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My teen daughter looses her virginity to me!

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Back when the wife was around and I would have never thought of my baby girl that way. But when I came home, she ran up to me and hugged me, her small chest rubbing on my crotch area and her arms around my waist gave me a sexual arousal.

But that was then, this is now…

One years later and my wife is now an associate who has moved away and left a little thirteen year old girl with her dad.

I didn’t hate the idea. It gave my daughter, Rose, and me a lifetime to co-exist. Lately her teenage hormones had made her moody. One sunny day I picked her up from school (without her knowing) and I saw my teen daughter with a friend and a boy. The boy holding her hand was only the tip of the iceberg. She was wearing different clothes than when I had dropped her off in the morning! She had a halter top that completely exposed her back and tight denim pants. Now, she was only fourteen. She had just left her training bra behind. Nevertheless, her petite breast would have still made any man melt. Her legs were extremely shapely and her butt was a beautiful delicate curve.

And that boy had his hand near it.

So of course I got jealous. I parked the car and exited, slamming the door hard. My daughter’s friend noticed me first, I think her name was Melanie. A beautiful girl. She smiles and waves at me, “Hi Mr. Jenns!” She calls out.

Immediately, Rose turned around, saw me, and was embarrassed by my presence. She says goodbye to the boy and her friend. Her friend whispers something at Rose, giggles, and then takes off. Rose then approaches me, pouting angrily.


That night, we had an argument, again. All the typical stuff. “Dad, why do you like to embarrass me” or “Why do you make my life hard!” But what struck me the most, was when she suddenly said, “Oh, and my stupid friend Melanie says you’re hot and I hate you!”

Then she takes off to her room. Leaving me to think about it.

After cooling off, I approached her door and knocked. With no answer, I decided to come in anyway. There she was. My teen daughter sitting on her bed with her little pajama shorts and her teddy. I go on and sit next to her.

“I’m sorry about picking you up from school, but you are my daughter.” I excuse.

“I know daddy.” She says in her sweet little voice. I then put my arm around her and kiss her in the forehead. She then says, “Are you gonna leave me?”

A surprisingly stupid question. “Of course not. Why would I?”

“Because you’re a good looking man, and with mommy gone you’ll just find someone else.” My daughter answers.

She was suddenly my little girl again. I squeeze her closer and tell her, “You know that’s not true. I love you. I’m crazy about you. I’m always thinking of you.”

I don’t know if it was the wrong thing to say to teenage girl, or was it the way I said it, or the way it sounded, but suddenly the atmosphere changed and my baby girl was looking into my eyes and my lips with a certain desire. And she suddenly changed her posture to sitting straight, with her little breast clearly grabbing my attention.

“You really love me?” She whispers in her angelic voice. Her warm breath hitting my lips and raising my sudden desire.

“I love you. You’re my baby.” I whisper back. Then I lean over to kiss her in the cheek, but she finds my lips. A soft kiss at first. But then our lips began to embrace warmly. My hands grabbed on to her with a new kind of strength not felt in years.

Sexual strength. And it got higher as my warm tongue began harassing hers. And I could feel her unbuttoning her pajama blouse. And I could feel my cock getting big and hard. For her. Cause I could think of no one else.

She takes her blouse off and climbs on me. Her legs spread and around my waist. Her crotch area on my lap, and on my cock. She can feel it, because she begins to grind on it.

I know it was wrong of me, but I take her little blouse off and look at her gorgeous young small breast. Men don’t always want big. She begins to moan lightly as she grinds back and forth. The she whispers, “Touch me daddy.”

I try to fight it, but fail miserably. I cup her perky breasts with my hands and begin to massage them gently. I can feel them swelling up in my hand so I massage harder and begin pulling on her nipples. She goes wild and I begin to feel her juice in my pants.

It suddenly turns raw.

I kiss her aggressively, sticking my tongue on her little mouth and playing harshly with her breast.

“Oo daddy. Take me. I love you.” She says in ecstasy.

I rip, literally, rip her short pajamas off and begin to feel on her tiny hair less pussy. It’s so wet and warm!

She rips my button up shirt and kisses my chest. Her soft warm lips feel like heaven. I pull her closer by grabbing and squeezing her little ass. Her pussy touches my belly and she begins to hump it like an animal, leaving her love juice everywhere.

I throw her on her bed and take my pants off. She leaps up and helps me. My cock pops out big and hard.

“Daddy.” She says impressed as she kneels down.

“Suck it for daddy baby.” I find my self saying.

She puts it on her mouth. Just the tip at first. Licking it and sucking lightly on it while she looks up at me.

Afraid of cumming fast, I grab the back of her head and begin to push my cock into her mouth, feeling warmth all around me. It’s so big it goes down her little throat and she gags a little.

“Hold it there baby.” I say as I begin to pull in and out, fucking my daughters mouth. It’s so tight that I quickly reach climax and explode inside her mouth. She squeezes her little eyes, for you can imagine, my warm liquid was shooting down her throat. I pull out.

 She gets up and hugs me.

Even though I cummed, I want more. So I lead her to bed. I lay her out in front of me get on top. I kiss her as my hand goes down to her little pussy and begins to rub it. It’s still so wet, that in no time my cock is up and hard again.

“Are you ready baby?” I say.

“Fuck me daddy.”

I’m a little displeased at her language, but it’s also a turn on. I probe her pussy with my cock.

“Ah.” She moans in little pain and lots of pleasure. It is obvious to me know that she was a virgin. So I go down to my daughter’s pussy and begin to lick.

“Oh yeah. Oh.” She moans as she wraps her legs around my head. I bite and suck her juice as it squirts out. She begins pulling on my hair so I go back up. So I do. She reaches down and grabs my cock and probes her own little kitty cat.

She says, “Make it hurt daddy.”

I begin to go into her wet warm pussy. She immediately tenses up. I lift her legs up and over my shoulders. I put my cock even deeper.

“Ah! Daddy!” She screams.

Right then I lost it and I begin to fuck my daughter full throttle. She screams and screams in pain, telling me she loves me. Her eyes shut tight and her mouth wide open. Her breast moving around as I bang on her. Her arms go wild so I hold them down. Anyone who was to walk in would think I was violently raping her.

I can feel my cock breaking her insides and popping her cherry. Â I hold my dick in and shub as far as I can without pulling it out.

“Ah!!!! Dad!!” She screams as I begin to grind inside of her. Then I continue to bang her, harder this time. Like an animal. Every time I hit her, there’s the sound of sweaty skin hitting and wet juice spilling out when they can. I grab at her little breasts and squeeze it hard. Then with had I cover her mouth to muffle the screams. Then I go and start kissing her all over her neck and lips.

Finally, I explode inside of her. I leave my cock inside as it pumps in.

She lets out a final yelp, ‘Ah!.” As I pull out. I look down at my cock and notice there’s blood in it. The sheets are soaked with her love juices.

I lay next to her. Panting and hearing her catch her breath.

“Told ya I loved ya.” I say.

My daughter answers by hugging me.

“Can I stay home from school tomorrow?” She asks.

“yeah, sure.” I say.

“You gotta home from work so we can fuck.”

Where my sweet thirteen year old learned that, I don’t know, but it sure sounded tempting.


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