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Playing House with my Cousin

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Playing House with my Cousin

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Chapter 1 – Blackmailing my Cousin

My name is Mark and at the time of this story I am 16 years old. I was living with my mom and dad in a suburb of New York city. My parents bedroom was on the first floor, so that mean I had the entire upper floor to myself. During the summer my cousin Catie would come and visit our family for a couple of weeks. She would stay in the room down the hall from my bedroom. She had just turned 14 that spring and when she first entered the house I saw something different in her.

She was a tiny girl, about 5'3 with a slim, athletic and tanned body. She had long dirty blond hair that she usually wore in a pony tail. Catie greeted myself and my parents with big hugs and excited talk of her school year. As she hugged me I could feel her growing breasts pushed against me. She was wearing a tight fitting pair of stylish jeans, flip flops, and a soft blue cotton t-shirt. Her body smelled of the sweetness after a woman showers, the scent of her shampoo and body wash was enticing. I couldn't believe the thoughts that were going through my mind about my young cousin.

We all ate dinner together and chatted about our plans for the summer. Catie always enjoyed coming to visit my parents because they treated her like a little angel since they had never had a daughter of their own. It kinda pissed me off how much they went out of their way to please her. My aunt and uncle were a little wealthier, and she acted somewhat snobby which also added to my dislike of her. I had to admit, she was turning out to be cute as hell though.

The next day my parents took Catie shopping, probably to buy her whatever her little heart desired. I slept in, enjoying the beginning of a long summer. I woke up and ate some toast for breakfast while I watched TV. I was pretty horny so I decided to jerk off since I had the house to myself. I went to my usual material of an old Victoria's secret magazine. The pictures of bras and panties made me want to touch one, run my cock against it I went down the hall to the guest room my bratty cousin was now inhabiting. I could smell the sweet scent of a teenage girl, a mix of perfume, body lotion, and hair spray. I opened up the first couple of drawers in the bureau next to her bed. The first two were just pants and shirts, cute little shorts and tiny t-shirts. The next drawer was filled with socks and an assortment of underwear. She had a couple of regular cotton bras that were uninteresting. There was one bra that was a little sexier, it was small, red and lacy. I pulled my cock out and ran it against the cool, soft fabric of her bra. It felt great against my sensitive member, and caused it to grow even more. I then picked up the matching pair of panties, also rubbing the lacy material against my dick. I went through the rest of her underwear but they were just normal cotton panties that a young teenage girl would wear. To my amazement hidden beneath the underwear I found a small vibrator, a pocket rocket. It smelled of pussy and made my dick even harder, I imagined her using it on her tiny pussy. I took the panties with me back to my room and used them to stroke my cock until I came. I got a little drop of cum on the crotch of her panties, which I wiped off so she wouldn't notice. It turned me on to think of my cum being so close to her little cunt. I cleaned up and replaced her underwear in her drawer.

That night after dinner I was taking a shower and I heard a frantic knock on the bathroom door. “Its me, I really have to pee” Catie squealed from behind the door. “Its open, come in” I reluctantly told her even though I wanted to make her hold it. I could see her enter the bathroom, as she sat down on the toilet I peeked through the shower curtain to get a better look. I could see her perfectly in the mirror across from the shower without her being able to see me. I watched as she pulled down her jeans and panties in one motion and sat down on the toilet. I could see her perfectly tanned and skinny legs part slightly as she began to pee. I could see her tiny white cotton panties bunched up at her ankles, but I could just barely see her hairless slit. I heard the stream of piss hitting the toilet, and a groan of relief from his cousin. She wiped herself and dressed, after she washed her hands she thanked me and left. I finished up my shower and prepared to go out for the evening.

I returned home around 2 in the morning, both my parents were sound asleep. I had never gotten in any trouble and received good grades so they trusted me to stay out late. As I walked up the stairs I noticed a light was on in the guest room where my cousin was. I looked in the door and saw that she was in bed reading a book.

“Hey Mark, did you have a good night”, Catie asked in a sweet voice.

“Yup, just hung out with some friends” I replied from the doorway. I was feeling pretty drunk and didn't feel like being bothered by this brat.

“Why don't you come in and talk, I can't sleep and my book is boring.”

