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Saturday Morning with My Niece

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Saturday Morning With My Niece

by Reeb


It was the following Saturday morning after last weekends completely erotic sexual encounter with my two sister-in-laws and my niece. Please read my story "Nieces Family Fun" which describes the hot sex action that took place that day.

I arrived at my sister-in-law Deedee's house around 9am. She greeted me wearing only a short white cotton tee cut off at the midrift and loose fitting black silk gym shorts.

"Hi Ron, come on in." Dee said in a sultry way.

These gym shorts were very short, exposing the tops of her thighs and the soft tanned swells of her dark tanned butt checks as I walked behind her. I followed her thru the living room into the kitchen completely enjoying the sights, the bounce of her soft butt cheeks.

"Would you like some coffee, Ron?" she asked as I drooled over the view of her sexy tight ass.

"Uh yeah, sure Dee, sounds good." I replied as I sat down at her kitchen table.

I watched intently as Dee poured some coffee in a mug. She leaned toward the kitchen counter as she reached for the sugar. As she did, those shorts rode up exposing even more of her lovely thighs and perfect shaped ass. Dee has one of the hottest butts I've ever seen and she knows how her fine ass turns me on.

With her ass pushed out, she sexily looked over her left shoulder and with a sly smirk asked "One lump or two?".

As my eyes glazed with lust staring at her sweet ass, I was barely able to clear my throat enough to reply "Two would be great, Dee."

She laughed as she knew she had me completely aroused, looking at my swollen hard shaft pushing to get out of my shorts, "Looks like one big lump will do for me." she replied laughing as my eyes followed hers to my rock solid seven inch long thick cock.

Dee added the sugar to my coffee and turned, bringing it over and setting the mug on the table. She moved back so she was leaning her butt against the counter top. As I sipped my coffee, I gazed at her lovely body standing before me. She was not wearing a bra under her thin white tee and her dark nipples were standing straight out, calling for attention.

Let me again describe Dee to you. Just imagine a dark complexion beauty like Salma Hayek, with a little smaller boobs but equally as beautiful. Dee has a very dark tan, jet black shoulder length hair, dark eyes and a sweet sexy smile with a pair of soft lips adorning her beautiful face. She has these very defined tanlines which I find very sexy.

As my eyes feasted upon her beauty, my cock swelled to it's full length and was throbbing for sex. I could feel pre-cum oozing from my shaft as my heart pounded in my chest. God, she was so fucking gorgeous and just emitted the presence of pure sexual excitement in the room.

"Ron, how's the coffee?" Dee asked snapping me back to reality.

I replied "Hot Dee, like the way you look this morning. Man, you really look good Dee. I can't believe how you look sexier every time I see you!"

Dee smiled and with a big sexy grin said, "I have you to thank Ron. You opened my eyes to see myself in a new way. Plus Leeza and I have found this new relationship. She's not only my daughter but now my sex partner too. We've been exploring our bi-sexuality with each other and she's such an eager student."

"Oh really, so Leeza is acquiring a taste for sweet Italian pussy?" I replied with a devilish smile.

"She does exactly what her mother tells her to, and quite well, if I do say so myself." Dee said with a laugh.

"I saw the way she watched you and Leah last weekend." I said.

"She loves your hard cock Ron, but eating pussy is a new thing for her and she wants to experience all a growing woman can." Dee replied.

"Yeah, you're right Dee. She's grown into a very sexy young woman. Next to you, she's one of the hottest babes I know." I replied honestly.

Dee blushed slightly, looked deep into my eyes as her right hand dropped and touched her swollen clit lightly thru the soft silk material of her gym shorts. Our eyes locked as her left hand came up and caressed her erect right nipple thru her tee shirt. She rolled the turgid swollen flesh between her fingers. I could tell she wore no panties as a wet spot was forming around her fingers as she rubbed her hard clit.

My cock was throbbing in my shorts and needed to be free from its confines. Still looking deep into each other's eyes, I popped the button on my shorts and slowly pulled down the zipper exposing my bright red underwear. Dee's eyes widened as I lifted my butt, slipped my shorts, underwear and all to the floor, exposing my rock solid and thick seven inch cock to Dee's eager and cock hungry eyes.

I gripped my cock firmly in my hand and stroked it slowly, never once taking my eyes off her sexy body. We both caressed ourselves, watching every sexual touch we generated toward our completely aroused bodies. My stiff cock with it's swollen purple head and pre-cum forming as I slowly slid my hand up and down. Her fingers running lightly up and down her hard clit, the wet spot on her shorts becoming larger with each stroke.

