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My mom loves me

jd8896 on Incest Stories

            Where and how to begin, I was 16 at the time and I had just gotten my drivers license. I am the oldest of my family so I was the only teen who could drive. My sister and I were as close as a brother and sister should be. We would fight and argue like every one else. My mom and I were close and I was an incurable mammas boy.

            Well the first incident was with my mom the summer between freshman and sophomore years in High school. I was learning to drive with my mom and we got some lunch from a local burger chain. We pulled into a parking lot and ate our food. My mom and I started talking.

 “So is there any girl you like?” my mom asked.

“Not at the moment?”

“Why not?”

“They are all immature babies”

“That’s not fair your sister isn’t like that.”

“She’s my sister I cant like her like that.”

“Why not?”

“That’s incest!”


            I was totally blown away by that comment. Of course I had had a few thoughts of my mom and sister but I heard that was normal. I never had any intentions of pursuing my fantasy, but now I flashed and wonder if I could have sex with my mother.

            My mother was a true MILF. She wore reveling clothes, kept in shape, even tanned regularly. She was the envy of my friends but I always just shrugged it off but now I could see it. I saw my mom, the woman who gave me life as a sexual being and I had to have her.

“Mom what did you mean by that.”

“Nothing I just meant don’t let the what other people think dictate what you do.”

            I leaned in and kissed her. Throwing caution to the wind I made my move. Then my conscience kicked in. It was screaming “STOP” and “that’s your mother you freak.”

But I didn’t care. Then I noticed she was kissing back. I started playing with her left breast. I was reaching under her skirt when her phone rang.

            We immediately stopped kissing and she answered.


“Hi honey”

“Yea we’ll be home in 15 minutes.”

 “That was your dad he’s home now.”

            My dad was a trucker. He drove all over the country delivering cattle to farms.

He was gone for days or even weeks at a time. I never got to see him much but I wanted to make out with my mom a little longer. So I leaned back in.

“No not now later.”

            I gave her my best puppy dog face. She leaned in and gave me one big kiss for the rode.

            We drove back to our house and went to see my dad. He was in the living room he could only stay till tomorrow he had to leave at noon for Texas. My dad was going to be gone for anther week and a half.

            As I was going to bed I could my parents fucking each other silly my mom trying to muffle her screams of ecstasy as not to alert me of the goings on in the room above me. My mom is a very vocal person during sex and up untill our encounter I found the noises disturbing but now I find my self wondering if I could please the woman who gave me life.

My dad left for work and about 30 minutes after he left I asked my mom if we could go out for lunch.

“Mom about the other day…”

“Honey we can only do that when your dad is not around.”


“Honey I’ve known you your whole life and I’ve watch you grow and I just fell in love with you. I can’t stop falling for you baby I need you.”

“Mom what are you saying?”

“Tyler I want to be your first sexual conquest.”

            That just blew me away.

“Tyler I want you to take me and fuck me silly.”

            Then my mom bent down and unzipped my pants and took out my cock. My cock was decent size for a 16 year old it is about 7 inches long and about 3 inches around. I was hard as a rock as soon as she touched it. She took the head of my member and licked it ever so gently and rubbed my shaft. Stopping at the base and rubbing my balls and continuing up. This was my first sexual experience and I quickly pulled over and turned on the blinker and just laid the seat back and let my mom work on my manhood.

            This was better than masturbating by far I was just laying back when it came the feeling when you’re about to cum.

“Mom I’m uhhh”



            She did something I thought a girl never did she swallowed all of my cum. We sat there my mom was pumping my cock  and I was in a trance when a car whizzed by us then slowed down and pulled over to the side of the road and back up towards us. I quickly put my cock away and sat up when the driver came over and knocked on my window. I rolled my window down.

“Can I help you?”

“No sir but thank you.”

“No problem any time.”

            The car pulled away and I turned towards my mother and she wasn’t the same mother I saw 2 days ago she was a beautiful lady who was crazy about me.

“Mom I’m in love with you.”




            Please comment this is my first time writing.

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