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My Uncle led me to heaven

badlybent on Incest Stories

I am  13 and have been masturbating for 2 years almost. Yesterday I was in the garage sitting on a spare bed doing it to myself and my uncle who is about 30 happened to walk in and saw me. I was in the nude because that’s how I like to do it and play with my nipples while I rub my clit. I have never had sex but I have seen kids doing it.

As soon as I saw him I covered myself up so he couldn’t see my vagina. He  told me not to worry it was ok and that he would like to watch me. I was not happy about him being there and finding me – I was really worried and I wanted to get dressed and go.

He started talking and was being really nice and tried to tell me it was ok and I didn’t have to worry about him finding me and it was fine to masturbate – everybody does it he said, and most important he wouldn’t tell my parents. Then asked me if I had ever seen a boy doing it and I said no – but I had.

 Then he said he would like to show me how he does it and before I could do anything he undid his pants and dropped them and his underpants down and had his cock out all hard, it looked huge to me – I have never seen a man with a hard on before. It must be 8 inches long and really thick. Then he began to stroke it and I was fascinated. For some reason I stopped being scared and watched him, and while I did that I was also playing with my vagina, not rubbing it like when I masturbate but just playing around.

We didn’t say anything for a few minutes because he was doing it to himself and I was watching and then he said would I like to try it and feel him and stroke him. I said no – but I did really.

He started to talk to me and convince me it was ok and that I would like it and said I could make him cum. I hadn’t seen cum before as none of the boys I know can cum yet.

I said I shouldn’t but as I said it, I went to him and put my hand out and said I would just feel it.  I put my hand around it and it just fitted all around. When I did it felt strange but nice, it had a nice feel and the skin was all soft and his cock firm I couldn’t help myself and began to stroke it up and down like he had been doing. 

 It looked funny when I pulled the skin right up to the tip and he liked it. We were both standing up and then he said I will sit on the bed and you can do it for me. I got between his legs and I stroked it did and I was so close to his cock  I became quite fascinated and couldn’t take my eye of it and my hand stroking him. While I stroked him it got wet and something was leaking out of it. He told me that was pre cum and it was like girls juice when they are all sexed up. I asked him if I was doing it right and he said I was perfect my grip was just right. He said if I wanted to I could play with his balls with my other hand and I tried that two and they felt funny in his ball bag.  

Pretty soon he was making noises like he really liked what I was doing.  He said have you seen a boy spurt cum before and I said no. He said would you like to see me do it and I said OK.

Then he told me to hold his cock a bit harder and to stroke it a bit faster as he was nearly ready. I did what I was told and suddenly this white stuff began to spurt out of his cock and all over me. I dropped his cock and he immediately grabbed it himself and kept pumping it until all the cum stopped coming out and it was everywhere, over me and him and the floor and everywhere. 

It was warm on my body at first but cooked down and when I touched it, it was slimy and a bit sticky like. I was fascinated at first and looked and played with it and couldn’t believe that that stuff made babies in girls. He said he was sorry it went on me but we went to a hand basin and he washed it all off me and dried us and we went back to the bed. We sat there with his cock hanging down and he was playing with it and got it hard again and I was fascinated watching it grow and get hard. I held it again and began to stroke  it like I did before because it felt good doing it.

Then he asked me if a boy had ever fucked me and I said no- I was a virgin still. He said would I like to do it - and I said one day I will - and he said how about today with me -

I said ‘No way’ his cock was far too big to fit inside me. Then he began to explain about how my cunt would stretch as it does when a baby come out of there. He kept trying to convince me and he said if he could show me how nice it was by sucking on me – would I do it. I thought he meant my nipples but he wanted to suck my cunt. I said no but again I had never done it but a girl once told me it was an amazing experience, her brother had done it to her and she had sucked him.

He was so nice to me and said he wouldn’t make me do anything I didn’t want to but he said it was better for a girl to have her first fuck with a man who had done it before and knows how to do it and can explain it all to me.

I was still reluctant to do it, mainly because his cock was so big. Then the more I talked to him and the feeling I was having while masturbating him made me feel like I really wanted to try it. He kept talking but not forcing me to say yes and finally after a while he convinced me to let him suck on me and I ended up saying yes as he made it sound pretty good.

Finally I agreed and he told me to lay down on the bed and open my legs and he got down between them and began to lick me.  It was the most amazing thing I had ever done. He licked my vagina and put his tongue in me and a finger and rubbed it until I was pretty close to an orgasm and he knew it and then he sucked my clit and I came in a moment. My orgasm was amazing and gave me the most exciting feeling I have ever had. I have had many orgasms when I masturbated but that was something else and I was completely out of control as he kept sucking on me as I had my orgasm and it was just the best thing I have ever done.

Then before I had time to think about it - he was on top of me and had spread my legs and lifted them up and had them in the air and was putting his cock into me.

I said NO I didnt want him to but he didn’t say anything and just kept going. I said I will have a baby if you do that and he said I wouldn’t and I would love it and it would make me a real woman and many other things to convince me it would be great.

He really had me held down and there was no way I was strong enough to stop him and I didn’t want to yell out or anything – I suddenly realised it was going to happen and I could feel his cock down at the opening of my cunt and he was pushing it into me.

He had to push really hard to get it in  because my cunt was so small and his cock so big. As he pushed harder and harder because it was not going in I could feel the pressure of his cock spreading my cunt open wider and wider and it was beginning to hurt a bit. I said stop it you are hurting me and he said it will be over in a moment.  Then all of a sudden there was a real stabbing pain inside me and I felt his cock go down deep into me. The pain was really strong and it was hurting and it felt like he had torn me open. There was a sort of burning sensation all around my cunt and it felt wet.

