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Simon's Seduction

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    Simon’s Seduction

  Simon was a  little apprehensive about what he is about to do.  He is to pick up his 15 year old daughter from his ex-wife’s house and take her with him to North Dakota.  He is in the military and is going there from his last assignment in Europe, then to his permanent station in North Dakota.  His daughter asked him to take her with him and she is to live with him until his assignment is completed in three years.  He have a feeling that it is going to be a long tour of duty, being alone with a budding teenager, in desolate  state like North Dakota, is going to be hell.  He said he would do it and he is a man of his word, therefore he is going to do it.    

 Simon arrived at Kelly’s mother’s home and she came running out of the house, hugged and kissed him.  His ex-wife stood at the door watching with a frown on her face.  It had been years since he had last seen his ex and the parting wasn’t a happy one.  On the other hand, there was Kelly who was a happy young girl.  She was always happy to see him although he didn’t see her often, especially since he had been in Europe.  She came to Germany to spend two months last summer and they had fun going to many places, just simply enjoying themselves.

 “Are you ready to shove off, Sweetness?”

 “Yes, daddy, I have my bags packed and I’m ready to go.”

 “How is it going, Marge?  Nice to see you again.”  He said as he walked up to the door.

 With a frown on her face, she said: “Great, now that you’re going to take the brat with you.”

 “Let’s not start, Marge.  She’s not a brat and I’m more than delighted to have her with me.”

 “Well, she’s ready.  Have been since early this morning.  Couldn’t slow the brat down.  Just take her and go.  Good riddance, I say.”

 “Well, as soon as I get her things in the truck, we’re off.  It’ll take two or three days to drive there, depending on how often I stop, but I have two weeks before I have to sign into the base.  I’ll have her stay in contact so you’ll know everything is fine.”

 “Sure, what ever.”

 He picked up the luggage and Kelly struggled with a piece.  They loaded them into the SUV and got in.  Kelly waved at her mother and Simon just nodded.  Marge gave a half-assed wave and went into the house as Simon started to drive off with Kelly still waving.

 The driving was easy and Kelly found a satellite station that she liked and started to groove with the music.  She had on a halter top, with her stomach bare, short shorts, that showed a lot of leg and tight into the  pelvis area, sandals with socks.  Simon had loose fitting, knee length shorts and a polo shirt.  He was dressed for driving and the further he got away from Kelly’s mother, the better he was feeling.

 “Well, Sweetness, we’re in for a long, long drive.  Just relax and just tell me when I have to stop for the restroom or anything.  OK?”

 “OK,  I’ll let you know.  I can hold it pretty good.”

 “Don’t want you to strain yourself or anything.  We have plenty of time and I can always find a place to stop.  Just say so and I will.”

 ‘OK, I’ll tell you.”

 After a few of hours of driving, Simon glanced over to see what Kelly was up to because she had gotten quiet.  She was sitting on one ass cheek and was sound asleep.  Simon was thinking that she had to go to the toilet because she had both hands between her legs and was lightly rubbing.  Simon began looking for a rest stop or something so that they both could have a break.  Simon saw a truck stop and pulled in for gas, a snack and a short rest.

 Simon parked at the end of a line of cars that was in front of the diner.  He put his hand on Kelly’s shoulder and lightly shook her.  Her eyes popped  open and  her shorts got slightly wet.  As she wet her pants, she looked startled and grabbed herself, as if to hold it in.

 “You’d better hurry to the bathroom before you wet your pants even more.”

 “I can’t go out there all wet.  I don’t know what happened, I’m sorry.”

 “It’s ok.  You have to finish urinating and change into dry pants.”

 “I can hold it and change right here.  I just can’t go in public with wet pants.”

 “Yes you can.  No one will see you.  Make a dash for it.”

 “No, I can‘t do that.  Wait…..I’ll get something out of my bags.  Just keep watch for me.”

