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Sibling Rivalry Ch 1

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Chapter 1 - Mindy's Humiliating Physical


It was a warm morning in June as Mindy Chase sat in the waiting room of

Dr. Lovitz' office. This was a new doctor for her, one which had been

highly recommended by the state university she was going to attend in

September. The school required a full physical examination for all

incoming athletes ever since on of their basketball players died during

a home game due to a heart condition, and Mindy was to be attending on a

baseball scholarship on the university's new women's baseball team.


The doctor's office was fairly drab. A small corner office on the second

floor of a building that contained several types of doctor's offices --

ophthalmologists, ENT's, and a few family practitioners, which included

Dr. Lovitz. The waiting room was fairly large, surprising since Mindy

hadn't thought the entire office to be any larger, with comfortable

chairs lining three walls. The fourth wall contained a large

receptionist desk with a large floral painting hanging behind it. To the

side of the desk was a single door which Mindy presumed would lead into

the inner office where there might be as many as two examining rooms and

a bathroom. She felt over-dressed for the place. It seemed so small and

drab and here she sat in a heavy orange polo shirt, blue jeans, and two

inch gold-flecked pumps.


She'd been asked to dress light for the physical, but ever since her

chest started sprouting at the tender age of thirteen, she'd been rather

insecure about her looks. She'd always had larger breasts than any of

her classmates, and even as a freshman in high school people had

whispered that she was "more stacked" than any of the seniors, sporting

a pair of 38DD's on her five foot five, slim but not too skinny frame.

At nineteen, she was rather embarrassed by her large tits and so her

wardrobe consisted primarily of large, heavy shirts that hid her form.

This polo was no different. It was a thick all cotton piece with sleeves

that came down to her elbows and a fairly high neckline which she kept

buttoned all the way to the top.


Other people in the waiting room consisted of two boys, perhaps fifteen

years old, and their mother who looked to be maybe thirty-five, a

slender girl of about twenty-two, and the receptionist, a man in his

late thirties with slightly graying brown hair and a small burn scar on

his left cheek.


Despite the thickness of her shirt and the fullness of her bra

underneath, Mindy's breasts were quite noticeable and more than once as

she glanced around the waiting room she caught one or the other of the

young boys gawking at her and shifting in their chairs, she presumed, to

hide their hard-ons. She made a show of straightening her long blonde

hair and left a good amount of it hanging over her shoulders to hide

some of her curviness.


The door next to the receptionist opened partially, into the waiting

room, and a man, apparently the doctor, said, "Ron, I'm ready to start

whenever our first patient arrives."


"I believe she's already here, doctor," the receptionist said in a

smooth Spanish accent. "Mindy Chase?" Mindy rose and stepped toward the

desk. "If you will please step through this door, the doctor will be

seeing you now." She took the doorknob and pulled the door open

completely, noting that there was no hallway, no inner office per se,

just a single examination room with a small door to the left through

which she saw a toilet. A blast of very cold air hit her as she stepped

through the door and greeted the doctor with a nod.


Dr. Lovitz was a man of large stature, standing approximately six feet

two inches and wide shoulders. His complexion was lightly tanned and his

thinning hair was of the darkest black Mindy had ever seen. Black

crayons looked gray by comparison. She shut the door behind her as the

doctor directed her to sit on the examining table. He began asking

questions about her visit, seeming vaguely interested in her college

plans, and then asked her to step behind the curtain in the back corner

of the room to remove her clothes so that he could begin her physical

examination. The curtain hung on a narrow rack perhaps three feet wide

and six tall. She bit her lip and stepped behind it, wondering just how

much modesty it could afford her.


As Mindy began removing her shirt and then her jeans, the doctor watched

in amusement as her ass or head kept popping into view from one side or

the other of the curtain as she bent over. She stepped into view wearing

a pair of light blue bikini panties and a very large support bra of

matching color.


"No, I'm sorry miss. This is a complete physical, so I must examine you

completely. You'll have to remove those items."


Mindy's heart skipped a beat but she stepped back behind the curtain and

removed the last of her clothing, leaving only her digital wristwatch

on. The doctor quickly noted the reaction of the freezing air on the

girl's nipples and then glanced down to see she was indeed a natural

blonde, her pubic hair full and bushy.