I didn't have a good excuse to refuse her and I didn't want her to tell my parents I was being a dick and then they would hassle me. I took of my shoes and threw them in the hall, entering her room I sat down on the bed next to her. We talked for awhile about what my parents had bought her and how bitchy some of the girls at school were. I grew a little irritated at her meaningless rambling and her snotty attitude. She saw me shiver due to the cold air from the air conditioner and invited me under the covers to get warm. I was cold and wanted to lay back to I agreed. I laid next to her resting my head next to hers on the pillow, we were very close since it was a single bed. As I lifted the covers I noticed she was wearing a tiny pair of white shorts and a small white t-shirt that revealed a thin strip of tanned belly. I warmed up quickly being under the covers and next to her body. She turned off the light next to her bed, leaving the room dimly lit by the light in the hallway. Catie continued her monologue of whining and gossip which I barely responded to. In my drunken state I could only think of the supple teenage body that lay next to me, whether or not she was my cousin. I looked over at her incredibly cute face and soft, dirty blond hair. I began to create a plan in my mind of how to take advantage of this young girl, I would punish her for being such a little snot. My mind started to convince itself that she needed to be initiated into sex, and her possession of the vibrator proved she was horny.

“So have you kissed any boys yet Catie” I playfully asked her.

“Not yet, a few have tried but I push them away. Even if I had wanted to kiss them I'm not sure I would be any good at it.” she replied, noticeably blushing.

“I'm sure you would be good, maybe I can give you some pointers.” I couldn't believe the words were actually coming out of my mouth. In the dark I could see her hesitantly nod her head yes. I leaned close to her and softly kissed her on her lips. She giggled and turned her head away, but seconds later brought her lips back to meet mine. We kissed each other on the lips quickly a couple of times and then one longer one. I got brave and tried sticking my tongue into her mouth, once she realized what she was doing she closed her lips tightly and turned her head.

“I don't think we should be doing this Mark, we are cousins and I'm still too young” Catie said to me in her soft voice. I stopped kissing her but kept my head close to her face and my body close to hers. We lay there quietly for a few minutes as I calculated my next move. I put my arm around her waist and leaned towards her neck, where I began to lick my way up to her ear. I slowly moved my hand to slightly rub her small, perky tit.

“What are you doing Mark, stop it.” my cousin squealed as she pushed me away from her. I almost fell off the small bed but I managed to hold onto her with one arm and steady myself.

“I just want to play a little with you” I mockingly said to her. I again placed my hand on her young tit and gave a gentle squeeze, noticing she didn't have a bra on underneath. She resumed her struggle against me, and threatened to scream and tell my parents.

“If you tell my parents, I will tell everyone about your little toy” I whispered in her ear. She stopped moving and was immediately silent, I heard her catch her breath.

“Why were you going through my things? Please don't tell anyone, I'll get in so much trouble. My parents will kill me.” Catie began to plead as tears rolled down her face. I got up and shut her bedroom door, turning on a small night light so I would be able to see her better. I walked over to the bureau and retrieved the tiny dildo from the drawer. I removed my pants and shirt, leaving myself dressed in just boxer briefs which outlined my already hard prick. Even in the dim light I could see fear in her face as I crawled back under the covers. I put the toy on the nightstand next to bed, as I wouldn't be needing it yet. I looked over at my young cousin and admired her beauty.

I started to kiss and lick her neck again, nibbling her ears and thrusting my tongue inside. She didn't make any move to push me off this time, I just heard her softly crying and whispering no. I began massaging both of her small breasts through the thin fabric of her t-shirt. I could feel her nipples harden as a tweaked them, which caused her to inhale quickly. I then kissed from her ears to her lips, and began to softly kiss her. This time when I tried sticking my tongue in she briefly resisted, parting her lips with a sigh. I probed her tiny mouth with my tongue, rubbing it all over the inside of her mouth and around her tongue. She closed her eyes tightly as he assaulted her body, her sobbing becoming less frequent. She had given up but was still disgusted by what her cousin was doing to her.