Finally Dee couldn't take any more and slowly, as if in a trance, walked over and dropped to her knees between my legs. I let her soft little hand replace mine as she gently grabbed my hard shaft between her small fingers. She pulled lightly on my shaft as her hand encircled the base. My cock head was swollen, huge and purple as she stroked my hardness.

My cock seemed to swell even more as I watched her hand gently pull and stroke my swollen shaft. The feeling of her hot breath nearing my cock as she gently laid her head on my thigh, was ecstasy beyond belief. Dee then looked up into my eyes as her sweet lips opened and slipped over my purple cock head. A shudder of excitement shot thru my entire body.

I watched intently as Dee's soft lips worked down the length of my hard shaft. She had about 4 inches in her hot mouth as she slowly pulled off my throbbing cock. The lips of her sexy mouth looked so fucking hot with my stiff cock gliding between them. Dee slowly sucked my cock back into her mouth, in and out, each time taking a little more until she had the entire seven inches of swollen cock deep in her hot wet mouth.

Dee's hot mouth was working my hard cock so slow, in and out of her sexy mouth, I could barely stand it. As I began to feel the cum boiling in my balls, she would slow down and just hold my swollen shaft in her hot wet mouth, and the feeling would subside. She did this 5-6 times until my whole body was nearly shaking with excitement. Man, could this woman suck some cock or what!

Dee cupped and caressed my balls as she continued to hold my throbbing shaft between those soft sexy hot lips. Slowly she worked my shaft in and out of her sweet mouth. Her soft tongue began to swirl and slide around the sensitive head of my swollen member. My hands were stroking and softly caressing her shoulders, neck and running thru her hair as she worked my cock as good as any woman ever had.

As I looked down at this dark haired beauty kneeling on the kitchen floor sucking my purple cock head again into her hot mouth, I caught movement out of my right eye. As I turned my head, my sexy young 16 year old niece Leeza was walking toward the kitchen thru the living room. I couldn't believe what a sexy sight she was as she innocently headed towards the kitchen.

Leeza was wearing this short sheer blue lace teddy and matching panties. You could see nearly everything thru the thin material of this outfit. Just for a second, I wondered if these two had planned all this to happen. Leeza looked too fucking hot and sexy to just happen to stroll in on us. Leeza has a slightly lighter complexion than her mother, dark brown hair and a sexy young girl next door cuteness which she uses as a sexual attribute.

Anyway, as Leeza neared the kitchen, she spotted her mom on the floor sucking her Uncle Ron's swollen shaft. Leeza smiled from ear to ear as she entered the kitchen. Her tight teenage body looked extremely sexy and hot in that sheer lingerie. Leeza's body is so tight without one ounce of fat on her. She looked with envy toward her mother as she continued sucking my shaft.

"Ok mom, save some breakfast for me!" Leeza chuckled.

Dee released my hard cock from her mouth for a second to say "You'll have to wait your turn honey."

As Dee went back to giving me some of the best head of my life, Leeza leaned back against the counter and watched her mom intently. She watched carefully, taking in everything her mother did to my hard shaft. I could notice that Leeza's dark nipples were growing hard by the second. As she watched her mom suck Uncle Ron's cock, I said "Leeza, show me your sexy outfit."

With Dee still sucking my hard shaft, Leeza slowly piroutted around to expose her firm young teenage backside. I watched as Leeza pulled up the hem of her teddy, giving me a better view of her sexy butt encased in the sheer blue lace matching panties. I could see her sexy white tanlines and the sweet crack of her ass thru the sheer material. My cock grew even more at the sight of her tight teenage ass.

Dee sensing what her sexy daughter was doing to me, began to quicken the pace, working my cock faster between those soft pouting lips. As I neared orgasm, Leeza dropped to the floor, next to her mom. She watched closely as mom taught her another lesson of the fine art of sucking a man's cock.

"Mom, I want to see him shoot off." Leeza begged of her mother.

Dee then slowed and held my cock deep in her hot mouth, creating a sucking motion, milking my cock to orgasm. My juices began to rush from deep within my body as Dee let my shaft slip from her mouth and gripped the base of my solid pulsating shaft. I don't think my cock ever looked so large in my life as it did then.

As Dee pointed my cock toward Leeza's face, I chuckled inside, thinking she better watch out as I didn't have sex since the last weekend. My balls were full and ready to explode. I knew what kind of cum load was about to be released. Dee held tight, pulled my rigid shaft as my body shuddered and my orgasm began.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah!" I moaned as I released my seed.