"Up on the table, please, and we'll start your checkup." Mindy slid onto

the cold metal table, immediately jumping at the feel of it on her bare

ass. The doctor preceded to take Mindy's blood pressure and pulse and

then slid a thermometer into her mouth. "This stays in for about five

minutes for best accuracy, and don't talk or do anything else to skew

the reading. Now while you do that, I'll be checking your reflexes with

this little rubber mallet. Try to keep your legs and arms perfectly



He began to tap her elbows, eliciting involuntary spasms of her arms. He

was moving to begin tapping her knees when the door cracked open and a

woman asked if she could come in to use the restroom. The doctor agreed

and the woman, the mother of the two younger boys, pulled the door all

the way open and stepped in. Mindy gasped as she realized she was on

full display for the entire waiting room, her huge tits hanging in the

freezing air with nipples as hard as rocks, her legs spread about six

inches apart, and the doctor tapping her with a mallet. The woman seemed

to be in a great hurry to get to the toilet and failed to shut the door

all the way, and it slowly drifted open again.


"Mmm mmm mmphh," the doctor heard Mindy say.


"No talking, I told you." Mindy tried to protest, but the doctor was

intent on checking her reflexes and didn't even notice the open door.

Mindy, on the other hand, saw the two boys and even the young woman

checking her out. The erections on the two boys were quite clear now, as

was the drool running down the chin of one of them -- he looked

familiar. She moved to cover her exposed breasts, knowing it was futile

thanks to her enormous cup size, but she could at least cover the

nipples and it wouldn't be much different from being at the beach in a

bikini. But the doctor reminded her that she needed to sit perfectly

still or he'd have to check her reflexes again. "Arms down at your

sides, miss Chase," he commanded. She again tried to protest but he gave

her a cold stare that shut her up. Her elbows dropped to her sides but

she kept her hands over her tits. The doctor, growing irritated, took

her arms and pulled them down to her sides, completely exposing her

naked breasts to the onlookers outside.


Mindy suddenly realized who the drooling boy was. He was a friend of her

younger brother, James. She thought this boy's name was -- Mark? Maybe

Matt. Either way, it didn't really matter. She was being made to sit on

full display for the young boy as he gawked and drooled and rubbed his

surely throbbing crotch.


The toilet in the small room flushed and after a moment the mother came

out and walked right out of the room without saying a word to the doctor

nor the patient she has inadvertently humiliated. The door clicked shut

behind her and the doctor removed the thermometer from her mouth.


"Hmm, 98.6, perfectly normal. Though I'm a bit saddened that you

wouldn't heed my orders. This is for your own good. If I have to drag

out your examination, it will be worse for you, for me, and for all my

patients waiting to get in." Mindy clearly knew what at least two of

those patients wanted to get in for and the thought frightened her. "Now

then, I'll check your respiration. Please sit absolutely still and

breathe in and out only when I tell you to." The sourness in Dr. Lovitz'

voice was obvious. Mindy wondered if he was gay -- he seemed thoroughly

annoyed with such a well-built young woman sitting naked for him on a

freezing aluminum table in a freezing room. When she'd learned the

doctor was male, she'd been worried about him raping her, as she was

well aware of how many guys got painful hard-ons in class when she was

standing at the front presenting a report or doing a math problem on the

chalk board. She may have been insecure about her looks, but she was no

dummy about sex. She'd been fucking her boyfriend ever since they got

together a year and a half earlier and he'd always paid very special

attention to her monstrous mounds. He was very proud to be boinking such

a great pair of tits, and all his friends knew her bra size, the exact

color of her areolas, and even how far her fully excited nipples stuck

out. All that only served to increase her self-consciousness and she

avoided contact with Aaron's friends as much as she could.


Dr. Lovitz placed a stethoscope into his ears and then touched the

freezing metal disc to her back. She gasped involuntarily. He asked her

to breathe in and out a few times, then to breathe more heavily and hold

it in. When he finished that, he put the cold disc onto her chest right

between her enormous tits and repeated the process, sliding the

stethoscope around after every other inhale. He grazed her left nipple

with it, sending a jolt through her body.


"Alright now, miss Chase, I need you to lie back and place your feet in

these stirrups," the doctor said, swinging a pair of small metal

stirrups out from the end of the examining table. "For a complete

physical, we do breast and pelvic exams. I'm sure you're a little

nervous about it, but I assure you that it's perfectly normal and

happens all the time. Just try to relax and think about something else."


