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Strip Poker with my Mother

L. Train on Incest Stories

My brother and dad had been gone from the hotel room for half an hour. They wanted to go swimming at the hotel pool for a few hours. It was only about 7:30 and the pool wouldn\'t close until 11:30. They intended to stay as long as they could.  My mother and I grew bored as I flipped through the channels.

"Turn it off, Sam. There\'s no use. Nothing\'s on but news and soaps."
"Well, then what are we gonna do for 3 and a half hours?"
"I don\'t know, you could always join your father and brother."
"Nah," I said, "I told you, I\'m way too whiped out." We had been walking all day around town.
"Well what do you want to do, then? Check and see what\'s in those drawers."
I opened the drawer. Nothing but a small, green vinyl Bible and a deck of dusty old playing cards. I held both up.
"We can play cards!" she smiled.
"Alright," I groaned. Anything to pass the time. "How about Texas Hold\'em?"
"I don\'t know how to play that."
"It\'s easy. You\'ll pick it up as we go."

We played a quick practice round and I lost purposely on a couple hands to make my mom feel like she was doing well.

"How \'bout we make it interesting?" she grinned.
"I\'d love to, but I didn\'t take any money with me on this trip."
"Aww," she sighed.
"How bout we use something else?" I asked.
"Clothing," I said, half joking, half testing to see her reaction.
"You mean like strip poker?"
"Yeah, exactly."

She paused a minute, got up and walked over to the window overlooking the hotel\'s indoor pool, and closed the blinds.

"We should make sure no one else, especially your brother and father, can manage to catch a peek."
"Good idea," my voice shook. I couldn\'t believe she agreed. "Well first--" I cleared my throat. "First thing is counting all the items of clothing we have on. Count a pair of socks as one."

She had a shirt, bra, pants, panties, and socks on. I had a shirt, an undershirt, shorts, boxers, and socks on. We were even.

"Okay, kiddo, let\'s get this started."

I shuffled and delt the cards, which took longer than it should have with my shaking hands. I gave her two and me two. Pocket Jacks for me. I flipped the cards one by one. Jack, King, 8 of Spades, 2 of Hearts, and 3 of Hearts.
She slowly flipped her cards. Nothing. I won the first hand.

"Gimme that shirt," I smiled and held out my hand. She rolled it off to reveal her stomach. She looked pretty good for forty-something and two kids. I could see her dark nipples through her bra, her breasts about C-cup. She had noticable love handles, but they didn\'t look bad. They fit her body nicely.

Next hand, I won again. "Pants off."
She complied. She scooted her ass off the bed that we were sitting on and pushed down her pants. She looked gorgeous in her socks, panties and bra. Her hips came out to the perfect width. He panties were white, just like her bra, and somewhat see-through as well-- I could see a darker area that I assumed was her bush.

Next hand she won. And then the next two. Then I won one. So I was sitting there in my boxers and shirt, just as she was in her bra and panties.

"This is it," I kept thinking. "I\'m going to see my mother naked."

I delt the cards. A 5 and a 3, both hearts. I flipped the five cards. 3 of diamonds. 5 of spades. 2 of hearts. Ace of spades. Jack of diamonds.

"How about we double the stakes? My shirt and boxers versus your bra and panties."
She thought a few seconds. "Okay, let\'s do it. Flip \'em."

We both flipped. She had a 3 of spades and a 5 of clubs.

"What\'s that mean?" she asked.
I wanted to get this over with. "It means it\'s a tie-- we both lose. We both take off our clothes."
"... Okay, we\'ll do it at the same time. Shirt for bra, boxers for panties. 1-2-3, go."
I took of my shirt, and saw just in time, her gorgeous breasts fall out of her bra and hang. A medium size areola with nipples that looked a little bigger than average.
"Okay, boxers for panties. Ready? Go."
I whipped off my boxers and my prick stood to attention. My mother stuck her thumbs under her panties and pushed them off. Underneath was the most beautiful bush I had ever seen. It was perfectly black, in a triangle, running from the top down passed her pussy lips.

"Nice cock," she laughed. "What do we do now?"
I looked at the clock. It was 8:20.


To be continued... 

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