"Open your mouth honey!" Dee commanded of her daughter.

Dee pulled my shaft and aimed it towards Leeza's sexy young opened mouth just as the first large stream of hot cum forcefully shot out, hitting Leeza right on her lips and in the corner of her mouth, trailing down her chin onto her sexy boobs. I couldn't believe the amount of hot thick white jism that landed on my nieces sweet young face.

Leeza tried to lick her lips as the second large stream of hot cum hit her on her right cheek and again trailed down her chin and neck. The third stream of hot cum just barely hit her chin but landed on her soft blue lace encased boobs. Each large stream of hot cum a little less forceful than the preceding. I came with such force I almost lost my breath and nearly blacked out.

Leeza laughed as each spurt of hot cum shot out and hit her. She didn't realize and wasn't expecting such large powerfull cumshots as they bolted out, hitting her face. What a sexy sight seeing my lovely sixteen year old niece take her first facial of hot spunk from her horny Uncle Ron.

What she did next surprised me, she took her right hand and scooped my cum between her fingers. Leeza rolled my cum between her fingers and examined the texture and feel of it. She then slipped her fingers into her soft mouth, tasting her Uncle Ron's salty cum. Dee smiled as she was very turned on watching her daughter eat my cum.

Dee turned her attention back to my swollen cock and slipped my cum covered shaft back into her mouth, sucking me dry. Leeza leaned forward licking the base of my hard shaft with cum still on her sweet young face. I was so turned on, seeing mother and daughter both sucking at my rigid shaft. Dee pulled off my cock and Leeza sucked the swollen head between her soft young lips. While Leeza sucked lightly on my cock, Dee started licking my cum off her daughter's face.

The next sight was such a turn on as mother and daughter kissed, passing my hot cum back and forth between their hot sexy mouths. I could see white gobs of cum on their tongues as they kissed feverishly right between my legs. Dee continued to lick her daughters face clean as the both took turns swallowing my hot cum.

As they finished, Leeza said "God mom, that was so cool!"

"Yeah baby, your uncle was loaded for bear, right Ron?" Dee motioned to me as she still held my hard erect shaft in her hand.

"You two are the best. That was the hottest fucking thing I've ever seen." I replied.

"What do you say we all move to the living room." Dee suggested.

I peeled off all my clothes as I followed these two sexy babes to the living room holding my now semi-erect cock in my hand, I couldn't help notice the similarities between them. The older Leeza got, the more her body filled out and looked like Dee's. Dee still had these wider sexier hips and woman curves but Leeza had the smaller tighter fresh teenage butt. Don't get me wrong, both their asses were very sexy and hot in their own way.

"Sit down Ron and watch for a bit. I want to show you some things I've taught Leeza this past week." Dee instructed.

As I sat on the couch gently stroking my semi-hard cock, Dee and her daughter Leeza embraced and kissed passionately in front of me. I watched intently as they kissed and caressed each others bodies, Leeza slowly starting to remove her mom's clothing. Leeza gently pulled Dee's white tee over her head, exposing her small white tan-lined boobs with very erect dark swollen nipples.

Leeza dropped her head and sucked her mom's left nipple into her mouth, rolling it between her soft lips. As she did this, Dee caressed Leeza's soft tits in her hands and moaned softly, feeling her daughter's hot mouth encircling her hard nipples. After a few minutes sucking Dee's nipples, Leeza slowly dropped down, trailing kisses down her mother's smooth tanned stomach, all the while gently pushing mom's silk gym shorts down her tight tanned legs.

As Dee stepped out of her shorts, Leeza nuzzled her nose in her mom's soft bush, smelling the excitement of her moist and wet opening. Her soft tongue flicked out, striking Dee's swollen clit lightly, sending sexual jolts of electricity thru Dee's entire body. Dee drew a sharp breath, feeling her daughter's tongue caressing her most sensual area. She spread her legs slightly, giving Leeza better access to her mom's wet pussy.

Leeza began sucking deep and hard at her mother's wet pussy. She rolled her mom's swollen clit between her soft lips, sending Dee closer to orgasm. Dee's legs weakened as Leeza zeroed in on her erect love button. Dee didn't want to cum just yet so she pulled Leeza up, again kissing her deeply, only this time she could taste her own juices in her daughter's mouth.