 With that, Kelly got onto her knees and leaned over the front seat into the back seat to search one of her bags.  She had her ass sticking up into the air with the wet stain all over her shorts.  She found what she was looking for and turned around and began to slide her shorts off.  She did not hesitate and just slid them down her legs, along with her panties. 

 Simon’s jaws just dropped open and he swallowed hard.  His dick did a quivering motion and his eyes could not leave his daughter’s pussy area.  She had a light matting of wet peach fuzz with protruding lips encased in the soft tissue called thighs.  Simon knew it was wrong ogling his daughter this way but he couldn’t help it and his dick got rock hard.  He didn’t think his dick could get this hard around his daughter but he just couldn’t help himself.  This was the most erotic scene he had ever seen. 

 Kelly just look at her father and smiled.  She lifted one leg to put it through the leg hole of her shorts and her pussy just seemed to wink at Simon.  She did the same with the other leg and stopped pulling up her shorts at her knees.  She opened her glove compartment and grabbed a few tissues and began to rub   her pussy dry, then she finished pulling her shorts up.

 “What, no panties?”

 “Don’t need any.  They don’t fit me right anyway.”

 “OK, if you say so.  You’d better hurry to the bathroom.  I’ll wait here for you.”

 Bob wanted to wait because he did not want his daughter to see his boner.  He had to have time to digest this and to get his boner to go down.  This is turning out to be a longer drive than he thought.  Simon was hoping that nothing else will happen before they got to North Dakota.

 Kelly came back, Simon went to the bathroom, then they went in to eat.  The entire time that they were eating, Kelly was continuously talking in between bites of food and Simon was trying to comment, all the time thinking of the episode in the truck.  His dick was hard again and looking at his lovely daughter did nothing to make his dick go soft.  All it did was make him harder.

 They finally finished and it was time to get back onto the road.  He had to get up to leave but he was still hard.  He had to try and when he got up Kelly saw his predicament.  She snickered and whispered into his ear.

 “Daddy, did I do that to you?”

 “I’m afraid you did, I’m a man, you know.  For that matter, you can’t go around doing that to me or anyone else.”

 “Ahhh daddy, it’s ok.  It’s only you and I wouldn’t do that around anyone else.  I’ll help you get out to the truck, just stay close behind me.”

 As Kelly led the way, Simon could not but notice the jiggle of her ass cheeks and knowing she did not have panties on was a big turn on.  His dick was like a bar of steel.  For the first time Simon looked at his daughter in a new light…. pert little tits, soft, firm protruding ass cheeks, soft smooth skin, pretty smile, happy go lucky attitude, simply beautiful.  He couldn’t keep his mind, let alone his eyes, off his daughter  and he was proud as hell at seeing his daughter turning into a beautiful young lady.

 After topping off the tank they hit the road again with the music blaring.  Kelly fell asleep but a while later it was time to find a place to spend the night.  Simon pulled into a motel and, as Kelly slept, went in to register.  Right away Simon knew things weren’t going his way, the motel had one room with one bed.  He thought about driving further down the road in the hope of finding another motel but decided to take what they had.  He was thinking that this is going to be rough.

 He got Kelly up and they went into the room.  It was at the end of the motel area and, like all the other little cottages there, it was a few feet away from the rest.  Simon went in first, turned on the light and looked around.  It wasn’t much larger than an ordinary hotel room and sure enough, there was only one bed.  Kelly slipped around him and ran to the bed and flopped onto it.  She grabbed the remote and the information channel came on.  Bob closed the door and set their luggage by the wall.  He drew the curtains closed and sat on the bed also.

 “Wow, look!  They have a XXX channel.  Let’s watch.”

 “I don’t think so.  Let’s get ourselves cleaned up and turn in.  It’s been a long day.”

 “Ooookkkkk, but I don’t see why not.  Maybe we can watch a little after we get cleaned up.”

 “What is this about watching XXX?  Do you know what that is?”

