feel it in me......" after a minute or so with my cum all spent, I pulled out my cock from my mother-in-law's asshole. With my cum dripping out of her hole, she wiped her hand over her hole and spread my juice all over her ass cheek. 

With that, we both collapsed on the bed next to each other. Looking at me with her hand at my spent cock, Zima said "You are simply the best, son"

"Thanks,mum. Now let's get ready and head home before that short dick husband of yours start to call you"

Zima laughed and said " Let's do that before my daughter start to call you too!"

We both got up, had a quick shower and got ready to get home.

In the car on the way home, Zima's phone rang. It was my father-in-law. Putting the phone on speaker, he told her this " Get home now, honey. I want to fuck you now. I am sure you miss my fucking your pussy with my big cock"

" Oh, yes, dear. I am on my way back now. Can't wait to get fucked by your big cock"

As she off the phone, we both laughed and Zima said " I guess I will be having a little fun with your father-in-law later"

"Have fun, mum"

Stopping just around the back lane of her house, we kissed again before mum got down.

After dropping her and on my way home, Zima called my mobile phone and said "Next time, please buy me a dildo, I want to try a double penetration"

"You got it,mum" I put down the phone and headed home. Now time to fuck her daughter. 

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