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The seduction of my son

nastymom44 on Incest Stories

It was a friday night and my son was heading out to meet up with a girl he'd been seeing. I came down the stairs in a short, black dress. It was cut low in the front and even lower in the back. I had on 5" heels to complete the outfit. He glanced up at me and had a mysterious look on his face. "What?" I asked. "Don't you think you're showing a little too much in that dress? And where are you going anyway?" he queried. "First of all, I think I'm showing just enough! I have a date tonight and I'm hoping to finally get laid!" I responded. He looked startled. "Even though I'm your mother, I have needs ya know?" Now how do I look? Be honest" I demanded. "You look great" he answered. I took the compliment for what it was worth, after all, he was my son and it was exactly what I would expect him to say. Finally, I said,"Maybe we'll both get lucky tonight!", and I winked at him. He shook his head and left.
When he got home, it was late.I had the patio lights on out back. He peeked over the fance and saw me there alone. I had a drink in my hand, and was hanging onto the side of the pool. I 'm sure I didn't look too happy. Definitely not the look of someone who finally got laid after all this time.
I finally noticed him and told him to join me, saying the water felt great. He went back inside to change and came back to take a dip. I watched as he dove in. For the first time, I really noticed how well built he was. He surfaced and swam over toward me. It wasn't until he was right next to me that he noticed I was naked. He turned red with embarassment. I laughed it off and said,"Oh don't be so embarassed. You used to take baths with me, so you've seen me naked plenty of times". To which he replied,"Mom, I was just a little kid then. I'm not a kid anymore!" I glanced down and saw your cock beginning to rise in your shorts. "I can see you aren't a kid anymore". He saw where I was looking and another wave of embarassment washed over his face. To avoid the subject, he asked how my date went. I explained that I tried to look my best, thought the evening went well, but then my date didn't even kiss me goodnight. I sadly suggested that he didn't find me sexy. He could tell my ego was crushed and tried to comfort me by telling me I was beautiful and that my date was an asshole. It made me smile, although I knew, again, you were just being sweet because I was your mom. "Thanks honey, that's nice to hear even though you don't really mean it". I sipped my wine and heard him say with more conviction,"You are mom! All my friends call you a MILF". I questioned, "What the hell's a milf?" Then he was sorry he said it because he had to explain,"It's a mom I'd like know...". It took a few seconds, but then I laughed. The ice had been broken and the tension was gone between us. I asked about his date and if he was lucky enough to get any. He quietly said that no, he didn't. He started to say more, but stopped. I assured him that we were both adults and he could tell me anything. He hesitated, but then told me that she got him all worked up, then said she wasn't in the mood. Without even thinking about my nudity, I moved over and hugged him to comfort him. My hard nipples grazed his skin, my firm tits, presssed against his muscular chest. He pulled away, yelling "mom!" I apologized and said I was getting out of the pool now. I pulled myself up and out of the pool. My wet body glistened in the moonlight. He got a full view of my firm ass. Once out, I stood and walked over to grab a towel from the beach chair, turning to face him before wrapping it around me. The cool breeze caused my nipples to harden and stand out. Water dripped from them as well as my clean shaven pussy. I toweled myself off and said,"It's getting late sweetheart. Why don't you come on inside now?" Looking down, he quietly answered,"Ummm, in a minute mom". It was then that I realized he didn't want to get out because his cock was hard and he didn't want me to see. I said ok and walked inside. A few minutes later I heard him calling me saying that he needed a towel. I walked one out to him, wrapped it partially around his shoulders and began drying him off, just like when he was a kid. It wasn't until my hand grazed his cock, that he pulled away. I turned and went back inside. I went to my room with every intention of getting myself off... as usual. My hand reached down between my legs and found the soft, warmth of my pussy. I pressed a finger against my clit and my mind began to wander. I was thinking of what it would be like to have his cock inside me. That one touch sent shivers down my spine and caused my pussy to ache. My fantasy was interrupted by the sound of his door. It often stuck when the weather was humid and it was hard to close all the way. I began to hope that this was one of those nights. Maybe I could catch him jacking off. I didn't understand this sudden, overwhelming urge to see his cock, but I couldn't help myself. I slowly and quietly crept down the hall to his room. My night was finally having a turn for the better. His door wasn't completely shut and there was a crack I could just about see through. I glanced in and saw him stepping out of his shorts. His cock was so hard, he could barely wait to get to his bed before he began rubbing it. He laid down on his back, closed his eyes and let his hand begin stroking. He was lost in some fantasy, so I bravely eased his door open enough to slip into his room. I knelt on the floor next to him and watched as precum formed on the tip of the head. I bent down and licked it. He jumped up, almost knocking me onto my ass. "what the hell are you doing?" he demanded. "It's ok. Please don't be mad. I don't know how to explain it, but tonight, I saw you as a man for the first time. I saw you not as your mother, but as a woman. I think you looked at me the same way". He tried to deny it, but I pointed out how many times he'd gotten hard that night when he was with me. I softly wrapped my hand around his cock and began stroking it. He lamely tried to push my hand away. I told him that if he could look me in the eye and honestly tell me that he didn't want this too, I'd go back to my room and we could forget this ever happened. He glanced down and quietly admitted that he couldn't. I began stroking him a little harder. I softly suggested,"Just close your eyes baby. For this one night, forget I'm your mother. Think of me as a woman who desperately needs to taste you, to feel you inside of me". With that said, I lowered my head and took his swollen head into my mouth. A moan escaped his lips as he felt the warmth of my mouth engulfing him. I slowly slid my lips down the shaft, pressing my tongue against it until I reached the base. I swallowed him completely and the head hit the back of my throat and penetrated it. He moaned again. I pressed my lips tightly against his cock and sucked hard as I pulled my head back up. I moved up and down, over and over, as he moaned louder and louder. I felt his cock begin to swell. I pulled all the way up and let my mouth release his throbbing cock. I climbed on top of him and straddled him. I lowered myself until the head of his dick was at the opening of my drenched pussy. "Don't mom. Please stop." he begged. I lowered myself further down onto his cock. He was deep inisde me then and his protests for me to stop soon changed to him begging me not to. His hands reached up and grabbed ahold of my tits. He squeezed and massaged them. He gripped my nipples and pinched them causing me to cry out in pain and pleasure. "Oh baby, that feels so fucking good. [play with mommy's tits. oooooh, your cock feels so good inside me", I whispered, then asked,"Does my pussy feel good?" "Oh yea mom. Your pussy feels amazing." I clenched the muscles inside and sqeezed his cock as I rode it harder...and faster. He grabbed my hips and pulled me down onto his cock hard as he thrusted upward. I begged him to fuck me,"Fuck your mom baby! Oh yea, that's it. Fuck that pussy! You like fuckin your mom don't you? You like fuckin your whore mother!". He screamed back equally as loud,"Yes, I love fucking my whore mother. I love your pussy. it's so fucking tight. Ride me hard you slut bitch. Fuck your son's cock!" I rode him as hard as I could and soon I was cumming all over his cock. The wetness increased his pleasure, and it wasn't long before he exploded inside me. His body stiffened, his cock throbbed and pulsated, as spurt after spurt of cum shot from the head, filling me. "I'm cumming mom!" he screamed. I collapsed on top of him, kissed him, probing his mouth with my tongue, and we fell asleep. The rising sun awoke me and I quietly slipped down to take his cock into my mouth once again. Mmmm, his dick still tasted lick my pussy. I had big plans for the day. There was so much for me to teach my new son.

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