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The Swamp

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 I remember...when it all took place,it was..actually when i was younger.The tender age of 12 to be exact,it all started with a family reunion. I remember how the day started,i was inside my parent`s car.We were driving to my father`s older sister`s house,a few members of the family were there .I come from a small family,so these events happen 3 times a year for me.We were going down the highway,my aunt lived in Louisiana, 'The Bayou" for those who don't know .I was sitting in the car seat,looking up and out of the window.The trees were always higher in this part of the Bayou,or "The Swamp" as my family knew it.I saw as the trees realistically got in the way of the sunlight,so one could easily think it was flickering,dancing before my eyes .I had on casual clothes,a maroon short sleeve shirt,with green shorts,always stylish,my mother liked that.She also made me wear sneakers,people who live on the bayou often wore sandals,but i would later be thankful i did wear sneakers.

 My father then got off the highway,and took the car down a dirt road .I knew by instinct that we were there.My mother got out first,leaving the door open,she greeted my aunt,uncle and 2 cousins.Once my father took the keys out of the ignition switch,he took my hand,and with a smile led me out.My mother closed the car doors,as i greeted my Aunt Patricia,and Uncle Vernon.My father would give my aunt a hug,and my uncle a handshake.We were a bit early,so it was just us.My uncle would go fetch some lawn chars,and set them up in back of the house,the sounds of frogs and crickets filled my ears.

I was thankful my cousins were there,otherwise i would have to go in the back,and throw rocks at the trees to kill some time .I was in the back of the house,when i heard the porch door open,and my two cousins came out.Both of them were at least 10 years older than me,first was Laura,the oldest. Since it was hot at the Bayou,she just wore a small blue silk were white flower designs on it,the strings that held the dress up had a hard time staying there.She was a little bit on the heavy side,a bit chubby.She had long brown hair,brown eyes,her hair was a bit messy,like it was uncombed.She had a habit of leaving her hair undone. Laura always liked to walk around barefoot,as she came over to me,and gave me a kiss on the forehead .I saw that she wasn't wearing a bra,her nipples were easily seen through her dress.


After a few minutes i began to pick up rocks and toss them at trees again.Laura crossed her arms,and looked back at the house. "Todd,would you please come out here?Our only cousin is here.Or are you still asleep?"  Laura did not  really shout,but spoke in a tone as if to get someone`s attention.Next to come out was my younger cousin Todd,i always did get along with him more.Since he was a guy and all.Todd had on a worn white shirt,the sleeves were torn at the armpit.He had on black jean shorts,i could see a clip chain from a side pocket,to one of his back pockets.He had on a pair of sandals,scratching his curly black hair,he yawned and blinked his black eyes at the high Louisiana sun. "Yeah,yeah.Im here."

Todd would let his right hand reach under his shirt,showing his abs.Todd often played sports,i mean..what else could you do on the Bayou?Todd would shake his head,in an another attempt to wake up.Unlike Laura,Todd valued fitness.He would kneel,and rub his hand on my head "Hey little cus` whats shakin`"Todd would stand up as i used my hands to smooth out my hair.Laura would look to Todd "Mom`s brother and wife are also here.We should go up front and say hi."Todd would reply "Yeah i guess.." Laura and Todd would then head up front,while i stood in the backyard.

Further beyond the backyard,was "The Swamp" there was bogs,dirty lakes,and thick trees .I swore a crowd of people could go in there,and not come out,since it was so thick.Staring out at The Swamp,i heard a few more cars arving,seems like the rest of the family was ariving.I would feel a tap on the shoulder,and Todd would come back. "Don't go in there little cus` or you might never come out.." Laura would then come back,with a disapproving look "Don't scare him Todd,mom will get mad at you" i shook my head.Laura and Todd often dared each other to do things,it was one of the things kids did on the Bayou.

Todd dared Laura to go into the Bayou,as Aunt Patricia came out to see what was going on.Laura asked if she and Todd could go into the swamp,Aunt Patricia was a bit hesitant .I often remembered her telling us stories about how people went into the swamp,and never came out.She agreed,only if i went with them.Laura agreed,and Todd headed into the swamp.

I went in after Todd and Laura was last,soon all 3 of us were inside the swamp.We could see the house from behind the trees,as Laura was quick to point out we weren't to go to far in.I heard the adults brining the chairs into the back yard,that gave Laura some comfort,knowing that there would be witnesses.Todd would snicker "Ah,come on.You know there is nothing in this swamp except for dragonflies.What do you think is here?Alligators?"

