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The Seduction of My Own Mother

PB2006 on Incest Stories

I am  21 years old, living with my mom and sister at home in our medium sized house in a nice cul-de-sac area that my parents had bought together when we moved in. My parents got divorced when I was only 16, and I have been living with my mom ever since.

I don't care much for my dad because he was a prick to my mom and never treated her right. My mom was always loving and caring to me and despite what she was feeling, she was always there for me.

My mom is 49 years old and a pretty short woman, she's about 5'5, and she is a little on the "thick" side, but not fat by any means. She doesn't get out much so her skin is pretty white.

 She's not the most attractive of people, but by no means ugly. If I had to guess, I would say she was probably a B Cup. I am not one that goes out much. I go to the local community college for classes every day and then I come home and it seems like the same shit every day.

My mom works at the factory, so she just walks to work and comes back exhausted every day.

I never really thought of my mom in a sexual way. Whenever I masturbated on my
computer in my room, I would always look at the same old shit, a guy bangin a girl on the bed or in the kitchen or wherever, but it was getting old to me.

So I decided that I kind of wanted to explore things that are "taboo" as others have said, to see if that would make my masturbation experience much more satsifying.

I began to check out shemales, rape, mature women, and I even caught myself getting hard looking at some gay material, for instance, a guy sucking another guy's cock. And then I ran across some incest photos and stories and I immediately felt my cock stir and begin to get hard has I was reading these stories. I found it real odd, because I had never ever felt anything sexual towards my own mother, but as I read these mother/son stories,

I became completely aroused and I could cum all over myself in no time.

As I began to read more and more stories over the course of a few weeks, I began to get obsessed with the act of incest itself and starting viewing my mother in a while different way. I would walk by the bathroom and hear that she was in the shower, and I would begin finding that I would picture what she looked like in the shower.

I wanted to see her nude body and see her breasts and gaze at her pussy. I had mixed feelings. Was I taking this too far? I told myself that I wasn't, so long as I didn't act on it.

However, I began to get more and more bold. One day, when I got back from classes, I knew my mom was still at work. I began to masturbate to these stories as usual, but then I took it a step further. I walked into my mom's room, and I decided to find her dirty laundry basket.

I found it in the corner of one of her closets and it was pretty full. I quickly grabbed a handful of stuff and ran back to my room incase she was to arrive home.

After arriving in my room, I checked to see what I had gotten away with. I had grabbed a pair of socks my mom had worn to work, 2 pairs of dirty panties (my mom apparently wore the bikini cut panties) and the rest were just 3 shirts.

I immediately got a hard on just knowing that I was in possession of my mom's dirty panties and socks. I was in a lust for her, her scent, her body, anything. I

 lifted the dirty socks up to my nose and began to inhale deeply. I could smell my mom's sweaty feet and it was turning me on even more.

After sniffing her socks for a few minutes, I put them down and helped myself to the 2 pairs of panties. I lifted them up to my nose and began to inhale the scent of my mom's pussy.

The aroma was intoxicating, almost like the combination of urine trails and my mom's natural pussy smell. I was rock hard and pulled my pants down so that I was naked from the waist below.

 Now I was getting even more into it, I began to lick the part where my mom's pussy had been. I ran my long tongue slowly over the spot that had the most pungent smell and I closed my eyes and pretended as though I were licking my own mom's pussy right in front of me.
As I licked and smelled my mom's panties, I began to rub my hard cock with her dirty socks. Within minutes, I had one of the biggest orgasms of my life. I wiped myself up with her dirty laundry and proceeded back to her room and put them back in the laundry basket towards the bottom of the clothes so she wouldn't notice.

Now that I had begun to get bold, I wanted to get even bolder. Now I wanted to have my mom, I had to touch her, I had to have sex with her.

That night I couldn't sleep, all I could do was think of ways that I could make that happen. I began to think of possible weaknesses of my mom, or something that I could do that would even make the situation possible. My mom did like to drink quite a bit ever since her and my jackass father got divorced.

