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Seducing My Daddy

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            Ever since I was a little girl I knew I would someday be my father’s woman! Oh don’t get me wrong my daddy isn’t the type to force himself on a child and he never once did anything inappropriate. My dad was always the proper gentlemen, a kind and loving father. All those little things just made me love him all the more and when I got older, want to fuck his brains out!
                Now like I said my dad is an honorable man and he never would have touched me no matter how many times I offered myself to him. In fact if things hadn’t changed I’m quite sure I would have never known the pure pleasure of my dad’s intimate touch! But thankfully things do change!
                There really is, only two things I can thank my mother for. The first is giving birth to me and bringing me into this world. The other is leaving dad for another man thus turning him into an emotional wreak and giving me the opportunity to comfort him!

                Oh I new very well I was taking advantage of the situation. Dad felt alone betrayed tossed aside and unwanted. He was even drowning his sorrows in a well deserved bottle of booze when I first went to him.
                Naked I sat on his lap, he only said one word, “Karrie”? I leaned in and kissed him right on the mouth and as passionately as I knew how too! When I pulled back I whispered in his ear, “It’s going to be alright daddy! I’m here for you and I will never leave you like mom did”! As I said I’m here for you, I took his hand in mine and lifted it to my right breast! I did so to send the message that when I said I was there for him... he knew I meant in every way a woman is there for her man!
                To be sure I felt a little guilty as dad responded to my advances. His soul and heart were wounded and he was just a little drunk. But let’s face it when a woman decides she wants a man, that man has little choice in the matter! Now it was up to me to make sure he claimed his prize!
                When I opened my legs and pushed his hand down you could see the conflict in his eyes. I hurried to reassure him by placing my hand over his and kissing him again. Slowly tentatively I felt his fingers move against my puss. I pressed my hand harder against his and made sure to moan just a little encouragement into his open mouth!

                I felt a moment of victory when he hooked a finger into my opening! Then a rush of pure joy and he took me into his arms and kissed me back in earnest! I reached between our bodies and urgently fumbled at his belt. I ripped at his blue jeans searching for that glorious massive hunk of man meat! Once freed from the confines I quickly lifted my bottom and aimed his tip at my entrance to paradise!  As I lowered myself onto that thick pole I worried over it being so much bigger than anything that had been in there before! Three four then five little pushed got him halfway in. I pulled away from our kissing just so I could revel in the feeling of triumph!
                The spell was broken a second later when without warning dad pulled me to him as he lowered his head to my left breast. Sucking in my nipple he bit down in it as he pushed up hard with his hips! There was a quick flash of pain as he bottomed out against my inner back wall I thought he was going to rip me in half for a moment! I feared I had bitten off more than I could take! I wondered if maybe this had been a mistake. Maybe I should have just stuck to those fumbling little boys who were always so eager? Dad pulled us both back on the couch the new angle meant I didn’t have quite so much up me all at once. Then he started his rhythmic humping and the instant I felt his manhood move in me all was once again right with the world! After all I was born for this very purpose, to have my daddy’s cock buried deep in my body!

                I wanted to cum so badly my whole body ached! I pushed those feeling aside; there would be time to enjoy myself fully. For now I was determined not to miss the big moment!  I wanted to feel the instant my dad squirted in me! I wanted to know the exact moment when my father planted his seaman in me for the first time! I hovered over his lap letting him do all the work. I didn’t dare hump back. I wanted him to know in his mind he fucked me of his own free will! Later I would show him I wanted it more than he did! For now all I did was feed him my tits and whisper, “Cum in me daddy! Give it too me good”!
                At my words dad lost it! I felt his hands grip hard on my ass. He plowed his cock into as far as it would go! I felt him pressing against my cervix when it happened. None of my former partners had been long enough to do what daddy did. His first squirt had so much force behind it I felt his hot sticky liquid shoot right past my inner opening deep into my womb! As I felt that liquid warmth spread into me my first contraction hit then it was my turn to lose control!
                It wasn’t until well after my orgasm subsided that I found myself lying on top of daddy. I could feel his cock still twitching in me as it spent its last drop, which I greedily took. I nuzzled into his chest and cooed at him, “God daddy that was wonderful! I wish I could leave you in me like this forever”! Stroking my hair dad said, “You know we really should never have done this”! I dug mu fingers into his shirt and pleaded, “Don’t hate me daddy! I wanted to do this with you more than anything! I love you daddy with all my heart! I want to be your girl in every way! I’m glad mom left now you can be my man and I’ll make you happier then you’ve ever been! I swear”! Dad chuckled and kissed the top of my head as he asked, “And just how do you plan of doing that”? I lifted up and smiled into his face, as I did so I wiggled my bottom against his cock feeling it start to come back to life. Coyly I replied “Like this daddy”! He pulled me to him for another kiss. I molded myself into his arms and begged, “Fuck me daddy! Use me any way you want too! Make me your girl”! He answered by pushing back up into me to once again fill me with his man juice!

                That night as I lay in his bed listening to his soft contented breathing I knew my place was right here in my dad’s bed! To be sure I was very sore from a full night of love making. I wanted my dad to know I was serious about what I said. So after we left the couch and came to be in bed I pounced on him and gave him the best blow job he ever had in his life!  Even after he filled my mouth with his elixir I kept sucking until he came back to life. Once he was hard again I rushed into the bathroom to retrieve the little bottle of baby oil then getting up on my knees I begged, “Do my ass daddy”! Shit that hurt going in and dad was relentless in his pounding! I’d never put anything in my back door before so he really did take a cherry as it were! It was okay once I got used to it but when dad said mom never let him do that to her! I knew that would be our special thing. I sure hope dad likes ass fucking because he’s going to get a lot of it!
                Dad rolled over in his sleep throwing his arm around me to snuggle me close. His hand was resting on my belly changing my focus to where he touched me. It hit me with such certainty I knew it was true! My dad had giving me his baby! I worried how he’d feel about being a father then quickly chided myself for being silly, he already was a father, mine! As I put my hand over his I knew this would only be the first of many! babies I would have for him, If I had a girl maybe I would teach her how to be a daddy fucker just like her mother? Well that would be years away, for now the only thing that matter was getting as much as dad’s cock as I could manage before I got to fat to fuck! “Daddy…daddy…are you awake? I want to play some more”!!!
                                My real dad helped me write this story. maybe if I'm lucky... he'll get the hint?



Well, first of let me congradulate you on this story. It was top shelf, and i'm usually kind of hard on writters. But you had good content, well written, good grammer and most of all, your spelling was great. If your father has a brain at all, he has b


Thanks for the encouragement Tony ;-)

the truth is my dad and I have been intimate going back to when I was in high school. We've shared a lot of happy memories over the years. Its only now that I've decided to take up writing, and there might be a tiny


I enjoyed reading this. I hope you come up with more and for your sake I hope your dad gets the hint...I know I would. If you get more stories I would love to hear them, and if you succeed with your dad I would love to hear about it. Email me at hotguy

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