Mindy felt her stomach turn flips. She sure as hell felt more than "a

little nervous"! She slid back on the freezing table and lifted her legs

to place her heels into the metal cups of the stirrups, spreading her

legs a good two feet apart at the feet. She slowly lowered her body to

the table's surface, taking in a hissing breath as it chilled her to the



There she lay, legs spread, shivering in the cold, with her mammoth

mammaries rising up toward the ceiling and her erect nipples sticking

straight upward about three-fourths of an inch. The foot of the

examining table was pointed slightly away from the door to the waiting

room, but maybe not so much as to hide her exposed crotch from any

peering eyes who opened the door.


The doctor began cupping her breasts, one at a time, rolling them around

to feel for any unusual lumps. He placed his palm firmly against each of

her mounds and gave them a squeeze. While he was doing this, there came

a small knock on the door, which opened to admit one of the young boys

from the waiting room. He hurriedly stammered that he had to use the

toilet before he exploded.


Mindy couldn't see much of the boy over her jutting breasts and the

doctor's large hands upon them, but she could see the look on his young

face as he looked right up her spread open slit, glanced across her full

blonde bush, and watched the doctor squeeze and roll the older girl's

humongous tits. They were easily the biggest he'd ever seen, even in the

porno videos he and his year-younger brother sometimes watched when no

one else was home.


The doctor replied just as hurriedly, "Well, get on with it. We haven't

got all day, young man," and continued fondling Mindy's tits. The boy

shut the door and shuffled his way across the cold tile floor to the

bathroom. He stepped in, turned around to fully face Mindy from the

side, and pushed the door shut -- almost. Mindy turned her head to the

side and could see that the door was still open by about an inch or two.

She also thought -- but maybe it was her frantic, humiliated imagination

-- that she could see the boy peeking through the opening at her.


"Alright now, I want you to tell me immediately if you feel any

discomfort when I pinch your nipples. I'm just checking for any abnormal

discharge, but if they hurt you need to tell me right away." With that,

Dr. Lovitz took Mindy's left nipple, already long and hard and yearning

for the moistness of her boyfriend's mouth, between thumb and forefinger

and squeezed hard, but only for a second. "Anything?"


Mindy shook her head, unable to speak. She felt so embarrassed being

fondled and squeezed by an older man, and she was still sure the boy in

the bathroom wasn't just taking a piss. The doctor squeezed her right

nipple in the same fashion and asked again if there was any discomfort.

Again she shook her head.


"Alright then, your breasts seem fine. I'll begin the pelvic exam now."

He walked to a table at the front of the room and slipped on two latex

gloves, returning with a tube of ointment, which he applied to his right

index finger. "This may be just a bit uncomfortable at first. That is,

assuming you are a virgin. Are you? And be honest, I am a doctor and I

need to know these things in order to give you a clean bill of health."


"N-no. No I'm not." Mindy's voice sounded weak to her ears. She closed

her eyes, ashamed of having made such a statement.


"Then this may not be quite so uncomfortable," the doctor laughed. He

slid his index finger slowly into Mindy's vagina, spreading the

lubricant all around and pushing hard against her inner walls. He held

her hip with his free hand as he pushed another finger inside her, going

as far in as he could. He prodded around in her cunt for several

seconds, using his grip on her hip to push in with maximum force.


Mindy began to sob, but another sound came to her ears. It was the

muffled sound of panting, gasping, and a faint sound of something slick

being stroked furiously. She knew the sound well enough. Her boyfriend

often masturbated over her face and produced the same sound as the cum

started to dribble from his cock head, got on his fingers, and then was

slid up and down the shaft of his magnificent cock.


Oh God! The kid in the next room was jacking off while watching the

doctor finger her pussy!!


Dr. Lovitz continued his examination, sliding a third finger even

farther inside her and wiggling about, causing her embarrassing arousal.

How could she be getting turned on by this? But then, she knew the

answer. With three skilled fingers working in her excited pussy, it

wasn't difficult for her to get aroused. Much more of this and she'd

likely climax. God, how long would he be fingering her slit?!


Another knock came at the examining room door and the receptionist

stepped in.


"I'm all out of patient reports, do you have any more in here?"


The doctor pulled out of Mindy's slit and turned to face his assistant.

"Yes Ron, I think I have a few in the bottom drawer over there." He

pointed to the table where he'd put on the latex gloves. Ron left the

door hanging open and stepped over to look through the bottom drawer.


The doctor, meanwhile, went back to probing Mindy's pussy, this time

sliding his entire gloved hand inside her! She just about died! Her

boyfriend's cock was pretty big, but she'd never had anything THIS large

inside her before. She involuntarily bucked her hips up against the

invading hand, noting the surprised stares of other patients in the

waiting room who sat looking straight up between her legs at the

doctor's hand planted inside her cunt.


