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The Hospital

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I'm a senior in high school now and for the last two years, I've been an orderly at our local hospital as part of my school's co-operative education program. I get class credit for working at the hospital three afternoons a week. Mostly, I just do routine stuff like push people around in wheel chairs and make rounds with the cart of magazines for patients.

Of course, I never get into the examination rooms or anywhere the patients might be undressed. The hospital is real careful about that. Once in a while, I work in the recovery area where patients are coming out of anesthesia after out patient surgery. All the surgery there is pretty minor stuff. Once the patients come out of the anesthesia, they get dressed and go home.  I mainly run errands for the doctors and nurses.

Most of the doctors treat us like flunkies, but  one doctor, Dr. Ramsey, is a really cool guy. He's always kidding around with us orderlies. He's been really nice to me since I told him I was thinking about a career in medicine. He's even let me go with him into the individual recovery rooms while the patients are still unconscious.

A few times, he checked out a patient while I was there. Once, a girl from my school had a minor operation and it was weird seeing her laying there asleep. I thought it was an accident when he opened her gown to check her heart or something and I saw her tits. He saw me looking at them, laughed and said I'd just have to get used to seeing women exposed if I was going to be a doctor. I don't think he noticed that I got a hard-on. He told me not to tell anyone what I'd seen.

But it started happening more often, especially if he was aware that I knew the patient. Like when Mrs. Greene, my history teacher, was in there. She had surgery on the side of her neck for something and had a little bandage there. She was still out and I was standing right next to Dr. Ramsey when he real casually pulled her gown up to her waist! I was standing there looking at my teacher's pussy!

She is probably in her late thirties and nice looking. She's married. She always seemed real quiet and conservative so I was really surprised that her pussy hair was shaved down to just a strip up the middle. The hair was light brown and real curly. Her legs were open a little bit and she didn't have much hair there, so I saw her her cunt real clearly. After a minute, Dr Ramsey pulled the gown back down and gave me a wink.  I knew then that he showed me her pussy on purpose, just to give me a peek at it. I had to go to the bathroom and jack off afterwards. Mrs. Greene never even knew I was there and I get boners in her class all the time now.

We never talked about what he was doing. It was like Dr. Ramsey and I had this understanding. He knew that I'd never tell anyone and ruin the peeks at women I was getting.

Then my mom had to go in for an operation on her wrist. She got that carpal tunnel thing from using her computer at work.

My mom is 42 and a still good looking. I admit I've spied on her a few times when she was getting dressed. But I never really got a good look at her. But at least she never caught me peeking either. Good thing, because she'd have gone nuts!

When the time for her surgery got close, I  kind of casually mentioned it to Dr. Ramsey. He didn't say anything but smiled and winked at me.

Of course, with my typical luck, when I looked at my schedule for the day Mom was having her surgery, I was assigned to pass out magazines up on the patient floors! Shit! So much for my fantasies about getting a peek at her!

But when I reported to the floor I was supposed to work on, the head nurse there said my schedule had been changed. I was supposed to work in the recovery room! I didn't ask how it got changed. I knew Dr. Ramsey had done it.

My Dad was out in the waiting area and wouldn't be allowed to see Mom until she was fully awake. Dr. Ramsey said she'd be given more anesthesia than some other patients and would really be out. He gave me a wink. I had a hard time concealing my hard-on.

One of the nurses in recovery nearly ruined everything by sending me on an errand way on the other end of the hospital. By the time I got back, Mom was out of surgery already and I was afraid that I missed my chance.

But Dr. Ramsey waved me towards him and made some excuse about needing my help with one of the patients. He took me to my Mom's little room.

He didn't hesitate or play any games this time. He closed the door and pulled the sheet down off my unconscious mom. The gown she had on reached halfway down her thighs. It was white with little blue flowers, Her right wrist had like a cast on it. Her eyes were closed and she looked like she was sleeping peacefully. He pulled her gown up to her waist and then, with my help, all the way up to her armpits. My unconscious, helpless mother lay naked before my eyes!

I knew she was a 34D because I'd looked at her bras, but her tits looked even bigger as she laid there. Her nipples are maybe two inches across and the teat parts stick up like little finger tips. Her pussy was covered with thick brown hair that was a little darker than the hair on her head. Her slightly open legs gave me my first look at her cunt.

Dr. Ramsey watched me with a funny grin on his face. I'd never touched a patient before but now I took one of my mom's tits in each hand and squeezed them. So soft! The nipples felt like fine leather. Before I knew it, I had my mouth on the left one, sucking it. My hand was actually shaking as I put it on her pussy and found the hair much softer than it looked. Dr. Ramsey opened her legs some for me and I poked around in her slit, found the hole and pushed my finger up into her. I was fingerfucking my mom!

Dr. Ramsey quietly said, “I know what you want and you'd better hurry up!”

As I frantically pulled my pants off, he got Mom's legs further apart. My cock was hard as a rock and throbbing so hard that it actually bounced. I climbed up on the bed, got on top on my mother and tried to stick my cock in her. I'd never had sex before so it took me a minute to get it in the right spot. I finally got in the right position and pushed. As my cock went up her cunt, I think my hair stood on end. That's how great it felt!

I started humping real hard and fast. Mom's tits were jiggling from my pumps. I tried to make it last but it was no use. Real quickly, I started cumming inside her, shooting spurt after spurt, filling her cunt.

I rolled off her, totally done in and my cum started leaking out right away.

I was really surprised to see Dr. Ramsey standing there with his cock out, jerking off. He really had a big one and I felt kind of embarrassed about my smaller dick.

As he began stroking it faster, he moved closer to the bed. He leaned forward over my naked, sleeping mother and began cumming all over her tits. He sighed and gasped as he shot off on her. The last couple little spurts landed on her belly. He took his still dripping cock and put the tip of it between my Mom's slightly open lips and stroked his shaft hard to make the last few drops fall into her mouth.

We just stood there for a minute, looking at her. Her cunt was open and my jizz was dribbling out. Her breasts gleamed with the glaze of Dr. Ramsey's cum.  But she made a slight moan so we had to hurry and clean her up. Otherwise, I think I might have fucked her again.

We worked together and soon had her cleaned up. Dr. Ramsey used a syringe to get most of the cum out of her cunt but couldn't get it all, of course. Before he pulled her gown back down, I reached underneath and stuck my finger up her asshole, just to see what it felt like. It wasn't as tight as I thought it would be, making me wonder if Dad fucked her ass.

I left before she woke up.

From anything I could see, Mom never knew what I did. Afterwards, I was kind of worried because I really didn't know if she was on the pill. I didn't know what I'd do if I'd gotten her pregnant. But a couple weeks later, I overheard her telling my Dad that she had her period so everything was Ok.

Dr. Ramsey and I never talk about what happened with Mom and since then, all I've done is look at women. But if Mrs. Greene or someone else comes in, I might get the chance to do more!


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