When he was right in he said good girl you are fantastic and you are nice and tight and my cock feels fantastic in there. The pain will go in a minute and you will begin to enjoy having a fuck with me. I said how many girls have you done this to and he said you are my first virgin, but I have fucked a lot of girls, more than I can remember. I felt special then, I was his first virgin and I would remember what he did for the rest of my life I was sure.

I was in pain and the burning sensation was still there in my cunt and he started to fuck me and I wasn’t liking it very much but at the same time I felt sort of good, I knew what I was doing was wrong but I really felt good about it. I felt really wet down there and he said look at this as he pulled his cock nearly out of me he said you are no longer a virgin, see all that blood that says you were a virgin but you arnt any more – you are a real woman now.

I was worried about the blood and I said what have you done you have torn me open. He laughed and said I will explain later about that but rest assured you will have possibly stopped bleeding already. It happens to all girls the first time they fuck and loose their virginity. Do you have periods yet and I said no.

He said that’s good then because you cant have babies until then and I sat up a bit and watched as he fucked me and I could see his blood covered cock going in and out of me and it looked and felt much better than I could have imagined. It felt pretty tight in me abut it also felt great. I had seen two other kids fucking but because his cock was much bigger it looked much better and I lay back and began to realise how nice it felt with him pumping his cock into me.

He kept going inside me for ages and the longer he took the better it was feeling. The pain stopped after a few minutes and he said there was no more blood and then he started to play with my nipples as he fucked me and I couldn’t help myself I came with the pleasure of him doing everything to me and I couldn’t help it. It felt amazing as I didn’t have to do anything but lie there and let hm bring my orgasm on and that in itself felt great.  

I made some groaning noises as it happened and he said I was the best fuck he had ever had and I said I don’t believe you – you are telling me that. He said honestly I was the best fuck he has ever had. I asked him how many girls he had fucked and he said dozens and I was the youngest and the best.

He said we will have to do it some more and I can show you all about the positions you can do it in and how much fun it can be. Then he made a funny face and screwed his face up and began to grunt too and I felt him speed up pumping his cock in me and went really fast and I could hear him slapping his legs against mine as he fucked me really hard and fast. I realised he was cumming in me and putting his cum up inside me. I could imagine his cock spurting all that cum into me like it did when I masturbated him and he came over me.

After a little bit he pulled his cock out and it was all red with blood and white stuff mixed in with it. His cock had gone down and wasn’t hard any more but it was still long.

He stood up and the stuff on his cock was dripping down onto me. It looked weird all shrivelled up and covered in the mess on it. I just lay there and no I could feel my cunt was hurting just a little bit after he took his cock out of me. I out my hand down to feel myself and got it covered in the mess coming out of me. He took my hand and stood me up and then he did the dirtiest thing ever – he put his mouth over my messy bloody cunt and sucked me.

I went to pull away but his hands went behind my bum and held me there until he made me cum again. I couldn’t believe what he was doing and when he took his face away it was covered in blood and muck and he was licking his lips and said I must look like a vampire and he did, without the long teeth. I was still out of breath from cumming and my knees were all weak. And I nearly collapsed. I could not believe what he had done, sucking my bloody cunt with his cum in it and making me cum again.

Then he said how are we going to clean ourselves up the basin wasn’t big enough for us to wash all the stuff I had on me off me, and his legs were covered in blood and cum and we were really messy. Then he said grab your clothes and he took my hand and led me out the door naked and back into the house. I knew then we were ok as my parents were both out.

He took me to the bathroom and we both had a pee. Then he turned the shower on and then took me with him into the shower and began to soap me up and rub his hands all over me and put his finger in me and cleaned me out in there. He told me to do what he had done to me to him and I did and when I got to his cock he got hard again. Then he said see how you turn me on – I could do it all over again with you you were fantastic. As we washed each other he took my head and forced it down and put his cock into my mouth and by now I was willing to do anything. He showed me how to suck and slip my lips up and down his cock and use my hands to stroke him at the same time. I kept doing it to him for a few minutes and then he went all funny and held my head tight onto his cock so I couldn’t get away. I knew what he was doing and before I could do anything he had cum in my mouth and I could feel it spurting onto my tongue and mouth and I had a mouthful of his cum which had a very strange unusual taste – not one that I liked very much. He was holding my head onto his cock so I had to swallow it, then he let go of my head and I took his cock out of my mouth. He was smiling and said I was the best little whore he has ever had.

I was still getting over the fact I had sucked him off and had swallowed his cum. We got out of the shower and he towelled me dry and then said you had better get dressed.

I went to my room and I could not believe what had happened over the last hour or so. I had been sucked, fucked and sucked again. I wasn’t a virgin any longer and I had his cum in my cunt and in my mouth as well. If that is being a whore then I was.

For days afterwards I could not get the experience out of my mind and the worst part was I couldn’t tell anybody how good it was. I masturbated about four times each day reliving the experience.
A month later my periods arrived.

A few weeks later my uncle visited again and as soon as we were alone he asked me how I was feeling and I told him about my periods. He said if it was that good would I do it again with him, and this time I didn’t hesitate. He took me in his car and not long after we were doing it all again and it even better, I was no longer a virgin and didn’t bleed but he was still tight inside me.  Sucking and fucking him was fantastic and I see myself now as a real whore to him.

He had to use a condom each time we fucked and all his cum stayed in it and not in me. It was my first time with a condom and it was fine.  He fucked me  three times. He said I will have to get myself on the pill and he will get me some. We both sucked each other and now I am used to his cum I don’t mind how often we do it. He likes sucking on my cunt and my orgasms that way are absolutely mind blowing.

Uncle or not I love the sex the two of us have together.

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