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 Tormenting my son.

 Okay,it was wrong I know,but it added spice to my life when I needed it.


 Widowed myself with three of his sibling's now in the military,my young teenage son became fair game for me after I seen him wanking himself silly.

 I knew this wanking had a lot to do with the sneaky looks he got of my body. What started by accident,became almost a competition. One day he caught me coming from the bathroom with a large towel wrapped around me hidding all my assets. Having gone to my bedroom and shutting the door behind me. I detected through the mirror I now stood in front of,a slight door movement. The horny hormone crazed little tyke was trying to get a peep at me with no clothes on.

 First instinct was to shout at him,but checking my tongue,I found it flattering that my son should feel I was sexually attractive to a teen. I felt my face flush up at my next thought,I'll flash my tit's! Now as guilty as hell,I flipped the front of the towel open with the intention of a tit flash only for a second. In my excitement,the towel slipped through my hands and instinctively I stooped to grab it back to cover my body.

 Having recovered it and wrapped myself completely again,I,on looking,saw the door was pulled back together,son had disappeared into his room. I pondered on this as I kept opening and closing the towel,wondering just what he had seen before his disappearing act. My nipples were now hard,but I hadn't noticed if this happened before or after my flash. It was then that it occured to me that on stooping naked to retrieve the towel,my son had most likely seen my pussy from behind. Now turning and immitating my stooping action,turn as I tried I could see no more than my single round bum cheek on one side.

 I now had a stroke of ingenuity,getting a small mirror from my handbag and now letting the towel fall away while pointing my bum at the large dressing table mirror,I again immitated my stooping action. Moving the small mirror suitably I suddenly went all hot. There now in my vision was my pussy lips,puffy and with a pinky tan,peeping out clearly from the back of my thighs. I thought,I'll never be able to face my son knowing he'd seen my sexy bit like it now looked. A tit flash maybe fun,but my quim was something altogether different.

 Strangely though,I could feel a sensation in my belly that in no way should have been there,regarding a woman's son. Dressed for the day,I guiltily stole out of my room,apprehensive now of bumping into my son. A hot flushing instantly re-appeared in my cheeks as I,on passing his room,heard the unmistakeable sounds of a youthful wanking going on. I stopped to listen,I admit it was enflaming my senses. "Stay like that mum,uuh! uuh! let me squirt it on yours,aah! uuh! mum you've made me cum on you"

 Flabbergasted wasn't the word! I felt tingly in my pussy,guilty as hell for having this feeling about my own son's secret. But worst of all,as I sneaked away,I felt all excited that my own son was trying in his mind to shoot cum all over my pussy. I had no doubt now that he had seen as I had in my mirror. Later when my son appeared,clearly unaware of my knowledge at his and my antic's. He was as alway's, "What's for breakfast mum? It looks nice outside. What you got to do,anything in particular? I haven't myself"

 This made the moment pass. But I now had a more pressing need. I determined to play what I saw as our flash game anytime I got the chance. So I did,over a period,I let him have snatches or moments of glimpsing my tit's and to a lesser degree,my bum cheeks and pussy. Equally over this same period,he became more attentive and cuddled me from in front and from behind with added affectionate,statement's, "God mum,I love you" which grew into, "Mum,you're so sexy,god,if you weren't my mum I'd marry you"

 It hadn't been lost on me either,that,on such occasion's I could feel his hardon pressing at my behind. One such instant,it actually pressed into my ass crack. Had he only knew it,all that I was wearing on that occasion was the thin cotton dress,no knicker's nothing under. It had the affect of making me dribble,because being hot,I'd already seen that he had only the nylon shorts without boxer's as inadvertently I'd sighted his scotum up the leg of the shorts when he had hitched one foot up on the opposite dining chair strutt to allow a magazine to rest. Furtively I kept peeping at it,in honesty,I hoped to see the cock I kept hearing him wanking. It made me feel so dirty and as guilty as hell,but it was like a drug. I had to have more and more.

 So with the moment of my bum crack and scrotum torment,the heat of the day was cooling into evening and then to nightime. I made a move I would never have otherwise made. I felt horny,I felt I needed a cock desperately and there was one available if only I had the guts to grab it. 'I'm off to bed,its so hot,if my doors open,don't pull it shut,we should get a breeze as the night cools down,if you leave yours ajar as well' "Okay mum,I'll try to remember when I come up,I wont be long myself,just want to skim through this article. Good night then" With just a loose dressing gown,no night dress and a pair of pantie's on,I leant in to give him a peck on the cheek as always.

 Not being daft,I knew the looseness at my front allowed it to fall forward and was damn sure my tit's would be dangling there for anyone looking. As I pulled back,I knew my son's eyes were looking down and an inadvertent movement of his hand brushed the back of it across my nipple. His look told me he felt it,as my senses in turn told me my nipples were as hard as hell. "Sorry" 'Wa?' "Sorry,you know,sorry it was an accidental brush" It wasn't and I thrilled at the sensation. I shouldn't have but I did.

