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Passed Out

The Laughing Man on Incest Stories

This happened around the time when i was 15,at that time i was doing well in school,i had friends.Everything was great,but there was something i felt like i was missing out on.Out of all the friends i had,i had no female friends.From what i heard on the news,and from older friends,it was hard to get a relationship,let alone anything out of it.
So,i did what every teen boy does.Masturbate,i know it sounds sad,but what else can you do?Besides that,i sketched landscapes.My mother named me Art,that`s right.Art,art as in art,like paintings,statues and things like that.Well,that never really bothered me.As for my mom,her name`s Joan,from what she told me,she was quite the artist when she was younger also.I guess i got that from her,well,the tale begins as this...
I had just gotten a huge award from my school,congratulating me on yet another award on my hard work at school.My mom was really happy,i was too.So,two of her closest friends,Katherine and Anne decided to join me and my mom.It did not bother me,i liked the both of them and we got along.Little did i know that i would be really glad for what happened next.
We decided to go to a fancy restaurant,so i spent time in my room getting ready.I was a bit angry,i haven`t jerked off all day.So i really felt it,but i thought i would get some time when we got back.I managed to put on a white dress shirt with black pants,i did look a bit snazzy.My mother had gotten one of her dresses out,a dark blue one that fitted her curves nicely.
I was coming down the stairs when my mom was near the door putting on some earrings when the door opened,in came my mom`s two best friends.Katherine and Anne,Katherine wore a flannel blouse,with brown work pants.I guessed she just got out of work,Anne just had on a matching long white blouse.The kind of thing women wear during the summer,both of them congratulated me,and once we got ready and went to my mom`s car,we were off.
The four of us talked in the car on our way to the restaurant,Katherine had made a reservation,so we did not have to wait long once my mom parked the car.Once inside,we all were seated,and my mom allowed me to get any food i wanted on the menu,price was no object.But from the conversation i heard from my mom,it looked like they were talking about something else.
Katherine and Anne were moderate drinkers,meaning they liked to drink once in a while.So when we went to a local restaurant to celebrate,Katherine offered to buy some alcohol.At first my mother refused,but eventually Anne convinced my mom to drink.I was for it,besides,its just a few drinks right?Well,when we left the restaurant my mother and Katherine were really drunk.Neither of them could barely stand somehow Anne got both of them to the car,and we drove home.I was shocked to see that Anne was a bit tipsy herself,but we got back to my house in one piece.
When i got out of the car,i felt a chill in the air.It was dark,i checked my watch to see it was slightly past midnight.My mom and Katherine managed to pull themselves up,and we went into the house.None of them were in any condition to go back outside,but my mom got out another bottle of alcohol from the restaurant that she took when we left.My mom drunkly told me to go up to my room,to sleep.
I sighed,and walked back,and up the stairs to my room.I could still faintly hear the three of them rambling downstairs,as when i slowly drifted to sleep.I managed to wake up in the middle of the night,all the soda i had at the restaurant finally got to me,so i had to go down stairs to the bathroom.Still wearing my pajamas,i went downstairs.
The light in the living room was still on,when i came to see my mom and Katherine sitting on our long sofa,both were wearing under gowns that women normally wear with dress clothes.Anne was in our recliner next to them,in a pair of black bra and white panties.Their clothes were in a heap,with the bottle of alcohol on the floor,spilled in front of them.
On the tv was a porn channel,there was sex on the tv.As i looked to see if they noticed me,or if they were watching.I stood there,frozen,not knowing what to do.Then i heard light snores,the three of them were passed out.God knows how much they drank,i walked toward them.I don't know why,but with each step i took,i felt my heart beating quicker,quicker and quicker.
I just stopped,near the couch,just watching the porn for a bit.I felt my cock getting hard,i forgot that i had to use the bathroom.All sorts of ideas went through my head,my cock pressing against my pajama shorts making a tent did not make anything better.I looked over to them,ideas began to race in my head.
"Their our cold,i could do anything i want to them.Just a touch,it wont hurt them.It will only be quick,just a quick feel and ill go back to the room.Ill pee in my shorts.."
I could feel my forehead beginning to sweat,my hands became tight,i had to grab something.My chest felt like it was going to explode from the tension,I gently went over to Katherine,and nudged her shoulder.She did not move,merely did nothing.My eyes went from my mom to her two friends,i felt like my brain was going to explode.I had to do something,before i knew what was happening,my hands were leaning over to squeeze Katherine`s breasts,they felt soft,yet firm.I never felt anything like this before,i pinched and cupped them.
