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The painter and my sleeping sister

Anthony Dennis on Incest Stories

My sister developed a very strong appetite for exposing herself in ways that appeared to be accidental and for getting fucked while she "slept".  I think this got started when I accidentally fucked her in her sleep thinking she was my cousin. 

Our parents were very lenient about leaving us alone when we were young.  They both had jobs and seemed to trust me to watch my younger sister.  Good thing we never got caught in our escapades as there would have been hell to pay.  One of my favorite recollections was when our folks were going to have the inside of the house repainted.  As they were gone all day they left it up to me to show the house to the various painters that wanted to bid on the job.

I could tell that this was a tailor made situation for my slut little sister to engage in all sorts of pussy pleasing activities.  It was my duty to assist her in her adventures and I was more than happy to oblige.  As she and I both knew the schedule of who was to show up it became very easy for us to make a plan.  I knew who she was going to flash and which guy she wanted to fuck her.  For a 14 yr old she wasn't afraid of anything.  A total adrenaline and sex junky at 14.  We knew the first guy was supposed to show up at 9 so it was no surprise that around 8:45 she decided to take a bath.  A few short minutes later the doorbell rang.  It was the first painter, arriving to look at the house and give us his bid. 

I showed him around the house and gave him the paper telling him what colors my folks wanted where.  Getting to the bathroom I opened the door and walked right in.  I made sure to look to the left, away from the tub.  I knew my sister was there, pretending to be asleep.  All the while I was speaking I could see him staring down at my naked sister. She didn't run a lot of water so  as to give him a better view of her pussy.  It as very lightly covered with sparse, black hair.  It was a really pretty pussy. I did a great job of acting like I didn't notice her.  Keeping my back to the tub we walked out of the room and continued our tour. 

Shortly after that Beth came out of the bathroom wearing just a towel.  A very short towel.  She really liked wearing this towel because it let everyone see about 2 inches of her pussy and her ass.  All she had to do was act like she didn't know.  Entering the kitchen I asked her "So sis, where you been?"  

"Oh just in the bath.  I got so relaxed I just fell asleep" Beth replied.  I did my level best to act surprised and embarassed as the same time.  I could see the painter get all red in the face.  He told us, staring all the while at Beths pussy, that he'd send our folks the bid.  That was great because painter number 2 was due to show up shortly and we had to get ready.

After he left my sister went to her room.  She had left the towel in the bathroom and walked naked to her room.  Her sparsley haired pussy was so wet you could hear it squish.  She told me she thought she needed a nap.  That was her code for "I'm going to pretend to be asleep and hopefully someone will fuck me."  She laid down on her bed.  I took one of her legs and moved it to the side, moving her knee up.  I took the sheet and draped it very casually over her.  Now half of her ass was showing and all of her very wet pussy.  I couldn't help it, I leaned over and slid my tongue into her.  She was so liquid that my tongue entered her easily.  She was really open.  I could tell she was really wanting this next guy to fuck her.  I was going to help.   Before I could make her cum the doorbell rang.  I checked everything one more time and left the room.  Answering the door I could tell why she wanted to fuck this guy.  He was older, maybe 30 but built real well.  I knew that Beth had babysat for he and his wife and Beth had teased him with short skirts and tiny panties.  I took him from room to room getting to Beth's last.  I informed that Beth was sleeping but I understood that he needed to measure every room.  I opened the door for him and loudly whispered that she was a pretty deep sleeper,  It would take a  bomb to wake her up I informed him.  "I'll let you get to it, I know you've got a lot of measuring to do.  I'll be downstairs if you need me." I told him.   I was a foot from the  end of her bed and could see her leaking a thick white cream from her pussy.  I pretended not to notice anything.  Down the hall and down the stairs I went.  

I waited very patiently for a few minutes and then crept very quietly up the stairs and to her room.  He hadn't wasted much time.  He was fucking her and fucking her hard.  It didn't seem like he was too concerned about waking her up.  He just pounded his cock into her tiny little pussy.  I could hear that Beth was just gushing her pussy juice.  Between that sound and him slapping against her ass while he was fucking her there was no way he'd notice me watching.  Shortly I could see Beth bucking her ass, fucking him back.  She knew I'd be watching and very few things turned her on more than someone watching her get fucked.   Beth went rigid and I could see that she was cumming and cumming very hard.  I could see that he was shooting in her, which made her continue to come.  

I backed out of the room and went to the end of hall.  "Is everything OK?" I asked, while walking back towards Beth's room.  I wanted to time this so all he could do was to take care of himself.  "Yeah, everything's ok" he replied. 
I walked straight into Beth's room.  You could smell her sex juices.  The sheet was now totally off of her.  Her legs were spread wide and you could see her juices had coated her ass and the inside of her thighs.  "So, do you have the measuring all done?" I asked.  "Yeah, pretty much."  He assured me.  "Gee, looks like Beth moved around quite a  bit" I said, acting all innocent, like you couldn't tell she'd just been fucked hard.   And that you couldn't see her juice and his cum oozing out of her abused little pussy.  "I better cover her up" I volunteered.  Grabbing the sheet I very slowly and carefully covered her up.  I made really sure to let my hand slide the length of her pussy while doing it.   I know he knew I did it because you could hear the liquid noise her pussy made, her lips smacking as they moved.  I showed him to the door and went back to her room.  I  knew she'd need me to fuck her after her arousing morning.  I entered her room and there she was, still pretending to be asleep.  I stripped off my clothes and got slowly on the bed.  I knew it aroused her when I pretended that she was sleeping.  I moved very slowly up towards her and put my cockhead at her pussy opening.  She was so wet from his cum and her cum that I slid in very easily.  Her cunt was VERY hot.  I started fucking her slowly, then faster.  She tilted her ass up a little so I could get all of my cock into her.  Very shortly I began to cum.  I held my cock inside of her, adding my cum to hers and his. I could feel Beth start to cum again, this time on my cock.   I held it inside of her until hit went soft, then eased out of her.   I whispered into her ear "You better get cleaned up, the folks are having company tonight and you need to get things ready." 

She knew I meant getting her babydoll nightie ready for her "accident" tonight.  More on that later....

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