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The View From The Attic

daj1 on Incest Stories

Josh made the discovery one day while sitting on the toilet. He looked up at the exhaust vent in the ceiling and got curious: Where did it go? Was it possible to see through it from the other side? The idea of being able to spy on his sister and mother in the shower immediately made his 14 year old cock hard and he had to masturbate before leaving the bathroom.

In his room, Josh looked in the closet. Yes, there it was. In the ceiling of the closet was an access door to the attic crawl space. He'd forgotten it was there. Since they'd had the new garage built, there was no longer any need to store anything in the attic. By standing on a couple of boxes in the closet, Josh managed to push the access door up, (actually it was just a loose piece of painted plywood,)and clamber up into the crawl space that ran above the entire house. It took him a moment to get oriented. In the gloomy light provided by the eave vents, he saw the opening of the bathroom exhaust vent poking up through the insulation. Carefully stepping from rafter to rafter, he made his way across the attic and peered down the vent.

It was perfect! The grating in the vent cover was angled just right. Josh could look down right into the shower and at the toilet next to it. There was no way anyone in the bathroom could tell that they were being watched.

Josh figured Saturday would be the best day to try out his new discovery. He usually slept late on Saturday so there wouldn't be anything suspicious about him being in his room with the door closed. He usually heard his mom and sister taking showers well before he got up.

He set the alarm on Friday night and stuck it under his pillow so only he would hear it. But he didn't need it because well before it was due to go off, he was already awake with eager anticipation. He crept over to the closet and climbed up the boxes he already had arranged. His young boner already stuck out of the fly of his boxer shorts as he stepped carefully across the attic. The vent was easy to find again because light was streaming through it. Josh looked down through the vent grate and was stunned by the sight of his mother sitting naked on the toilet.

She was peeing. He could hear water hitting water. At 39, his mother was still an attactive brunette. Her breasts were a full 34D, (Josh had checked one of her bras for the size). They were capped with dark brown nipples with plainly protruding teats. The triangle of brown hair in her lap was slightly darker than the hair on her head. Josh found himself breathing hard and noisily and tried to slow down, afraid she would hear him. Of course, he'd had glimpses of his mom's body before, but never like this where he could inspect her as he pleased!

She finished and spread her legs slightly to wipe, giving Josh a very quick look at the slit hidden there, surrounded by thin curly hair. Josh had never seen her cunt before and he felt his hard penis jump. She stood up, flushed, pulled aside the shower curtain and stepped in to the shower stall, drawing the curtain back and turning on the water.

Josh thought he would cum as he watched her wash her breasts. As she ran the wash cloth over them, they jiggled, swayed, and squashed slightly. He could almost feel their softness.

The shower head was one of those adjustable ones. You could turn a dial on it to get anything from a typical shower to hard pulses of water. For ease of use, it was attached to a hose. Josh's mother used it on its normal setting to rinse the soap off of her body. After she'd done this, she turned the dial until the shower began shooting water in steady, rythmic spurts. Josh was puzzled as to why she was doing this. After all, she seemed like she was done with her shower.

Josh watched in amazement as his mother leaned her back against one wall of the shower stall and stood with her legs spread as far apart as she could. Then she took the shower head and pointed its hard pulses directly into her crotch. Immediately her hips began thrusting back and forth in a very sexy way. Josh could hear her letting out soft gasps and groans. With a shock, he realized he was watching his mother masturbate.

When she began to tremble all over and squirm her back against the wall, Josh guessed she was having an orgasm like he'd read that women do. But his sex education class had never prepared him for how intense a woman's orgasm obviously was. She finally sat down on the seat molded into the shower stall, breathing heavily and obviously spent. Her nipples were drawn up into hard points and Josh got a good look at her cunt. It seemed swollen and open and he was pretty sure he could see her clit.

After a short time, she turned off the water, got out of the shower and began toweling herself dry. Josh figured it was time to get back to his room. He started to get up to sneak back to the closet, but that made his penis rub against the edges of his fly, and that was all it took. His cum shot out in quick spurts, landing two or three feet away, splattering on the paper backing of the insulation. Even as horny as he always was, he rarely shot THIS much! He grabbed his throbbing cock and pumped out the last dribbles of sperm. He had to lay across the rafters for a while before he even thought about moving.

