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Sleep`n with mom

luckyson on Incest Stories

I use to pretend I was a sleep when she would get home from work.Lay there with my eyes closed and I`d peek out and watch her get undresssed.She was young when she had us boys,So she was still pretty young herself.Around 32 I think at this time.She was small,coudn`t weight but about 90 pounds.She had a really nice ass and sweet tits.Must be about 34 C.At 5ft. tall she was hot my friends always talked about how hot she was.

  One night I lay there watching like I always did,She was looking really fine that night.Sexy little black dress,When she got down to her bra and panties my cock started to rise.I hadn`t been with girls to much yet,But I know she had as nice a body as about any girl in my class.Well she came over to the bed and climbed in.She lifted the covers up pretty high when she got in,so I know she got a good look at my hardon.We layed there for a little while,she was moveing around trying to get comfortable I thought and then I felt her hand slideing over my way.she reached over and put her hand on my cock.I about blow it right there.I stayed still and acted like I was sleeping still.I could not believe my mom had her hands on my dick.She lightly rolled her fingers around it and then stroked it up and down. It felt great,I was really starting to enjoy my first handjob from someone else.It didn`t last to long and I was shooting my cum all over my belly.I opened my eyes and acted like I was in shock,she pulled her hand away from my cock real fast.I looked over at mom ,she spoke up and said, it looks like someone had wet dream.I said,sorry and got up to go clean myself off.She just giggled alittle bit.And said,that it was ok,those things happen to kids,it normal. I didn`t let on that I knew she had been playing with my cock.I stood in the bathroom thinking how great that felt to have someonetouching my cock even if it was my own mom.I wanted more and so did my hardon,because it was still  rock hard.I walked back to the bed and stood at the side with my hardon sticking straight out, asked if she wanted me to go sleep in the front room.She said no that it was alright,just get back into bed.we lay for a few minutes andI couldn`t go to sleep,She was moving around in bed alot herself.Finally I spook up and said,mom I can`t go back to sleep mypenis is still hard and it`s keeping me awake.She laughed and said that she understood.Then she said,I can help you with that,but you can`t tell anyone about it, it`s not right for me to do this.I answered back that I wound not tell anyone.With that she slide her body around some and had her head by my tummy.She reached out and took a hold of my cock again.I closed my eyes and just layed there thinking how crazy this was and how much I liked it.Her hands felt so good sliding up and down on my cock that I knew I was not going to last very long.I reached over and put my hand on her ass,she didn`t say anything.So I left it there for a minute or 2.Then I started to rub her butt through her panties.Her ass felt great,I was thinking about how my friends were always talking about getting there hands on mom,I Never really thought much about it I guess.But here I was ,she had her hand on my dick,stroke`n it and I was playing with her ass.It felt so firm,I came back to reality when I felt my balls start to grow.I slide my hand down a little farther and I could fell the wetness and the heat of her pussy though her panties.I was trying to hold back,I didn`t want this to end so soon.I shifted my thoughts to that wet pussy I had my fingers on.I slipped my finger under the edge of her panties,I could feel her pussy lips start to part.I slide my finger in alittle farther and I heard let out a little moan.It felt so nice and smooth.It was just like wet silk.I slide it in more and started to move it in and out.She raised her butt up a little and it made it easier for me to et to.I ran my finger in even more.I started to finger fuck her faster.Then I felt my cock let go and I shoot my load again,This time it felt like it was not going to end.I looked down and saw that some of my cum was on her face.I still had my finger in her pussy and I started to move it in and out again.She moved away and said that that`s not going to put me to sleep any faster and it`s not the right thing to be doing.She got up and went into the bathroom,I lay there thinking about what had just happened andI stuk my finger into my mouth.IT was my first time tasteing sweet pussy.Moms tasted great,I wanted more of that.She came back in with a rag and wiped of my cock for me and told me to go to sleep.She stood next to the bed and I could see the big wet spot that I had made in her panties.I know she liked it  to.I went to sleep knowing I was going to get some more of that.We never talked about it after that night. I think that way it didn`t seem real to her I guess.But I made a point to fell a sleep in her bed a lot from then on.Never know what might happen

First time I`ve ever told this story to anyone,.Wait until I tell you what happened the next week when she came home drunk. 

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