"Please doctor, the door!" she wailed.


"Don't worry, Ron will be out of here as soon as he finds his paperwork.

Alright now, I've finished with your vaginal inspection. I'll need you

to roll over and get onto your hands and knees for a quick rectal exam."


"Doctor! I-- I can't!"


"Of course you can, and you must. It's required for your complete

physical exam. Don't worry, this one's very short and it'll be over

before you know it."


"But, but the people! They'll see!" Her high-pitched pleas certainly had

people looking. Even the twenty-two year old woman outside was now

looking in, very shocked but seemingly interested by what she saw --

which was pretty much everything.


"Ron will be leaving very soon, don't you worry. He's seen it all and so

have I. This IS a doctor's office, after all."


Mindy couldn't believe this guy was so insanely insensitive about her

nudity while the examining room door was wide open! But dammit, she did

need to have this physical done within the next week to be sure not to

lose out on that scholarship. Without it, she probably could not afford

college at all. Shaking nervously, Mindy rolled onto her stomach and

then slowly rose to her knees and elbows. Her full naked form was now on

complete display for her waiting room audience, her 38DD tits hanging

down all the way to the cold metal table and her ass high in the air.

The door to the small bathroom opened a little wider and she very

clearly saw the young boy on his knees and stroking his five inch prick.

He gawked at her heavy breasts dangling so perfectly and then shot a jet

of white cum before pushing the door almost closed again.


Mindy sobbed and hid her face in her arms, still resting on her elbows.

A moment later the toilet flushed and the young boy strolled out as if

he'd never done anything wrong. He admired her lovely form suspended

over the examining table as he walked less than two feet from her.


The doctor spoke up. "You'll be next, young man. Go wait outside." Mindy

saw a look of astonished horror cross the boy's face and guessed he was

thinking he'd be on his hands and knees for the doctor later. This, she

realized, was the friend of her own younger brother James, and not the

other boy he was here with. The other must have been his younger



The doctor lubricated his left index finger and slid it into Mindy's

ass. The feel sent a wave of shock mixed with slight pain through her

body and she tossed her head up and back, mouth agape. She'd never let

anyone into her ass, not even her boyfriend. She found the whole thing

demeaning and disgusting beyond belief. But as the doctor had said, it

was over quickly, even if it did feel like hours while the waiting room

watched in stunned silence at the poor nineteen year old's humiliation.


Ron finally found what he was looking for, shut the bottom drawer, and

stepped out of the room. The door clicked shut behind him. It was too

late to save any of Mindy's dignity, however, as the doctor announced

that her examination was now complete save for a blood and urine sample.

He pointed her to the bathroom, handing her a jar. She took it and

stepped into the small, dimly lit room, feeling something sticky under

her left foot. She thought it best not to look -- she knew what it was.

She did her deed in the jar and wiped her foot clean with some toilet

paper, washed her hands, and returned to the examining room.


"You can go ahead and put your clothes back on, miss Chase. I'll take

your blood sample when you're done."


Mindy stepped behind the tiny curtain at the back corner of the room and

got her bra and panties on quickly. She took her time with her jeans and

polo shirt, though, hoping to stall having to walk back out into the

waiting room and face all those sick perverts who'd been staring at her

naked, helpless, and humiliated body on the table.


"Sometime today, miss Chase. I do have several other appointments to

attend to."


Mindy finished dressing and came back to sit on the edge of the table.

The doctor tied off her right arm above the elbow with a large rubber

band, waited a moment, and stuck a syringe into one of her most

prominent veins, drawing a full two tubes of blood before applying an

alcohol moistened bandage and removing the rubber band.


"Alright now, that wasn't so bad, was it?" Dr. Lovitz smiled warmly,

acting as if nothing unusual had gone on. Mindy was shocked beyond

belief! "You'll need to come back in one week for the results of your

tests. If there are any problems with them, I'll let you know then and

we can schedule a new test if you wish." He again smiled. Mindy might

have called him blind, she might have called him stupid, and she might

even have called him insensitive, but the look on his face when he

smiled was -- well it was just warm and friendly. She truly wondered if

he had any idea what embarrassment he'd just put her through.


She held her arms around her chest, head bowed, as she shuffled out of

the office, past the roaming eyes of the crowd in the waiting room, and

to freedom.



It was boring, not believeable in the slightest, and just another "wank fic"

Try harder next time... you have some good potentials in there but the naivity of the doctor and the fact that he let everyone in the room to use the bathroom or what not is ju

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