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My Slutty Sister

nickmuk on Incest Stories

My name is Nick and my sister is Amy.  Let me tell you about her.  She has dark brown hair,  light brown eyes, around a b-cup bra, and an ass that is the result of many of my fantasies.  She is 13 years old, and I am 16 years old.

I have always lusted over my sister, and really wanted her bad.  She has always been in many of my fantasies.  I would sneak in her room and steal one of her thongs or g-strings to jack off with.  I always considered her to be a slut, because of how she dressed and acted, and I wanted to see for it myself.

Many times at night, I would here her moan and breathe deeply, since her room is right next to mine.  One night, I heard the familiar sound and stood outside her door.  I opened her door a crack, hoping she wouldn't hear.  There laid my sister in her bed, wearing a t-shirt and thong, and her playing with her tits and pussy.

By now, my cock was fully hard, and I was dying to rip it out.  Just at that moment, she looked directly at me.  I stopped there scared and embarrased, as I had just been caught.  I turned away and walked into my room thinking about what I had down.  Just then, I heard a knock, and it was her.

"Nick, its okay that you were watching," she said. "I mean, it's a little wierd, but I understand."  My sister had just told me that it was okay to watch her.  "In fact, I have seen you do it before too, and it really turned me on." 

I could not believe my little sister was talking like this.  I stood there speechless, and she noticed.  "Well, aren't you going to say something?"  Just then she did the unthinkable, and reached over and kissed me. 

I felt her tongue push against my lips, so I opened them a little bit, to let her tongue slide in.  I made out with my sister for a good 5 minutes, before I started grabbing her tits, and rubbing my hands up her body.

Her hand reached down to my shorts and she started rubbing my cock up and down.  She pulled off my shirt and started kissing my stomach.  She then pulled down my shorts.  I felt her hand move up and down my bare 7 inch cock.  She then started sucking it, moving her lips and tongue up and down.  I was in heaven, and nearly about to cum.  I told her this and she stopped. 

Right away she got on her back, and nearly demanded I eat her pussy.  She pulled off her shorts to reveal her pink, soaking wet thong.  I pulled the string to the side and began licking up and down her slit.  I put two fingers in, and to my suprise, she took it easily.  I sucked on her clit as I fingered her, and she started bucking and humping my face.

She started yelling and screaming, and I had to tell her to calm down or our parents would hear.  She said for me to stop so I did.  She laid me down on my back, and climbed on top.  She positioned her pussy right above my cock and lowered herself.  I got about half way in and she started to go up and down. 

I was nearly about to cum, when she forced herself to go deeper on me, nearly taking the whole cock.  She was going faster and faster, and I couldn't hold it any longer.  She told me just give her one more minute, so I held on the best I could. 

I felt her scream and her pussy grab and swallow my cock.  I told her I had to pull out or I would cum, but she didn't get up, and just pushed herself farther down, as she kissed me on the lips.  Just then I exploded, my hot cum seeping into her pussy.  She let out a sigh of satisfaction and put her head on my chest, my cock still burried deep inside her.

We stayed in that position for a while, me a little worried if I could get her pregenant.  (I didn't)  She pulled out a good half hour later, and went to her bed. 

In the morning we acted as if nothing happened, but I knew this was just the beginning of a very sexual relationship.



It's a good start, but really not much more than that. It feels more like the outline of a story since it's lacking the details and buildup I normally look for. For example, don't tell me that she "demanded I eat her pussy", have something allong the line

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