I stopped kissing my cousin briefly to remove her small, white t-shirt despite her protests. Resuming our kiss, I began to fondle her now naked chest. Her tits weren't big, but they were cute and perky with hard, pink nipples. I was kissing her passionately while she lay there occasionally whimpering and not returning my kiss. I stopped kissing her and moved my mouth down to her nipples, alternating between the two of them. I sucked and gently bit her nipples, causing her to softly sigh. She lay on the bed completely still, in shock at what her older cousin was doing to her. I began to gently rub her pussy through her tiny shorts while I continued sucking her tits. Knowing she wouldn't resist at all, I removed the small pair of soft, cotton shorts. She lifted up her tight little ass so I could remove the shorts, leaving her teenage body completely naked before me. I could see that her pussy was completely hairless except for some light peach fuzz. Catie had fear in her eyes as she watched her cousin ogle her nude body. She had never been naked in front of anyone before except her parents when she was younger or a doctor. It scared her the way Mark greedily gazed at her, now staring at her exposed pussy.

I grabbed the vibrator off the nightstand and handed it to her. I told her I wanted her to show me how she used it, seeing hesitation on her face I threatened to reveal her secret toy to everyone. Catie reluctantly grabbed the dildo and began unenthusiastically rubbing it up and down her slit. I told her to turn it on and show me how she really used it. She turned the small toy on, and left it vibrate on her hairless clit. Even though she tried to fight it, Catie started to get aroused by the vibration of the toy on her clit. I could see her close her eyes as her hips slowly rocked against the dildo. She pressed it tighter against her body softly moaning in pleasure. Catie couldn't believe she was laying next next to her cousin rubbing a vibrator on her clit and she was actually getting turned on.

I instructed her to push the vibrator inside her, causing her to open her eyes and look at me in shock. “I can't do that, I've never done that before” Catie whispered. I took her hand and guided it down and helped her slowly push the dildo inside her. At first it was hard putting it in, but she began to get wet and the toy slid into her. She moaned as feelings of pleasure went through her body. I knelt between her legs and began to lick her clit as I slowly fucked her with the toy. Her pussy smelled so sweet and clean, and I loved rubbing my tongue all over her clit. Her pussy was now getting really wet and the vibrator went in easily, I began fucking her harder and faster with it. I heard her breath start to quicken as I sucked her clit and pushed the small toy in and out of her. “Oh god” Catie said softly between rapid breaths as I felt her pussy tighten around the dildo. Catie began moaning and bucking wildly as she came for the first time in her life. She closed her eyes and pushed against the vibrator, cumming for several seconds. I continued to fuck her pussy with the toy, which was now soaked with her cum.

I pulled off my boxer briefs freeing my hard 8” cock. Catie opened her eyes and began to struggle and plead with me again, telling me she was too young to do what I intended. I ignored her pleas and pinned back her arms, positioning myself over her moist cunt. I started rubbing my cock up and down her slit, lubricating it with her cum. I then slowly inserted my dick into my young cousin, her pussy was so tight around my dick I thought I was going to cum immediately. She grabbed my arms in pain as I plunged my cock into her tight hole. I told her I needed to pop her cherry, and that it might hurt for a minute but she had to go through it. I pushed forward inside her, feeling resistance and I pushed hard forward using all my body weight. Catie screamed and I muffled it with a kiss as I pushed all the way inside her. I started fucking her slowly and as her pain subsided I felt her body relax. My cousin moaned softly as pain turned to pleasure, and her pussy expanded to meet the size of my cock. It felt so good fucking her tight pussy even though I knew it was wrong. I took the dildo and shoved it in her mouth, telling her to suck off her cum. She did willingly, licking it like a lollipop and then sucking it into her tiny mouth. I grabbed her ass and impaled her on my cock as I fucked in and out of her. I felt my balls tighten and suddenly my dick shot loads of cum deep inside her teenage cunt. Catie bucked her hips towards me as she felt the sensation of warm liquid entering her pussy. After what seemed like an hour I stopped cumming and pulled my cock out of her. I quickly put her white cotton panties back on and watched as my cum soaked through them.

“Isn't this how you get pregnant? We learned in health class that a man ejaculates inside a woman, some of the guys called it cumming. Am I going to get pregnant?” Catie asked with fearful eyes. I assured her she probably wouldn't get pregnant and she seemed to calm down. I could see that some of my cum had ran out of her pussy and down to her ass crack, wetting the outside of the panties covering that area. I gave her a kiss on the lips and told her goodnight, gathering my clothes and went to bed satisfied.

