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My Playground

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My house became my playground after seeing one of my sisters, Jena trying on clothes in her bedroom. My mother never married our father, and he split after my mom got pregnant with my younger sister. It was just the five of us in the house, my mother Kathy, oldest sister Karen, next is Trish, then Jena, me, and last my sister Shelly. My mother was adamant about not having any men in the house. I couldn’t have over any of my guy friends nor did she allow my sisters to have any guys or boyfriends over either.


My mom shares a bedroom with Shelly, Trish shares a room with Jena, but Karen and I have our own bedrooms, but Karen and I share a bathroom. It works fine and I rarely find myself at odds with any of them. Everyone has such busy schedules.


Like I said, a few months ago I was coming out of the bathroom and saw Jena trying on outfits. It was the flash of naked flesh passing in front of the cracked open door that caught my attention. Jena is well build and I was squeezing my cock seeing her front and back completely naked putting on and taking off clothes. My mom and sisters usually went about the house barely dressed, but it didn’t mean anything to me until I was staring at Jena thinking of fucking her and having her sucking on my cock. I got away quietly from her doorway without being detected, but her sexy body was etched on my brain.


I sat in a chair in my bedroom stroking my cock thinking of how sexy and what a good fuck all of my sisters and even my mom would make. Over the next couple of days I paid more attention to all of them, but being careful not to allow them to catch me staring. Bare legs, panties, thongs, braless tits under sheer tops and teddies went here and there all around me. It hit me that I don’t come out of my bedroom in my underwear.


After work I went shopping for sexy and revealing men underwear. A thong was out of the question for me, but I found some jock straps that I could handle. The mesh and fishnet boxer briefs were what I liked best. My cock showed clearly through them.


In the mist of our morning rush to get ready for our day, I came out of my bedroom in my pair of black fishnet boxer briefs. My mom was the first to notice though I pretended not to notice her staring at my cock stretching the see through material. Trish came down and made herself a cup of coffee, but didn’t seem to notice as we began to chat. Trish had on her pink teddy and panties, and my mom had on her night gown that didn’t come down far enough to cover the crotch her thin black panties. My mom continued taking glances at my cock when she though she wasn’t being noticed while the three of us chatted. I was excited by my mom’s staring.


Shelly came down and squeezed pass between us. “Move that big cock out of my way, poking me in the butt,” she joked. Shelly is real out spoken.


We laughed and Trish gave it a good look agreeing that my cock was bigger than average. My mom nodded and then we continued on with what we were talking about. My cock gave even harder as I loved the compliments.


The next morning I walked around in my light blue mesh boxer briefs. They were tighter and caused my cock and balls to be lifted higher. With my cock hard the view was hard to miss.


Karen slapped my butt when she came down for coffee and Danish. Trish came in and asked Karen did she see how big my cock was. They started pumping up my ego even more causing my cock to strain against the material. Jena came in to see what the fuss was about and they pointed out my cock. My mom came in and the conversation went to the size of men’s cocks that they all had. I had never really paid attention to their conversations about men.


Trish reached over and grabbed hold of my cock and our mother quickly popped her hand. Trish insisted that I didn’t mind, but our mother replied that she would have a cow if I touched her like that. Karen joked that as big of a slut as Trish was that she wouldn’t mind either causing our mother to laugh. Trish let in on our mother that she wasn’t so holy herself. All the while my cock was throbbing. We laughed and joked until we all were almost late leaving for our days.


I really liked the mesh boxers, so on my way home I picked up some more of different colors. The small medium ones felt the best even though they were smaller than my regular size.


I stood in the kitchen having coffee talking to our mom. She kept looking at my hard cock and I saw that I could see her shaved pussy through her thin blue panties. I could see her hard nipples through her short night gown too. Trish came in pulled up the back of her teddy and ground her butt-cheeks against my cock. My mom jokingly swatted at her to stop laughing at her silliness. Shelly came in wondering what was going on, so Trish gave her a demonstration causing Shelly to laugh louder. Karen and Jena came in joining us. Karen joked that she needed a cock like mine giving it a squeeze and commenting on how hard it was. Shelly leaned down and gave the head of my cock a kiss causing hysteria. Our mom seemed to be blushing.


My day went great. Women seemed to notice me and I flirted with eye contact with them. My cock wasn’t noticeable that I could tell in my pants at work, but I was hornier than a three peckered goat.


Everyone seemed to be home around diner time, so I ordered pizza and Trish and I went and got beer. When we got back, I went and took a shower and put on my flesh tone colored mesh boxer briefs. I put on some body spray and headed down to the family room.


