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My sweet niece

kev922 on Incest Stories

It was a time during the summer, that I frequently visited my brothers house. After watching my niece, Sara grow up for all of her 14yrs, I never really payed attention to how she was blossoming into a very sexy and seductive lady. I was always her favorite uncle. She always wanted to be close to me no matter where we were. When I would sit on the couch, little Sara had to be right next to me. Even going out for dinner with the family she had to be next to me.

It was a few months since my last visit due to things that I could not control. So a few days before my next visit, I ran into my brother in the store one day and he told me that little Sara has really grown. I was a little unsure what he meant but later that week I would find out.

It was a Friday evening and I came over for dinner and as usual, my brother was working the late shift, so his time would be short and his wife would be going out to a PTA meeting. As I walked in the house I was greeted by my sister-in-law and brother. Sarah was upstairs doing something but they said she would be down in a minute. Sitting down for dinner, Sara finally decided to show up. Now Sara is about 5'2" with brownish-blonde hair, green eyes and about 110lbs. She resembles that girl on 7th Heaven, Lucy. Little did I know how much. She sat down at the table just wearing a loose t-shirt and had khaki shorts on. Nothing special but I still couldn't figure out the difference and believe me I looked. After dinner and with Sara getting up and down to get things for us, I still couldn't figure it out.

After about an hour my brother left for work and a few minutes after that my sister-in-law left for PTA. All the while Sara sat next to me. I told Sara that she has really grown up and if she wanted to talk about anything. She always called me when she knew mom and dad wouldn't understand. She said no so I decided it was getting late and decided to go. I had to get up early the next day because I had things to do. Sara and I walked out to my car like we always did with my arm around her. I was sitting in my car when Sara came up to the window like she always does and rests her arms on the sill leaning in to talk with me. At that time I noticed her t-shirt was open a little and I could see down the front of her shirt. Little did I realize just how grown up she was. I could see a lot of cleavage and two of the most magnificant and developed breasts I have ever seen. Sara was not shy about it either. One thing she really liked was when I would gently massage her hands and work my self up her arms especially if you were to turn your palms up and go up to the part in front of your elbow. Just gently rubbing back and forth.

While she had her arms on top of the other talking with me, I gently started to rub back and forth. I got to where her elbow was and started to feel her bicep with my right fingers. I then moved inside her bicep and gently started to work my fingers toward her armpit. She then told me that felt good as we continued to talk. As I continued that movement I noticed that she started to adjust herself to me. She moved a little to her right and gave me easier access to go up further. As she did I was able to feel inside her armpits and she let out a little sigh. I continued to softly rub the area with my fingers. As I was doing this, my thumb and finger were feeling the outside of her left breast. she never moved away and my god what I felt was really having an unusual affect with me. I got a little bolder and then using the back of my right hand, which was now completely inside her t-shirt, I started to move closer to her hole breast. I expected resistance but I got a pleasant surprise. Sara moved a little to her left and met my hand. She let me carress her tit with the back of my hand and it was unreal. Not only was her tit firm and very big but her nipple was very hard and extremely long about 1/2 inch. This from a 14yr old. She adjusted herself where I was able to turn my hand over. She turned to her left where she was almost sideways to the car and let me fondle and squeeze those wonderful tits with my right hand. She just moaned with pleasure and told me she wanted me to do that to her for a long time. I just kept squeezing and pulling on those unbelievable nipples and tits when we realized that mom would be home very soon. Dam, my dick was so hard and I really thought I would get some relief. I was really hurting. We kind of fumbled apart from each other and just looked with a glaze in our eyes. I told Sara that I didn't mean for that to happen and just gcarried away she told me, while smiling, its ok.

One thing that Sara does is that twice a month she comes over to my place and cleans. It's a way for her to earn extra spending money and her uncle really takes care of that. As she leaned in to give me a kiss good-bye she told me she would be over early to clean and mom would drop her off. I just looked at her and said that would be fine and maybe I would be home. Usually I'm not because of work. Little did I realize how early she would be over and what would happen.

This is my first time with this and if you would like to hear more your feedback would be appreciated.


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