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Teaching My Sister a Lesson

howhard on Incest Stories

    My name is Matt, and I'm you're average 19 year old. I wouldn't say I was the most handsome guy in the world, but I don't think I look too bad. I'm pretty tall, like most memeber of my family, at about 6'2". I have blue eyes and brown hair, and an oddly shaped nose because I broke it one time. I've never really been too much of a hit with the ladies, and usually end up making girlfriends out of the naked ladies I find online. I'm into most types of porn, but incest has never really been at the peak of my interest. The sight of others doing it was kind of a turn on for me, but the thought of doing something like that with a member of my family always seemed a bit strange. My thoughts, however, would change.
    Being the summer, I enjoyed sleeping in most of the day while my parents were at work, then hang out with my friends for a little while, and end the night staying up late with a masturbation session. One Tuesday morning, my sleep was interrupted by the sound of my sobbing sister.
    Her name is Kim, and she is 2 years younger than me. We've never been the closest of siblings, but I couldn't just listen to her cry without doing something. I threw on some jean shorts and tried to hide my morning wood away in the waist band, underneath a white t-shirt. I left my room and knocked at her door, situated right next to mine. She didn't answer, so I knocked harder, only to recieve a faint "Go away..." I considered my options for a second, and decided just to go in and see what the problem was. My sister was there on her bed, face down underneath a pillow. From what she was wearing, I could see all of her curves, but quickly dismissed the thought. "You woke me up," I started, "this better be good." "It's nothing, just go away," she mumbled through the bed. "C'mon, Kim, I won't be able to go back to sleep knowing you're still upset about something." I sat down beside her on the bed, and playfully smacked her on the ass to get her to at least look at me. "Ow!" she said as she sat up and lightly shoved me. "Now, tell me whats wrong, or else you'll get it worse..." She let out a light smile and collected her thoughts. "It's really nothing. It's just boyfriend dumped me." "Is that all? Jeez, and here I was thinkin it was something bad." "But Matt, he broke up with me because he thought I was too ugly." I laughed and gave a confused stare. "You kidding me? You're smokin'" I said, and meant it.
    Kim was 5'9" and had probably best legs I have ever seen. Even with my experience online, I still haven't seen a better set of legs on any other girl. She also had a very firm behind and curvy hips. Her only real downwall was her bust size. Her boobs weren't extremely big, maybe a larger B cup I assumed. Her long brown hair, blue eyes, and big pouty lips completed the package.
    "Yeah right," she said, "If Joe thinks I'm ugly, it must be true." "Listen, you aren't ugly, and that's hard for me, as your brother, to say. You shouldn't worry too much about what that loser thinks," I responded. "Maybe you're right. I guess I'll forget him soon. Thanks Matt." She reached out and gave me a hug as she dried her tears. I got up from the bed and walked to the door. I decided to take one quick look back. She did look very good to me at that point, as I looked her up and down. She caught my glance and we locked eyes. I turned away and closed the door. To my surprise, my morning wood had still not gone away, and at that point, I knew I just had to relieve myself.
    Later that night, I signed online for my nightly session. I decided to take a look at some incest and a few stories. I was instantly turned on and stared to masturbate furiously. I closed my eyes and started to think about my sister. Her firm ass, and those long beautiful legs. I took a picture of us at the beach from my desk and stared longingly at my sister in her cute two piece. I thought about just ripping off the suit and throwing her into the ocean where I would drive myself into her. My thoughts drifted between that and her and I sitting on a beach blanket, enjoying eachother. I thought about sliding my hand up those legs and up to her pussy. I imagined it to be tight and shaved, just right for me. I would slide my finger inside of her, feeling her wetness and warmth. My thought soon expired as I shot my load on the picture. As I snapped back to reality, I couldn't believe what I was thinking. After all, she was my sister. I cleaned up and decided to go to sleep. But she was still on my mind and in my dreams.
