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Spying on Daddy

zelev on Incest Stories

“DADDY!!!”. I shot out of bed like I had been blasted from a cannon. “DADDY!!!”. Something was wrong. Very wrong. I grabbed my shorts and in mind jump had them covering my ass while I ran towards my daughter screams. “WHERE ARE YOU JESSICA!”, I yelled as I frantically scrambled around the house. “Out side. Under the deck! Hurry!”. I didn’t even think as I sprung towards the back door. It looked open, but the screen was shut. Not much was left as I broke through it. Tearing a big hole in the mesh and snapping a few sections of the frame. I got to the deck and to my horror I saw my 16 year old daughter. Hanging from the upper deck, half naked from the waist down. It was hard not to look at her young virgin pussy as I tried to figure out what had happened. “I’m going to fall. I can’t hold on.” I stopped underneath her just in time as she let go of the upper deck. She screamed, not knowing where I was and then felt herself falling. All she could think about was how hard she was going to hit the patio. How her legs would break. To her surprise, she never made it to the ground. Trembling, she looked up to see her fathers handsome face. He had caught her and was holding her in his arms. “What the hell where you doing girl?” As soon as those words came out of my mouth, I remembered. She was naked from the waist down still. My hands. Her fathers hands were holding her strong smooth legs and her young perky ass. I felt my face turn red in an instant. Standing her up, I grabbed a towel from a nearby chair and covered her up.

“Well!”, I yelled. “Do you realize how close you came to seriously hurting yourself young lady!”. My anger quickly kicked in for how foolish she had been. “Daddy please calm down. I’m sorry.” Jessica took a seat in the pool chair as I stood their, glaring at her. “Ok. Look. Hunter and Robin Have been jumping from your deck to the pool for a long time now. It looked so fun. Back flips, cannon balls. You name it. I just wanted to try” She looked so innocent. Suddenly I remembered her mother. Before Jessica was born, her mother , Lynn, had told me how it would be to have a daughter. Her puppy dog looks. Her cute innocent face.  It was difficult for me not to smile. Lynn was right. My daughter could get away with anything. “Ok. Let me get this straight.” Crouching in front of her, trying to not look so angry. “You got onto my deck, climbed over the rails and couldn’t do it could you?” My smile broke through. I had to look down so she wouldn’t see. “No daddy. I got scared.  It looks a lot higher from up their.” I was looking at her feet. So cute. She had her toe nails painted. Lynn had taken her to get her first petty cure for her 16th birthday last week. Looking up, my eyes locked onto her young firm legs, tanned, toned. They were beautifull. No mistaking who her mother was. I countinued my gaze, up her luscious legs until I got to her knees. They were slightly apart and then it hit me. Her pussy was directly infront of my face. Sitting down had caused the towel to ride up a bit and I don’t think she new. It was clear that dadd’s little girl shaved her pussy. My god it looked so good. I could feel the blood surge to my cock and before I new it, I was having to shift my body so Jessica wouldn’t see. “And uhh….your half naked why?” I croaked. Trying to regain my composure I looked up, onto the deck from where she feel. “Well…..When I tried to climb back over I slipped. That’s why I was hanging their. As I slipped, My bottoms ripped off me. There right their.” She pointed straight up. Yep, their they were. A pair of pink bikini bottoms caught on a nail and torn in half. “Ouch” I said, “talk about the ultimate atomic wedgie. You ok?” Jessica laughed. She always loved how her daddy made her laugh. It could be ther worst day ever and he would say some off the wall thing and make every thing better.  She loved her daddy so much. Looking at him now, she could see how easy it was for her mother to fall in love with him. She shifted her weight, trying to get more comfortable. “Ow shit!” Yelling as she stood up. The shock of falling was going away and she could now feel  the pain in her side. It burned. Bad. And it felt like her ass had been shreeded. “You ok?” The thoughts of my daughters pussy quickly fading from my mind as I realized she indeed was hurt. “Umm, daddy. I know you want to talk and tell me how dumb this was, but I need to go see how bad this is.” “Ok hun. Lets get you inside.” Jessica took a step forward and nearly collapsed. Tears swelled in her young innocent eyes and she began to cry. “It hurts to walk daddy. What did I do?” “Let me carry you hun. Lets go take a look”. I picked her up, being carefull to not hurt her and carried her to her room. I layed her down on her bed and went to get the med kit. “Umm….mom’s going to be home soon I think. Would you like to wait?” I was nervous. I new that if I was going to treat her leg, the towel would have to come off. “No daddy. You have already seen me while I was hanging their. I feel safe with you doing this anyways. Mom doesn’t take pain very well”. I had to laugh. She was right. Slowly and gently I removed the towel from which covered my daughters firm ass. The ass which I had held in my hands just a few minutes ago. “WOW!” It was all I could say. A section of her thigh, about as big as my hand, was rubbed raw. I moved closer an could see six or seven splinters lodged in her right ass cheek. A red line was forming from where her bottoms had been pulled from her body. “Jessica” I said with some concern. “Were both adults here. I know I’m your father but I’m going to have to touch your legs and move them. You have a couple of splinters I need to get out of you. Ok?” “Define a couple dad”. “Six or seven” “That’s not a couple! Oh my god! Ok. Ok. Just do what you need to do.”  “Alright hun. Here we go.”