Chapter 2 – Lets Go Shopping

The week after our sexual encounter was pretty normal, Catie was the normal bratty cousin. She gloated in the attention and gifts showered on her by my parents, which pissed me off because she was already spoiled. Whenever my parents would chastise me for something in front of her she would make a smart ass comment which would cause both my parents to laugh. I wanted to slap her for humiliating me, and wanted to do the same to my parents for praising her for it. I managed to hold my temper during these times by thinking of how sweet my revenge would be. My perfect opportunity came up when my parents left for the weekend to visit some friends in the city. They told me to look after my little cousin, of course I readily obliged.

Catie wasn't worried about being alone with her cousin, she thought what happened the other night would never happen again. She had to admit it did feel good, especially the feeling of being filled up with hot spunk. Catie was showering the morning her aunt and uncle left town when Mark walked into the bathroom. At first she was startled but he told her he was going to take her shopping. He left the bathroom and Catie figured he was trying to be nice because of what happened the other night. She looked up to her older cousin and knew she couldn't stay mad at him. She also knew he was drunk and from stories knew that people do crazy things under the influence of alcohol. Catie got dressed quickly and met Mark downstairs. They had friendly conversation on the way to the mall. Mark chose the smaller of the malls near him because it was also less crowded, and today it was nearly empty. They walked around the mall together window shopping. Mark bought her lunch at the food court and Catie was surprised at his sudden kindness. Mark suggested that he wanted to buy her some new clothing, but playfully said that he wanted to pick it out for her. Catie happily agreed as she never refused new clothing.

After their meal they walked over to a large department store in the mall. First Mark got her a pair of shiny black shoes with straps over the foot so that the toes were exposed. The shoes had a small heel, which I chose to accentuate her small, firm ass. Next he picked out a very tight blue shirt, which was low cut. After Mark picked up a short plaid skirt Catie was somewhat suspicious, but nonetheless she was thrilled with his generosity and thought nothing of it. Mark then picked up a pair of white knee high stockings that had lace trim around the top. They walked by the underwear section and Mark informed her that guys like sexy underwear, and she should get a pair since to adults were there to stop her. To Catie it seemed like Mark was just including her in a little harmless rebellion against parental rules. Catie told him how all the girls at school talked about thongs, so they picked out a tiny pair of blue silk thongs. Together they chose a matching blue silk bra with lacy parts.

“This outfit is so hot, the guys at school are going to drool over me!” Catie exclaimed. Mark agreed with her and suggested that she try the outfit on before they leave to make sure it fit. Mark waited outside while Catie put on her new outfit. She loved the feel of the silky panties and bra against her private areas. She admired herself in the mirror, wearing only her bra and panties. These were the sexiest underwear she had ever seen, she would have to keep them hidden from her aunt and mother. Catie pulled on the plaid skirt, which fell midway between her hip and knee. She pulled on the t-shirt and again looked at her reflection, she had never worn something so sexy and low-cut. The bra was also small and low-cut so you could see the tops of her young, tanned breasts. Catie once again enjoyed the feel of silky fabric as she pulled on the white knee high stockings, the lace at the top was really sexy too. Finally she put the heels on, giving her an extra inch of height. Her cute, pantyhose covered toes were visible through the open front of the shoes. She looked at herself in the mirror one last time, her cousin had pretty good taste in clothes. Unfortunately if her family caught her wearing it she would be killed, this would be their little secret. Catie left the dressing room and showed Mark her new outfit, he whistled and told her how pretty she looked. Mark suggested she wear the outfit home since no one was home to catch her. Catie agreed it would be one of the rare times she would get to dress like this so she started walking back to the dressing room. Mark followed her into the small room, telling her he was going to help her cut the tags off the clothing since some where in hard to reach spots.

Catie didn't think anything of her cousin accompanying her to the dressing room, he was just there to help, besides she was already dressed. As Catie bent down to pick up her old clothing and put it into a bag Mark admired her gorgeous body, the beautiful patch of tanned skin between the end of her short skirt and the top of her lacy knee highs. Mark used a pocketknife to quickly cut all the tags off the clothing and put them in his pocket so he could present them at the counter to pay.