Whenever I would go out on the weekends, she would just slip into some comfortable tight fitting sweatpants, and
just a tanktop and sit on the couch with some Bailey's Irish Cream and watch tv
or movies. I finally had decided on a plan.

It all began on a Friday night after my mom got home from work. It was around 6pm and she was exhausted from being on her feet all day. She crashed on the couch and turned on the tv. I told her that I didn't really feel like going over to my (one) friend's house tonight, and that I was probably just going to stay in and watch tv with her.

I went to my room and changed into some comfortable clothes myself - I put on some gym shorts (but nothing underneath) and a plain white t-shirt and then I grabbed a bottle of Bailey's and sat next to my mom on the
couch. She began telling me about how her feet hurt so bad.

"Hey mom, since you've been working hella hard, do you want me to give you a foot rub?"

She seemed happy the instant I asked.

"Well honey, I would love one, but I'm afraid my feet will be all smelly since I have been walking around in my shoes all day, so don't worry about it."

"No mom, it's ok, my nose has been plugged up all day anyway, I'll be happy to do it," I said.

I then removed her tennis shoes and she was right, they smelled, but for some reason it turned me on. I began to rub her feet and I could feel that her socks were moist from the foot sweat. I nonchalantly peeled her sweaty socks off of her feet and began to massage her feet some more.

"Oh God, I'm in heaven now, thanks so much Jon," she said as she was already on her second glass of Bailey's.

For the next 15 minutes or so, she continued to drink and I continued giving her a foot massage all the meantime having a raging hard-on. I could tell my mom was beginning to get drunk, because her nose was getting red and it always got red when she was getting drunk.

Next, I decided to take a step forward in my plan. I told her that my hands were starting to hurt, so I told her I was going to take a break from rubbing her feet and I set her feet down in my lap, right on top of my hard-on so she had to notice it by the feel of her feet.

As her feet hit my hard-on, I made sure to glare straight at the tv, but I could see from the corner of my eye that she glanced at me, and then she glanced at my bulge and she kind of "shifted" her feet on my hard-on.

We ended up watching a movie together and all the meanwhile she was drinking. Finally, after a couple of hours, she began to get real shit-faced and started to doze-off.

As I was tapping her I said, "Hey mom, I think we need to get you to bed, seems like you had a little too much to drink."

"Oh hon, you are such a good son, help your old mom get to her room please."

I then helped her up and walked her to her room, and helped her lay down on the bed. It almost seemed like the second her head hit the pillow, she was out like a light.

"Mom, I'm not really tired yet, so I'm gonna lay here next to you and watch some tv for a little bit incase you need anything if you get up. Seems like you had an awful lot to drink."

She kind of mumbled and "ok" and said something about me being sweet, and then
she just passed out on her back. All of a sudden, my cock was just jumping at the situation I was in.

I immediately became a human body full of complete sexual feelings to the point where there was no turning back.

As soon as I heard her snoring a little, I decided it was time to play. I slowly began to lift the bottom of her tank top up her stomach very quitely and gingerly so as not to wake her.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I reached the base of her breasts, and now it was time. It was time to lift and reveal the breasts of my own mother, the breasts that I had become obsessed with seeing for weeks now. I lifted her shirt up over her breasts, and they were exposed.

Each was kind of hanging to the side of her body. I took a moment and just stared in
disbelief that I had made it this far. I then began to stroke myself while staring at my mom's breasts as she was passed out. After a few minutes of stroking.

I decided it was time to do more. I slowly lowered my head towards her left breast and then I finally did it, I began to lick my own mother's nipple. I touched my long tongue to the outer ring of her nipple and began to circle the ring with the tip of my tongue.

I then was lost in a rage of lust and began to slowly suck on my mom's left tit. I positioned myself so that as I was sucking on it, that my rock hard cock was lightly touching her leg. After a while of sucking, I decided to make my way down.