I swear a dozen thoughts went through my head,as i went to my mom,and felt her breasts also.My lips were dry,but i wetted them with my tongue,i quickly closed my mouth.My teeth clamped down on my tongue,but i barely felt it.I went over to Anne on the recliner,and reached for her bra.I blinked,taking it off would maybe wake her up.I settled for pulling the bra down,so i could see her breasts.Seeing her nipples,i felt my cock getting harder.
Reaching down to pull her panties to her ankles,i leaned over on the recliner to feel her vagina.I pressed my fingers against it,smooth,Anne must shave.Spreading her legs apart,i pulled my pajama shirt off as quickly as i could.Pulling my pajama shorts down to my ankles,my breaths got quicker.My cock just pointed out strait at her,leaning in,but not too much i pressed the head of my cock against Anne`s vagina.I felt the skin,i had a feeling to stop.Not because this whole situation was wrong,but because i never had a girlfriend before.This whole thing was new to me,but instinct made me continue.
Pushing my penis into her,i pushed nearly all the way in.I never felt anything like it before,it was as if i pushed into a slick tube that made me feel a bit glossy.Only after a few thrusts,i suddenly blew a load of cum all over her vagina.Cursing,i stood up,and looked for something to clean her vagina with.I grabbed a small napkin on the floor,and used it to clean Anne up.Thinking about what else to do,my eyes shifted to my mom and Katherine.
Pulling my legs out of my pajama pants,i went over to the both of them,and pushed my mom over.She sloped,and slid onto the side of the sofa.I barely had any thoughts now,just primal urges.I grabbed my mom`s thigh with one hand,and used the other to pull her panties off,but left it on one leg.Moving over to Katherine,i pulled the panties completely off her.Breathing slowly,i pained myself not to breathe too hard or loud.
Spreading her legs,i saw that Katherine`s vagina was slightly more hairy.But not disgusting,i kept her sitting strait on the couch,but i tried to hold up her legs,as i pushed my cock into her pussy.Feeling the same glossy feel,i thrusted in and out.Im not much of an athlete,so it took some effort to hold up Katherine`s legs and fuck her at the same time.My breath quickened,as i continued to fuck Katherine.Every so often i looked to my mom or Anne,to see if they woke up.
It looked like i was fucking Katherine pretty hard,since her under gown constantly on top of her vagina.So i had to stop and push it up.I felt a load of cum in my cock,squeezing my cock hard,a stream of cum shot out,and landed ontop of Katherine`s under gown.Letting her legs fall onto the floor,i rested a leg on the couch and got behind my mom,who was still slouched down on the sofa.Reaching foreward,i pushed her gown aside to squeeze one of her breasts.
Lifting a leg up,i pushed my cock around until i felt the entrance to her vagina.Without hesitation i pushed in,keeping the leg up,i thudded in and out repidially.By this time,my cock was hurting,due to shooting loads often.Taking a break to whipe the sweat off my forehead,i pushed her body so she was lying flat on the couch.Looking at my mom,i got up,and went close to her face.I kissed it,and looked at it often.
Craining her jaw,i brought my cock close,i pushed it against her mouth,and pushed it into her mouth.Closing her jaw,i pushed my cock in and out.Fucking her lifeless mouth,going back down,i lifted a leg up,as i then pushed my cock back into her vagina to fuck her some more.I was straining to continue,i felt like i had no cum left to shoot.But i forced myself to continue.
Sitting her up,i used all my strength to pick her up slightly,and push her onto the small living room table in front of the couch.My mom was now ontop of the table,with her ass out,and her legs bent,touching the floor.Getting behind her,i squeezed my cock hard.I had to do a little more,just a bit more.As i pushed my cock back into her pussy,grabbing her hips,i thrust hard.I never sweated so much in my life,i couldn't think of anything,just fucking.Eventually,release.As i took myself out,and took a deep breath.
I had no time to rest,putting my mom back onto the couch.I made sure their panties were back on,as i looked to my mom and her friends.Looking around frantically,i bumped my knee on the coutch,as i grabbed my shirt and shorts,and darted back up to my room.Looking at the clock,before i went to bed 5:00 AM.
The next morning,i had my clothes on,and walked down to the living room.No one was there,but i did hear voices coming from the kitchen.My mom and her friends were sitting down,rubbing their hands against their foreheads,as i offered to make them breakfast.My mom apologized,and i understood.While i fixed them some orange juice,i told them that in a few weeks i had another award ceremony.I asked if my mom and her friends could help me celebrate again,but i doubt they knew what my intentions for good grades were now.
The End
2006-Copyright Eric Luna

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