 “Of course I do.  I’ve watched it many times at home.  Mom‘s boyfriends left a few and mom bought some, so I watched.”

 “What!  You watched them?  With who?”


 “And exactly what do you know about what you watched?” 

 “What I saw on the tapes was what I have seen mom do, that‘s all.”

 Simon was shocked.  He just couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  His 15 year old daughter have been watching porn and watching with her mother, no less.  All sorts of things was going through his mind.  Why would her mother do this?  What was she watching her mother do?  He had a million and one questions but he only asked one.

 “Did anyone touch you?  Ahhh, you know what I mean.”

 “Oh, no, mom said that I had to be at least 16 then I would go to the highest bidder.”

 “The highest bidder?  16?  So you are still a virgin, right?”

 “Yes I am, but I did masturbate a few times and I lost my cherry by doing that.  Mom doesn’t know because she said I must keep my cherry for the highest bidder.” She said this so nonchalantly.

 “You seem mighty happy about the whole situation.”

 “Why not?   From what I saw in the movies, everyone looked real happy.  I want to be happy too.”

 “Well, all of that have changed.  No more of that, understand?  Now get cleaned up and hit the sack.”

 “OK.  But you know what?  Mom got real mad at me when I told her I wanted you to be my first.  She slapped me and said to forget that.  I didn’t mention it again but here I am and I love you dearly and I still want you to be my first.”

 Simon gasped: “I don’t think so, Sweetness.  You know they put men in jail for a long, long time when they  mess with young girls, don’t you?”

 “Of course I do.  But, who’s going to tell?  Not me and I know you won‘t either.”

 “Look, go get cleaned up, we’ll talk about this later.  But, right now, I have to clear my head and think about what has just happened.  My mind is so screwed up right now.”

 Kelly got a few things out of the luggage and went into the bathroom.  After a while the shower started.  Simon just sat on the bed with his face in his hands and his mind was wondering all over the place.  How could his ex do this?  How could she plan to auction off her daughter?

 After a few minutes Kelly came out of the bathroom wearing a sports shirt that stopped at mid thigh and was rubbing her wet hair with a towel, causing her shirt to rise but not quite showing what she had on underneath the shirt.  The sight would cause a train wreck, to say the least.  She had the cutest smile and smelled so wonderful that a whiff would put a man in a narcotic trance.  Simon’s dick jumped and started to swell, his eyes would not leave her body.  His mouth was gapped open and he had stopped breathing, he swallowed hard.  All he could see was the mildly fleshy swell of the thighs slightly parted and her pert breasts trying to punch through the sport shirt.

 Simon regained his senses and hurriedly started for the bathroom and muttered that it is his turn to use the bathroom.  He hurriedly entered the bathroom, shut the door and leaned against it.  He started to perspire and muttered that he had to settle down, the beating of his heart had to slow.  He turned on the water, got out of his clothes and got into the shower.  His dick would not go down because all he could think of and see is a beautiful woman with the body of a goddess.  He knew that he could not go back into the bedroom in the state that he is in so he began to slowly jack himself.  He wanted to relieve pressure so that he could be near her and go to sleep.  After all, that is his daughter and  no way could he touch her in the sexual way she was asking.  No way, no way.  He kept jacking and finally spewed cum all over the shower wall.  He thought that now he could lay beside her and everything would be normal.

 Simon came out of the bathroom in pajamas, also rubbing his hair with a towel.  He stopped short and stared at the TV.  Kelly had a pornographic movie on and was in bed intently watching.

 “Kelly!  What are you doing?  Change the channel.  You shouldn’t be watching this.”

 “It’s ok.  Like I have told you, I’ve seen things like this before.  If you think that is gross, I’ve seen worst.”

 “Seen worst?  How?  When?”
 She sighed and said:  “Like I said, I’ve watched mom.  She’s done all of these things and worst.”

 “What do you mean you’ve seen mom and it’s been worst?”

