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Sister and Niece

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When my sister asked if she and her daughter could stay with me for a few days, I reluctantly agreed.  She and her husband had been having problems, and every once in a while she would leave him.  She'd usually go back pretty quick, so I wasn't too worried.

This time was different, though.  He'd started having violent, psychotic episodes and was committed for his own good.  My sister never kept a steady job, so she couldn't afford to keep their place, and was practically on the street with her daughter.  Of course, my sister neglected to tell me this until after she'd already been there 4 or 5 days, when it was too late for me to tell her to leave.

So for the next two months, we all shared my small apartment.  They had the guest bedroom and used the second bathroom, and I had the main bedroom (hey, it's my place and I pay for it) and the master bath.  It worked okay for a while, but I was really starting to miss my privacy.

I wasn't dating at the time, so that wasn't the problem so much.  I wasn't going to make my sister and niece leave, but I was starting to get anxious.  I just wanted my apartment back.  I hadn't even had a chance to jack off more than a couple of times during their stay, and that was just hasty jerks while showering.

One Saturday, my sister took my niece to go see her dad in the hospital, and I thought I'd finally have a chance to really enjoy a good masturbation session.  All I needed was a quick shower and some internet porn to get in the mood.

I stepped out of the bathroom making a bee-line for my bed.  I had already setup my laptop with some of my favorite porn, a nice batch of mpgs of some very young teen sex.  I immediately noticed that my sister was standing at my bedroom door, and the angle she was looking into the room allowed her to glance between my laptop screen with it's illegal porn clips running and my semi-erect dick.  I didn't have a towel with me to cover up with, but at the moment that was the least of my problems.  My sister saw the porn I was getting ready to watch, and I knew I was in trouble.

Though I like that kind of stuff, the thought of doing anything with my niece never crossed my mind.  Sure I fantasized about some of the girls in the videos, but I knew I could never do anything with them, and I certainly wouldn't with my own niece.  The look on my sister's face made me think that she wasn't about to believe that.

So there I was, dick almost literally in hand, illegal and highly suspect porn on my laptop, and my sister seeing it all with no doubt what I was about to do.  As if that wasn't bad enough, just as I was getting over the shock (and all of this happened in about 1 second, maybe less) and starting to move, my niece looked around the door and got an eyeful as well.  My sister quickly covered my niece's eyes and pushed her from the doorway, which got me moving to the laptop to shut the screen.  I grabbed my robe hanging from the hook on my door, put it on, and went into the living room to face the music.

Deciding to go on the offensive, I said "What the hell? I thought you were going to see your husband."

My sister, momentarily caught off guard and blushing furiously, answered "We were... are, I just forgot the paperwork I need him to sign."

"Well, look, I'm sorry that I left my bedroom door open, but I thought you would be gone." Looking over to my niece, I asked her "Are you okay, honey?"

She nodded shyly, but I thought I saw a hint of a smile on her face.  I was beginning to think I was going to get away with this after all.  Maybe my sister didn't get a good look at the video still, which was of a very young girl sucking a man's dick.  Maybe she saw it, but thought the girl was older.

No such luck.

"Don't you talk to her, you pervert!" she said.  I was impressed by how in control her voice sounded, but it was low and full of menace.  "What you were looking at is disgusting, and I can't believe I ever left her alone with you.  You're 32!  What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Wait, now hold on" I sputtered.  "You've got the wrong idea." But let's face it, there was nothing I could say at this point that was going to make this any better.  "Alright," I sighed.  "What are you going to do?"

"I'd call the police and have your ass thrown in jail if I thought you'd actually touched her," she said, motioning to her daughter.  "But you haven't, and you've helped me out when I need it, so I'm not going to do that.  But we're leaving as soon as I find a place for us.  Tonight, if possible."

"Where are you going to go?" I asked.  "You haven't had steady work since you've been here, and I know you haven't saved any money.  Look, I'd never touch my own niece and you know it.  Don't just up and leave because of this.  It's really not as bad as you think."

"Really?" she asked, incredulously.  "It looked pretty damned bad to me.  How could anyone do things like that with a girl so young?" she said, glancing at her daughter.

"Look," I said, as reasonably as I could, "the girl in that clip is probably at least 17, maybe older.  They just pick thin, underdeveloped girls that look much younger at first glance.  It's just fantasy, nothing more."

My sister thought about it a bit, then said "Fine, show me."

"What?!  No way!"

"Show me and let me decide for myself if the girl just looks young, or if she really is that young.  Let's go," she said, heading to my room.  Her daughter got up to follow, but I shook my head no and pointed at the sofa.  She sat back down, pouting, and I followed my sister to my bedroom.

She had already opened the screen and was looking at the still from the clip.  I knew the girl couldn't be more than 13 or 14, but in that particular clip there was just no way to be sure.  She looked young, but all you could see was her face and hair (and the dick halfway in her mouth.)  My sister was trying to figure out how to start the mpg clip, but she isn't very computer savvy.

"Here," I said, getting ready to click on the play button.  She knocked my hand away and clicked on it herself, and blocked me from the computer so I couldn't stop her.  Actually, the more I thought about this clip, which I'd seen many times and absolutely loved, the more I remembered that there was no truly damning scene that really showed just how young this girl was.  I had other clips that left no doubt, but I wasn't really worried about this one.

As we watched, the girl was giving the man (who's face you never see) an excellent blow-job.  She worked that dick with gusto, taking it in almost to the base.  The guy getting serviced was holding the camera, and his hand was shaking (for good reason) enough that you never caught a really good look at the girl.  Sure, she had a flat chest, but many 18 and 19 year-old girls do.  What you could see of her pussy here and there showed it to be hair free, but you couldn't say for sure that she wasn't just shaved.

