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My teasing sister

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  Very shortly after accidently fucking my sister she embarked on a wonderful adventure of being a cocktease.  The first time I recall her doing so, we had been staying with some family friends for a couple of weeks while our folks were gone visiting a sick relative.  The people we stayed with were an older fuddy-duddy couple that lived on a farm.  We soon found out that they thought we were there as unpaid labor.  Which as ok, but at the end of most every day we were tired and dirty from our work.  The lady, Rose was ok but her eyesight was very poor.  She had a good sense of humor about and her husband Bill would tease her regularly.

At night when we finally got in the house Rose would have our dinners ready.  We'd wash up and eat like we were starved.  As it was farm work, when you finally quit it was late.  I told Beth she could shower first if she didn't hog all the hot water.  She agreed.  Bill and I sat in the kitchen watching his little tv, eating a little more of Rose's homemade pie.  It wasn't long before  Beth came out of the bathroom from her shower.  True to her word, she didn't take a long one.   She told me it was my turn so get going.  I turned and looked at her and about dropped my fork.  She hadn't put on her baby doll pajama's, instead she had wrapped a towel around herself.  But the towel was a little short.  She had her back to me helpiing herself to some dessert.  I could see a full two inches of her ass from under the towel.  Hell, the way she stood you could actually see some of her pussy, even from the back.  She was acting like she didn't know she was on display but I thought better.

I saw Bill do a double take but I quicly looked back at  the tv.  Beth held her dessert plate and ate her pie while standing off behind Bill talking about the tv show.  I could now very clearly see her sparsely haired pussy.  I did my best to act like I didn't see anything and just tried to talk normal.  Rose was working around in the kitchen and with her eyesight couldn't see a thing.  Beth then moved around to stand over off my shoulder, still eating her dessert she started talking to Bill.  Not once did Bill take his eyes off of her pussy.  She started asking him about why they didn't have airconditioning.  He told her that they just never did get around to getting it and figured that they were pretty used to not having it by now.  He asked her if she found it too hot upstairs.  She told him that she and both did (news to me!) and we were wondering if there was anyway that we could use the extra beds that were down in the basement.

He thought about it a little while still looking at that young pussy on display.  Yeah, he thought we could arrange that.  He asked Rose what she thought.  Rose, still busy with the dishes told him that we could do it easy. Rose said she'd need some help but we could sleep down there tonight.  Beth told them thank you very much and left to get her pj's on.  A few minutes later she came out wearing her baby doll nightie.  In the 70's it was very much the popular thing for girls to wear a two piece baby doll style nightie.  Oh lord I thought when Beth came out.  She had done some modifying of her nightie.  I wondered what she'd been sewing on the few days before our folks left.  She had shortened the top so the hem of it was just barely even with the tops of her panties.  It was also very obvious that she had removed the liner from the panties.  They were even more sheer than the top.  With her black pussy hair, even as sparse as it was, you could easily see her few hairs and slit. 

Again I of course pretended not to notice a thing.  The four of us went down the basement to see what sleeping arrangements could be made.  There were two old beds down there in a rather large open room.  There was a toilet, a sink and a crude shower.  We decided after looking at the beds that we could make a couple of "rooms" by hanging some sheets up.  Bill and I started moving things around when Rose announced that the one bed was unusable.   Oh crap I thought, there go my plans to try and fuck my sister when she's sleeping. 

Rose was showing Bill that some of the slats were broken and would need to be replaced.  Rose, bless her, just made the pronouncement that it would still be fine.  She asked if us two youngsters wouldn't mind, we would just have to share a bed for a day or so until the slats could be replaced.  I acted like I was slightly put out but then mentioned how hot it was upstairs.  I allowed as I could make this work. 

We continued our efforts to make some privacy by hanging some sheets up and moving a few crates and old chairs around.  Beth announced that she was going upstairs to get her things.  I announced that I was going to do the same but shower while I was up there.  Bill took that moment to remind us not to be too light of sleepers because he usually used the shower and whatnot down there when he got up in the morning and again at night.  I mentally thanked him for the heads up and went about taking my shower.

Finishing up and going back down stairs I found Bill still down there helping Beth move things here and there.  The old fart couldn't get enough of looking at my sisters pussy through her panties.  Rose and Bill were finishing up putting a few things away when Beth announced that even down here it was quite warm and that Bill shouldn't be peeking in here in the morning.  Sometimes she told him, she slept with no clothes on when she got hot.  I heard Rose say Oh my, but Beth followed up with, It's ok.  Our folks let us do it all the time (total lie). 

Rose was shaking her head a little as they went up the stairs.  Beth threw the single sheet cover back and got in bed.  I was acting like I was looking at something so she wouldn't see my boner.  She asked if I minded if she threw a towel over the one lamp down there as it was really dark.  Of course I didn't care.  I got into bed and lay on my back.  I was sporting quite the boner and looked down.  It had escaped from the fly of my pj's.  I decided two could play this game and just let it be.  Beth was looking at the ceiling and asked if I cared if she slept naked.  Of course I didn't.  Why dont' you sleep naked too she asked.  My answer was me sliding my pj's down and throwing them on the floor. 

Beth of course acted like she was asleep almost instantly.  I was on her almost as fast.  Sucking her pussy I found it incredlbly wet.  She found all of this exciting too.  I had my cock in her and fucked her wildly.  She pretended to be asleep the whole time.  I knew she wasnt' because I made her come twice.  I was so aroused by being able to sleep naked with her that it took a long time to fall asleep. 

I woke up the next morning very early.  Beth was on her side and we were spooning.  My cock was nestled in the crack of her ass.  And it was hard.  I slipped it between her legs and she lifted the one up to allow my cock to enter her pussy.  I was fucking her when I heard the door open.  I had forgotten about Bill using the basement.  I immediately stopped thrusting into her but we were laying on the sheet.  There was really nothing I could do.   We were so busted.  I decided in the fraction of a second that I had to just play possum.  I let my eyes slit barely open and saw Bill move the sheet aside to get a glimpse of a hopefully naked Beth.  What he saw was my cock buried in my sister pussy and the both of laying there like we were sleeping.  It seemed like he stood there forever.  He then reached down and pulled out his cock and started masturbating.  I still never moved  and neither did Beth but I knew she was peeking too.  I knew because her pussy got exraordinarily wet.  She started coming and couldn't help from moving  her hips some.   Bill shot pretty quickly, catching it in his hand.  He quicky moved away and over to the shower area.  As soon as I heard him in the shower I finished fucking Beth.  I left my load up in her pussy.  Her fourteen year old pussy clamped on my cock again as she had her second orgasm. 

We staying spooning like we were as we didn't want Bill to know that we weren't asleep.  My cock was still hard and still in Beth when Bill came by to go upstairs.  I thought he'd just keep going but the sight of Beth's pussy was too much for him and he pulled his cock out again to masturbate.  I knew that Beth and my cock were a total mess.  I could feel our cums on the sheet, on her ass, on my cock, on my thighs.  It was every where.  Bill finished his jacking off and left after what seemed like forever. 

I learned a couple of things.  One, be a lot more careful..two, my sister got really aroused when she knew someone was watching her get fucked.  We'd have more opportunities to people watch us fuck again. 


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