    The next morning, I was once again awoken by my sister. She had knocked on the door and walked in. I noticed she was wearing only her bath robe, but dismissed that thought as well. "You know I'm sleeping, right?" "Matt, there's something I wanna tell you." "Well, hurry it up," I snapped. "Well, yesterday, when I thought you Joe broke up with me because he thought I was ugly, well, I lied," she said. "Alright, why did he break up with you then?" I sat up and looked at her again. She looked troubled, but I couldn't stop looking at those legs. I had looked like she just shaved them. "Well, this is weird to talk about, but he really broke up with me because....I wouldn't...give him a blowjob." My brain almost exploded. The thought of my sweet innocent sister in such a position. Well, actually, it kind of turned me on. "Good for you," I said, "don't put out for anyone except the man you want to marry." "I know but, I really like Joe and I really want to be with him," She replied. "Also, if I don't try things like that now, I might not be experienced enough to do it for the guy I marry." "Kim, that guy is a jerk anyway. Why not find a different guy to practice on, or like look it up online." I still couldn't believe I was talking about this with my sister. However, I could feel an erection beginning and tried to sing the Pledge of Allegience in my mind. "Well, actually, I already have a guy in mind to practice with." She looked me dead and the eye and put her hand on my leg. It was the exact same stare I had with her the other day. I knew exactly who she meant. "No, thats ridiculous, I'm your brother for Christ's sake! And what if mom and dad found out. Jeez, they'd kill us!" "Listen Matt, wouldn't you much rather I learned how to do this with someone I know won't end up hurting me in the end? Someone who can be a good teacher? Someone who I actually know?" She stated her case pretty well. I wouldn't want her to be going down on some random guy at a party and have everyone think she was some kind of sister. "And mom and dad are never home. They'll never know. Please?" She started to slide her hand further up my leg. I started to feel really hot now. I tried to keep my bearings straight, knowing that this incest just wasn't right.
    She finally made it to my now rock hard cock. "Looks like someone isn't as against this as I thought," she said. My sister appeared somewhat different now. Not a sister anymore, but some kind of sex crazed woman with only one thing on her mind. She didn't look innocent any longer, but now appeared much sexier. Finally, I let go. I couldn't stop it any longer and finally just accepted it. She was now holding my cock in her hand. That crazed look in her eyes caught my blank stare and she began to stroke up and down. I could swear she was lying about needing to try this on someone. She seemed like an experienced pro to me. "I learned this from watching some videos you had on your computer." I was kind of disappointed to hear that, but I just let it slide and thought only about my sister watching my porn and then performing moves she learned on me, her brother. "Mmm, sis, that feels really good." And it did. My sister pumped faster on my cock and then slowed it down, only to go faster again. She paused at the base and wound her hand around, then went back up and did the same to the head. "Hey, sis, why don't you try to suck on big brother's cock." "Okay bro, let's see what I've got." She stopped jerking me off and replaced her hand with her mouth. She tried to deepthroat me right away, but gagged a little. She tried to pull back, but I put my hand on her head and pushed her back down. "This is good sis, keep going. Suck your brothers cock real good." I think she tried to mumble something, but then just went back to her up and down motion. "Try to use your tongue, sis. You're makin your big bro feel real good." She slid her tongue out and dragged it along the bottom of my shaft. She gripped my balls and started to massage them in her hand. "Oh God, sis, that feels great. Your really good at this. I think I should make you feel good too." I reached down and slid my hand into her bath robe. She wasn't wearing a bra, so I had easy access to her nipples. I began to squeeze them in between my fingers. I cup my hand around her small breast and began to massage it slowly. She was moving faster now on my cock. I could only let out low moans as she began to focus a lot of attention at the head. She continued to rub my balls as I did the same to her breasts. She deepthroated me again and managed to not gag. She was a fast learner. I still couldn't believe it, my own sister sucking my cock while I played with her nipples. More thoughts creapt into my head. Thoughts about just throwing her off me and fucking her harder then I could ever imagine. Then I focused in on the moment. She was sucking me very fast now, and I was on the verge of cumming. I decided it would be better for her to get it in the mouth unexpectedly instead of me warning her. I pushed the back of my sister's head all the way to the base of my cock, rubbing her nose in my pubic hair. I felt a rush in my balls in between her fingers. I gripped hard onto her breast and finally exploded into her mouth. She was startled and tried to pull away. She squirmed as I forced her to stay on my cock and take my full load. Her eyes began to tear but I couldn't care less. The feeling was more than amazing as I like my cum fill up her mouth and trickle down the side of her cheek. I finally finished up and when she pulled off, I made sure her mouth stayed closed. "I want you to swallow your big brothers cum. It'll be a good learning experience." Her eyes watered as she forced it down and opened her mouth to reveal she had swallowed it all. "Thats a good little sister. You did a great job, I don't think you needed practice at all." "I really enjoyed swallowing your cum bro, it actually didn't taste that bad." "Thats good. But this is really the only time this can happen. We can't keep doing stuff like this. Incest is wrong." Her reply sent me into a frenzy. "But bro, don't you have anything you want to practice?"

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