I reached into the med kit a pulled out the tweezers. Kneeling besides her bed, I leaned in close to get a better look at what I needed to do to get them out. With my left hand, I grabbed her right thigh, just under her ass, and pulled down. Making her skin taught. I began to work one of the splinters from my daughters body. As I did, I had to keep moving my left hand to work her skin this way and that. See, I love to do this type of stuff. To dig and pick. Lynn and I do it all the time. Usually I have her pussy in front of me, plucking out any ingrown hairs that may have developed. I remembered loving the smell of her moms pussy. Inches from my face as I did my work.  The memory seemed so real. I could smell Lynns pussy right now. Then…it hit me. That wasn’t Lynn’s  pussy. It was Jessica’s. I had gotten so lost in thought and in digging for splinters that I didn’t even notice how close to her young fuck hole I actually was. My cock began to harden. Growing stiff with every second. My shorts were no match for my ever growing member. Hell, They were only to sleep in and its all I had around me when I woke up. I glance down and saw the fat head of my 7 inch cock peek out of the leg of my shorts. Oh fuck….please don’t look.  I finished digging out the splinters in a hurry. I had some lotion that would take the sting away and poured it in my hands. Rubbing it gently to warm it a bit. Gentley,  I began massaging my daughters firm ass. As I did this, I could hear her breathing shorten. Soft moans escaping from her mouth. I poured on more lotion, and began to rub her ass again. As time passed since the fall, the damage from the scrape and the tearing of her bottoms from her body were become more noticable. Not only was their a red line. You could follow that line from her hip, across her cheek, and continuing between her thighs. I began thinking  of my daughters young pussy again. How it looked as she sat in front of me outside. The way it smelled as I removed the splinters. I wanted her pussy so bad. I new it was wrong. This was my daughter for christ sake! But my body ingored my thoughts of guilt. My cock was straining to get out. The head not only had popped out of the leg of my shorts, but their was a string of pre-cum that lead from the tip of my cock to a small puddle on the floor. “Dear god”, I thought to myself, “how am I going to explain this to her”. I realized then that it was time for me to leave. I finished my work on her delicious ass and cleaned up my mess. Placing the towel, I left my daughter lieing on her tummy, assumeing she had gone to sleep.


