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Naughty Stepdaughter

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The feeling of my wife’s mouth on my cock was a very welcome wakeup that morning, she was working her mouth like crazy creating a wonderful suction and working her tongue on the head each time she came up for air. Then it hit me, she had never given me head like this…and I remembered she had already left for work. I looked down to see my 17 year old stepdaughter, naked and sucking my cock like crazy! I must have jumped, because she looked up at me and smiled, well, as best she could with my cock filling her mouth, I must have looked pretty shocked because she giggled, but I grew even harder and she started sucking even harder.


This was a fantasy come true, I had been lusting after her for about 3 years, right after I met her mother, when I first saw her in a bikini. I never made a pass but looked as much as I could, peeking a few times to see her naked, and what a sight! Great body, firm round ass, long brown hair and a set of 36d’s with pale pink areoles and pencil thick, half inch high nipples, I must have jacked off 3 times a week to thoughts of her, as well as sometimes imagining it was her I was fucking instead of her mother (who had a great body, DD’s and loved to fuck and suck). But here I was with her naked and sucking me like an expert!


Her mouth was incredible… she was working most of my 7-½ inches into her mouth, the suction was amazing, and her tongue never stopped moving. I would have shot off already had she not had her thumb and forefinger wrapped tight around the base, holding me back, but I knew even that was not going to be enough to hold me back much longer. I started to buck my hips up to meet her mouth, I put my hand on her head and grabbed a handful of her hair and started fucking her mouth. She moaned around my cock, saliva running down into my pubic hair. I then realized that the hand that was not wrapped around my cock was between her own legs fingering her pussy. I took my other hand and ran it down her body squeezing her large tit and thumbing her nipple, which was hard as a pencil eraser, I slid it down and over her ass, sliding it into the hottest wettest pussy I had ever seen, the juice was literally running down her thighs. I sunk 2 fingers into her snatch and with another groan she started sucking even harder, well that was it for me.


“OH, SHIT, I’M CUMMING!!!!” I screamed.


And stream after stream of cum shot into her mouth, and she took it all, never stopping, almost none of it escaped. She kept on sucking till I could not take any more and pulled out of her mouth


She fell back and kept her hand around my cock, jacking slowly, lapping up what little cum was still on her lips


“ Was that good?” she asked with a sly grin.


“ Are you kidding?” I managed to get out, “ what brought this on? Not that I mind…”


“ I’ve been listening to you and mom fucking for a while now and it always got me off, and last night I peeked in and watched you fucking mom, she looked like you were doing her real good, I came twice watching…and since my attempts to get you to come after me have been failing, I figured I had to take matters into my own hands or mouth as it were…” she then grinned and rubbed her pussy showing me the pink inner lips


“I f I knew you wanted me I never would have held back, I was afraid you would kill me if I tried, or worse, your mom would… “


She smiled that sly grin again, “ don’t worry, I would never spoil my claim on a cock this good. Now, cum eat my pussy, and make me come like mom does.”


Her pussy looked so tasty my mouth watered as I climbed between her legs and ran my tongue up her thighs, the scent of her pussy as strong and intoxicating as strong whiskey I worked my tongue between her dripping lips and worked it up and down her pussy. She moaned and grabbed my head as I worked her cunt


“Oh yesss…eat my pussy daddy, make me cummm!”   She moaned, she never called me daddy before and it was like a challenge to me, I twirled my tongue around her swollen clit, which was as hard and stood up like a tiny cock, her juices were running down my chin as sweet and tangy as fruit juice, I drank down as much as I could as I sucked her pussy like a man possessed, her hips bucked and swayed so I could hardly hold on.


“Oh yes aahhhh yes daddy, make your little girl cum, god your tongue is so goood… god yes… fuck! fuck! Eat meeeee!!!”   She never stopped talking dirty and moaning   “yessss dadddyyyyy! fuck! Fuck! Suck my clit! yessss dadddyyyyy!” she arched her back and came, screaming and cursing till I could not hold on to her hips and she fell away moaning and hardly able to breathe


“God you are fantastic” she gasped “ no wonder mom is so loud when she comes…”


“You were louder” I grinned, my face wet with her juice “ I hope this isn’t over yet?”


“God no!” she smiled “after that I have to have that cock inside me…want to fuck me daddy?”


That was an offer I was not going to turn down, but I looked at the clock and saw that I would not be able to get to work on time...not that it mattered at the moment. “In a minute…” my cock was harder then it was when she was sucking me, but I called my boss and told him I would not be in, while I did this my horny stepdaughter started to lick my cock and balls, making my concentration a bit rough then I called the school and told them she would not be in either.. And as I did this the little brat climbed on top of me and lowered her pussy onto my cock, biting her lip as my cock sank deeper into her tight, hot hole. The school thanked me and I quickly hung up as she started to ride my cock


“ Oh, yes! Your cock is so good… I’ve wanted to do this for sooo long…” I let her ride for a few more minutes while I played with her big, beautiful tits and then pulled her to me and flipped over so she was on her back and I started to fuck her pussy. I pinned her hands over her head and smiled at her


“And I’ve wanted to do this for a long time too.” I started to fuck her pussy hard, bouncing my balls on her ass, pounding her as hard as I could.


‘ohh, ohh, god yesss, fuck me daddy! Pound your little girls pussy, god, your cock is so good” she wrapped her legs around me and hung on as I pounded her pussy, her ass bouncing off the bed “ fuck meeee!” she yelled, her head thrashing back and forth then she reached her head up and kissed me, he tongue deep in my mouth, moaning as she did, grunting and moaning, her head fell back and she started screaming. “god yess fuck meeee! Fuck me good… I’m gonna cum! Yess, YESS, YESSSSSS!!!!!” I kept right on fucking as she rode through her cum.


“Get up on hands and knees baby, daddy wants to fuck you doggy stile” I pulled out and she scrambled to get   into position.


“yes daddy fuck me from behind, fuck me like the dirty slut I am” she wiggled her ass at me.


“ yeah” I growled, as I sank my cock into her pussy and slapped her ass, I then grabbed a handful of her hair “but you are my slut”


“Oh daddy yes I am your slut! Fuck daddys slut hard!”


I pounded in hard as she slammed her ass back to me I looked over at the mirror and watched as her tits bounced and swayed as I pounded my hard cock into her as hard as I could


“Yes daddy, fuck your little slut! FUCK MEEEE!


Never in her most horny moment had my wife been this wild a fuck, I knew that I was in for the ride of my life, it felt like I was riding a bucking bronco she went into a frenzy moaning and screaming as she came again



That was all it took for me, I could not hold back any more…


“YESS BABY TAKE DADDYS CUM!!!”   I shot load after load into her pussy, she screamed and fell forward as I finished pumping the last of my cum into her and fell next to her


When we caught our breath she kissed me again and when we broke apart she asked if this was a one-time thing, I squeezed her tit and told her I hoped not and ground my cock into her ass. She smiled and said that she hoped not too


We spent the day fucking and sucking until her mom came home, showering together and fucking in the shower again, and just got our act together when her mom came home


That night she started teasing me when her mom wasn’t looking, flashing her tits and sucking her finger like it was a cock, and licking her lips… I knew this was only the start of something wonderful


This is my first posting...tell me what you think...Constructive criticism only please!



dang!!! sure enjoy the story and would like to hear more about it and pls do write more about it since it blow my mind away and wonder what happen next and hope that story contiune :D and hope u will contiune write and can't wait to hear part 2 and more a


You have a couple places where you need to capitalize words. :) But the action just keeps coming on this one, and I suspect so will your readers. There's a lot of "noise" in this one, and I think that's probably popular and something I could stand to d

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