Mark stepped closer to Catie and hugged her, she hugged him back thinking it a normal family hug. He continued his hug and began to rub her back. He told her how pretty she looked and how much he loved her. She thanked him and told him she loved him too and that he was the best cousin for getting her some new clothes. Mark then began to kiss his young cousin, softly at first and then quite passionately. Catie couldn't believe he was behaving this way again, and in a public place. She was too scared to move or even close her mouth while his tongue probed her. Mark roughly grabbed her tits causing her to gasp. Mark continued kissing his teenage cousin, and put one hand up her skirt to touch her silky thong. Catie's mind raced as she felt her cousin touch her, she knew it was incest and disgusting, but she was also afraid someone would find them. Mark started rubbing her pussy through the thin material of her panties, concentrating on her clit. Catie felt her legs weaken as her pussy began to tingle uncontrollably, Mark held her in one arm as his fingers rubbed her pussy and his tongue ran around her mouth.

Mark walked his cousin over to the small bench in front of the dressing room mirror and sat her down. She looked at him with panic in her eyes as he knelt between her legs. Mark put his head under her skirt and with his tongue pushed aside her thong and began licking her clit. The taste of her hairless, freshly cleaned pussy was delicious and he hungrily ate her out. Catie tried pushing her cousin away but that only made him more forceful. Even though it was so wrong she couldn't deny her arousal. She began softly crying again because her cousin was assaulting her for the second time and out of fear of being discovered by someone in the store. Mark ignored her sobbing and after he felt she was sufficiently made her stand up and face the mirror. He bent her over and placed her elbows on the low bench sitting before the mirror. Her ass was sticking up in the air in front of her older cousin. Mark dropped his pants and lifted her skirt, revealing her thong covered ass. She had a perfect ass, firm and tanned, which looked great against her blue thong. Mark rubbed his hands up her leg, feeling the silkiness of the white knee highs. He pulled aside her thong and began to rub his cock against her slit for the second time. Catie couldn't believe she was going to get fucked again by her cousin.

Catie tried to stifle a moan as he pushed the entire 8” of cock into his young cousin. Mark was pleased to notice that her pussy was well lubricated and soon he is fucking her rapidly. He pushed his cousin down towards the bench giving him a better view of her luscious ass. Mark was impaling the young girl on his large cock and both were breathing rapidly. Grabbing her ass, he began to fuck her faster and harder. Each of their breaths quickened as they both neared orgasm. He felt her pussy contract around his dick which threw him over the edge and he began to cum too. Her pussy made a slurping sound as his dick moved in because of the large amounts of their cum inside her. Once they were both finished cumming, Mark removed his penis and straightened her thong. Neither said a word as they fixed their clothing and left the dressing room.

While walking through the mall Catie felt the eyes of the few men there looking her up and down. She felt really dirty walking around with a pussy full of cum in this short skirt. As Mark walked behind her and enjoyed the view of her ass, he noticed some of their cum running down her leg and getting her thigh highs wet. The two cousins returned home without talking much, but Mark wasn't finished with her yet.

Chapter 3 – A Little Help From A Friend

After arriving at his house Mark invited a friend from school over named Dan. Mark instructed Catie not to change, so she waited in her room with a mix of fear and anticipation. When Dan got there Mark briefed him on the details of the last couple of weeks. The story made his friend excited, and both couldn't wait to have some more fun.

Mark called Catie downstairs and introduced her to Dan. She didn't like the way Dan was looking at her in the short skirt. Mark led the three of them into his parents room and into the adjoining bathroom. There was a large spa bathtub big enough for several people. Mark instructed Catie to lie down in the empty tub after taking her shoes off. Both the boys stripped naked as they gazed at the timid looking young girl lying in the tub. She was still wearing her short plaid skirt, white thigh highs, and tight top. Dan stood next to Catie in the tub and put his dick next to her face, rubbing it on her lips. She screamed and tried to push him away but there was no where to escape. Dan held her nostrils shut, forcing her to open her mouth for air. Once her mouth was open he stuffed his large cock inside her, forcing her to give her first blow job. Mark watched as Dan forced her head back and forth on his cock, occasionally Catie would choke on his cock and cough. Dan began to moan as he felt her small tongue run over his prick. Mike pulled his hard cock out of his pants, and waited till it got limp. He then began to piss on his cousin, first on her chest and then down to her crotch. Catie's shirt and skirt were now wet with his hot piss, she couldn't even move because Dan had her mouth wrapped around his cock. Catie was disgusted by the feeling of the hot pissing soaking into her clothing.

