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Stepdaughter's blow job

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Stepdaughter's blow job

For the last 3 months, I have been noticing my 18 year old stepdaughter more and more.
I fantasized about her when having sex with her mother.  I am not sure how it began, but
I am pretty sure that it had something to do with her extremely large and round breasts.

Being a hot summer, and turning the air conditioning off at night to keep the bills low,
I began sleeping in the nude. I was awaken by a sound, but looked and saw nobody. I noticed that I was uncovered and totally exposed, so I quickly pulled the covers back hiding my cock which was fully hard.

It must have been Lisa, my step-daughter returning home from work. I drifted back to sleep.
The following night, I was awaken much like the night before, and once again found myself exposed and fully erect. This time I saw Lisa walking down the hallway, towards her room. Had she seen me?  Did she uncover me to look at my cock? Just the thought caused my cock to swell even more. Wow! something began to stir within me.

The following night, I was in the den on the couch, watching TV and June, my wife was getting tired and decided to head off to bed. I pretended to be asleep, so that she would just let me sleep on the couch. It was close to midnight, and the only light in the house was from the TV. Earlier, that evening I had taken my shower and instead of putting on PJ's, I just grabbed a blanket from the closet.

Laying on my back, I pulled the blanket down, exposing my cock and balls, but just enough to make it look like I had kicked the blanket off in my sleep. I rubbed my cock and it began to swell. before too long, I was a full 7 inches. Just then, I heard Lisa's car pulling up the gravel drive. I heard her shut the car door and I knew that this was it. no going back now.

I laid my head down and closed my eyes, as she came in the front door. I could hear her come into the room, and set her keys down, and take a few steps and then she stopped. She was standing right in front of me.

what would she do next?  she had to be staring right at my cock. There was a pause for about a minute, and then I heard her moving slowly. the next thing I knew I felt her hand brush my cock. lightly at first as if she was checking to see if I was asleep. then I felt a rub on my arm.  I thought to myself, I am asleep and I am not waking up.  after a few seconds, I  felt her hand wrap around my shaft. she began to slowly stroke me up and down. OMG! the though of her stroking my swollen cock drove me nuts. Please! Suck my cock I thought to myself.  She touched the tip of my cock as if she was getting a little pre-cum on her finger, and then moved her finger to her lips. the next thing I knew, I felt the warm soft touch of her tongue on the tip of my cock. she swirled it around the head a few times, and then opened her mouth and took the tip inside.

She began moving her mouth up and down my shaft stopping once in a while to take the tip in her mouth.  then she wrapped her mouth around the entire head and slowly lowered herself down until she had my whole cock in her mouth. I thought I would lose it at that point, as she began bobbing up and down at a faster pace.  I could feel my juices building up in me, and I knew I was about to shoot my load in her mouth.  Finally - it happened.  I exploded with a huge burst of cum.  Lisa paused at first not knowing what to think. but then she  began stroking my cock with her mouth once again, as I shot several more streams down her throat.

I could not pretend to be asleep at this point, so I moaned, and shifted my body, laying on my side all the while keeping my eyes closed. when I did this, Lisa quickly got up and headed down the hallway to her room.

This was the first encounter with my stepdaughter Lisa, and I am looking forward to the next.
I will keep you posted.

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