As soon as I walked in they all went crazy. I wanted to have a shocking effect in the underwear that made it look like I was naked, but I didn’t expect it to be that good. Trish yelled out to turn up the music and called for me to dance with her. She kicked off her shoes and slipped out of the long dress that she wore for work, and began dancing her ass back up against me in just her black thong. I grind up between her butt-cheeks to everyone’s amusement. Shelly got up behind me and turned around to her. She had already changed out of her work clothes and had on a pair of boy shorts and a tank-top. Jena got up pulling our mom with her and then Karen joined. I moved from one of them to the other, and pulled up our mom’s dress to her waist grinding against the back of her thin panties.


We danced, laughed, and drank for a while before sitting down. I sat back in a chair with my legs open while they laughed and joked about my hard cock and others that they had. I could have sworn that I saw our mom licking her lips as she stared at my cock. It was much better than jerking off.


A song came on that Trish liked and she started giving a lap dance. Jena and Karen started yelling out for her to take out my cock. Our mom covered her face, but peeked through her fingers. Shelly crept over and snatched down the front of my boxers allowing my rock hard cock to pop free. Trish kept on grinding her ass-cheeks against my cock. Jena came over grabbing hold of my cock and tried to put it in Trish’s pussy, but Trish jumped up.


Shelly jumped on my lap, but they playfully booed her because of her shorts. She got up and snatched down her shorts revealing that she didn’t have on anything under them and they went crazy. She straddled me and I could feel the heat from her wet pussy. Jena came up and grabbed my cock again and Shelly came right down on it. They fell to the floor laughing as Shelly put on a show riding my cock. Shelly road it for nearly three minutes before hoping off.


For some reason, I yelled out that it was our mom’s turn. My sisters nearly carried our mother over and sat her straddled my lap. Our mom assumes use by moving around on my cock, and the Jena with Karen’s help stretched our mom’s panties and guided my cock to her pussy. I gave a jerk and our mom yelped with laughter. My sister cheered her on as she ground herself down on my cock. The more they encouraged her the harder she fucked. We all saw our mother’s climax and laughed hysterically. Our mother’s face was glowing. She sat down trying not to let us see her face.


Jena stood up declaring that she was going to try my cock as she wiggled out of her skin tight jeans. She straddled me taking my cock deep inside of her pussy and started grinding. I think that I was the only one who could see the serious expression on her face while everyone else laughed and joked. She clawed my shoulders straining until she came on my cock. While everyone else was laughing, she whispered that we were going to do this again. I didn’t think that my cock could get any harder, but it surely felt like it.


Karen and Trish were the only ones who didn’t ride my cock that night, but we all had a good time laughing and playing around. They noted that they never seen a guy who’s cock stayed hard so long. Shelly teased that it was because I was in need of good pussy instead of that trash that I dated. I didn’t take offense to it because her pussy felt awesome and I really wanted more.


I started off the next day with a smile and a fresh hard-on. We laughed and joked over coffee about what we did. Trish joked that she was going to get her some of my cock that night. I figured out that Shelly was trying to out do Trish. Shelly bragged about how good it felt and to everyone’s astonishment, she snatched out my cock and took it in her mouth. She came off it saying that it tasted good too. The stunned silence was broken by Karen’s laughter. Again, I could have sworn that I saw our mom lick her lips while her eyes were on my cock.


That evening was quiet with everyone being busy doing one thing or another. I went shopping and then to a pub for drinks with some buddies before coming home. It was pretty quiet, but the thought of all the pussy in the house kept me tossing and turning.


When I was out shopping, I found a mesh jock strap. I started to the kitchen and got my ass-cheeks swatted three times before I got there. Karen began teasingly calling me sexy. She opened her short silk robe and told me to come get it. I playfully grabbed hold of her big tits sucking on one of her nipples and then the other to our mom and sister’s amusement. It was the first real move that I made, and I saw that it wasn’t the same when my sisters made the moves.


I got home early from work and laid across my bed relaxing when Trish came in. She jumped on my bed asking me what I was doing. It felt a little awkward to me and said that she had a dream about me and her. My eyes lit up. She said not to tell anyone and asked me did I want to do anything with her. I looked at her and we both laughed knowingly that I always wanted to do something.


Trish started at my pants and I pulled at her shorts and panties. I moved her pussy on my mouth as she began sucking on my cock. I’d wanted the taste of pussy and hers is smoothly shaved with a patch of hairs at the top. She moaned sucking my cock as I kissed, licked, sucked, and pulled on her pussy. I was also able to get my hand on her tits. I learned from my sisters that they did not like aggressive guys, so I tempered myself allowing her to set the pace.