I watched closely as another of one of the most erotic sights ever seen in my life unfolded before my eyes. Mother and daughter, both completely loving and sexually satisfying each other before my lusting eyes. My cock began to swell and grow hard again as I was entranced at the events taking place before me.

Dee slid the sheer blue teddy down over Leeza's shoulders, exposing Leeza's larger and firmer boobs. I could tell Dee was somewhat envious of her daughter's larger boobs as she paused just a second, looking at them. Dee lowered her head and her tongue flicked across Leeza's swollen left nipple. Leeza moaned softly feeling her mom's soft lips encircle her hard nipple, sucking it in and teasing it gently. Dee returned the favor as her daughter did to her, sucking lightly, teasing each nipple for several seconds before switching to the other.

As Leeza's blue teddy dropped to the floor, so did Dee who now was eye level with her daughter's young teenage pussy. Dee opened her mouth and covered Leeza's sparse hair covered pussy, mouthing her excited clit thru her soaking wet blue lace panties. Her daughter moaned as mother sucked hard on her swollen clit thru her panties. Dee cupped Leeza's small butt cheeks as she pulled her daughter hard into her mouth, sucking her clit even harder.

Dee then turned Leeza so her sexy butt faced me, she hooked the sheer panties in her thumbs and gently started peeling them down Leeza's long sexy young legs. I could see her sweet young pussy lips protruding down thru the sheer blue material of her panties. I watched as Leeza's sexy white butt cheeks came into unobtructed view. She has such a firm small tight teenage ass with sexy tan-lines like her mother.

Dee slid the sexy panties down her daughter's long legs and Leeza stepped out of them. Leeza then arched her back, spread her legs slightly and stuck her butt out toward me giving me a perfect view of her ass and pussy from behind. Dee must have been giving her lessons how to turn me on because in seconds my cock was rock solid again. My heart pounded as I gently stroked my swollen shaft as I watched mother and daughter continue.

I noticed Dee smiling at me as she took in the reaction her daughter's ass had on me. Dee reached around and cupped the teenage globes of flesh of her daughter's butt in each hand. She pulled Leeza toward her and began flicking her tongue across Leeza's lightly hair covered pussy. Dee shoved her tongue into the folds of Leeza's pussy, then softly up across her swollen clit.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhh god mommmmmmmm!" Leeza moaned out.

Leeza shuddered to the sexual touch of her mother's tongue across her excited womanhood. Her mother's tongue worked slowly up and down her gash, stopping on each upward stroke, spending a few electric sexual filled seconds on her clit each time. Leeza's body was a bundle of sexual nerves, ready to explode as her mother caressed her ass and sucked her sweet young pussy for all her worth.

After several minutes of this, Leeza's body began to tremble all over as she crossed the threshold and her orgasm took over her young teenage body. Her knees weakened as her mother's mouth locked tightly to her swollen clit. Dee held Leeza's clit between her lips and flicked her tongue madly across it.

"Mom, I'm cummmmmmmingggggggggggg!" Leeza cried out as her young body shook with her first orgasm of the day.

After a few long seconds, Leeza's clit was so sensitive that she couldn't take anymore so she pushed her mom back as she dropped to the floor in front of her. Both on their knees, they embraced and kissed passionately as they held each others naked bodies in their arms. Their bare naked breasts smashed into each other, hard swollen nipples like rocks between them as they embraced tightly.

Leeza then pushed her mom slowly onto her back, spreading her legs as her head dropped between her mothers knees. Leeza applied all her mother had taught her this past week, all the ways to pleasure a woman that only a woman teach another, her daughter. With her arms under her mothers legs, daughter worked with deliberation at her mothers hot wet pussy.

Dee was enjoying all she had taught her daughter. Her knees where up in the air as Leeza's mouth sucked and licked every inch of her mother's crevice. Dee's mouth was open, eyes closed as she was breathing very heavy. She pinched and pulled at her hard swollen nipples while her daughter sucked feverishly at her juicy pussy. Leeza had become quite good at eating pussy.

"Aaaahhhhhhhh yessssssss honey, suck your mother's hot pussy!" Dee hissed loudly, barely able to contain herself as Leeza worked her hard clit.

I continued stroking my now enormous hard-on as I watched daughter pleasure mother by licking and sucking every inch of her older mature pussy. As Leeza pleasured her mother, I couldn't take my eyes off her sweet young sexy ass pushing up into the air. On her knees as she sucked intently on her mother's wet cunt, her sweet globes of teenage butt flesh with her glistening wet young pussy just below proved to be too much for me.

