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Susan part 2

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That morning Susan did not say anything about what I had done the night before. She put on a very short dark blue denim skirt when she dressed. After breakfast we all got into the car and continued with our journey. I had the good luck, to sit next to Susan again. She seemed to know that I wanted to see her panties as her dress was pulled up all the time. Our Dad, when he let Mom drive, also noticed that her panties where showing but didn’t say anything he just looked over the front seat whenever he had a chance, Susan just pretended she didn’t notice us and kept reading her book. A few times during the day I noticed her looking at my crotch again but didn’t do much about it but adjust the way I was sitting so she could get a better view of it, the once she seemed to fall asleep against me and her hand fell onto my crotch where she kept it while sleeping, when her hand was there my cock got hard again and I am sure she was feeling it but I just kept still so she wouldn’t move it. When she woke she was smiling and sat up again moving her hand from my cock.

We continued our trip and arrived at our Aunts house that day as normal. My Aunt had one daughter and one son. The daughter was about the same age as my sister. Her and my sister shared a room and all us boys shared another room.

 The next day our parents and Aunt left us all at home when they went shopping. In the back yard they had an old brick dam that we used as a swimming pool. All us kids got into our costumes and went swimming. After a while I got out and sat on the grass watching the others playing in the water.

 Watching the girls in their tight wet swim suits made my cock as hard as a rock I put a towel on my lap hoping no one noticed my hard on. After a few minutes my sister came and sat with me and asked,

 "Do you want to do it again?"

“Do what again” I asked her trying to act innocent.

“You know what you where doing to me while you thought I was asleep the other night”

“Oh so you were not asleep then, why didn’t you say or do something?”

“Because I wanted you to do it but was scared you would stop if you knew I was awake. Lets go into the front garden while all the others are swimming and do it properly. Or are you to scared?”

“Who’s scared, lets go then but this time I am going to stick it right inside you ok. And I don’t want to hear you crying.”

“Don’t worry I have done it before”

“Who with?”

“That’s my secret but I will tell you later”

I was surprised that she also wanted to have sex, I thought it was only me who wanted to do it all the time but now realised that she also wanted to fuck.


We agreed that I would sneak away first and then she would do the same after a few minutes so none of the others would notice we had gone. I walked around to the front garden and waited for her to come, it took her about five minutes to get away. By the time she came around the house I had already found a nice secluded spot that no one would be able to see us, unless they came into the garden and walked around the shrubs.

She stood with her back to a large tree. We didn’t want to take out costumes off just in case someone came, if they did we could just pull them straight and hope they didn’t see what we where doing. She pulled her costume to the side so I could see her small hairless pussy. Not wasting any time I immediately pulled out my cock and rammed it into her. This time, I am not certain if from the water or from her juices my cock slid in with no difficulty I had never had such a nice sensation as her tight small pussy stretched out and held my cock in its warm embrace. As I pushed my cock in more it just kept going till it was all inside her. This astonished me, as I didn’t think it would go the entire way in, not that my cock was very big or thick. I asked her how it felt and she said so nice and it doesn’t hurt her at all. I was so excited that it took only a few strokes to make me cum. I think that was the best and strongest cum I had ever had. I kept my cock in there for a time and could feel my cum dripping out her cunt and running down my balls and then my legs. but after a while it went a bit soft and slipped out. When it came out of her pussy a lot of my cum ran out of her and all down both of our legs. We Just stood there for a while and let the warm cum run down out legs and puddle by our feet; I couldn’t believe that so much had come out of my cock. Susan said she liked the feeling of me cumming inside her and we have to do it again soon. I said yes we must and we must also try it without any clothes on next time. This was the first time I had really fucked a girl and cum in her. It was the best thing I had felt till then.


I wondered what she had meant when she said she had said it wasn’t her first time fucking.

“Who have you done this with before?” I asked her.

She didn’t want to tell me but after asking her a few times she said she cannot tell me or she would get into trouble. So I decided to take a chance and said I know whom anyway and told her it was Dad. She was really scared and asked me how I knew I said I had just guessed. I asked her to tell me all the things Dad did to her but she said she will tonight after everyone was asleep, and made me promise not to tell anyone.


To be continued.

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