She turned around and mounted my cock and it was like I had vanished except for my hard cock. She road me hard with her eyes closed pulling and twisting her nipples as she bit down on her bottom lip. I stayed with her tempo enjoying the feel of her pussy. Her moans got louder as she reached her climax. Her body tensed as she strained through her orgasm.


Trish giggled asking me if my cock ever got soft and I asked her how could I. We laughed and she kissed my cheek and shot me a wink giving her butt-cheek a slap. I hadn’t cum and my cock stood straight out in front of me as I went into the bathroom that joined Karen and my bedrooms.


I reflected on how good I had it. Though I hadn’t noticed it before, I had hot and horny pussies around me all the time. I washed thoroughly and got out combing my hair and brushing my teeth well.


Karen entered the bathroom and locked her side behind her seeing that I was standing there naked. “There you are,” she said and went down on her knees for my cock. I just smiled as she sucked my cock as if she was in love with it. “I’m going to sneak into your bedroom tonight,” she said getting up and giving me a kiss on the cheek. She stopped at the door and told me that diner was ready.


I felt like the king of the world. I put on my body spray and stepped into my blue mesh jock strap like underwear. It is basically a jock strap like string with just a pouch. It made my cock look even bigger.


When I entered the dining room they started with cat calls. Shelly slapped my butt-cheeks as I passed by her. The conversation went right to the underwear that I wore. They all loved them and sighted their favorite pair. As usual, I was left a bit out of the conversation as they talked about men and my cock as if I was not there at times. They teased our mother about how she needed to get fucked regularly, but they agreed that it’s hard to find a good cock like mine.


Shelly helped me and Jena with the dishes questioning her own taste in boyfriends. Jena told Shelly that maybe she needed to take from dating for a while that she doubted that any of her guys would have a better cock than mine. They laughed and both of them kissed my cheeks. Shelly whispered that our mom said I had the best cock that she ever had. We laughed and cooked up a threesome for when we were done.


We went straight to my bedroom and Jena locked my doors. I climbed to the middle of my bed as they got naked and joined me. I started eating Shelly’s pussy while they sucked on my cock. I made no choices, but Shelly got on my cock and Jena sat on my face. I could feel Shelly trying for her orgasm and Jena moved her pussy on my mouth like she was after hers as well. They switched places and I felt the difference between the two. Jena had control of her pussy muscles and used them to bring herself off on my cock. They said that they both had come twice which made me feel great and they added that they were glad that I hadn’t cum inside of them.


I washed up and ended up drifting off on my bed. I woke as Karen came in my room from the adjoining bathroom. She dropped her robe on the floor as she got on my bed. She said that she needed to be fucked hard. She didn’t have to say anything else. I turned to her sucking on her nipples while fingering her already moist pussy. I pulled her legs up to my shoulders and started pounding her pussy with all my might. I knew that our mom and sisters could hear her moans and cries all the way down to the family room, but it didn’t matter. My older sister wanted me to fuck her hard and that was exactly what I intended to do.


I huffed and puffed trying my best to cause the head of my cock to rise in her throat. By the sounds of her moans, I was getting very close to doing just that. I turned her own her hands and knees and pounded her pussy from behind. The contact echoed loudly in my bedroom. The longer I drove my cock in her, the longer I wanted to.


I felt like I had gotten my second wind turning her over and pulling her down on the bed so that I could use my footboard for leverage. She held her legs up and spread wide as I started again in her wet cunt. I felt like I could go all night with the rhythm of my headboard hitting the wall.


Time seemed to have flown by as I glanced at my clock. It read, “4:57 AM.” Karen looked at the time too. She smiled at me as I slowed my stroke. She whispered that she had come to my bedroom around Eleven o’clock. We giggled quietly. “I’m going to be so sore in the morning,” she said “I can feel it already.” I went to pull my hard cock out of her pussy, but she stopped me and said for us to sleep with me inside of her.


I didn’t recall falling asleep but I woke to my alarm clock and Karen was going into our bathroom. My cock was solid. I waited for her to get out of the shower before I went in there. She hugged my and kissed both my cheeks before going off to her bedroom. I washed good, but didn’t spend a lot of time in the bedroom. I had another new pair of underwear that I wanted to get reactions too.


When I got to the kitchen the talk was all about the noise that when on all night long. Their mouths seemed to drop at the sight of the hard-on that I still had. It was clear that Karen had been signing my praises and even our mother was drooling over the sight of my cock.


I am still fucking my sisters and mother at their leisure, which means that I am fucking daily. My mom has become more at ease with getting naked in front of my sisters for me to fuck her, but she has yet to visit my bedroom at night for a marathon fuck.


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