Dan suddenly pulled his cock out of her mouth, giving her time to catch her breath. It was quickly replaced by her cousins equally as large prick. Catie started crying for the second time today as she realized the disgusting reality of her humiliation, being raped by her cousin and his friend after being pissed on by her cousin. As the tears fell down her cheeks Dan moved aside her wet thong and started to fuck her pussy. He wasn't as gentle as her cousin was, he roughly shoved his big cock into her tight pussy, causing her to pull the cock out of her mouth to get a large gasp of air. Suddenly Mark's cock grew harder and started shooting cum inside her mouth, he held her head in place so she was forced to swallow it all. After her cousin finished Dan began thrusting harder and faster into her, she then felt him tense up and began shooting his load into her pussy. Moaning loudly Dan finished emptying his balls deep into the young girls cunt. Mark told Catie to wash her clothes she was wearing, take a shower and put back on the panties and bra and join them downstairs. Both boys left the sobbing girl to clean up.

An hour later Catie came downstairs and sat down with the boys who were watching TV, she was freshly showered and had a robe on. The short robe showed off her sexy, skinny legs. The three of them ate a dinner of leftover pizza from the fridge. Mark cleaned up the dinner plates and returned to the room with several glasses and a bottle of liquor. The trio began drinking and in little time all three were pretty drunk from the strong alcohol. Catie was especially drunk since it was the first time she ever drank. She felt really good, all warm and fuzzy and happy. She was no longer upset about the days activities, and when she thought about what happened she was turned on. Catie sat in between the two boys and watched TV, occasionally chatting about the show they were watching.

Catie felt a little dizzy so she decided to lay down across Dan's lap and put her legs across her cousin's lap. As she lay her head on his lap she could feel his cock growing. Catie unzipped Dan's pants and pulled his cock out, holding it in her tiny hands. She then took the head of the cock and started to lick it, working her way down the shaft to his balls. The young girl then sucked his cock into her mouth and started noisily slurping it. She began vigorously sucking Dan off to the amazement of both the boys. As Catie devoured Dan's cock, her cousin took out his cock and started rubbing it against her moist pussy.

“Fuck me again Mark”, Catie said to her cousin and then went back to sucking off Dan. Mark obeyed her wish and pushed her thong string aside and started to fuck her pussy. It was already soaked from the arousal the alcohol and cock in her mouth caused. Mark fucked his cousin with long, hard thrusts. Catie's unashamed moaning was muffled by the big dick she was noisily sucking. Dan pushed her off his cock and told both of them to get up. Dan laid down on the couch and told Catie to start riding him, she readily jumped on his cock, placing it between her lips and sliding down onto it. Mark got behind her on the couch and slowly inserted his lubed up cock into her incredibly tight asshole. Both boys began vigorously double penetrating the young girl who was now screaming and moaning with delight. After fucking the teenager for several minutes, both boys emptied their load inside her. As the boys removed themselves from her, she made sure to lick the cum off of each of their dicks. After cleaning them off Catie bent over the couch and with her fingers started eating their sperm out of her. All three were exhausted and went to sleep on the floor of the living room together. The boys woke up at separate times during the night and fucked Catie again, filling her tiny hole with more sperm.

A day later Mark's parents arrived home and had no clue what had happened in their absence. In the middle of the week Mark's mother had a wedding shower to attend out of town, leaving just Catie, her cousin, and her uncle. Catie ended up getting really horny and going into her uncle's room. At first she pretended like she had a bad dream and wanted to lay next to him. Before her uncle knew what was going on she had his cock in her mouth, greedily sucking away. That night she fucked her uncle and left him cum in her mouth.

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I enjoyed the story as a whole, but the last few paragraphs seemed rushed to me. It looked as if you were in a hurry to finish it. Plus, it also appears the girl traveled a little to fast. She went from being afraid from her parents knowing she had a vibr


I do agree with consistency, however some people start out a story one way, find it too hard/hectic to continue, and finish it another way. For instance, first person is extremely hard for me to do. The change didn't entirely destroy the story, it was a g

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