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Taking Lisa's Virginity

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I had just pulled in the driveway from a graduation rehearsal.  When I got out of my car I noticed a white pickup truck sitting out front of my house.  I stood there stunned for a moment thinking whose truck that was.  Maybe it was one of my sister’s friends.  She is always having people over.  When I got inside I heard some people talking.  I came around the corner to see my grandmother and my cousin Lisa. 

The last time I saw Lisa was at her moms’ funeral.  She had changed a lot since then.  The most noticeable change was her height.  She used to be really short and chubby.  Now she is really tall and slim.  She is probably about 5'9 or 5'10.  Her looks had changed some too.  She wasn't wearing glasses any more.  She had also let her hair grow long instead of keeping it short.  I wouldn't say that she is drop dead gorgeous, probably just about average. I was glad she came down though.

That night we had all gone out to dinner at Outback.  As we were walking out I asked my dad which hotel Lisa and my grandmother were staying at.  He told me they weren’t.  They were going to stay with us.  I was a little confused, because we had a nice size house, but every room was being taking up.  I know I didn't want to sleep on the floor.  Dad said that my sister was going to sleep on an air mattress in my brother’s room.  My grandmother was going to sleep in my sister’s bed.  I then asked him what about Lisa?  He kind of gave me a strange look and said that she is sleeping in my room.  I looked at him and told him that I wasn't happy about it.  I told him that I go out at night and come home early in the morning.  I hated to be wakened by anyone, let alone my cousin.  With that I was off to a party with some friends.  What you have to understand was that I had already packed up most of my stuff.  I was getting ready to move to an apartment with a friend a few days after graduation.  The only things that were in my room was my bed, TV, and my parents old sofa.  They had just bought new furniture and I was getting the old sofa.  The sofa is what Lisa was sleeping on. 

Anyway, I got back home at about .  I was a little surprised to see Lisa still up watching TV.  She was watching Dukes of Hazard.  She asked me what I had been doing.  I told her I had gone to a friend’s house and everyone there was just hanging out drinking and having a good time.  I told her I would be right back and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and change into some shorts.  I laid down in bed and Lisa turned the tv off.  She was asking me more questions like what I thought it would be like to play college football (I’m 6'1 280lbs).  I then started asking her some questions.  They were all stupid questions, until I asked her if she had a boyfriend.  She said no.  She said she wasn't to keen with guys.  She didn't think she was pretty enough for a guy to like her.  She also didn't like her body.  She said she was taller than most of her friends and most of the guys.  She also said she didn't like her boobs.  She said they were just like little mounds with a Hershey kiss on top.  I couldn't believe she was telling me this.  I knew what she meant though.  She didn't look like she had any boobs at all.  The talk didn't get much further than that before she said she was tired and wanted to go to sleep.

The next day I went along with my usual business.  I saw my family off and on.  I was so busy.  For some reason or another though I couldn't stop thinking about what Lisa was telling my last night.  I found my self not being able to wait until tonight.  I had some other questions to ask her. 

Night came and I found my self at home earlier than I usually would.  I got ready for bed.  I noticed Lisa was watching tv and she didn't seem that interested in talking.  So I took a bold first step and knowing the answer already I asked her if she was a virgin.  She hit mute on the remote control and looked back at me puzzled.  Why do you ask that? she said.  I told her I was just curious after what we were talking about last night.  She told me yes she was still a virgin.  She then sat up on the sofa and asked me the same question.  When I told her no, she looked puzzled again.  She said that she thought you had to wait until your married to have sex.  See, I later found out that my grandmother is the one who told Lisa about sex.  Being that my grandmother is very old school, Lisa thought you had to be married to have sex.  I told her you don't and she still looked puzzled. 

Lisa started to ask me a lot of questions about sex.  Like how it feels?  What’s it like?  Lisa was really starting to turn me on.  I had to pull the covers over me to keep her from seeing my hard on from the light of the tv.  I then got real brave.  I told her I could answer all of her questions, but that it would be different.  I could only tell her how it felt for me, from a mans perspective.  I didn't know how it would feel for her.  I then asked her if she had ever kissed a guy before.  When she said no I jumped on the opportunity. 