He was just about to head back to his room when he heard voices coming from the vent. His mother was talking to his sister Susan. He looked back down through the vent just in time to see Susan take her bathrobe off. She was 16 and Josh had never seen her naked before. She had small, high breasts with nipples a bit lighter brown than her mother's. When he got a glimpse of her pussy, he instantly became erect again....she was shaved bare! He became aware of the conversation.

".......and you should try it!" Susan was saying. "Don't you get tired of all that fuzz down there?" Josh was surprised when Susan ran her fingers through his mother's bush. His mother barely reacted to this intimate touch.

"Your father likes it that way," His mother said. "And it doesn't bother me."

"Well, it bothers me!" Susan replied. "All he has to do is stick his cock through it. I'm the one who has to pick it out of my mouth!"  Josh was surprised at her language and wondered what she was talking about.

His mother laughed a little."Well, keep your door closed or I might not be the only one that cock goes in! I've caught him peeking at you a couple times."


"Yes" his mother continued. "And Josh is getting older too. Have you noticed how many boners he has?"

Up in the attic, Josh blushed hotly. He didn't know he was being so obvious.

Now Susan laughed. "Oh yeah! When do you think I can let him fuck me?" Josh nearly fell off the rafter he was perched on which would have sent him crashing through the ceiling.

"Just wait!" his mother said casually. "I told you how my brother nearly got me pregnant! And we used rubbers. But he pumped so hard one broke. We both sweated it out until I got my period. Just fuck your boyfriend now and then. He won't be trying to screw you every night like Josh will, so there's less chance of problems" She reached over and fondled Susan's bare pussy. "What's the matter, don't I eat this often enough for you?"

Susan wiggled her hips, pressing her pussy into her mother's fingers. "Oh yeah..I just get in a mood to get laid."

"I'll tell you what" her mom smiled. "Your dad had to go into the office this morning. When Josh goes to his baseball practice, I'll get the strap-on out"

Susan smiled. "Mmmmmmm! Great!"

Josh's head was spinning. What the hell was going on? His mother and his sister doing lesbo stuff? His sister talking about fucking him? He suddenly realized the time. If his mother knocked on his room door and he was still up in the attic..... He scrambled back to the opening in his closet ceiling and got back to his room.

He had no sooner closed the closet door and gotten into bed when his mother knocked. "Get up, lazy!" she called, "It's getting late!"

Josh spoke very little at breakfast and had a hard time looking at his mother and sister. They ignored him and made their usual small talk. Josh started to think he'd dreamed it all. Josh finished, got his equipment and headed out to baseball practice.

Josh got as far as the pay phone on the corner where he called his coach and said he'd couldn't make it to practice because of a stomach ache. But the part of Josh that was aching had nothing to do with his stomach. He walked back home, stealthily approaching the house as he got close.

He quietly opened the back door and listened. At first, he heard nothing but then voices seemed to be coming from his parent's room. As he moved down the hall, the sounds became clearer. It was Susan's voice..."Oh yeah!..Oh shit!..Deeper!"  The bed springs squeaked.

They hadn't closed the door. Josh saw that they were both naked. His mom was on top of his sister and Susan'as legs were wrapped tightly around her mother's waist. Mom wore the strap-on harness and a massive black rubber dildo was plunging in and out of Susan's stetched cunt. Josh was amazed something that big could even fit in his sister's pussy, much less cause the ecstasy she was obviously experiencing.

It was Susan who saw him first. Instead of screaming, she just breathed "Oh my god!" His mother glanced over her shoulder and quickly rolled off her daughter, yanking out the dildo.

The two females stared at him. Josh finally spoke. "Mom, take that stupid thing off. Then lie back and spread your legs." His mother nodded weakly as Josh removed his clothes.

As Josh climbed on top of his naked mother, he postioned his hips between her spread thighs. He looked over at Susan and said "Take my cock and guide it into her." Susan nodded slightly and reached between them, taking his swollen shaft in her hand. She pointed it at her mom's crotch as Josh moved his hips down.

Josh sighed and his mom gasped. As the bed began to move, Susam smiled, spread her legs and settled back to wait her turn...

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