 “Didn’t you know?  Mom is on crack and she prostitutes herself to get what she want.  That’s why she was going to auction me off to the highest bidder and she would do whatever they wanted.”

 “But you said you watched.”

 Snickering, she said: “Well, a lot of times she didn’t have her door closed or she would be in the living room.”

 Bob grabbed the remote, turned the TV off, sat on the bed and just looked at her.  “You’ve had a rough life, Sweetness, haven’t you?”

 “It wasn’t so bad.  I learned to take care of myself and I have been around  a lot of things that most kids don’t even know about.”

 Bob hugged his daughter and slowly rocked her.  “It’s over now.  You’re with me now and I won’t let anything hurt you.  Never.”

 “I know.  I love you.  Always have and always will.  That’s why I wanted to live with you.  Plus, I don‘t want to be auctioned off to someone I don‘t want to be with.”

 “It’s ok now, Sweetness.  I’ll take care of you.  Now get some sleep and tomorrow we’ll start another leg of the trip.  I had no idea that this was happening to you or I would have taken you away sooner.  Just get some sleep and I’ll try to also” 

 With that, Kelly laid her head on a pillow and Simon got up to turn the lights in the room and bathroom off.  Kelly asked him to leave the bathroom light on and just leave the door ajar so that it is like a night light.  Simon turned off the room lights, did as she requested to the bathroom and got into the bed.    He laid on his back and could feel Kelly beside him, touching him.  He was thinking of all the things that Kelly told him and it kept replaying, in his mind, over and over and over again.

 Kelly turned onto her side, scooted close to her dad, put her arms around his neck and kissed him on his cheek. Then she threw a leg over him and said: “I love you”.

 Simon could feel her pert tits resting on his shoulder and her leg against his cock which made his cock begin to rise.  The heat, oh, the radiating pussy heat.  The heat from her pussy was radiating against his side and she didn’t have any panties on, which made his cock even harder.  Her soft touch was overpowering  and her smell was invigoratingly making him drunk with her scent.  He was trying to make himself realize that this is his daughter but he was fast loosing the battle.  He began rubbing her back, from her head down to beginning curve of her bare ass.  The more he rubbed the more he was loosing his willpower.

 “I love you too, Sweetness.  I love you oh so much.”

 As he turned to look at her, she planted a lip locking kiss on his lips and began a tongue action that took Simon’s breath away.  He, having lost the willpower battle, started to feed her his tongue.   He wrapped his arms around her and their tongues began to intertwine.  Kelly flipped over on top of her father.  She sat on his midsection, with her sport shirt high around her waist.  She was on her knees, still in a lip lock with her father.  He was returning the kisses and rubbing her back down across her bare ass cheeks.  His cock was harder than it ever have been.  His pajama shirt had slightly risen causing her bare pussy to be on his stomach.  Her pussy was like an oven and leaking, oh so warm and wet.

 Kelly stretched out onto her father and began to kiss him all over his face.  She reached between them and grabbed his cock and he almost came on the spot.  He grabbed both of her ass cheeks and began squeezing.  Kelly moaned.  As Kelly squeezed his cock, Simon moaned and began to gasp.

 “Sweetness, we can’t do this, we can’t.  It’s wrong, I’ll go to jail and it’ll ruin you for the rest of your life.”

 “I won’t tell and you won’t tell.  So, what’s there to worry about?  It won’t mess me up if it won’t mess you up.  We’re two people that want each other….I may be young but I know what I am asking for and I know what I am doing.  I have dreamed of this for a long, long time.”

 “Sweetness, I want you too but you are my daughter.  Look at the stigma.”

 “There’s only a stigma if people know and no one will know.  And, before you say it, I am on the pill, so don’t worry about that either.”

 “Ok, you win, but I have had a vasectomy and it wasn’t because this moment may happen.  I love you dearly and don’t want to mess up your mind.”

 “If what mom was doing didn’t mess up my mind then this won’t do it either.”