I shifted down towards the base of the bed a little, still hearing my mom snore, I felt a little bit of safeness, but I almost didn't care anymore. Next, I slowly pulled the waist of my mom's sweatpants up and I couldn't believe what I saw. I was now staring at my mom's very hairy pussy.

I just saw a big bush of pubic hair and I was overcome with a scent of musty pussy. She must have gotten wet earlier from touching my hard-on or something, because the odor she was giving off was very strong.

Now was the moment of truth. Now I had to find a way to get those sweatpants off of her. I couldn't think straight anymore and was overcome with lust and passion that I just slowly began to pull them down. It was then that my mom kind of woke up from in a half-state of alertness.

"Paul, what are you doing what's going on?" she asked. Her voice was slightly muffled and her eyes were mere slits from still being half asleep.

"Paul, what is my shirt doing up, what's going on? Stop what you're doing right now!"

That's it, it was do or die. I straddled my mother and grabbed both of her wrists. I pinned her wrists down while straddling her.

"Paul, STOP IT! STOP IT RIGHT NOW! What are you doing??!?! This isn't right!"

She was squirming and struggling, but she was a weak woman and I was a man full of sexual adrenaline and nothing was going to stop me.

I lowered my mouth to her right breast and began to suck her nipple like a vaccuum. All the meanwhile she was screaming, but to no avail. I continued to bite and suck more and she stopped yelling and began sobbing.

Here I was, a raged mad-man pinning my own mother down and sucking on her nipples, while my mother was crying and pleading for me to stop.

Next, I forced her over so that she was on her stomach and I kind of sat on her back with all my weight on her to keep her from getting up. She was still half-drunk, weak, and crying, and hardly was even a challenge anymore.

Next, I faced towards her feet while straddling/sitting on her back and I stuffed my feet in her face to try to shut her up. I then began to pull down her sweatpants and I revealed her pale white, somewhat chubby ass was staring at me. Still keeping my
weight on her from straddling her back.

I pulled her ass apart and I began licking her asshole while I felt like my heart was beating at a million miles per hour. I was licking my own mom's asshole like a man posessed. All of a sudden I began to notice something. I began to notice that among her now faint sobs were occasional moans while I licked her ass. This was great news for me as I wanted her to eventually cooperate.

I stuck the tip of my tongue into her tight asshole and began wiggling the tip in her asshole and she began to moan more and more.

Now that she seemed to be more compliant and enjoying it, I faced back towards the head of my mother and flipped her back over. She wasn't even opening her eyes and they were very puffy from all her crying. She almost laid there, it seemed, without life, like she had just given up and stopped any movement.

When I found that I no longer had resistance, I lowered myself down her body and finally completely removed her sweatpants. I then removed my gym shorts as well.

And there it was, I was staring at the pussy hole of my own mother. I could barely see it amongst all the pubic hair, but it was a thing of beauty. My cock was aching to fuck my own mom's pussy and I couldn't wait any more. I spread the legs of my mom apart. Her legs were "dead weight".

She was just lying there now without any movement just sobbing lightly. I then decided it was time. I put the purple, swollen head of my 7-inch hard cock to the entrance of my own mother's vagina. And then I slowly let myself in. All of a sudden, my mom's previously "lifeless" body came awake and she began to twist and turn to resist. It was too late though.

I plunged my cock deep into her hot and wet pussy and began pounding furiously. Eventually, her twists and turns began to become thrusts of her own, meeting mine, fucking her own son.

"Oh God mom, you feel so fucking good"

She didn't say a word, just continued to moan.

I thrusted and pounded my own mother for what seemed like eternity because I had to cum. Finally, my pounding got harder and harder, faster and faster, until I felt an orgasm like I have never felt before.

I exploded 3 times inside my own crying drunken mother's pussy and I have never felt an orgasm so explosive in my life. After I came, she laid still again, almost seemingly dead.

I was exhausted myself, and just laid my sweaty head on her still exposed breasts, while my now limp cock was remaining inside of her.

And then it hit me, I thought to myself, "what the fuck have I just done?"


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