I slowly moved onto the floor behind Leeza and with my right hand, guided my swollen purple cock head to her moist young opening. Leeza paused sucking mom's pussy as she was caught off guard as I rubbed the head of my cock around her hot wet pussy opening. She was so into sucking her mom's pussy, she didn't realize I had moved in behind her.

I placed my hands on Leeza's hips and slowly pulled back. With one long steady stroke, my hard thick shaft slid slowly into my young niece's very tight wet pussy until it was buried to the hilt. Leeza moaned hard deep into her mom's pussy and shuddered as my cock hit bottom. I loved the feeling of her small tight buns against my hips as I held her there.

I began slowly thrusting my hard shaft in and out of Leeza's tight young pussy. She tried to concentrate on sucking her mother's pussy but it was a losing battle. As my cock pushed in and out, Leeza moaned into her mom's cunt. As I pushed forward, Leeza just held her tongue out and my forward thrust was pushing her tongue across her mother's swollen excited clit.

Dee was moaning with sexual excitement as I rammed deep into her daughter's tight young pussy from behind. Leeza's mouth and tongue were trying to clamp down on her mother's sex in time with my thrusts. This action was providing sexual pleasures for all as I rammed my hard cock into a very tight teenage pussy from behind, Leeza was receiving direct pleasure from that and Dee was feeling her daughter's tongue and mouth moving back and forth across her tingling excited swollen clit.

We maintained this action for several minutes until Dee started moaning louder and louder as she neared orgasm. I slowed my strokes and said to Leeza, "Go ahead Leez, suck her pussy and get your mom off."

I held Leeza hips firmly as my cock very slowly moved inward completely, held there a second, then very slowly pulled out until only my huge swollen cockhead remained in her tight tunnel. By moving slowly, Leeza was able to zero in on her mother's hard swollen clit, driving her quickly over the edge. Her mother's body shook as she moaned loudly in her throws of orgasm.

"Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss baby! Suck mommy's pussy!" Dee bellowed out as she peaked and shuddered in orgasmic pleasures.

Feeling proud that she gave such a tremendous amount of pleasure to her mother, Leeza's sexual attention turned back to the thick swollen shaft of her Uncle Ron, moving slowly in and out of the folds of her tight teenage hot cunt. Ron gripped her hips firmer, pulled back harder and began driving his rigid cock hard into the depths of his niece's young pussy again.

Within minutes, Leeza felt that heightened sexual tingling which seemed to start in the center of her being, begin to grow and overtake her whole body. She felt like she wanted Uncle Ron's whole body inside her. She began to feel this intense sexual feeling growing from inside her as she impaled herself on her uncle's thick shaft.

Slowly he thrust in, holding her then slowly and firmly pulling out. On each inward thrust, he pushed harder, went deeper, held a little longer before again pulling his huge swollen cockhead all but out of her tight teenage pussy. The deep sexual pleasure increased for Uncle Ron as he too neared his second orgasm of the morning.

Dee was lying on her back, knees up with her daughter still between her legs as she composed herself after her massive orgasm. She watched the pure look of pleasure on her daughter's face still between her legs, just inches from her still sensitive tingling pussy. Leeza still had her arms wrapped around her mother's legs as Ron relentlessly pounded her young pussy from behind. Her sweet young ass still pointed upwards as her uncle's stiff cock again bottomed out in her tight teenage cunt.

Dee's pussy again tingled as she rolled her swollen nipples between her fingers as she enjoyed the view of sexual pleasure her daughter was now experiencing. She could feel her daughter's hot breath on her cunt becoming more labored as she neared orgasm. This was driving Dee's sexual pleasure higher as she watched Leeza's sexual pleasure build.

Leeza's body began to quake as Uncle Ron's tempo increased on each forward thrust. She finally lost all control as she moaned and screamed into the wet folds of her mother's wet pussy.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssss, my fucking god. Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, uuuuuuuuuummmmhhhhhhhhhhh, aahhhhhhh, aahhhhhhhhh yessssssssss!!" Leeza panted hard as her feelings spilled over the threshold of orgasm.

Ron's orgasm was soon to follow as he felt Leeza's tight pussy gripping and contracting on his thick swollen shaft. Just a few more deep solids thrusts and he'd be there. Oh yeah, here it comes baby, he thought as his muscles tightened and he plowed hard and deep one last time.

"Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he bellowed as his seed spilled out deep inside his niece's hot pussy.