 With that Simon began an attempt to unbutton his pajama shirt.  Kelly slapped his hand away and began doing it herself.  Simon started to squeeze her tits and massaging the nipples, which grew quite long.  She had his shirt open and began to run her hands over his chest and playing with his nipples.  This made Simon feel really good.  She then scooted down his legs and unsnapped his pants, began pulling them down and, with the help of the little light coming into the room, stared at his cock.

 “Oh God, this is so neat.  This is the closest I’ve been to a real cock.  I’ve seen them from across the room but never this close.”

 “Take your time, Sweetness.  There’s no hurry and if you change your mind, it’s ok.”

 “I won’t change my mind.  I’ve finally gotten this far and I don’t want to stop now.  Please don’t make me, please.”

 “I won’t Sweetness, just take your time.  Explore, examine, inspect.  Do what ever you want.”

 She finished pulling his pants off then pulled her shirt over her head.  This was the first time he had seen her naked since she was a baby and he was mesmerized by her beauty.  She grabbed her father’s cock  with both hands and began to slowing stroke it.  Pre-cum appeared and Kelly stuck out her tongue and put the tip into it.  She smacked her lips and grinned.  She looked at it again and noticed the pre-cum again.  This time she stuck a portion of the head into her mouth and sucked.  Simon damn near came.  She began playing her tongue around the head and put a tremendous suction of his cock while jacking him.

 “Sweetness, you keep that up and I’ll cum.  If you don’t want my cum, you’d better either slow down or stop.”

 Kelly paused:  “That’s what I want you to do.  When you have to cum, just do it.  I want to make you happy and I want to taste your cum.”

 She started sucking and jacking plus running her wet tongue up and down the large stalk.  She was unsuccessfully trying to get his cock into her mouth.  But, her mouth was too small.  She was licking all over his cock and paid the most attention to the head of his cock.  She never stopped jacking him and used both hands to perform the job.  Every so often she would go down to his balls and lick, nip and suck.

 Simon could feel the familiar rumbling deep in his guts and balls.  It wouldn’t take much more of this before he came.  He wanted to warn her of his impending gusher but he remembered her saying to just cum.  When he came, he came hard.  He never had cum so hard in his life.  He thought that by jacking off in the shower, he would be able to hold out longer and not cum so much.  But his daughter bought it out of him in a huge volume.  She couldn’t catch it all in her mouth nor drink quickly enough.  She had cum running down her chin and hanging off her nose and lips.  She wasn’t angry but instead she was grinning broadly.  All Simon could do was ball the sheets into his fists and hang on until he stopped cuming.

 When he stopped, he was out of breath.  He sat up and grabbed his daughter, planting kisses all over her.  Tasting, never before, his own cum but loving it because his daughter caused it.  He entwined their tongues and began rubbing her all over her body.  He laid her onto her back and started to kiss her all over, starting at her lips and  slowly working his way down her body.  He only got as far as her thighs and concentrated there.  As he worked his way between her legs, she gapped them wider to give him better access.  At the same time he had his hands working over her tits.  She was in paradise,  audibly mewing and clutching the sheets as he was last doing.  He did not disappoint her because the heat and scent, coming from her pussy, was powerful and invigorating.  An elephant, pulling on him, would not be able to stop him from having a taste.

 Karen was feeling things she had never thought possible.  Never before had she felt like this, even when she used the brush to masturbate.  When her dad started on her clit, she couldn’t stop moving and crying out.  When he squeezed her tits and pulled on her nipples, she had to cry out for more.  Suddenly she was cuming.  She thought that was all but her dad never stopped nor did he slow down and she found another impending cum approaching.  This cum triggered a series of cums.  Never, never in her life could she have ever imagined this.  If she died, right now, she would be truly happy.  She had never been this happy.

