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Tasha and I at the Gloryhole Party

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Tasha and I at the Gloryhole Party

by MrKing

So my girlfriend and I are going to a party together at a friend of her's house.  We're getting ready and she keeps asking me if I think she looks ok, and if her panties look hot and such.  I'm not 100% sure what this had to do with just going to have a few beers at her friend's house, but any chance I can get to see Tasha in a nice set of hot panties, I'm game.  So I check her out each and every time and tell her she looks amazing..  I put on a normal nice set of clothes, but nothing overly amazing, just trying to look presentable for her friends.

We arrive at the friend's house and it turns out that it's in my parent's neighborhood.  I didn't even know that Tasha knew anyone over here, but as I've see over the years, everyone up here seems pretty nice, so I'm looking pretty forward to the evening.

We go in and Tasha introduces me around to several people, some people I've seen around the neighborhood, but I don't really know anyone very well.  Everyone is really cool, though, so the evening is turning out to be a good time, lots of fun conversations, and interesting people..

As the night progresses, the liquor is flowing quite freely.  The hosts must have popped a pretty penny on booze.  Everything is high-dollar and goes down so very smooth.

We'd been there for a couple hours when all of the sudden one of the hosts stands up and announces that it's time to head to the basement.  I'm a little lost, but as I seem to be the only one that doesn't know what's going on, I follow Tasha and everybody else.  We all head to the basement where there's what looks like a small room built in the middle of the basement with holes on either side at various heights.  There's a couple of step stools sitting in front of a few of the holes.  I don't know what's going on until I see the host say "Enjoy!" and watch a guest at the part walk up to one of the holes, drop his pants, and put his cock in the hole.  I'm a bit confused, but I figured out real quick that this is a glory hole party!  Outstanding!  I waited for someone from the party to go into the little room, but it turns out that there's already a couple people inside.

Tasha is looking at me, and kinda nudging me towards the holes, so I take my cue and walk around the little room, checking out the holes.  I see various body parts pressed tightly against the holes.  I see two pussies, an asshole, and two mouths.  I'm guessing the guy that walked up first is plowing away at the third mouth.

I take the opportunity and start with a mouth.  Have to follow guy etiquette and leave one space between, so I start with the mouth on the other far end.  Tasha takes up the middle spot, dropping her pants, followed by slowly and seductively dropping her sexy red panties.  The group of people cheer a bit as she bends over, and backs her pussy onto the tongue of the middle mouth.  It's a great scene.  I've started slowly working my cock in and out of this mouth that is working me very well.  I even take a bit of liberty and every so often I push in extra deep.  This mouth chokes quite a bit on my cock, but doesn't ever stop or try to back off.  Must be a real trooper!  Tasha is starting to moan next to me, the tongue on her pussy must be definitely getting the job done.  The guy on the far end is starting to pick up speed and starts thrusting deep and hard until he stops suddenly.  He must be filling the mouth with his hot cum.

As the first guy finishes, another guy is closely behind as he stuffs the mouth with his big cock.  You can hear her gagging a bit, but once again, she seems to take whatever's given.  I would love to know who's in here, have to remember to hook up with them later!  I decide to give the other side a shot, so I slowly withdraw my cock from this fantastic mouth.  It's been excellent, but there's three more holes that need filling.  At this time there's a lot of people from the party standing naked, watching us.  Hard cocks leaking pre-cum from the excitement, and women fingering themselves with their juices flowing down their thighs.

I walk around the back of the little room and there's already one guy plowing the fuck out of one of the pussies, but there's a pussy in the middle that's still available.  It's a little low, causing me to have to squat a bit, but this one seems to match the mouth that Tasha is currently riding.  I am already hard as a rock, so I take advantage of that, teasing the pussy lips with my cock for a second, and then ramming it in all in one stroke.  Well, I can tell you this has to be one of the tightest pussies I've ever been in.  It's amazing.  I don't think I've ever felt anything like it.  After my nice hard entry, I take my time, savoring the feeling of fucking it slowly.  Little by little.  Feeling my cock saw back and forth over those velvety cunt lips.

After a little bit, I start to feel my cum starting to build up, so I take a bit of a break.  Don't want to cum too quickly and not be able to get more of this.  So I walk around the other side for a bit and watch Tasha cumming very hard on the middle tongue.  It was great to watch.  Just looked like she was backing up against the wall, but had sweat pouring down her body as she moaned and ground her ass against the wall.