Meanwhile, the girl is still performing wonderfully, and I was starting to get hard.  My sister had started watching the clip with suspicion, but now I could see from the look on her face that she was starting to feel an altogether different effect.  It's not a long clip, but it's one of my favorites to start with when I want to enjoy a long wanking because after just a minute or two of sucking the guy off, he comes.  She takes the first load in her mouth, then pulls his cock out and let's him blow the rest of his load in her face.  She's swallowing and licking him clean for all she's worth, and it never fails to get me in the mood.

"Wow!" said a soft, quiet voice behind us.  Startled, I turned and saw my niece with a strange look on her face.  It was something not quite lust, but getting there.  My sister, much calmer than I would have expected, told her to go back to the living room.  My niece reluctantly returned to the living room.

I was just in the middle of saying "See, that wasn't as bad as you thought.  She's no kid." when the next clip in my queue started.  In this one, the camera pans over the body of an obviously prepubescent girl as she touches herself all over.  Then the camera swings around, and she quickly crawls over to a man standing at the end of the bed and bends down and starts sucking him off.  Now there was no denying I was busted.

"How did that get there?" I asked, lamely.

"Oh, just give it up," my sister said quietly.  She was still watching the clip, not letting me get to the computer to turn it off.  The girl sucked the guy's cock for a short time, then laid back in the bed and spread her legs.  The camera man got behind the guy as he mounts the young girl and, after a little playing around, suddenly fills the girls young cunt with his fat cock.  He fucks her slow, then fast, then slow again, changing his tempo and occassionaly the angle of penetration.  The camera man is a real trooper and stayed with the action the whole time.

My sister, to my surprise, just kept watching with a sort of dazed look on her face.  I remembered that she too had been without sex for at least the two months that she'd been staying with me, and I kind of doubted that she could have even had the chance to masturbate, since she and my niece were sharing a bed.

Back on the screen, the guy fucking the girl is looking like he's getting ready to come, and the camera guy has moved around so that he's near the girls head.  You can see her face well enough to know that she's enjoying it, and you can see the guy thrusting faster and faster.  Suddenly, the camera man's dick is at the girl's face, and she turns to take it in her mouth.  He must have been jerking himself off to the guy fucking the girl, because he comes in like three seconds, covering the girls face and mouth with his sperm.  The guy fucking her pulls out at about the same time and starts spraying her belly, flat chest and cute little face with his own load.  Then both men are smearing all this come all over the girl's body, while she writhes beneath their hands in obvious pleasure.

I looked at my sister to see what her reaction was.  She still looked kind of dazed, but there was no mistaken the lust I saw in her eyes as well.  I myself was as hard as Chinese math, and the head of my dick was sticking out of my robe.  I didn't even notice this until my sister's eyes flicked down from the laptop screen and looked directly at my crotch.  I looked down, saw my condition, and quickly tried to cover myself, but I was too big and the robe wasn't doing the job.

"So you really like that stuff?" she asked.  Then, looking down again, she answered her own question.  "Of course you do.  Look how big you are."  As if she were in a trance (and believe me, I was pretty stunned too), my sister reached out and took my hard dick in her hand and started fondling me.

"What are you doing?" I asked, though her hand felt very good, and I knew I could come very quickly if she didn't stop.  "Your daughter is in the living room."

"No I'm not," said my niece, looking around the door again.  "That girl in the last movie was my age, wasn't she?"

I couldn't answer, both in embarrassment and because my sister was still fondling me.  "I won't tell you to go into the living room again," she told my niece, "so if you want to stay and watch that's up to you."  With that she knealed down and, much to my surprise, started licking my cock.  My niece's eyes got wide, but she was enjoying the show from what I could see.  So was I, truth be told, because by this time my sister was working on my rod in earnest.

Meanwhile, the next clip in my queue had started, and it was another one where the girl in the film was obviously young.  This one could have been 10 or 11, and she was being fucked by a boy of about 13 or 14 while she sucked another boy who was probably the same age.  My sister was still taking me deep into her mouth, and I knew I wouldn't last much longer.

"I'm going to come if you don't stop," I told her.  She looked up at me, and started bobbing her head a little faster.  My niece kept looking between the live action and what was happening on the screen (now the girl was getting fucked from behind while licking an older girl's pussy), and I noticed that she was rubbing her crotch through her shorts.

That was it; I blew my load in my sister's mouth, and she did everything she could to swallow it all.  Some dribbled down her chin, but she caught that in her hand and rubbed it on her neck and face with my cock still in her mouth.  My niece suddenly gasped and fell back against the wall.  Her hand was working furiously at her pussy over her shorts, and she was coming hard.

Finally my sister stopped working on my dick and said "I'm not going to be the only one who doesn't come here today.  You," to me, "get your clothes off and get in bed.  You," to her daughter, "can either go back into the living room and watch TV, or you can stay.  But if you stay, you're going to participate fully.  It's your choice, but I don't want to hear any complaining afterwards either way."

A lot more happened on this day, and I'll write more about this adventure if anyone wants me to.



that was unreal. you had me actually thinking about what was going on not only with yourself but the description of what was transpiring on your lap top. i wish i knew how to get those. keep the story coming


I see you will probably only make a part 2, if someone responds and wants a part 2. I would like to be the first to ask, please give me a part 2. I'd love to see a threesome within this family.

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