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Snakes (part2)

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............So there I am hiding away in the barn as my brothers girlfriend is sucking on Boonies cock and my mom is now walking through the barn.  I just sat there, as my mom is getting closer to finding out the truth about Becca.  I was scared, worried and my heart was throbbing so fast in what was about to happen next.  In a way, I felt guilty because I could just see it now.  mom was going to have a heart attack and I was going to be the cause of it because I didn't stop her from coming in.  I could tell my breathing was getting more heavy, any heavier, and Becca was going to know I was there.  I crouched down more and there it was, the explosion was about to happen.  Mom just opened the gate to the pin quietly and is watching as Becca slurps down my dogs dick.  Becca didn't even notice that she was standing there.  Mom, didn't say anything, which I had to believe that she couldn't have truly known what was right smack in front of her face.  Gees, she really was that naive.... or what?  WHAT???

There is mom approaching them both and not saying a thing.  She can't be that dumb, and then it happened.  Mom, MY MOM, leaned down and spread Beccas legs wide open.  I don't understand what the heck is going on, but I was utterly confused and mad as hell as my mother stuck her head between Beccas legs and started licking her pussy.  I didn't know what to do.  All I know is that I wanted to get the hell out of there and quickly.  I didn't even care to be quiet at all.  I just didn't want to see anymore of this sick shit.  But I was stuck.  I couldn't move and neither did my eyes.  I was almost in tears and I watched her bury her head deep between those legs and her head bobbing up and down.  Then Becca pulled her mouth away from Boonies cock and said "Martha, there you are, I thought that I was going to have to do this alone this morning.  Where have you been?  Any later and Dwights cum would have been licked up by Boonie".  My mom replied with, "I know Becca, I wanted to get out here earlier but Sarah had gotten up not feeling well and so I had to tend to her first".  To me, I had to be dreaming this all up.  There is no way mom would do such a thing.  She is so innocent, so MOM.  But she was there, Becca was there, and Boonie too.  Dwight had been there, he did cum in her pussy and mom was knowingly licking it out of her.  I still wanted to get out of there, but stilll....I was frozen.  They started kissing and fingering each other as Boonie was taking turns licking them both.  My dog is now licking on my mothers pussy as Becca is sucking and fondling her breasts.  I was wrong about mom having a heart attack only to think it was me who would probably end up having one.

I stayed through the whole thing.  I watched now as Boonie got  behind my mother.  As it was, she was on all fours digging her tongue into Beccas cunt and moaning about how good her son's cum tastes.  How it always tastes so good and better each time she eats it from Beccas insides.  Meanwhile, Boonie mounts my mom and starts thrusting forward at my mom.  "Martha, let me help Boonie real quick, he is so thrilled to see you I can tell.  I don't think he wants to wait anymore to get inside of you again".  Again?  Mom has done this before?  Becca gets up and gets to the side of mom, gripping Boonies cock (of course taking a quick lick at it)she guides it towards moms pussy.  Boonie pumps more and more and then I can hear him rip through her wet pussy.  My dog is now fucking my mom and I was watching the whole thing happen.  As shocked and almost in tears as I was, I could feel my nipples getting hard.  I am watching a threesome between mom, Becca and my dog and I was getting confusingly excited about it.  I could tell that I myself was getting wet down there.  I watched as thrust after thrust my mom is getting closer to an orgasm and Beccas too with mom eating her pussy out.  Maybe I'm wrong, maybe this was normal and I was weirded out for nothing.  I don't even know what I know anymore but all I know was that I wanted to cum and by each moan from my mom, the sight of Beccas cunt being eaten out by mom and seeing Boonies huge cock, I was getting really close and by the way I was feeling dizzy, I could tell this orgasm was going to be the best I ever felt so far.  Boonie started moving faster and deeper inside mom and after all the times I have watched him fuck Becca, I knew he was going to start cumming real soon.  Did Dwight even know what was happening here?  How long has this been going on?  I didn't know, but I wouldn't doubt it if she's fucked Jeremy too.  That was turning my on as well.  Then Boonie stopped and I knew it was happening, he hit it deep and was going real fast, he rammed his baseball size balls inside her and she yelped in pleasure. Moms huge breasts were swaying back and forth and it was getting my so excited to see them do that. I knew that she was small there, but I never really noticed how huge they really were.  They were actually rather sexy. He started cumming in her and she was backing into him for more.  She wanted all of his dog cum inside of her.  Becca got up and got under mom in a 69 position.  Mom, tried to lick Becca as much as Boonie would allow, as it was hard to keep her head still enough to continuously keep licking her while he was ramming himself into her hole.  Becca was now licking moms cunt and you could see her getting hit in the head by Boonie everytime he thrusts again and again against mom.  Mom started crying out in joy as she started cumming and she's fingering Becca.  Becca was getting moms tongue and the touch of her fingers moving inside of her and she was now cumming.  Mom saw it squirting out of her and put her head down to suck it up.  Right there, the view of all three of them caused me to also cum.  I cummed so hard I thought for a moment they heard me moan.  I'm not sure if they did or not, but I just kept going.  In a way, I almost hoped they did, then the next time.....maybe they would include me in on it.  Boonie was now restless as he was trying to get out of her.  Becca just held him close to her as so not let his balls rip out of her.  After about 15 minutes of Becca licking around mom and Boonie down there, his balls started shrinking and it slid out of her gaping cunt.  His cum started flowing out and Becca quickly opened her mouth under her pussy and started swallowing all that poured out of her.  It seemed endless.  After all, mom turned around and laid on top of Becca and they shared the cum that remained in her mouth.  Watching the two of them as their bodies lay together as one was so appealing and I was getting a little envious watching Becca and her carress each others breasts and bodies the way they did.  I licked my own cum from my fingers and quietly left the barn before they saw me.