I told her to come over to me and I would show her what it is like to kiss a guy.  She came over and sat down beside me.  I leaned into her and gave her a kiss on the lips.  She seemed really scared.  I told her there wasn't anything to worry about.  I then told her the next time I go to kiss you to slightly open up your mouth.  When I kissed her again she did as I said.  I put my tongue in her mouth and started to French kiss her.  She really started to get into it.  Then out of instincts I started rubbing her boobs on the outside of her t-shirt.  It didn't take her long to realize what I was doing before she pulled back.  I asked her what was wrong.  She said that she didn't want to do this.  That she wasn't ready to have sex.  I told her we don't have to have sex, but that we can fool around.  She said it's all the same thing.  I told her it wasn't.  Finally after thinking it over for a minute she said as long as we don’t have sex.   I told her we wouldn’t.   With that I leaned in and started kissing her again.   After a few minutes of kissing I started to take her shirt off.   You could tell she really didn’t want to.   She kind of fought it and then finally gave in a let me take it off.    When I looked down at her breasts I noticed that she wasn’t lying.   She really didn’t have much in the way of breasts.   Her nipples looked like little Hershey kisses too.   They would puffy and sticking out.   She quickly took her hands and covered herself up.   I told her not to, that I thought she was beautiful.   She said she would feel more comfortable if I showed her my penis.   I said ok and took my shorts right off.   I would say that I am average in size.   She looked at my penis and was kind of taken back by it.   She said she had only seen some in magazines.   She asked if she could touch it.   I told her she could.   With that she stuck her hand out and touched the head.   She said it’s so hard, but soft.   I then started to show her how to jerk me off.   I guided her hand to the base of my cock and told her to move her hand up and down.   It felt so wonderful.   While she was doing this I was playing with her breasts.  

After a few minutes I asked her if she wanted to try something else.   She said sure.   I told her I wanted to teach her how to give a blow job.   I told her to lean down and kiss the head of my penis.   She did and when she sat up she said she tasted something.   I told her it was called pre-cum.   It acts as a lubricant if you’re going to have sex.   I then told her to open her mouth and to put my penis in it.   She said it seemed kind of gross.   I told her to trust me.   When she got some of it in I told her to close her mouth.   I then told her to start sucking on my cock with out using her teeth.   To move her mouth back and forth and to use her tongue.   She was really driving me crazy.   I was getting ready to cum, but I really didn’t want to say anything to her.   I wanted to shot in her mouth and hope that she swallows it.   I looked down at her and told her to pick up speed a little.   I then told her I was close to Cumming and that I wanted to come in her mouth.   I told her to keep going and that when I cum to swallow it.   If she couldn’t do it then I told her to spit it in the trash can beside my bed.   She went at it for another minute of so and I started to feel my balls tighten.   I didn’t even warn her.   I just grabbed the back of her head and brought her mouth down over my whole cock.   I shot a few ropes of cum in her mouth and I could start to hear her gag.   I let her go and she ran over to the trash can and spit it out.   I had a glass of water on my night stand and let her use it to rinse her mouth out.   When she got back I could see she had a few tears running down her eyes.   I asked her if she was ok and she said yes.   She said that she was finished for tonight, but that we could mess around again tomorrow.  

Tomorrow night came and we started off messing around again.   I was completely naked and she had her shirt off, but her shorts on.   This time I laid her down on my bed and started to kiss her.   While I was kissing her I kept thinking about how I could get her to have sex with me.   I wanted her so bad.   I wanted to take her virginity.  

