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My cute sister!

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“YES!YES!YES!” moaned my sister as she rode me in a cowgirl position,My hands were on her hips,Urging her on with my own enthusiastic grunts,Her body quivered as she rode me,She started to breathe in short sharp gasp’s as she entered her climax,I wasn’t far behind,She moaned as I climaxed into her,Both of us relaxed as the sensual bliss set in,She came off me and lied down next to me and said “Mark,I love you”.


I flushed the toilet as I emptied the last of my cum into it, And sighed, That was a good fantasy. Here I am Mark at 16,a virgin at 16,fantasizing about my sister,Lisa,she is a beauty at 15,5 feet 2 inches, golden tanned skin,32 B cup size breasts, She would be a great lay, If I could have her.But I knew that it would never happen,here I am,a guy without any lady friends,A guy who hasn’t got out of 1st base with any girl.


I zipped up and headed out of the bathroom, I had just come back from school, and headed straight into the bathroom for some relaxation.


As I headed to the kitched to get something to eat,I saw a note stuck on the fridge saying that my mum and dad had gone out for something or the other,And that they would be late,So I made myself a TV dinner and took it upstairs to my room.


As I approached my room I saw that the door of my sisters room open,As I went to close it,I saw my sister,sprawled on her bed face up asleep in her tennis clothes,She had evidently come back from tennis class and flopped out.


Her short black skirt had gone up,Exposing her long golden legs,Her short white sleeveless top to had raised exposing smooth navel ending just below her breasts,Her skin smooth and glowing.


Without my thinking I began to get an erection,There she was,The girl of my dreams,I can take her for myself,Now!,A feeble part of my mind fought against it,A deep pit formed in my stomach,I decided to go for it,It was my only chance,I wanted her so badly,I knew she would understand.


I set the tray down and stole into her room,I could smell her natural scent,I walked up to the bed and smelt every inch of her,Her short black hair smelt like strawberries,It was very inviting.


I stripped down to my boxers,and positioned myself on top of her,She woke up when as I ran my right hand up her thigh,It took her a moment to realize what was happening,Then the shock of realization appeared in het brown eyes,”Mark,WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” she screamed,As I ran my tongue all over her face.


“NO,NO,NO NOT NOW PLEASE!!”she screamed,I moved in close to her ear, I closed her mouth with my left hand,and said”We  are alone,I love you,Im going to have you now,Please don’t scream,I don’t want to hurt you”.


The realization hit her that she was trapped,She tried to wriggle free from my exploring hands as I tightened my grip on her,”No!!” pleaded “Please Mark no!,Not no....”.


This barely registered in my mind as a pulled of her top,She tried to stop me but I was too stong for her,I literally ripped of the clasps from her front clasped bra,Her breasts were those of a godess,I buried my face in them as she struggled,Licking and kissing them,I licked her pink nipples,and kissed her stomach .


“Okay  Mark,That’s enough!.please let me go,please!,we can....” she pleaded to me


I wasn’t listening,My left hand was holding her down,And my right exploring her thighs as my lips explored her smooth torso.


She began to sob and tears,started to run down her face,I reached up to comfort her,I licked off the tears,They tasted soo good!,And kissed her struggling lips,Then I focused my attention back down to her torso.


My erection was literally tearing up my boxers,So I paused to remove them,I couldn’t believe what I saw,My penis was massive,A lot more so than it was during masturbation.


Lisa began to sob harder when she saw my penis,I turned my attention to her lower half.

I  began to remove her mini skirt,It slipped off quite easily,Her thighs were well rounded like those of a movie star,With my penis rubbing against her thighs,I began to remove her panties,Since she was buckling around a lot I ended up tearing them off, I saw her pussy just for a second before she crossed her legs in a last ditch effort to stop me from taking her!.

She had shaved her pubic hair!!!


“Please Mark,Don’t” she sobbed,”Please don’t take my virginity now,maybe.....” she pleaded between her sobs.But I didnt hear the rest.


THat proclaimation made my desire to have sex with her increased dramatically,She was still a virgin!,She had been waiting for the right guy then,I had assumed that she had lost it to one of her many boy friends.


With vigour ,I forced her legs part,Her pussy was a pale pink,It glistened with her fluids,My penis began to ache,I must have her now!


I slowly enetered between her legs,As my penis slid into her warm wet interior,I began to pump her,slowly at first to aquaint myself with her,She felt like heaven,Strang new sensations coarsed through my body.


I brought her as close as to me as possible and pumped her harder and harder.


I pushed as far as I could go into her,Her sobs began to turn into low erotic moans.


I kept pushing at what I assumed to be her G-spot,I was trying to make it fun for her too,After all I didn’t want to harm her!


I felt her hymen begin to break!!I was taking my sisters virginity,So she was telling the truth.This caused me to push harder and faster into her.


She began to moan ,Her body began to relax as her body involuntarily caused sensations within her,I caught the words,”Please!Stop!Dont!Later...” in the course of her moaning and my own sex induced cries.


Her breath began to come in short gasps and her moans became shrill,She was having an ORGASM!!!


The realization of that caused my to enter new heights of pleasure that was coursing through me!, I couldn’t take it anymore,I was about to explode,I was trying to delay my own orgasm,But the my penis exploded,An awesome throbbing sensation began to be coming from my penis.


A moment of utmost warmth and pleasure engulfed both of us as both of us orgasmed together,She began to breathe slower and slower as my sperm left my body and entered hers,The thought of me impregnating her here and now seemed to excite me !


I emptied myself into her and,exited her after the last of my sensations died away,A lay down next to her on the bed as she lay there worldless.


My penis was dripping with semen,The whole episode had lasted no more than 10 minutes,But I felt as if I had conquered a mountain!.


“Brian” she whispered,”I want you to know something.....,I have always wanted to have sex with you,I love you” she said,I was shocked! “But why did you try to stop me?” I asked,”Because I thought it was wrong ,Because I am having my period now!” ,Cool I thought,I might have just knocked up my sister!,”But now I know” she said “I want you everyday!”,”We will have sex everyday” she said!, “ I hugged her and brought her in closer, “Yes baby we will,and from now onwards I will use condoms to have sex with you,Okay?”, “NO! she gasped,I want to fell you,I don’t want nothing between us when we make love,I will get pills,The weekly ones,and then we can be closer than ever before” she said.



I pulled on my clothes and left  to get the pills,The box said that we had to wait for 4 hours before they kick in.


“What do we do for 4 hours?” I asked!


She didn’t say a word as she pulled off my trousers and moved her head towards my penis.


I knew my sister would understand!!



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