Ron held Leeza's hips tight as his cock juice drained deep inside her young tight cunt. Leeza's body was still shaking from the second and third waves of her orgasm as she felt her uncle's hot juices being dumped inside her. Even now her pussy was still tight as Ron could feel his cum leaking out onto his crotch as she kind of sat on his lap, with his cock still deep inside her.

Dee had herself all worked up again, watching her daughter and Uncle Ron fucking so hard. Her pussy was all hot and bothered, ready for more action but this time she needed the thick hard shaft deep inside her. She slid herself out from under her daughter's grasp and moved up toward Ron.

Leeza pulled herself off her uncle's semi-hard shaft and laid down on the floor's soft carpet. She watched her mom's sexy body move toward Uncle Ron. Dee pushed Ron back on the floor so he was sitting, leaning against the couch as she moved up and started kissing him passionately. They kissed deeply as she reached for his cock, slick with her daughter's juices and Ron's thick cum, and began to stroke him back to hardness.

As Ron felt Dee grip his cock, he hoped he could get hard again. These two sex crazy bitches were going to wear him out, but he'd die a sexually fulfilled man. A slight feeling of relief passed thru his mind as he felt his shaft swelling and growing hard one more time. Within minutes he was rock solid again and ready for Dee's hot wet mature pussy to envelope his shaft again.

Dee feeling Ron's shaft now hard, threw her left leg over him and positioned herself over his stiff cock. She guided it into her moist opening as she lowered herself down. In one swift gliding moment, she felt his cock slide deep inside her as her soft butt flesh touched his firm thighs. She held him there, deep inside her feeling his cock throbbing before she began to rotate her hips slowly back and forth.

"Oh god Dee, your pussy is so fucking hot!" Ron panted out.

Ron's hands moved softly up her sides and caressed her firm breasts as Dee controled every movement of Ron's thick shaft within her wet pussy walls. Her hips moved slowly back and forth forcing his cock in and out of her hot cunt. Ron could feel her slick juices getting his crotch wetter by the second. She now leaned forward, panting in his left ear as she pistoned his hard shaft deep within her love tunnel.

Leeza watched intently as she could clearly see her Uncle Ron's thick cock penetrating her mother's wet pussy. She admired the soft sexy curves of her mother's ass and hips as Uncle Ron's cock again disappeared inside her. She took in every sweet sexy curve of her mother's back, every muscle she used to drive Uncle Ron's cock deep on each downward stroke.

Ron now grabbed Dee's hips and took control of the rhythm of their hot passionate fucking. He pulled down hard with his firm masculine grip, smashing her swollen clit against his crotch on each upward thrust. After a few minutes of this, Dee began feeling her orgasm building again.

"Fuck me harderrrrrrrrrrr! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss baby, just like that, uuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhh!" she panted.

Ron heard her sexual cries and began driving his hard shaft up into her hot wet cunt. He had to change his position for better leverage as he held her, his cock deep inside her and rolled Dee onto her back on the floor next to Leeza. Leeza watched intently as her uncle fucked her mother right before her young teenage eyes.

With Dee's legs spread, lying on her back, Ron began pounding his hard shaft deep inside her. Dee wrapped her legs tightly around his back as within minutes she shook violently with the best orgasm of the day. She closed her eyes as her body shook all over and every nerve in her body exploded in sexual pleasure.

Leeza smiled as she witnessed her mother's sexually charged orgasm, her pussy still tingling with excitement. Uncle Ron rolled off her mother and was panting, laying on the floor next to the couch. Dee in the middle, pinching and pulling at her nipples as the last waves of orgasmatic pleasures passed thru her sexually spent body.

Uncle Ron shifted onto his side as he looked over the sexy mother and daughter lying on the carpet next to him. Leeza rolled onto her side and looked deep into his loving eyes. Ron felt the loving stare of his niece as they looked passionately at each other. He reached across Dee's tight tanned stomach as Leeza reached for him. Their hands met and their fingers entwined together, resting on Dee's belly.

"That was awesome!" Leeza announced loudly in her teenage voice.

"I'll agree with that!" Dee said, still panting slightly.

"Yeah baby, you're turning into one hot piece of ass, just like your mom here!" Uncle Ron replied as he leaned forward and hugged both of them.

They all decided to go up and take a shower together but being they were all sexually spent, it was just alot of laughing and fooling around as they rubbed their hot soapy lathered hands all over each others tanned wet bodies. Each was thinking about the next time they could possibly spend a morning or an afternoon together, enjoying the sexual excitement they could give each other in a loving family way.

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