While I was kissing her I slowly made my way kissing her down her neck to her breasts.   I focused on them for a while.   I could her Lisa start to moan a little.   That is when I decided to go further.   I started kissing my way down her stomach to her belly button.   When I got to the elastic of her shorts I slowly started to pull them down.   She quickly grabbed them and pulled them back up.   She said she didn’t want to play anymore.   I then asked her if she remembered how good I felt after she gave me a blow job last night.   She said yes.   So, I told her that I wanted to give her that same feeling tonight.   I told her I wanted to lick and kiss her pussy and make her cum.   I told her it would be the greatest experience in her life.   I started to kiss her breasts again and she reluctantly said alright.   With that I slid her shorts off.   I told her she needed to open her legs wide.   She did and I put my mouth down by her pussy.   I could tell she was already wet.   I started to eat her out.   I began to really focus on her clit.   She was starting to really get in to it.   She was grabbing my head and holding me down there.   I just kept thinking man I got to get my cock in there.   While I was eating her out I decided to put a finger in her.   She was really tight.   She never said anything so I just kept going.   I could tell she was getting close to an orgasm.   Finally she came.   I looked up at her face and she had more tears running down.   She said she was so happy.   She had never felt something that good before.   She told me that she felt she was starting to have feelings for me.   I told her the same thing.   I tried to position my self to get ready to have sex with her.   I had my cock lined up to enter her.   I was looking at her eyes telling her how beautiful she is and kissing her passionately.   I then told her that I wanted to have sex with her.   She said she was scared.   I asked her of what?   She said she heard that it hurts.   I told her sometimes it does at first, but not for long.   She then said that she didn’t want to get pregnant.   I told her I didn’t either.   She asked if I had a condom.   I told her that I didn’t.   She then said that she wouldn’t do it.   I was really upset.   I asked her if we could have sex and I would just pull out before I came.   She still said no.   I then asked if I could just put it in and take it out.   She really didn’t want to and was making it known.   After a lot of begging she finally gave in to me just putting it in and then pulling out.   They whole time I kept thinking maybe she will change her mind once we started.   So, with that I slowly began to push inside of her.   I got all the way to her hymen and she said ok, you were in now get out.   I told her I was barley in her and that I wanted to be in her all the way.   She said she didn’t want to do this anymore and for me to pull out.   I told her to stop being a baby.   With that I pushed through and broke her hymen.   She started to scream, but I just put my hand over her mouth.   I could see the tears running down her face.   I felt bad for what I did, but I was too lost in the moment.   I just laid there with my cock all the way in her until she stopped screaming.   When I moved my hand away she told me to get out of her now.   I told her I couldn’t.   I told her she was the tightest girl that I had ever had sex with.   She said we are not having sex, that I promised to just put my cock in and take it right out.   I then told her that I changed my mind.   I wanted to go all the way.   She started to cry.   I told her not to worry, that it would all be over in a little bit.   She then told me that she would scream.   I told her she would be sorry if she did.   With that I slowly began to fuck her.   In and out, in and out I went.   I kept telling her how great she was.   That she was the best I had ever had.   She was just crying.   I then started to pick up speed.   I could hear my balls slapping against her butt.   I was lost in another world.   Finally I could feel my balls tighten up.   I knew I was about to cum.   I also knew that I didn’t want to pull out.   I wanted to feel what it was like to cum in a woman without wearing a condom.   Just then I shoved as deep in her as I could.   All I could do was say “Lisa, I’m Cumming, Lisa I’m Cumming.”   I just emptied my cum into her.   I just collapsed on her.   I had never cummed so hard in all my life.   When I pulled out of her she quickly got up and put her cloths back on.   She ran over to the sofa and lay down in a fetal position crying.   I just sat up and told her that there was nothing to cry about.   I told her she was very good.

Nothing happened again after that night.   Lisa and my grandmother left two days later.   Thinking back after they left, I thought maybe I shouldn’t have done what I did.   It was too late though.   You can’t change the past.  

A couple months later I had to go up with my dad to see my grandmother.   She wasn’t doing to well.   When we got there I figured I would see Lisa.   When I didn’t I asked my grandmother where she was.   My grandmother told me that she had started messing with boys and got her self knocked up.   Grandma said that she is at some special school for young pregnant mothers.   She then ventured to say that Lisa had claimed to have only had sex once.   So, was the baby mine.   I guess I would find out in seven months.



I thought your story lacked imagination, but I'm not going to diss it like some of these other reviews. If you want to improve your writing, please use paragraphs more effectively. I liked your little details, like when you say "She was watching Dukes o

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