It was great, I love to watch Tasha cum, and watching her cum while a guy on either side of her was roughly fucking the other mouths was great!  So freak'n hot..

Well, after a bit of a breather I walked back around to the holes and someone had taken my spot at the middle hole, so I stepped over one to the asshole that was pressed against the wall.  Once again, taking advantage of my position, I lined up and pushed hard.  It's nice having someone on the other side that wants it that bad, because they didn't pull away at all, they just took my cock straight up their ass without missing a beat.  It was REALLY tight, but this person must have been into the pain.  I was in heaven.

I am pounding into this ass nice and hard, over and over again when it seems like I'm about to cum.  Well I have a bit of an idea, so just before I cum, I pull out, and with cock in hand I quickly walk around to the other side, snatch Tasha off the tongue and push my cock inside her hot little cunt.  That's about all I can take and I start to unload, filling Tasha with a huge load of cum.  It's fantastic!  What a great end to a fun party.

Once nice and filled up, though, Tasha is ready for a bit more, so she looks back at the holes.  The one she was at now has probably the biggest cock in the room planted in it and he's not even thrusting, he just pressed in all the way and is holding it.  I know how that feels, so more power to 'em.  Tasha takes advantage of the hole next to hear that was the first mouth to have a cock in it.  She bends back over and pushes her cummy pussy against the hole.  You can see her smile really big as the tongue starts to clean the cum out of her dripping little fuck-hole.  It's great.  Knowing what's going on behind that hole can make me smile for hours.  I love someone eating cum out of a pussy.  Especially my cum..

After she's nice and cleaned she comes over and sits down with me and we just kinda watch the fun with everybody else.  Well I feel almost kinda bad for the people in the room, the party goers are using their holes with no remorse at all, pounding the every loving fuck out of these people for probably two hours.  I couldn't tell you how many loads went into each hole, and a lot of the guys followed my lead and when they were about to cum, grabbed the closest woman to them and shot a load right up their juicy little cunts, and the women knew exactly what to do as they picked a face and pushed the cum out of their full pussies onto the tongues behind the wall.  It was outstandingly hot.  After quite a while everyone seemed to be spent, we were all just sitting around.  The one of the hosts and I were talking and evidently inside the room had lots of tie-downs and such inside it.  One of the tie downs went around the back of their head, keeping their faces planted against the wall.  This keeps them from pulling back at all and gives people full use of their throat whether they like it or not.  One of the other straps went around their legs and waist, keeping their pussys and assholes against the holes so they couldn't pull off if they didn't want to fuck.  They were basically just purely there for the group's pleasure.

Well, after a while one of the hosts went over to the room, opened up the door on the side and went in.  After a little while of undoing straps and such the people were set free.

As the door opens, the party goers begin to clap for our wonderful sex slaves, cheering on their job well done.

Imagine my surprise when I first see my step-dad walk out, followed by my 13 year old sister, and then my mom.

I could barely breath, but my cock was as hard as a rock.

It turns out that the first throat I fucked was my step-dad.  And I'm guessing he'd done it many times before by how well he took my cock.

After that I had moved around and fucked my 13 year old sister, Jenni, while Tasha rode her tongue.  I had no idea my sister was even sexually active, much less a pro.  And that explains why the pussy was so tight and amazing.

And then it set in that not only had I done the other two, but that the load I sank into Tasha's dripping cunt was cleaned out by my mom.  The thought of my mom's tongue in my girlfriend's pussy just about put me over the edge again.

When all three of them saw me, they got really quiet and couldn't even look at me, but it turns out that no one else at the party, except Tasha, knew we were related.  It all fell together that she had known who was going to be behind the holes and set me up for it.  I can't say I'm unhappy about it, but it's definitely gonna take me a minute.

Nothing was said about who they and I were, but they just worked their way around the room, kissing everyone and every now and then they'd take a cock or a pussy in the mouth just to give an extra special kiss goodbye.  And when they got to me, they all looked at me with cum dripping all around their lips, and dripping from their various holes.  My mom kissed me on the lips, pushing some of the random cum into my mouth while my step-dad and my sister both shared my cock for a moment.  Then, without saying anything else, they moved to Tasha, and then the person next down the line.

I know Tasha had to know, and I'm hoping that she knows when the next party is going to be..


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