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My sister, My friend, and ME!

Bassvol34 on Incest Stories

Ever since I can remember my sister has been one of the hottest girls I've ever met. When I used to sleep in my room, there is an opening in between the vent that leads to the shower, and I'd always look at my sister’s great tits and masturbate in my room. My sister is 4 years older than me and she now has a boyfriend, who enjoys banging the brains outta her.

It all started when my friend Joe and I used to watch porn together and masturbate in the same room to it. We were not gay by any means and never touched each other in any gay ways but, it was just a simple matter of having someone enjoy porn with you that really got us going.

We started to tell stories on who we would bang and do the usual guy talk about it. It came to the point where I asked him if he would ever bang my sister, with out hesitation he said "Yes". So I thought it would be fun for the both of us to write stories about each others sisters and what we would do to them. His sister at the time was a sophomore in high school, and my sister had already graduated from college so there was a little bit of an age difference.

In my stories it included how I would fuck my sister and his, and that really got him going. He never really fantasized much about his sister since she wasn’t as hot as my sister. My sister is about 5 foot 9in. in height and has at least 34DD tits, with a tight ass and she's in great shape.

One day my friend came over when no one was home to do a project for school and we began to watch porn in my living room. Doing are usual masturbation in the living room was not a big deal to us and we knew that no one would be home so it would be ok. All of a sudden through the living room front door came in my sister home early from work.  Her being 24 years old and me 20 at the time we knew that each other were having sex, and that it was not really a big deal,  but to be caught masturbating was a different story.

She didn't think too much of it and said that she would just go to her boyfriends house and that we could have the house to our self. Later that night she returned home drunk, Joe spent the night so that we could masturbate later and watch a new movie I was downloading. I felt that I should be completely honest with her and I told her about the stories we wrote.

She told us that, it was kind of weird of us to look at her like that but that it turned her on a way like her boyfriend didn't. Joe suggested that we try something "special", being drunk she agreed.


I started to tell her about how I would look at her in the shower through the vent and that I would masturbate thinking about her. She looked kind of shocked but she wanted to hear more about how I was turned on by her.


We ended up making an agreement that we would have a mutual masturbation session in the living room since our parents were asleep. My sister lifted off her shirt and two of the biggest tits I’ve ever seen in my life plopped out! She had a pink thong on underneath her short, shorts that gave me a hard on like you wouldn’t believe. Joe decided to take matters in his own hands and pull out his cock and start masturbating. For me I wanted to take the moment in, and look at my friend masturbate to my hot sister. She began by rubbing her wet clit and making moaning sounds that would make me want to fuck her as hard as possible.


I then decided that I couldn’t wait any longer and that I had to start. I pull out my rock hard cock, not saying I have a huge cock but it’s pretty good in size. For the next 20 minutes or so we all watched the porn that I downloaded and masturbated. I felt my load coming up and I knew that I had to do something quick with it.


With out any hesitation I went over to my sister and shot it right on her twin cities. My friend Joe noticed that my sister didn’t mind me doing this so he took the liberty of doing it himself.


My sister seemed really pleased with what we accomplished in that short amount of time, and she said we were “Cumming closer as a family”… but after that I heard a gasp in the background, almost a whimper… it was my mom who was watching the whole time… (Part 2 on its way)


Please let me know how my story was at (I am also interested in people who like to talk about incest.)



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