“Is this really happening?”, I asked myself. Their I was, face down in my pillow with my naked butt exposed to my father. I new he wanted to help. Actually, I was glad it was him. Daddy always made me feel safe.  Made me feel more like a woman than his daughter. I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal. I mean, it was just my dad, pulling out some splinters from my ass. However, when he first touched me. When his hand began to wrap around my upper thigh just underneath my ass, I could have fainted. His touch sent more electric shocks through my young body than my dildo that my mother gave me ever had.  She said it was to keep my urges in check. Some birthday present huh? At first I didn’t know what she ment. Then she told me where it went. That’s when I understood what she ment. I took my own cherry the very first night that I had it. I would lie in bed, waiting for my parents to shut the door. Then, fuck myself while listening to my mother scream through her orgasms. Daddy must be good. I have never seen that woman without a smile on her face. Plus, I know he has a nice cock. This afternoon was a complete dissaster. I don’t think my pussy could get any wetter. Mother had gone out, to go shopping or something and Daddy said he was going to take a nap. We’re all pretty good about respecting everyones privacy here. I guess that’s why daddy thought it would be ok to sleep naked. I wasn;t meaning to just walk in on him like that. I was getting ready to go to the lake, my new bathing suite clung to my tight young body. I needed a brush and went to borrow mothers. Yet, as I walked in the door, there laid my daddy. His soft cock just slumped to one side. His heavy balls just sitting their. At first, I started to walk away. Then, I felt a tickle in my pussy. I had never seen a cock before. Not in real life at least. I had seen my daddies magazines. Guy’s his age fucking, sucking and getting blown by young girls. I didn’t know what turned me on the most. The men, the sex, or…the women. I loved staring at their tits. So pirky. Like mine. I wondered if daddie ever looked at me this way. Just another hot young little girl in his magazine. I liad my back against the wall and slowly tucked my left hand under my pinkine bottoms. Lightly traceing my finger up and down my slit. The whole time I don’t think my eyes ever left his cock. He was completely without hair! It looked so bald and smooth. I wanted to know what it felt lie. What it tasted like. Fingers still rubbing my pussy, I began to walk towards my father. He was dead asleep. Even snoring a little bit. I was getting pretty worked up and felt like I was going to cum soo. “SLAM!!!” I could have died right there. MOM WAS HOME!!! Here I am, fingering myself while stareing at daddy. Now mom is home and there is no way out. That’s when it hit me…THE PATIO! Quetly I ran passed my father and went out side. I climbed over the railing but slipped. how stupid was that get away? Thinking of my daddies cock, along with the touch of my his hands was driving me nuts. My pussy felt like it was on fire! I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Just barely, I glanced over. IT WAS HIS COCK!!! My father was sitting next to me, rubbing my ass and it was turning him on! His cock looked so good. Looking more closely, I saw a what I guess would be precum dripping from his cock to a some what large puddle on the floor. God, how I wanted to taste that! Then daddy rubbed one spot on my ass and god did it feel so good! I let out a soft moan. Then, it hit me. “Have I been moving and moaning this whole time? “ All of a sudden, dad said he was done. It was good just some small scratches. He got up in a hurry, placed the towel back on my ass and left. I layed their in a lust filled trance. My father, then man who I was spying on just minutes ago, had rubbed my ass and made me so horny. I rolled onto my back, dropped the towel and gently began running my hands up and down my body. I took off my top and squeezed my tits. My nipples were already rock hard and I pinched them gently. Sending powerfull pulses straight to my clit. I looked over at the puddle of precum my father had left. Reaching out, I scooped up some of it onto my finger. Rubbing them gently together, I wondered what it tasted like. I new it was wrong, but who would know? Inserting two fingers into my pussy, I brought my fathers juices to my young eager lips. I sread the sweetness of my fathers cock across my lips and then sucking my fingers into my mouth. I never tasted something so good. I was so jealous of my mother. She can suck and taste my father when ever she wants. I began pumping my pussy faster. I could feel my orgasm begin to build deep inside my pussy. I countinued sucking my fingers. Wishing it was daddy’s big hard hard cock instead. I gathered the last of it and rubbed it into my pussy. Driving my young virgin body over the edge I couldn’t help myself. “Yes Daddy. Fuck your Daughters tight pussy!”. I opened my eyes. I came so hard I was crying. I wiped away my tears and then my heart stopped. Right their. In the doorway. My father staring at me. Mouth open, his pants buldging. If I didn’t know any better, I would say he was as speachless as I was.



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