As I was walking in the house all I could think of was that nothing would be seen the same.  I went from being disgusted by all that I was spying on to being turned on by watching them.  Thinking mom as my mom to thinking that I loved the way her body moved in sync with Beccas body and Boonies too of course.  I went in the house, took a shower and got ready to start on preparing breakfast.

That afternoon, from all that my eyes had seen and my mind had learned I was exhausted.  I had finished with all my chores and I was ready for a nap.  I went to my room and closed the door.  I had to be laying down for quite some time because when I heard Samuel frantically asking if anyone had seen his snake.  I was groggy from my nap.  I had to have been because normally I would have been freaking out.  I  guess I just subconsiously told myself I was just going to stay where I was and then I didn't have to worry about running into that nasty thing.  I started to fall asleep again when I had felt something moving under my covers.  As tired as I was, I just laid there.  I certainly didn't think anything bad.  It must have been nothing because it stopped.  I fell back asleep.  As I laid there, I started having a dream about my mom and Becca, of course, let's not forget Boonie.  I started rubbing my breasts and getting excited from it.  At least that is what I thought.  Somewhere in there, this felt like more that a dream.  I started dreaming that Boonie was mounting me, it was some dream because it felt like Boonie was actually inside of me.  This was the best dream I think I have ever had, nothing could have felt so real.  I was actually having a wet dream.  Haven't you ever thought that while you were dreaming?  Where you were in the dream but you knew that it was a only a dream but it felt real at the same time?  It was so weird. 

 Although, I think that I would have rather had my first time in real life rather than in a dream.  I know laying there for real, I was spreading my legs, as if I was really getting fucked my Boonie or something.  As I spread my legs, I could feel that dreamy feeling that it was getting deeper and just filling my insides.  I never thought that it would feel squirmy though.  But what did I know, I've only had my fingers inside of me.  I was so excited and I knew that not in my dreams, but in my sleeping body I was going to cum.  I was touching my breasts and squeezing them hard.  I had moved one of my hands down to my cunt and rubbing my clit, I could feel over my belly it moving.  This was the greatest dream ever.  I was starting to cum now and I wanted to keep it going.  I started rubbing it harder, until finally, I was cumming.  I started moaning and from all the pulsating I felt, I felt like I was truly for real full of something.  I felt like something was inside of me and then I started to wake up.  I propped my head up and felt movement in between my legs.  I didn't know what was going on but it felt good and I was loving how it had made me cum.  All of a sudden I looked down and saw the head of my brothers snake poking out of my pussy.  I started to freak out and then realized I needed to calm down because I was afraid I would freak it out and it would bite me.  I nervously laid there with my legs spread wide open and waited for it to slither out of my hole.  It didn't really move much more than just getting it's head out for air I guess. It just remained coiled up inside of me and as grossed out as I was about even being in the same room as one of these things, I didn't feel in a rush as for it to come out of me either.  The way the slithering movements were inside of me, I realized that it wasn't my dream so much that was turning me on but the fact that this snake had crawled up inside of my pussy and made me cum.  Moving it's slithering body slowly inside of me until it was completely inside of me.  I was actually starting to throb down there thinking about it.  Then I heard my brother knocking on the door for me.  As it startled me, I jumped a little in my place and it caused the snake to bury it's head back into it dark and dank cave, so to speak.  I quickly put my legs together, pulled the covers over me and turned to my side.  I called him in and he had asked me if I had seen his snake that he couldn't find it anywhere.  i told him that I had no idea where it was and that he knew he had best find it before I left my room.  I told him not to come back to my room until he did find it. ( I thought, that should keep everyone out for a while.)  As he was mumbling about something, I could feel this thing moving around inside of me and it was making my want to cum.  I could feel that it's fork like tongue was going in and out of its mouth and it was hitting me in that one area that one "spot".  I tried to think of other things as I didn't want to cum with my little brother standing next to my bed, talking about his lost snake, when all the while it was his precious snake that was squirming inside of my pussy about to make me cum.  I was fucking his pet and my special spots were loving it.  I was starting to get dizzy and  I knew that if he didn't leave soon it would be too late and it was going to happen anyway.  He kept going and I heard him say that it was one of his rough green snakes and it was the 12 inch one.  I told him to get the heck out that I was trying to sleep and not to disturb me anymore.  He shut the door and it all let loose.  I kept my legs together and I noticed that it was more intense when I did that.  I started thinking of the fact that I have a 12 inch snake completely hidden away in my pussy.....Then it happened, I was cumming all over the thing.  I could feel it squirming more in me by now as it was definitely feeling me squeezing in on him.  I just laid there.  I spread my legs and just fell asleep from being now exhausted from that deep intense orgasm. 

......more to come



Nope there is another but that does not take way from your great story except that yours is a bit short please continue LOL P.S. yours is a longer story the the other but cant remember the name of the other one Anyway when you add if you could please inform me at I would be grateful

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