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Teasing Daddy

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Teaser Daddy

©Shyblueeyes1968 2009 (UK Male 40)

(Incest, role play, tease, exbit, voy, anal, rape, mast,)
A man is teased, and loses control, and takes his frustrations out on the little cock teaser.
Tim was reading through the paper, mainly, he admitted to himself, because he was pretty bored, God he thought Friday night TV had gone down hill, even with the 60 channels he had on Cable. Jenny had been watching the TV, but had left the room, probably to use the little girl’s room or something. Part of him was relieved, he been having some very un-fatherly thoughts about that young lady recently. And it didn’t help with the way she dressed, or didn’t dress as was often the case; some of the things she wore barely justified the title clothes. Just then, Jenny came back into the room, he could hear her settling down on the floor, in front of the TV. No wonder she had to wear glasses, always glued to the goggle box. Suddenly the sound from the TV changed, and the room was full of music. James lowered his paper and was about to tell the little minx to turn it down, until he saw that she had changed...Christ he thought. All thoughts of a reprimand were forgotten as he gazed down onto Jenny’s back, Tim swallowed deeply and struggled to fight down the beast that had suddenly reared it head inside. He could feel himself getting hard already.

Jenny was lying on her front, legs slightly apart, wearing a little tartan kilt, and god please, no, that thin white vest top. The Kilt barely covered her arse and clearly allowed Tim a view of her panties. Jenny, her hair in bunches, was rocking her head in time with the music. She started to wiggle her hips, which caused her kilt to ride up further and expose a bit more of her arse cheeks. Then she added a sideways movement to her hip, but with each sway she moved her thighs further apart, exposing more of her panties. Tim could not tare his eyes away, and hadn’t noticed that Jenny was now looking over her shoulder at him.

“Are you OK Daddy” asked Jenny?
“Uh, sorry...what did you say Jenny.” Tim could feel himself beginning to blush.
“I said, are you OK Daddy” as she said it, she turned over onto her back, propping herself up on her elbows, “it just that you looked a bit funny just then.” As she said this, her knees casually fell apart, her kilt pushed up against her waist. Tim’s eyes dropped down to her exposed panties, Christ, they were almost transparent, and left little to the imagination. The same applied to the top, which was very tight and thin, and clearly showed two very erect nipples.
“Daddy, can you hear me?”
“Sorry, what was that dear” replied Tim, tearing his eyes away from Jenny open legs.
“I said, you look hot and flustered Daddy, are you feeling ok?”
“Yes hmm, no, well I think I just need to get some fresh air” replied Tim, quickly standing, and rushing out of the room.
However he was unable to hide the large bulge in his trousers.

Jenny remained as she was for a few seconds, her head to one side and a very naughty smile on her lips. One of her hands came up and dropped down between her legs and rubbed the front of her panties, god I am soaking. After a few rubs, she had to stop herself, no not yet, she hadn’t finished playing yet. Jenny rolled back onto her front, and made sure that her Kilt left plenty of cheek exposed. She allowed her hand to snake back underneath her and gently rubbed the front of her panties, which were already wet.

Meanwhile, Tim was doing his best to cool down outside, fuck he was so hard, it hurt. What the fuck was she playing at, the slut, how dare she tease him. He allowed his anger to build up, to overcome the burning desire inside of him. After about 10 minutes his erection was subsiding, well he thought, I am going to up to my room, and tomorrow I am going to talk to the little minx about her behaviour. However as he passed the living room door, he glanced into the room and at Jenny. He stopped dead in his tracks. Jenny was lying on her front, knees apart, and her hips raised up. Tim could clearly make out her hand inside her panties, she was masturbating. Straight away Tip cock sprang into life. Oh god, you little bitch he thought, as he watched her rubbing pussy.

Tim’s hand, a mind of its own, was now pulling at his belt buckle, and then button and zipper, letting his trousers and shorts slip down to his ankles, he kicked them off along with his shoes. He ripped of his shirt, not bothering unbutton his buttons. Overwhelmed with desire and lust, he walked into the living room. Jenny looked over her shoulder.

“Daddy!!!” she shrieked “what are you doing?” She began to rise, but Tim shoved her back down.
“Daddy, please, no, what are you doing?”
Without answering, Tim grab Jenny’s panties and pulled them, oblivious to the ripping sound as they tore away. Jenny let a squeal, albeit not a very loud one, and tried to pull away, but Tim made a grab for her, pushing her hard down. He positioned himself, Jenny pausing in her struggle to make it easier, which only made the desire all the more consuming. Tim’s realisation that she had led him to this point  The bitch, well I show her, thought time.

Jenny began to struggle as she realised that Daddy wasn’t going for her honey pot, but her other still very much virgin hole. Too late she realised she had pushed her luck too far as she felt Daddy’s big cock thrusting against her tight arse whole.
“Please, no Daddy, not there, please, no....arrhhhhhhh.”
Tim pushed his cock hard, ripping to her tight flesh.
“Oh god” gasped Jenny “Please, don’t, not....arrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhh!”
Tim thrust in again, hard, and pulled back, and pushed in again. Tim lay over Jenny, and gripped her hands with his. He began to pump his hips back and forth, each inward thrust going a little deeper into Jenny’s virgin hole, making Jenny cry out between her sobs. Tim kept pumping away, fucking his cock deeper and deeper into Jenny, uncaring and unhearing. He wanted to hurt her, to punish her, to teach her a lesson, but most of all he wanted to fuck her.
He was now fucking his full length into her, fucking her so hard, that she was being pushed up against the tv. His movements become faster and more urgent, battering away, drilling Jenny to the floor. With a loud cry he began to pump his spunk into her, he carried on fucking into her hard, injecting more sperm with each inward thrust. Still he fucked her, the passage of his cock being lubricated by his own spunk.

Jenny was now simply making little panting gasping sounds, rising in pitch each time Daddy rammed his cock into her. Time stood still as the assault continued, until she suddenly she realised it had stopped. She lay there, recovering. God her arse felt like it had had a red hot poker up it. Fuck she thought, it a wonder he didn’t come out of her mouth he was fucking her that deep. Slowly she rolled onto her back, propping herself up onto her elbows. She looked at her Daddy.
“Daddy, I am sorry, I didn’t mean to make you so angry.”
But as she said it, her knees were already parting as one hand snaked its way down to her glistening wet cunt. As Tim watch Jenny began play with pussy and his cock was already rising up between his legs.

Later on that night, Tim lay in bed, reading a little before, waiting for his wife to come to bed. Jenny, now wearing a t-shirt nightie walked over to the bed, as if she was walking hot coals. She climb into bed next to her husband, and snuggled up against him.
“Hmmm, I’m going to be sore for weeks, you bastard, it’s a good job I lubbed myself up before or I’d need stitches” chuckled Jenny. Tim bent down and kissed his wife.

©Shyblueeyes1968 2009 (UK Male 40)

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