He laughed,even i suppressed a laugh.Laura was a bit insulted."Oh yea?Well i dare you to go all the way inside." Todd would roll his eyes "I said we couldnt,remember?" this time i laughed.Laura would give me a sarcastic laugh,Todd would then speak. "Fine,i dare you to expose yourself.Come on,do something that's a real dare." Laura shook her head "No way." Todd leaned against a tree,i walked a few feet away.I was glad i wasn't wearing sandals,there was a lot of branches on the dirt floor.I then went back to Laura,wanting to back to the house.Fed up with being humiliated,she then used her left hand to pull her blouse down.

Exposing her right breast,it was large,but sagged a bit,since she was a little chubby.Todd and me actually looked,a bit surpirsed.She would gently pull her brest,and use her fingers to rub and pinch her pink nipple.She then flicked her hand,and let her breast bounce back down,flicking her hand through her hair,she looked to the both of us "There. Happy?" Todd was speechless,not at his sister,but for her doing the dare.My interest began to wane,as i heard Todd in the background "Fine Laura,lets go all the way then.There`s no one around,i can still out dare you."

I looked from Laura and Todd to the adults just a few feet away,this was getting stupid.Why would they do something that they could get caught doing?I turned my head to say something when i saw Laura`s large chubby white ass,it was actually a good looking ass .Especially if you liked slightly chubby girls,Laura`s dress was on the ground next to her,and Todd was on the dirt ground,shorts pushed down,and a stiff teen cock hard and pointing at her.Todd wagged it at her."Heh,i got something for ya.." Laura would put her right hand in between her legs and rubbed her pussy,from where i stood,i was able to see it.

Not that hairy,it was naturally trimmed,some guys would love such a thing.Using her other hand,she flicked her brown hair out of her eyes.I just shook my head,i was too young to know sex,or incest for that matter.I looked back to the adults,and said "Come on,lets go back.Its getting dark" i then looked up at the sky,the sun was setting,and some of the adults went inside.I turned to see Laura bending over,with her knees on the dirt,i saw her full ass.I saw a slightly red pussy,with open cunt lips.I heard her sucking,and Todd`s arm reach out to rub,and stick his fingers in her pussy.Laura arced her body back and forth,i wanted to go home.I diddent want this anymore,besides,what my cousins were doing did not really dawn on me yet.But i would later understand when i was older.

Todd and Laura were now really into it,as Laura then got up,and got ontop of Todd,she almost tripped,as her bare foot sliped a little.I watched as Laura had Todd`s cock in her hand,and how she guided it towards her pussy.Neither of them cared that i wanted to go back,as i saw Todd`s cock slowly go into her cunt.That image stayed in my mind for the rest of the outing,as i saw Todd`s hands go to Laura`s hips.He then began to thrust upward,fucking her.I saw Laura`s hair flirl up and down,as she enjoyed this fuck/dare as i repidially saw Todd`s cock pound Laura`s pussy.

Eventually they switched positions,as Laura grabed her dress and put it behind her head.Todd got ontop of her,as i was forced to see his cock pushed into her cunt again.I heard Laura moaning as Todd fucked her cunt hard,his testicles slapping against her body.Eventually Todd would take his cock out,and jerk it at Laura.He would shoot a thick load of cum all over her.After that,both of them got dressed,and we headed back to the house finally.I complained to them,but Laura just gave me a kiss on the lips.I diddent know what that ment,and i dont think i ever will.

Laura and Todd went up stairs,and did not spend time with any of the adults.When i had to go to the bathroom,i heard noises from the upstairs hallway.I diddent know it them,but now i guess Laura and Todd was fucking in the hallway,i dont think they could wait until they got to their rooms.Soon night came,and i had to go home.My parents bid my aunt and uncle goodbye,as Aunt Patricia waved and said "Come back soon" i wanted to.Since i was curious about Laura`s kiss,sadly i never got the chance to find out.I later heard from my father that Laura and Todd often went into The Swamp afterwords.Usually they went in deeper and deeper,seems like both of them had a thing for doing it in a bog.

Apparently they went in so deep one time,they couldn't find their way out.Laura and Todd were never seen again,Aunt Patricia was never really the same after her son and daughter dissapeared.She was a bit sad,and often spoiled me,with gifts and attention.She now called me her son,i still go to Aunt Patricia`s house and when i do,i go out back,and look at The Swamp,that claimed my cousins,and it reminds me of love,hate,stupidity and ignorance..


[This story is fiction,do not take it seriously .I have received good reviews about this story on other boards.If i get enough good reviews,i might make a sequel.]

Copyright-Eric Luna 2005



I really enjoyed this piece. It had a lot of mystery in it, and it was rather thought-provoking. Plus, it had brother/sister incest which I absolutely adore. Awesome work, and I hope you do choose to write a sequel. PEACE

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