 Flopping onto my bed now,I still had the sensation of his hand at my nipple. Now led naked except for my knicker's I touched the same nipple and being enflamed I found my clit through my panties and started to squeeze it a bit. Hearing my son making movements for bed,I pulled the sheet up over me,leaving one tit exposed,while still fondling my clit under this sheet. I knew my hand moving would show through this sheet,so I very gently moved it squeezing my pussy as I lay with eyes closed and in light only eminating from the landing light.

 Then I sensed I was being watched. My son was looking at me masterbating and some heavy breathing was his not mine. I wanted to look if he was also wanking but resisted an urge too. I genuinely was making little sexy sounds as I fell into an unintentional slumber. I assume at sometime after, my son had gone to bed. - The next thing I knew was a nearby tower clock struck. This meant it was early morning,as it stopped striking at ten till four.

 Laying now with both tits covered,I felt a slight chill about my body and pulled at other bedclothes which quickly took this chill off me. Warmer now I lay half awake when I sensed a movement. I knew it was my son on the move, - you just do. He was alongside my bed, A slight draft wafted at my back as I turned slightly onto my side away from where I was sure he was probably kneeling on the floor. Movement was there also. I flexed as I felt a hand touch my knicker's over my bum cheek. Steadily breathing deeply as if asleep,my heart was beating,no pounding with the sensation of my anticipation of what he might do.

 A finger snuk under my knicker leg and brushed slowly up and down my ass cheek. Each time it went towards my quim it came closer and closer to touching it. I could feel my juice's wetting my labia and desperately wanted more touching. From having both legs in line,I tweeked my top leg slightly forward allowing my pussy to be slightly more vulnerable. His finger movement stopped dead. I was itching to tell him to do it some more. But lay still waiting.

 After what seemed an age,his finger started again and it touched my quim's slit now,he hesitated on feeling my wetness and after a while I felt his thumb now press to his finger like a little clamp. A very gentle pulling was trying to pull my knicker's away from my pussy. With hardly any success,the slight easing of my knicker's did however allow more than his finger under and it made me soaking as I felt his finger's fumbling to work out how to get at more of me. I wanted to say, 'Just drag them off of me and hurry up about it' I lay,excited at what his intentions might be.

 Now as I felt him again clamp his hand at my so wet gusset,I could wait no more. At the instant he tugged,I moved my body more on to my belly. The tugging stopped instantly,I'm sure he was mortified I'd woken and caught him. His hand stopped just as it was holding my knickers now suspended from my quim as I felt my juice seeping out of my crack. As he realised my knicker's was less of a problem now he tugged them well clear of my pussy and in no time he was massaging the whole length of my quim's slit. His finger's continually sliding to and fro,was driving me mad. I desperately wanted to cum and cum hard. 

 I unintentionally jerked at his first touch of my clit. Still forever again it seemed, until again he moved my knicker's,I knew they were completely to one side giving open access to my cunt. I moved some more now,drawing my knees up to my front. All stopped again, "You awake mum?" Nothing,I drew deep breaths with an occasional sigh as his finger's started again. It now changed,he was away from my pussy with his finger's and the bed dipped. His weight was entering my bed. I held my breath for an instant as I felt a hardon touch me,his hardon. My heart was thumping,I feared he would hear it. I just knew he was going to! He intended to fuck me.

 An instant, - 'I must stop this' - was overtaken by my juices pouring from me in anticipation. I neither wanted to or intended too stop him from fucking me. God he was hard,where ever it touched,it was like a broomhandle poking at my body. His hand was back again,again he pulled at my knicker's making them move away from his intended target,more now,he pressed my slit open as he fumbled for my hole. "Mum,you must be awake now,you just must be" I lay quiet waiting,my orgasm was bubbling away in my vagina. At the instant his cock touched the hole it burst,but I held on while my pussy grasped at the first touch of his helmet. The sensation intensifide as he fearfully pressed up into my insides. Then completely losing control,he rammed deeply up inside my pussy.

 I felt his spurts lubricating my pussy on the first thrust as I yelled with a truly furious orgasm. He pumped like his life depended on it. Spurt after beautiful spurt pumped up me and he wasn't finished yet. Gripping me tightly round the waist, "I got you mum,I've finally fucked you,I don't want to ever stop now" I heard myself answering unbelievably, 'Yeah,I've been dying for you too,I'll let you do me all the time if you want' He gripped into me and pumped even harder. I felt myself cumming again on his cock as again he pumped his seed into me.

 Exhausted now we slept. On awakening, "Mum did you mean what you said when we were cumming"? 'Yeah,of course I did' Again his hard probing cock came back into me. In seconds he again took me to heaven on an orgasm,his sperm shot so hard up me,I screamed for more and more. - Months on from this moment,at least a couple of times a day he has me still screaming for his jism,he's not made me pregnant and the excitement I get from not being on the pill and getting his cock always in the raw frightens the shit out of him. But it doesn't put him off none. Here we go again and its only ten in the morning!



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