 Simon was sucking as much cum as fast as he could but his daughter’s cum was combining with his cum on the sheets and was making a large wet spot.  His cock was also back to steel hardness, something he didn’t think was possible after the masturbation in the shower and the forceful cum his daughter bought out of him.  She tasted wonderful and she was cuming hard from his tongue in her pussy and his hands on her tits.  He took his hands from her tits and began to work a finger into her channel.  Karen arched her hips and was whining from pure pleasure.  When her father added a second finger, that drove her over the dam and she couldn’t stop the cum nor did she want to stop. 

 Her father added a third finger, from one hand, and put the tip of a finger, from the other hand, in her ass.  She did not complain, she just arched up from the bed and let the cum fly.  Simon’s hands were soaked and, since he was achingly hard he decided to give her what both of them wanted.  He did a push up between her legs, over her body, and began to slowly run his cock up and down her slit, including her clit.  This was driving her crazy and she was bucking so hard that he almost lost his balance.  So, he aligned his cock at her slit.  He looked down at her and she had her eyes closed , the sheets were clutched in her fists and her legs were along his ribs.  She wanted him badly and he began to comply.

 The first inch or so made her eyes pop open and she froze in place.  He let her get used to him a few seconds then began again.  He was about half way and stopped one more time.  He had the urge to feed all of his cock into her in one move but fought hard against the urge.  She was breathing hard but she still had a smile on her face and clutching the sheets.  He then slowly fed her the rest of his cock until his balls hit her ass and they were pelvis to pelvis.  He again waited and watched.

 “Are you ok?”

 “Yeeesss, go ahead.  Don’t stop.  It’s a wonderful feeling.”

 “Ok, the first time is the worst, cherry or no cherry.  The worst is over now”

 “Ohhh yeeeesssss.  Please continue.  Pleeessseee go.”
 Simon slowly started pumping while leaning more toward her head, in order for his cock to rub her clit.  After doing this for a while, he moved down a little and bent over to suck on her tits.  She was delirious and was continuously cuming.  She tried to put her legs around her father but she could not reach entirely around him the way she wanted.  She settled for having her feet flat on the bed and her pelvis arched, meeting his pelvis slap for slap.  On her own she sped up the action then the big tidal wave hit.  She just let out a scream, tears started running and she froze in mid air.  Her father never slowed down, he just kept pumping and pumping.  This was for his Sweetness and he was going to make sure she was more than completely satisfied.

 When Kelly came down from her high, Simon pulled out and had her get onto her knees.  This was for him now but he was going to make sure she came at least once more.  When Kelly complied, Simon inserted his cock, leaned over her and grabbed her tits, paying close attention to her nipples.  She was grunting again and so was Simon, along with the slapping sounds of their bodies meeting.  Simon’s balls started to churn so he reached  for her clit.  This sent her over the edge and he was along with her.  Simon let out a loud, long grunt as spurt after spurt of cum shot deep in her pussy.  Kelly let out a scream that would wake the dead.

 When it was over, Simon stayed in place, kept his weight off of her and waited.  She was smiling and crying and holding onto him tightly.  Simon was smiling also and was wondering what the future will bring.  He knew, however, that this was the happiest he has been in a long time.  If his daughter intended to remain his bed warmer, then he didn’t want to burst the bubble.  He slowly pulled out and rolled over onto his back.  Kelly laid down beside him, hugged and kissed him.  Simon stroked her hair and lovingly looked at her.

 “Take a long, hot, soaking bath.  Just soak for as long as you can to help with the soreness.  OK?”

 “OK dad.  I’ll do what ever you say.  You know best and I’m your concubine, right?”

 “Where did you learn that word?  You‘re full of surprises.”

 “I read a lot, I guess.  And as long as we can remain together, that‘s what I want.”

 “And, you continue to do well in school  or all deals are off.  Get it?”

 “I will and I got it.  I love you.“

 “I love you too, Sweetness.  Now scoot to the bathroom.”

 With that, she gave him a peck on the lips and ran to the bathroom.  Simon just laid back, with his hands behind his head, smiled and shut his eyes.



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